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THE Mock to END ALL MOCKS, BSH 3 rounds with toppings
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:04 pm    Post subject: THE Mock to END ALL MOCKS, BSH 3 rounds with toppings Reply with quote

Alright guys, this is my Mona Lisa. Ive been steady keeping one round mocks out, but here it is, ive stretched it to 3 rounds. On the trades like most NFL Gm's im not going by the value chart. Im going by something that makes sense to both teams. Teams rarely use the chart anymore, it's just a base guide. I hope you guys really enjoy this, it took me a LOOOOONNNNGGG time to do Very Happy

1.) Saint Louis Rams

Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma

This was sealed for me when Sam showed up to the combine at 240 pounds. I knew he had the accuracy and touch, to make all the nfl throws but just questioned his stature. Three weeks later, nothing has changed for me. While Suh and McCoy have been appearing to battle it out for this position, I cant see the Rams investing yet another high pick in the line. There is something to be said about continuing to pass on a qb, and this year they cannot. They would prefer to trade down with so say Tampa to gain a little more, but as a Tampa fan, our free agency speaks for how much we want to spend.....With later rounds the team will continue to address needs, but for now Saint Louis finally gets a potential franchise qb

2.) Detroit Lions

Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State

Here's one that's going to get flack, but something I really envision. The lions started out free agency with a bang, going and getting a good number 2 in Burleson and adding two pieces to the D-Line in KVB and Williams. The thing that hasnt been addressed is protecting Matt Stafford. When you spend 72 million dollars on a qb, you want to protect him. Too many times last year did I see Matt Stafford get annihilated. Detroit will continue to play the dt's hands, as they arent going to give theirs, but I still see this pick, 3 weeks later. While the coaching staff has praised Backus, and I thought he did a decent job, you dont let the franchise sway on the balance of decent backside protection. Getting Okung will upgrade two line spots, by kicking Backus either inside or possibly RT. Okung is an elite pass protector, something that will put a smile on Matt's face, but is also very stout in run blocking.

3.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska

Ndominate as I like to call him....This is every Tampa fan's dream, and as each day passes I see it more as a reality. Dom and Rah would be tripping over each other to call this one in, EASIEST pick of the whole draft. Suh is a class act, along with one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet! He didnt have to do a SINGLE thing at the combine yet came, and impressed running a sub 5.0 40, putting up 32 reps and a King KONG type 35.5 inch vert. The question here, is do they get Usain Bolt to run the pick up to Godell? Laughing(BTW check out the new vid i posted for Suh, Great work done by ours truly BucsFanTillDead)

Cleveland sends pick 7, 71 and 92 to Washington for pick 4

4.) Cleveland Browns (From Washington)

Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame

First ill discuss the trade. For washington, they really want Okung, but with him gone, the next OT is a reach IMO at 4. So with that in mind, they would be looking at QB, because let's face it every new coach usually want's their guy there. Though with all the moves that Cleveland is doing, they need a new starting qb this year. Call me less then impressed with a qb depth chart of Delhomme and Wallace. For Washington, not having one 3rd rounder, and being able to pick up two, is plenty for just the 3 spot drop. On top of that, on the flip side, if your Cleveland, giving up only 2 3rd's for a potential Franchise qb isnt bad on to the pick...As I stated, im not sold on these qb moves. I really dont think that Jake has it anymore to be a starting QB in this league. He would be a great mentor though to a young qb, in which they get here. Clausen is the anti-Quinn. He has that cocky demenor that I like in a leader. He would continually take ND back from being down. There wasnt a single game when Clausen had the ball at the end of the game that I didnt think they could win. Add in clevelands good line, and you have a great chance of making things happen. Jimmy just always had the knack of dropping it in there. With this, Cleveland can now continue on building the team around a new franchise

5.) Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Berry, S Tennessee

This one is one that was also affected by Okung going 2. No problem here though, Berry is an easy selection for KC...They had a terrible pass defense and lack a playmaker at the safety position. Insert Eric Berry. This guy was a highlight reel throught his career in Knoxville. He was undersized IMO coming into the draft, but showing up to the combine at 211 and still running a 4.4 really impressed me. He didnt have as good of a year this last year, but that's because Monte had him doing everything. KC will put him back at Centerfield, similar to Ed Reed's role in Baltimore, and expect big things. Possible defensive ROTY canidate here.....

