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My 100 Favorite Songs Of The 60s: All Posted
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:58 am    Post subject: My 100 Favorite Songs Of The 60s: All Posted Reply with quote

This will be a free write no rules thread of my own favorite songs of the 60s decade and every song was openly considered to get picked. Songs were all recorded in that same decade and thought of as being my favorites. Some are from artists that you know and a fair portion will be songs that you maybe didn't know had existed. Obviously this wasn't my idea and derived from a thread from one of the greater forum members. On the next page is his thread and combining the songs from each of ours respresents the anthology of greatness from that decade.

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Joined: 10 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

25 HM
Kick Out The Jams: Motor City Five
Motor City Five were the most aggressive and energetic band of the decade and pretty much unrivaled. This song from their first LP of the same name and the entire LP was recorded live because tape could not capture the greatness of the band like their live performances. It's the band's repetitive phrase to other bands they shared the same stage with to stop jamming and exit the stage. Used as a sample in the song All You Need Is Love from the precursor band to KLF named The Jams and in the KLF song What Time Is Love. Equally great in saying Trancentral as my own location under my username and after my number of posts is my homage to KLF and they are one of my favorites.
This song contains one phrase of profanity in the first few seconds of the video.
Kick Out The Jams
Save The Country: Laura Nyro
Laura Nyro is one of the most talked about singers of the previous 15 years and since her passing in 97. There have been projects based on her songs and her going into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame then Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Maybe getting the recognition she deserved later opposed to sooner. She being most known for songwriting songs for herself as a performer yet having many songs not charting for herself and then having those same songs chart for other artists more known. This song was one of the several songs that were written by her that became popular for the group 5th Dimension after they recorded the song.
Save The Country
All Or Nothing: Small Faces
Small Faces were a British Mod band who were arguably Britain's most popular group of that era. The song is allegedly about the singer and relationship with his girlfriend.
All Or Nothing
Viva Las Vegas: Elvis Presley
Title song from a movie of the same name and starring Elvis.
Viva Las Vegas
Little Green Bag: George Baker Selection
The lyrics written as little greenback and were mistaken for green bag then have remained only that way in title of the song. More obvious is Reservoir Dogs sent me.
Little Green Bag
The Witch: Sonics
Sonics were a garage band from the Seattle or Tacoma area and fairly known. However not any of their records charted and their notoriety is derived from popular artists who have mentioned that band's influence on their own styles or said their admiration. This had been reputedly the greatest selling of any record ever in the Northwest and was said to have sold 15000 copies in 30 days. Strong if you especially consider that pressings on regionally based labels had then been mentioned being at a rate of 1000 pressings and popularity determined any subsequent reorders at the same rate again. The song has lyrics that are mature and hipster lingo that pretty much allowed it not to be a novelty song.
The Witch
Incense And Peppermints: Strawberry Alarm Clock
This song was number one pretty much consisting of a chorus and a bunch of rhyming phrases.
Incense And Peppermints
Turn Turn Turn: The Byrds
The Byrds cover song was number one and phrases that are nearly all straight from the Old Testament as the lyrics.
Turn Turn Turn
Bernadette: Four Tops
The singer is suspicious of his acquaintances near his girlfriend even when he's around then sings of his jealousy and pride.
Surfin Safari: Beach Boys
This song was what got the band on a major label and their first big charting song.
Surfin Safari
Street Fighting Man: The Stones
What's the greatest with me regarding the huge 7 best known songs of the Stones from the later 60s is how the music really fit the lyrics. Like many other very popular artists who had success in all aspects. They began wanting more and wrote songs that can best be described as being real. Songs that were representative of the changing times and meant composing music that more fit lyrics that were not of the same topics or style they had previously known. The result kind of seemed like film scores that were aligned with Jagger's voice.
Street Fighting Man
Foxy Lady: Jimi Hendrix E
Morrison used the approach to a woman by using words in the Doors song and saying Hello. His guitar is what does all of Jimi's talking on this one and says volumes. Furthermore the lyrics on this one have Hendrix as being casually more distanced and speak of the kind of effect this woman has on Jimi the person.
Foxy Lady
Season Of The Witch: Donovan
Another great witch song and this song is from a Donovan LP that is named Sunshine Superman. Song wasn't any of his featured singles and yet he has performed this most often. Page before the Yardbirds plays the guitar and in a kind of eerie style.
Season Of The Witch
Strange Days: The Doors
The Doors arrive in New York and Morrison writes this song on the visit. Song is about how the hippie youth is thought of by those outside of their own world. Interesting how the song could have been written from the prospective of the status quo the same. Status quo has their casual joys and normal for hippies to have casual joys. Therefore mentioning it specifically or in that phrasing is maybe unusual and tracked us down is equally puzzling given the Doors were visiting.
Strange Days
I Live In The Springtime: The Lemon Drops
Maybe the best song you have not known of given only around 1000 copies were sold and similar to some songs on the first LP from the Stone Roses.
I Live In The Springtime
Return To Sender: Elvis Presley
Elvis keeps mailing his letters to a woman who he thought was still his girlfriend and she keeps sending back all the letters.
Return To Sender
Mellow Yellow: Donovan
Forum rules prevent me from alluding to what the song is about or posting the link either.
Mellow Yellow
It's The Same Old Song: Four Tops
Song was reputedly made in one days time and tells of how a once special song for two people after they are apart can have a very different meaning.
Its The Same Old Song
The Crystal Ship: The Doors
Densmore has said this was a love song from Morrison written about his once girlfriend.
The Crystal Ship
Get Ready: Temptations
Guy tells woman he knows that his love for her is real and whether that's something she can handle.
Get Ready
Wind Cries Mary: Jimi Hendrix E
It's been mentioned that Mary was the middle name of Jimi's girlfriend and has been said she had inspired the song. Jimi was not going to only date any one woman and he told her at the beginning. They stayed with each other after he arrived in the UK and some years afterward. However he wasn't exclusive and before he arrived had dated many women. I will say that Jimi represents the wind in this song or maybe the wind represents freedom.
Wind Cries Mary
The Girl From Ipanema: Stan Getz And Astrud Gilberto
This was inspired by a young woman strolling in Rio on her usual walks and the easy style of singing fits the lyrics.
The Girl From Ipanema
White Room: Cream
Peter Brown describes his apartment and in the style of a monologue.
White Room
Itchycoo Park: Small Faces
The song is about a park near where the band grew up.
Itchycoo Park

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks as I love the 60's era!
May Day!
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

100. Wishin And Hopin: Dusty Springfield

Dusty's best song and originally the flip side to one Dionne song.
Wishin And Hopin
99. Sunshine Superman: Donovan

The future wife of Donovan is the sunshine he sings about and he is the Superman who tells her that he will do pretty much anything to be her everything. Page before there was any thought of Led Zeppelin is playing on guitar and his later fellow band member Jones is on bass guitar. Song lyrics with Superman and Green Lantern first got my attention some years ago.
Sunshine Superman
98. In Dreams: Roy Orbison

The Sandman is a clown dressed up in candy tints and he brings Roy into his dreams. Roy then dreams about a woman he loves and yet does not realize that in reality he isn't with her anymore. He sings that he's compelled dreaming about the woman and wakes up to reality again.
In Dreams
97. Eight Miles High: The Byrds

Song has been mentioned to have many meanings and the band has said it's mostly about the airplane ride to visit the UK.
Eight Miles High
96. Everyday People: Sly And The Family Stone

Maybe this song is the most uniting of any song ever known and done in a kind of easy going style.
Everyday People
95. Only The Lonely: Roy Orbison

Orbison sings very smooth on his debut big feature and sets up a theme by which many of his most popular songs will become to be known.
Only The Lonely
94. A Fool In Love: Ike And Tina

Tina on her first time in a studio did the vocal track and after one take on the song it will have scored a recording contract for the revue.
A Fool In Love
93. Love Potion #9: The Searchers
Remake of the song by the Clovers about a formula that makes one man irresistible to women.
Love Potion #9
92. Back In My Arms Again: The Supremes

Diana heeded the advice of her many friends once before and dropped her own boyfriend. She was miserable then lucky she got that boyfriend back after realizing she was happy and knows he's a great man. Her happiness returned and ignores anybody's opinion to give her boyfriend up.
Back In My Arms Again
91. My Girl: Temptations