6.) Seattle Seahawks

Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma

Boy oh boy is Pete Carrol happy here! One of the elite dt's in this draft falling right into his lap. One thing Pete knows is all his elite USC teams had some darn good talent up front. LT is a need as well as a reciever and safety, but with McCoy on the board you can't ignore his talent. McCoy has elite explosion for a defensive lineman, that can really get after the QB and is very stout at the point of attack in run defense. The real question here is who gets to the podium faster for their pick, Tampa or Seatle Laughing

7.) Washington Redskins

Bryan Bulaga, OT Iowa

Here is what would be optimal for Washington. After missing out on Okung, they had a big decision to make. Shanny decided to gain some extra picks and go get his LT. Bryan was a mauler in Iowa. The question about arm length kills me, because that doesnt translate to being a bad or good tackle, it's footwork. Just watch the Orange bowl vs Derrick Morgan and see what you think about his footwoork....Washington gladly takes him here, and runs with their extra 2 3rd rounders.

8.) Oakland Raiders

Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland

Ive been calling this one with Buckrock for about a month and a half. What does Bruce go and do at the combine? Makes old Al's heart skip a beat with INSANE numbers, 4.8 40, 34 reps of 225 pounds, and 32 inch vert. I only found it fitting to find a pic of him at the combine, because that's where he made his money(literally) Now as a football player, I think Bruce has the potential to be a dominating tackle, whether he will put in the work and stay healthy enough is another question, but if anyone is to gamble on that potential leave it to no one but Al Davis

9.) Buffalo Bills

Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers

Buffalo really got the short end of the stick so far. Neither QB or top OT prospect has fell. Well this may be a bit of a reach after a bad combine, but lets not get carried away here, this guy at times was being called the best OT prospect of this class. He still has the footwork of a top prospect . Its not ideal value wise, but he's from the area and is very capable of being the LT that the bills are missing.

10.) Jacksonvillie Jaguars

Joe Haden, CB Florida

This is a tough one for me. While all signs to me point to McClain, the db's are in desperate need for help. Im surrounded by jags fans out here in Kuwait, and one thing they preach is how terrible the db's are. Nelson had a good rookie year, but has falted after, and ever since Mathis pro bowl season he's been on the decline. They got Cox last year, and I think he did well for a rookie, but they need another corner. Joe is a play maker. I dont care about timed speed, which he apparently put to rest at the swamp being timed at around 4.42 area. With that being said, alot of Jags personal was down in Gainesvillie, but not for Tebow like many thought, it was for this guy obviously with this pick Wink.

11.) Denver Broncos (from Chicago)

Rolando McClain, LB Alabama

Here is a big time player to help what collapsed at the end of the year. Rolo will be a stud next to DJ. He has recognition of plays in unlike others ive seen coming from the college level. He is an immediate canidate for ROTY honors in my mind, and going here only solidfied that going to a 3-4 with some playmakers around him. While I think a DE is looked at here, Rolo is too much value to pass up here!

12.) Miami Dolphins

Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State

I dont care what anyone says about Dez, the guy is top 5 talent. Is he immature and a character problem? Arent most receivers? He in my mind is more of a talent then Crabtree was last year, and falls two more spots. Miami's offense is unique and crafty but missing one major part. That is a number one receiver. Dez is all that wrapped in a package. The way he attacks the ball and defenders willingly is unlike anyone in this draft class. He also has VERY underrated speed. He has great acceleration and leaping ability as well. If Dez would have finished out the season there is no doubt in my mind he wouldnt be falling out of the top 10, and probably wouldnt have fell out of the top 5. I know that Parcells doesnt take receivers in the first, but at this point, it is easily the biggest need for Miami and they answer it in a big way with a heck of a playmaker

13.) San Francisco 49ers

C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson

The first rb finally comes off the board. San Fran was a couple close wins away from being at the top of the division. I know some people will call for Earl Thomas here, but the depth in this years safety class is ridiculous! They have a very good core in their offense, but lets face it Gore isnt getting younger and they have started the pro version of a spread offense. CJ is the most explosive player in this draft. He can immediatly help out the Niners return game, then come in and get 10-20 touches a game to help produce big plays until he takes over full time for Gore. Watch out for this offense now.....