The standard of all standards from Motown and guess everybody knows many of the lyrics.
My Girl
90. Green River: Creedence Clearwater Revival

The song is based on a creek in California added to Louisiana themes like catfish and swamps.
Green River
89. All Day And All Of The Night: The Kinks

There's a kind of brashness from each of the guys on this song and still they seem cohesive as a group.
All Day And All Of The Night
88. Fun Fun Fun: Beach Boys

Maybe the earliest story song from the Beach Boys which mixes some of their most known themes like cars and women.
Fun Fun Fun
87. Chain Of Fools: Aretha Franklin

Years ago everybody said don't get involved and a woman still does. Since then he has beaten her up and he's going around with many other women. This guy has a great pull on her and she's going with the flow until she gets the strength to leave.
Chain Of Fools
86. You Can't Hurry Love: The Supremes

This song might be the most known of songs from the Supremes and their earliest big record in the uptempo style.
You Can't Hurry Love
85. I Say A Little Prayer: Dionne Warwick

Aretha's version is great and since it's far more known by me. Remembered possibly at least knowing about Dionne's original song then played it and hers is my pick. The vocal from Dionne is easy and the horns in keeping with the popular music from that middle of decade era.
I Say A Little Prayer
84. Born On The Bayou: Creedence Clearwater Revival
John Fogerty was not born on the bayou and thinking some might not have guessed from some of his earliest songwriting.
Born On The Bayou
83. Soul And Inspiration: The Righteous Brothers
This really shows how vocal opposites and equal talents mix to make a great record.
Soul And Inspiration
82. How Sweet it Is: Marvin Gaye

This song being easily the most popular of Marvin's 60s decade songs and next to My Girl it's Motown's most known.
How Sweet It Is
81. Mr Tambourine Man: The Byrds

The Byrds decided on using the only verse of Dylan's song that was really in keeping with the middle 60s themes and then amped up their guitars.
Mr Tambourine Man
80. The Dock Of The Bay: Otis Redding

This song might be the most known of any in my group of songs.
The Dock Of The Bay
79. I Feel Fine: The Beatles

Song was the earliest of the Beatles that I appreciated the strength of this great band's musicianship.
I Feel Fine
78. Somebody To Love: Jefferson Airplane

Maybe the song most associated with the west coast hippie youth during the later 60s and my opinion being the person to love that she's talking about means yourself.
Somebody To Love
77. Born To Be Wild: Steppenwolf

One of the great classics from Easy Rider and allegedly the first mention of heavy metal in any song.
Born To Be Wild
76. Walk On By: Dionne Warwick

Reminds me of lyrics in the Dido song White Flag that begins with the When We Meet portion and song's theme is not wanting to revisit emotions of past love.
Walk On By

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's awesome that you're doing this project PurpleLion, looking forward to learning about some new artists and seeing what we agree on!
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Joined: 10 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

75. It's No Secret: Jefferson Airplane

Signe Toly Anderson and Balin on vocals from their first LP which was the year before Grace Slick joined the band.
It's No Secret
74. Unchained Melody: The Righteous Brothers

Hatfield sings the passionate vocals on this song written in the 30s decade and Bing Crosby had decided not to do this song.
Unchained Melody
73. The Way You Do The Things You Do: Temptations

Their first charting song and any Motown follower will know the lyrics.
The Way You Do The Things You Do
72. Downtown: Petula Clark

Petula was kind of like a British style Dionne yet France based during the era when London was swinging or about to and this has a distinctive show tune groove.
71. I Got You: James Brown

The highest charting of all his songs and one song most associated with James Brown.
I Got You
70. All Along The Watchtower: Jimi Hendrix E

The song is more associated with Hendrix than Dylan 's original and it's definitely one of his more obviously written songs. Dylan passes up any notion of you thinking what his song is about or the philosophy and goes with straight approach that's enhanced by Hendrix even more. Its lyrics like those in this which say two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl meets up quite alright with the guitar that Hendrix has offered.
All Along The Watchtower
69. Good Lovin: The Young Rascals

Young Rascals or more known equally as the Rascals in later years are one of the most underrated groups ever and there was some of many bands in this band.
Good Lovin
68. Shop Around: The Miracles