14.) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)

Taylor Mays, S USC

Well a couple weeks later and im back to this pick....I dont care what you say this is a perfect match....Let's play it out, Taylor was originally from Seattle, and now he gets to follow his coach into the pro's? Yes too easy. Once again perfect picture to match what im saying! I dont care if people like it or not, him being healthy and back to playing centerfield will help him. He will be groomed and be a very succesful player at the NFL level.Here is a quote from a fellow seahawks fan....
SeahawksFan(Name Taking Out for privacy Wink) wrote:
The biggest reason I say Mays @ 14 instead of OT is based largely off of the fact that Alex Gibbs when in ATL and they led the league in rushing 3 seasons in a row, that starting OL didn't have a single player taken above the 4th round, not to mention the best S on our team is Babineaux lol. Not saying we'll wait that long, BUT it gives us some flex for taking BPA. Not to mention Ducasse, Fox or Saffold could be in the 2nd and be molded. Gibbs makes OT a tad, just a tad less of a priority.

One thing everyone does know about Taylor is he LOVES to HIT . He has a very unique size and speed ratio that looks like was created by the greek gods. Like I said whether the fans like this one or not, it's what I see happening here...

15.)New York Giants

Sean Weatherspoon, LB Missouri

Here is a guy that was consedered by many one of the top OLB prospects last year, went back to school and road the roller coaster of continual nit picking of his game. The giants are estatic to have him though. He is the type of leader that they need at the MLB spot. I questioned his ability to play the position going into the senior bowl, but he looked like a natural. Now weighing in at over 240 lbs and running in the 4.5's he is one of my favorite prospects of the entire draft. He is a natural born leader, with rave reviews from the senior bowl, and can play any of the lb positions in the 4-3. With the signing of Rolle, and the incoming presence of Spoon, expect the D to be back in full force in 2010

16.)Tennessee Titans

Brandon Graham, DE Michigan

Graham is one of my favorite players in this draft. He has a non stop motor and his technique is flawless. He played on a terrible Michigan team this past year, and while he was doubled consistantly, he was still the playmaker we know. He then has only upped his stock since then, thrasing tackles at the senior bowl and having a very good combine. While some Titans fans might want Kyle Wilson here, lets face it, if the qb has all day to throw, they will get open at some point. Brandon is the best pass rusher in this draft and fits the bill for tennessee nicely. Some thoughts will also be made to take the freak 2.0 JPP, but the Titans arent one to pass up proven production

17.)San Francisco 49ers(from Carolina)

Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma

I know with Thomas and Haden STILL on the board that alot of Niners fans arent going to like this, but let me explain Laughing....Williams had a great combine, running in the 4.8's and showing agility that wasnt thought to be had by Trent. With that his stock has gone from strictly a RT to someone that could play both sides. A RT though is the niners biggest need...They were hopping for Bulaga to fall to them at 13, but things happen. Now as for not picking Thomas, this is one of the DEEPEST safety drafts ever. Expect one to be there for you guys in the second Wink, plus there is an abundance of cb's that have that 2nd round grade that will be avaliable in the second/third round

18.)Pittsburgh Steelers

Maurkice Pouncey, OL Florida

For me this was another tough one. While Kyle Wilson could make alot of sense here, as could Earl Thomas I cant get over the interior of this line. Wilson would start immediatly at corner, but I think they can get that in the second. Thomas is a playmaker, but with the resigning of Clark, I dont know how exactly you rectify either or...So I decided Pouncey here. He is the Top G and C of this class in my mind. That versatility puts the Steelers in a good postion. I think he'll come in and start day one, and be that guy that the steelers have been missing since Faneca left

19.)Atlanta Falcons

Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech

My last mock had a bit of a curve ball, as every player I think fit ATL was gone, but this one has a guy i think is a perfect fit for their need at LE. He doesnt fit the normal bill of Dimitroff's pick, being a junior, but he's fixing the mistake that was made when they selected Jamal Anderson top 10.....Morgan's first step is explosive and allows him to dicatate where he goes from there. Teamed alongside Abraham, im down right scared :shocked:

20.)Houston Texans

Earl Thomas, S Texas

Even with Dan Williams still on board, Im sure they wont pass up a local talent like Thomas. Their secondary needs some assistance, and has lacked a centerfield playmaker like Thomas. Add in the fact they have taking a defensive lineman 2 times in the last 5 years equals! Kyle Wilson is also going to be a guy that gets a long hard look here. Back to Earl....He is a guy at his size that can really flow to the line and make tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage. Houston gets a real steal here

21.)Cincinnati Bengals

Mike Iupati, OG Idaho

This one was a little bit easier making. With the top 3 safetys gone and the resigning of Williams I think the need shifts. I still wanted a wr, but then I thought about that depth chart, Ocho Cinco, Bryant, Caldwell, Jones and Simpson. I think that's pretty solid and they'll look to another in the later rounds. So here I go with a guard to shore up that line. Iupati is that nasty run blocker that will create holes for Benson and Co. to continue blasting through. With some work on his feet he will become a better pass blocker, I know he has the athelitcisim to do so, just needs coaching on the technique. Bengals really are in a position to take a BPA approach and go for the players that fit the best for them. Here is one of them

22.)New England Patriots

Jason Pierre-Paul, DE USF

The pats defense was lacking last year, it just didnt have that intensity and spark you normally see. The best way to add that back is to get after the qb. While JPP isnt the most polished product the guy is a freak with atheliticism is like something out of a comic book. With long arms, 4.6 speed and a huge winspan, he is exactly what you look for in a defensive end prospect. He has the ability to put his hand in the dirt or stay standing and play the OLB spot. With all the different looks that the Pats D likes to give, he is the perfect guy for that spot imo.

23.)Green Bay Packers

Charles Brown, OT USC

I was really torn on this pick, with a defensive force like Sergio still avaliable I really feel like it could be him, but thing you have to think about protecting Rodgers. The vikes absolutely tore into this oline, the lions have gotten better and the bears added Peppers. To counter that they get the guy with who i think has the best feetwork in this draft. He is taylor made for the zone type scheme that Green Bay runs. They will look to adding another pass rusher to pair with Matthews later in the draft

24.)Philadelphia Eagles

Navorro Bowman, LB Penn State

The Eagles dont have many needs imo, with the recent trade with Seattle, they also have elimanted the need of a DE opposite of Cole. So now the number one need in my mind is a LB. Navorro has the kind of intagables you look for in a nfl lb. It doesnt hurt to come from linebacker U Wink.

25.)Baltimore Ravens

Brian Price, DT UCLA

Well what was a wr picked here for months has suddenly changed. With Boldin coming in, the number one need to me shifts squarely to CB or DT. I have recently been informed, that the team runs more of a 4-3 set. With that in mind i do like Price alot here. He is an elite penetrator that lives in the backfield. Anytime you can get after the QB your corners will always look better. Look for a cb in the second round here for the Ravens

26.)Arizona Cardinals

Dan Williams, DT Tennessee

This is tough here. The cards have lost alot this offseason, but there are two major needs, ILB and NT. No ILB is close to the value here, but I think Williams is good value here. He has very good pop in his punch/rip moves and pretty good athelticisim for his build. While im not the biggest fan of Dan, and think he is getting overhyped, putting him next to Dockett and Campbell gives the Cards one of the better d-lines in the league and should be able to find a ILB in the second to fit the departure of Dansby.