Motown's very first seller of one million and it's superbly based around the songwriting wordplay and singing of William Robinson jr.
Shop Around
67. Hello Goodbye: The Beatles

Mccartney has said this song is about duality in life or in the universe given that he's got Gemini sun sign. Love the harmonies in this song and around this era of The Beatles they were somewhat influenced by and influencing the Beach Boys. In addition there was the passing of Brian Epstein who was always said as being their 5th Beatle and he had first discovered the band years ago. Derived from a game of words between Mccartney and one of Epstein's assistants. Song being a reminder of the group because they called time on their band in a year that's kind of important with me.
Hello Goodbye
66. Mr Tambourine Man: Bob Dylan

Dylan's uses the words in this convincing a tambourine man to play a song. Maybe setting is after night and more likely it's very near morning. The evening's empire has all returned into sand and vanished from my hand. Furthermore he urges said tambourine man that he's awake to appreciate the possible performance saying that he's not sleepy and there is no place that he's going. Then he says that he knows this guy is magical with a tambourine by foretelling that in the morning after the jingle jangle tambourine performance he will be following.
Mr Tambourine Man
65. Midnight Rambler: The Stones

Based on the Boston Strangler.
This song contains many themes which are violent and use your discretion.
Midnight Rambler
64. All You Need Is Love: The Beatles

Lennon wrote this song preceding a program on tv named Our World. The group were asked to write a song that was positive and had a message that was easily understood. One of the best songs ever written and certainly was fitting of what they had been asked.
All You Need Is Love
63. I Get Around: Beach Boys

Three vocal portions on this song and the first number one for the group.
I Get Around
62. Where Did Our Love Go: The Supremes

Their first ever number one song and the beginning run of five straight songs at that peak.
Where Did Our Love Go
61. My Generation: The Who

Allegedly the fighting of Daltrey and Townshend was at a point where the band was no more together until this song almost made it to number one.
My Generation
60. Hey Jude: The Beatles

John Lennon's son Julian was the inspiration and Jules then became known as Jude in this song.
Hey Jude
59. Manic Depression: Jimi Hendrix E

Hendrix's guitar and Mitchell's drums play on each other seemingly making this like a duel between musicians.
Manic Depression
58. Time Is On My Side: The Stones

The Stones were established and much like She Loves You had with the Beatles.
Time Is On My Side
57. Crimson And Clover: Tommy James And The Shondells

Much similar to many of the larger songs from Donovan and furthermore the guitar is primarily effects in this instead of the melodies.
Crimson And CloverTy
56. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: The Who

This song might be the middle of the evolution of a band that was somewhere between their earlier songs and the wholly realized confidence of My Generation.
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
55. The Ballad Of John And Yoko: The Beatles

The marriage of John and Yoko gets a chronicling in this song.
The Ballad Of John And Yoko
54. Under My Thumb: The Stones

Jagger sings proudly that he has equaled the balance of control in the relationship.
Under My Thumb
53. Windy: The Association

First knew of this song on formats playing 50s to 70s songs and hadn't any clue who they were until some later years.
52. Oh Pretty Woman: Roy Orbison

Roy's most known and the winner in this song unlike many themes of his most popular songs.
Oh Pretty Woman
51. Space Oddity: David Bowie

The first success from Bowie and his guitar is a feature on many into the next decade.
Space Oddity

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've always said that 64'-74' was the best ten years of music.

I hope to see multiple songs from The Association on this list.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Really enjoying following the list! I like that you're giving The Byrds, Roy Orbison, and CCR more credit so far than I gave them on my list, it helps to filter out some of my biases. It's also pretty cool to see where we differ on some of the bigger names like Dylan, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. I threw together a small list of our crossovers so far

Song- "Title": Your Rank (My Rank)

Stan Getz & Jao Gilberto- "The Girl From Ipanema": HM (#90)
The Rolling Stones- "Street Fighting Man" HM (#69)
Jimi Hendrix- "The Wind Cries Mary": HM (#34)
The Four Tops- "It's the Same Old Song": HM (#26)
Sly & the Family Stone- "Everyday People #96 (#52)
The Temptations- "My Girl": #91 (#14)
Dionne Warwick- "I Say a Little Prayer: #85 (#77)
Otis Redding- "The Dock of the Bay": #80 (HM)
Jefferson Airplane- "Somebody to Love": #78 (#65)
The Supremes- "Where Did Our Love Go" #62 (#86)