27.)Dallas Cowboys

Nate Allen, S USF

I had Iupati here for weeks, but with him going higher, time for a new choice. The Boys have a glaring need at Safety. Allen is one of the prospects that isnt known about as much being from USF, but its clear Dallas has their eyes there after the selection of Mike Jenkins. Nate is a playmaker that the Boys need in the middle of their Defense. Allen will pair up with former Bull Jenkins to create a secondary needed to take out the Eagles.

28.)San Diego Chargers

Terrence Cody, NT Alabama

Iv'e had the chargers going RB for alot of the season. LT didnt look like he used to and Sproles is not fit to be an every down back. Then something a little unexpected happend with the release of Jamal Williams. He was getting up there in age, and wasnt as effective as he used to be, but I still thought he was serviceable. With that HUGE gapping hole, who better to fill it then Mount Cody. Cody has been nagged about weight and conditioning, but put on the tape and you see a guy that was a straight monster in the middle. Dont forget with all that size that he has unique quickness and agility. The chargers will look for a rb to drop to them with that recent trade with Seattle, a more then adaquete starter can be found there.

29.)New York Jets

Jerry Hughes, DE Texas-Christian

The Jets came out and surprised everyone, making it all the way to the confrence championship behind rookie QB Mark Sanchez. The defense looked unstopable at times, and with the addition of Cromartie, all they are missing is a pass rusher. Jerry Hughes has been a terror to QB's the last two years, totalling over 25 sacks, and just being a pest that the other team constantly had to plan for. He has an elite first step that allows him to get upfield in a hurry. He showed this offseason that he has the ability to stand up and cover as well. Jets get the real missing piece to their d here.

30.)Minnesota Vikings

Tim Tebow, QB Florida

The Vikes were a Farve interception away from the promise land. While they had great play on both sides of the ball, they dont have many needs. Tim is the hardest working football player you'll even meet! In just 6 short weeks he changed his throwing motion and looked much improved. With what I believe Farve's last year coming up, Tim can come in on short yardage wildcat type plays with fellow gator Percy. I think there is just no way Tim makes it past pick 50 after the improvement of his throwing motion. Everyone knows Tim's legacy, so the Vikes take the chance on their next qb.

31.)Indianapolis Colts

Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State

The Colts could use some help on the oline, but with Marlin Jackson walking, I see a glaring need at the cb position. Brees disected the secondary of the colts en route to their superbowl victory and without upgrades at the CB position, I dont see that outcome changing if they were to play again. Kyle has played light's out all year. Then did nothing but please at the combine. A real star throughout his career in Boise, the ravens will love his ball hawk ability, and his toughness. His jam is an in your face punch to the mouth, but also he has the speed and agility to stick with you after the fact. This well help revitilze the colts secondary, and he has added value as a returner. I think the colts dont see value in a Olineman here, and will look towards one in the second

32.)New Oreleans Saints

Everson Griffen, DE USC

Ah the super bowl champs. Defense is what helped them finally get to the level, and dont expect anything else to change if they want to stay at that level. With the releasing of Charles Grant, they have a hole at the DE spot. They get a guy that has the size and strenght to play LE, but also the speed to get after the QB. Everson teamed up with former trojan

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

33.)Saint Louis Rams

Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma

What's a young qb's best friend? A TE! Besides that, what if they were really best friends for the last 4 years in norman? That could help. The best way for Bradford to maximize his abilities to make an immeditate impact is bringing in someone he is really familiar with. The rams have a desprate need at the TE position, and get lucky that Gresham falls here. Jermaine is a great receiver for his size. He will be an immediate starter, and should provide big numbers similar to K2 for Tampa last year

Denver sends pick 45, 5th rounder and 2011 2nd to Detroit for pick 34

35.) Denver Broncos (from Detriot)

Jared Odrick, DE Penn State

First the trade. For Detriot, they are a team that is always looking for more ways to acquire more picks. getting an extra 5th and a 2nd for next year is perfect, as the player on their mind shouldnt be picked for the next 10 picks or so anyways....for Denver they get the guy they wanted for a pick of next year and a 5th...First round talent is going to fall in this draft, just how much do teams want to give up is the the pick...Oh how sweet this must be for the Broncos. The guy they were ready to select at 11 is sitting at the top of the second! Denver's D had a colapse towards the end of the year, which was due in large part to line play. Odrick is a perfect fit for the 5 technique. He has a blend of power and speed perfectly fit for the end spot. Odrick is no doubt in my mind first round talent, but the problems remain in character. McDaniels hasnt done the best in that aspect, but coming out and winning 6 straight really got the teams attention. With a new contract hopefully in the works, their biggest mouth will hopefully be nothing but hugs with Josh and the broncos can try and build on what was a heck of a start to the 09 season.