Looking forward to seeing the rest, it's pretty great so far!
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

50. Substitute: The Who

My opinion their very first adventurous song and the songwriting had advanced.
49. What Is And What Should Never Be: Led Zeppelin
This song is allegedly about the romance that Plant had earlier with the sister of his wife.
What Is And What Should Never Be
48. Fortunate Son: Creedence Clearwater Revival

This song is not the anti war anthem it's made out to be and indirectly gives hero status to anybody who served. He's going after any of the people who had either the right social status or means to somehow avoid being drafted. What got his attention was the wedding of Nixon's own eldest daughter and Eisenhower's son. He thought it was kind of interesting how those with high status and the sons of those who made up the policies never got drafted very often. Furthermore these same people of privileged status were championing pro war opinions and knowing that neither they nor their loved ones were going to be drafted into war. John Fogerty and his drummer band mate had enlisted in the reserves some say to avoid being drafted yet they could have been sent to war regardless. This kind of gives a real credence pun intended to most of what he's saying.
Fortunate Son
47 Times They Are A Changin: Bob Dylan

Dylan decided to write a song on purpose that was about change and he succeeded.
Times They Are A Changin
46. Groovin: The Young Rascals

Was going to spare everybody the story on this song and then figured why not even though it's kind of long. Some of it being rumor possibly and didn't know personally the members of the group. The keyboardist and main vocalist of the Young Rascals who's name is Felix Cavaliere wrote some of the songs. Percussionist of the group named Eddie Brigati sang many of the background vocals and he wrote about equal half of the group's songs. Felix grew up in Pelham NY in a county that's right beyond the New York City limits. He lived very short walking distance from the Pelham High School that he later graduated. After the group had became very famous he'd drive up to his family's driveway and park his car in the lane. Then he walks the short distance to his old high school and picks up a young woman. Her name was Adrienne and furthermore they were engaged to be married. She was the strong inspiration of his and some of the more famous songs that he wrote. Allegedly he later wondered why he might want to marry a woman who was that young and never got married to each other. Adrienne later married a best friend of his until her passing some recent years ago. Felix has said specifically this song is about spending time with her on sundays after doing his business as a musician on fridays and the days before.
45. California Dreamin: Mamas And The Papas
A story song from a group who were stuck in New York doing shows in the wintertime and wishing to be back west.
California Dreamin
44. Suspicious Minds: Elvis Presley

What's great about Elvis is how much stronger his voice got as he aged and no doubt because he began singing songs that required far more vocalization.
Suspicious Minds
43. Do You Know The Way To San Jose: Dionne Warwick

The greatness of this song being how upbeat and positive she is about her maybe upcoming San Jose return.
Do You Know The Way To San Jose
42. Sunshine Of Your Love: Cream

First big song from the band that was not greatly based on other styles and especially since each of the members had been previously from known bands.
Sunshine Of Your Love
41. Bridge Over Troubled Water: Simon And Garfunkel

Garfunkel sings this song as a solo after Simon thought it had fitted Art's voice.
Bridge Over Troubled Water
40. Satisfaction: The Stones

This song has plenty of accolades like universally recognized as being one of the greatest songs of all genres and the first US number one song for the band. Furthermore the song most associated with a group that's been synonymous with longevity and greatness. However with me this song has a more greater significance as their earliest big song that was not really based or greatly derived from any previous genre.
39. Reach Out I'll Be There: Four Tops

This great strength of Levi Stubbs on the vocals is unmistakable and the musical intro seems like the hoofs of a horse carrying a knight in armor fast approaching.
Reach Out I'll Be There
38. Strawberry Fields Forever: The Beatles

Nostalgia song that's based on a grassy area in the same neighborhood around the corner from where Lennon grew up in Liverpool and each year had festivals.
Strawberry Fields Forever
37. Purple Haze: Jimi Hendrix E

Hendrix said it's a love song and the lyrics are very much representative of being caught up in a love stupor.
Purple Haze
36. For What It's Worth: Buffalo Springfield