35.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame

Its no secret, Tampa needs receivers baaaaddd...Tate really made his stock improve with a good combine showing off 4.3 speed. Tate is the best deep threat in in the draft imo. Something that we can use in Tampa, with our cannon for an arm freeman limited so far. Tate is a monster with YAC from his days playing RB. Though he is shorter he has a 40+ vertical and attacks the ball. The thing I also liked, is when Jimmy was in trouble scrambling, Tate always found a way to get open and show himself to the qb, something that if you watched Tampa this year, you know Josh is amazing at improvising and shedding oncoming rushers. Tampa gets very lucky here that the teams that needed wr's addressed that in the offseason

36.) Washington Redskins

Sergio Kindle, OLB/DE Texas

The skins are VERY pleased to have Sergio fall here. He will be put on the opposite side of former Longhorn teammate Orackpo, and help transform the defense to the hybrid based 3-4 they are going to. He like Orakpo, is capable of putting his hand in the dirt and get after the qb or stand up and play that OLB spot. He has some real speed is size, that was shown while he put on a show in the National Championship. Kindle is too much of a talent here to pass up.

37.) Kansas City Chiefs

Rob Gronkowski, TE Arizona

Here is another TE that is no doubt first round talent but because of an injury slips a bit. The Chiefs have a glaring need that was left there last year after the trade of Gonzo. Rob doesnt have much Tape on the internet, but the guy is a baller. He is my number 1 TE, and really the only complete package in the entire draft. Matt Cassel thanks the FO for another target with this one

38.) Cleveland Browns

Arrelious Benn, WR Illionois

After getting their franchise qb, I was going to look defense, but with the way the anemic offense was, and the way that Benn's stock has sky rocketed I figured this is a perfect fit! He'll join other youngsters, Massoqui and Robinson and give a big target for Jimmy. He looked superb at times with plays that made your jaw drop as a freshman. But suffered through dropped passes and terrible qb play. He came out at the combine with a mission though, showing great speed in the 4.4 range for his size at 6'2 220lbs.

39.) Oakland Raiders

Patrick Robinson, CB Florida State

Here is a guy that is a little shorter then most corners that Al goes after, but is a burner. Recently on his pro day was clocked in the 4.3's and you know that put a smile on Al's face. He was put through a rough year, with a terrible outdated D. That lacked getting alot of pressure, but Patrick has all the tools to be a successful cb, and the attitude that the Raiders love.

40.)San Diego Chargers(From Seattle)

Ryan Matthews, RB Fresno State

Wow do the Chargers get lucky here, A guy i had pegged for them at 28, and they get him with that insane trade from seattle! The chargers let a piece of history go this year with the releasing of LT...I understand it was a necessary evil, LT can barely stay healthy, and it is time to move on. In comes Ryan Matthews, the explosive back from up north. He was sensational running all over the entire nation this year. Alot questioned his receiving abilities, but answered all those looking natural at the combine. He also solidified his spot with that blazzing 4.4 40 that I was surprised with. A new era starts in San Diego, and it's not a bad guy to start it with.

41.) Buffalo Bills

Eric Norwood, OLB/DE South Carolina

Noorwood is a guy that I dont think gets enough credit. He is a perfect fit for what buffalo is trying to do defensively. Eric terrorized opposing QB's and made them pay He'll team up on the other side of Maybin and they'll create a solid combo for years to come. I think Buffalo was really hoping for Tebow here, but he just doesnt fall....Too soon for the next tier of QB's IMO

42.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida

Tampa had a terrible time getting to the passer last year. While Dunlap has the potential to be Mario Williams like, with a great body frame and speed to go with it, he has made some bad decisions at Florida. Hopefully with a player friendly coach like Raheem, he gets his mind right! Raheem has the type of defensive mindset to really create pressure, just ask ATL or NO in that second half of their loss. I think with some coaching and the addition of Suh and Dunlap, we can finally start getting some pressure!