Some have mistakenly attributed this as being based on Kent State instead of civil disturbances of the Sunset Strip Riots recent years earlier. The song has a neutrality and Hooray in the lyrics only mean he has picked a side. Nobody's Right If Everybody's Wrong does mean the songwriter is being neutral and says this in the lyrics of this song.
For What It's Worth
35. Blowin In The Wind: Bob Dylan

Dylan asks a bunch of rhetorical questions in this song and he says that blowin in the wind is where the answer for what he asks can be discovered. However not exactly since the wind in the song does not mean a where and the questions that he asked might have been really of any kind. Equally the answers might be any given they're yours to your questions and in time you might discover what they are.
Blowin In The Wind
34. The Boxer: Simon And Garfunkel

This being a more heavier produced folk rock music song and has some autobiographical lyrics.
The Boxer
33. My World Is Empty Without You: The Supremes

Maybe this was easily the most negatively themed of their songs and the arrangement or instrumentation keeps with the mood of this song.
My World Is Empty Without You
32. Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix E

Hendrix plays allegedly some kind of self fashioned kazoo on this song and presumably what makes it seem like a car horn honking.
Crosstown Traffic
31. Heart Of Stone: The Stones

Fictional womanizer in this song sings about his very strong confidence that a certain woman he meets once never could effect his emotions like he does with other women.
Heart Of Stone
30. Tin Soldier: Small Faces

This was originally intended as a song for PP Arnold to sing and she sings background vocals.
Tin Soldier
29. You've Lost That Lovin Feelin: The Righteous Brothers

This song has been the most played song on American formats all time after surpassing the song Yesterday around 19 years ago and that amount being about 15 million.
You've Lost That Lovin Feelin
27+1. Whole Lotta Love: Led Zeppelin

The Willie Dixon lyrics and Muddy Waters on the vocals that influenced this song or some might say had been adapted.
Whole Lotta Love
27. A Day In The Life: The Beatles

Lennon had written his lyrics based on various articles and Mccartney's youth was from which his were derived on this song.
A Day In The Life
26. Mrs Robinson: Simon And Garfunkel

Guessing that many people know some of the lyrics and equally it's their most popular or known.
Mrs Robinson

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Still following this! Really enjoying the list so far
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

25. A Beautiful Morning: The Young Rascals

Positivity from this group during a time of war and various protests.
A Beautiful Morning
24. Be My Baby: The Ronettes

A song which has some of the heaviest production of any then and was designed to be a great record yet somehow didn't make number one at it's peak.
Be My Baby
23. Different Drum: The Stone Poneys

The Stone Poneys were the band fronted by Linda Ronstadt right before her own success and altered this originally male first person song written by Nesmith of Monkees fame.
Different Drum
22. Love Or Confusion: Jimi Hendrix E

Unheralded song from their LP debut has Jimi describing a bunch of the physical effects he's having and pondering whether or not they are really from love.
Love Or Confusion
21. Venus: Shocking Blue

The guitarist of this Dutch band wrote all of the lyrics on this record that was number one and again made the same peak 17 years later with Bananarama.
20. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag: James Brown

Funk genre began with this great song often imitated never duplicated and the difference vs his previous records was having a sped up tempo which made a danceable groove.
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
19. Good Vibrations: Beach Boys

A song that had been developed on the go yet months in the making and combining sometimes unusual instrumentation with layered harmonies all after very many takes from studios.
Good Vibrations
18. You Can't Always Get What You Want: The Stones

Honky Tonk Women was the featured flip side and practical advice for the next decades after getting what you want maybe seemed like a birthright in the 60s decade.
You Can't Always Get What You Want
17. Travelling Riverside Blues: Led Zeppelin

UK radio had and long before there was digital formats were only allowed certain amounts of time devoted to playing records. British Broadcasting Corporation was the only radio in the UK with exception of offshore pirates. Programming that had mixed the playing of records with news and some other programs. Sessions were introduced by which the artists play live in the studio and they were taped in order to be aired for later broadcast. That got around all of the restrictions on the records being played. British Phonographical Institute maybe had something to do with this if my own memory is right and playing records often on the radio meant they might be purchased less often by the people. The British Musicians Union was equally opposed to playing records on the radio for some purpose not known with me. Most famous of sessions were Hendrix and Led Zeppelin even more. Led Zeppelin are from the UK based in the US and there were more popular. This was earlier on and fairer to say more interest than more popular despite the American music press often disliking the band or US based magazines giving very negative reviews. Furthermore there were not any of their singles on the market to be purchased and this was purposely done. Therefore you have these five sessions that made up this LP yet wasn't until 97 that any of these recordings were properly put together for purchase even though some various bootlegs were around. Even more muddying this was the network's own practice of erasing and reusing many of all their program's tapes instead of archiving. There own ridiculous practices meant much of their history was gone including another session from Led Zeppelin. Song featured for this was from their first session and it's a great portioned amalgamation of three songs from Robert Johnson that's mixed with original music from the group. Do not mistake this with the actual Robert Johnson song of the same name and it's not a true all lyric remake of that song. Even though it's using most of the portion of that song in this and the name is the same. Example of using a song from Robert Johnson in this manner was the later song Crossroads from the band Cream and Crossroads Blues was the original. This song has some sexual based euphemisms that are pretty much archaic and therefore it's your decision.
Travelling Riverside Blues
16. Jingo: Santana

This song was very first in succession of songs not written by the band yet adapted using greater amounts of percussion and held together with Carlos Santana's magnificent guitar.
15. The End: The Doors

A woman named Mary is the basis of the first portion of this song and was Jim's girlfriend beginning when he lived in Florida then after he had arrived in California more later. They were not together anymore and that first portion of this song being his own goodbye of the relationship. She's a private lady who has spoken only once to press of their relationship in the previous. Know the story myself and don't wish mentioning more out of respect. Anybody who's interested even somewhat then pm me and will give you the link of the article. The later portion of the song being very opposite the poetry of the earlier one and is not from a first person standpoint. Rather a narrative that's said like a narrator might in a play and in fact using some of the content based on a theme used in some famous plays. A fictional theme equaling the gravity of the situation and the drama of his emotions. Furthermore the narration has descriptive allusions to extreme violence and don't click the link if you"re thinking maybe you will easily be disturbed. The Killer Awoke Before Dawn He Put His Boots On will begin the lyrics of the aforementioned section of this song and like usual whether you decide.
The End
14. Voodoo Child: Jimi Hendrix E

This song exemplifies how Hendrix got known as a legendary player of the guitar and he alternates playing several riffs along with equally keeping the melody going strong.
Voodoo Child
12+1. Surfin USA: Beach Boys

A great melody as usual from Chuck Berry and surf lyrics of the band equals a song representative of 60s California or US west coast very much.
Surfin USA
12. Tales Of Brave Ulysses: Cream

Song that mixes some Ibiza with Homer's Odyssey and lyrics are from the same artist who had designed the art on the LP of which this appears.
Tales Of Brave Ulysses
11. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby: Marvin Gaye

Marvin was the greatest ever singer of popular music and that's males or females. He sang with a depth of emotion and always you were convinced that he meant it when he sang any of his songs. Voice was the smoothest and he possessed a great control that allowed the pitch to go high then low or the reverse without it seeming like he was warbling. Furthermore he was Motown's most reliable and more versatile who sang plenty of popular charting duets with various singers. Only a coincidence that I'm posting this one day after his passing more than 2 decades ago. His records of this 60s decade were a variety of average tempo and uptempo songs in large contrast with his political or slow romantic songs of the next decade. This song shows my meaning and my opinion it's the best vocal sung on records.
Too Busy Thinking About My Baby

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Jetsqb101 wrote:
Still following this! Really enjoying the list so far
Much appreciation to you and anybody else who might be following given the earliest song posts of mine were awhile ago.
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Jetsqb101 wrote:
Really enjoying following the list! I like that you're giving The Byrds, Roy Orbison, and CCR more credit so far than I gave them on my list, it helps to filter out some of my biases. It's also pretty cool to see where we differ on some of the bigger names like Dylan, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. I threw together a small list of our crossovers so far

Song- "Title": Your Rank (My Rank)

Stan Getz & Jao Gilberto- "The Girl From Ipanema": HM (#90)
The Rolling Stones- "Street Fighting Man" HM (#69)
Jimi Hendrix- "The Wind Cries Mary": HM (#34)
The Four Tops- "It's the Same Old Song": HM (#26)
Sly & the Family Stone- "Everyday People #96 (#52)
The Temptations- "My Girl": #91 (#14)
Dionne Warwick- "I Say a Little Prayer: #85 (#77)
Otis Redding- "The Dock of the Bay": #80 (HM)
Jefferson Airplane- "Somebody to Love": #78 (#65)
The Supremes- "Where Did Our Love Go" #62 (#86)

Looking forward to seeing the rest, it's pretty great so far!
My own ten favorites are upcoming and maybe we pick up on the comparisons of ours after the songs are posted.
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10. Get Off Of My Cloud: The Stones

Keith has mentioned that it's the band giving response to many of the expectations put on after the success of their song Satisfaction. He said that he's not fond of the song or the production and thought it was rushed. The people have obviously disagreed and it made number one at peak. My own preference has always been for songs that have adventurous songwriting and this was very much in keeping with The Who's song Substitute or their own previous Satisfaction. Have thought wrongly all of these years that Jones played sitar not the 12 he's playing and it's minutely audible on the mono mix vs the stereo.
Get Off Of My Cloud
9. Spanish Castle Magic: Jimi Hendrix E

Jimi used to visit or play at a roadhouse near Seattle named the Spanish Castle and the lyrics are about Hendrix's trips up there during his high school era.
Spanish Castle Magic
8. Sympathy For The Devil: The Stones

It's the devil who gets his say on this song and narrates you through several evil acts which have happened in the history of our human world. Narration all done from the first person. You enter with preconceived notions that he had been the orchestrator yet he defends that he was only the bystander and you leave thinking he was really the sidekick. Furthermore he instructs then brings you into the realization of your shared culpability from the lyrics that say After All It Was You And Me. However you question whether that shared culpability might be with your fellow man or woman and maybe the devil after all was only a bystander. He's only waiting patiently afterward and then after he will lay your soul to waste. The very unusual decision of using Samba rhythms and chanted woos remind me of the liveliness of musical accompaniments known in traditional New Orleans funerals after the body has been buried albeit a different kind of musical style. However this seems like a symbolism of revelry being a seduction into the evil of which the devil offers and the strong basis of the actual song.
Sympathy For The Devil
7. Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix E

The UK flip side of Hey Joe or the greatest songs compilations and deluxe editions of LP are pretty much the only ways of getting this song. Song was the first written by Hendrix after the band had existed. Was the fastest paced song from the band and they each control the song's tempo strongly at that pace. Lyrics that greatly emphasize the 60s ethos of being your own individual and having your personal freedom. This featured video was not synched properly or something and regardless it's the nearest to what's been mentioned by me about the song.
Stone Free
6. Nowhere To Run: Martha And The Vandellas

Martha Reeves is my opinion the best female group singer all time and most obviously one of the greatest ever singers. Her own singing voice has been described as being earthy or natural. She began doing some secretarial at Motown and later backed up some of their more known singers. Didn't take long until the group had their first number one record and were known around the world after they scored with a bunch more big songs. Their songs had featured distinctive arrangements like edgier horns or drums in the songs to extent you might not have known who the group was until they began singing.
Nowhere To Run
5. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart: The Supremes

There was not a rivalry known to me between the Supremes vs any groups and not on purpose picking songs near each other from Motown girl groups. Supremes song featured has a similar musical arrangement like some Martha And The Vandellas songs. Very much different from the romantic style that's been on many of their records. The strings are not softer like their usual and pretty much it's their most uptempo. Version that's on my link was performed live therefore even more uptempo and although not number one however was middle of a bunch of thier songs getting that peak.
Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
4. 96 Tears: Question Mark And The Mysterians

The most popular of all the garage band songs from that decade and not ever before to my knowledge had keyboards been the most predominant melody of any song.
96 Tears
3. I Got You Babe: Sonny And Cher

A song of love written from Sonny talking about his wife Cher and sung by both singers in alternating verse style.
I Got You Babe
2. White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane

Guessing this song was the first known to me from the decade and always remembered.
White Rabbit
1. Break On Through: The Doors

The Gate Is Straight, Deep And Wide,
Break On Through To The Other Side.
Break On Through

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All of the songs that were picked by me have been posted, big ups to anybody who has followed this and next might do the 70s decade.
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