43.) Miami Dolphins

Thaddeus Gibson, OLB/DE Ohio State

After going and getting the number 1 target that Henne needs, they come back and get a pass rusher to add to Wake. Gibson has shown flashes throught his buckeye career. If there is one person to get the most out of his potential I believe Sparano can do that! Just one more major need left for MIA a NT.

44.)New England Patriots (From Jacksonville)

Jahvid Best, RB California

Man oh man, what a playmaker Jahvid is. There has been something lacking constantly in NE, and thats an explosive RB. Jahvid has the speed to break anything open, and the moves straight out of a video game. Tom will love this little stick of dynamite, and he has added value as a returner.

45.) Detroit Lions (From Denver)

Tyson Alualu, DT California

Here's the guy they were ready to take at 34 falling to them! Alualu is my favorite DT prospect outside of the big two. He has a nonstop motor that doesnt stop til the play is over. He is very underated, as he has been in a 3-4 defense and hasnt been able to be the penetrator that he can. At the senior bowl he showed some of that, and added a fumble recovery. This is the type of DT that will fill in nicely along side the new additions in Detriot

46.)New York Giants

Lamar Houston, DT Texas

The Giants could use some more help on the inside of their line. Insert Lamar Houston. Lamar is a penetrator, that can come help reck havoc with the rest of the boys on the giants line. The addition of Lamar and Sean should put the Giants D back where they are used to being

47.)New England Patriots (From Tennessee)

Aaron Hernandez, TE Florida

One thing is known, and that is the relationship and like for Urban Meyer's players from BB. Aaron was the best TE in the nation last year, due to the injuries of the top two. He has sticky hands and will fill the void left by the departed Ben Watson. Pretty easy selection here, and another weapon for the great Tom Brady to work with.

48.)Carolina Panthers

Demaryius "Bay Bay" Thomas, WR Georgia Tech

Carolina thinks they found their starter in Matt Moore. Ive had an oppurtunity to watch alot of him, and think he can be the qb of the future for the Panthers. They have an elite rush attack(Trust me, tampa fans know Sad) and an elite WR in Smith, but beyond that things get......yeah...They need another target opposite of Steve. Bey Bey is a physcial speciman, he was being clocked at 4.38 at 6'3 220 lbs! Some can't believe it, but numerous times, have I wathed Thomas stiff arm a corner and burn an entire defense! If he puts it all together with some work on route running he will be a terror in the league! Watch out!

49.) San Francisco 49ers

Kareem Jackson, CB Alabama

Here's a cb, with late first round early second round talent here. He has really seen his stock climb, even over fellow teammate Arenas. He has the size and speed you look for in a starting cb in this league. Its not question that SF needs some help at the corner position. Kareem was part of the top defense in the nation. With the look towards offense, they begin helping their d with this pick

50.) Kansas City Chiefs (From Atlanta)

Cam Thomas, NT North Carolina

The chiefs run defense wasnt one to brag about. To fix that you have to start up front and keep guys off your linebackers. Cam is probably the last real NT prospect worthy of a selection in the top 64. He has seen his stock rise as of late, but he was part of what was the best line in the nation last year. The guy is a real space eater and will help keep lineman off whatever linebacker they go after next

51.)Houston Texans

Devin McCourty, CB Rutgers

After having Thomas fall into their laps, they still have a need at the CB position. They go after a guy I think is a perfect fit for their defense. Devin has one of the best bumps in the draft and will really help take down the colts with their 9 wr sets...ok just 4 but seems like Peyton can make any wr good...Laughing

52.)Pittsburgh Steelers

Perrish Cox, CB Oklahoma State

I know that having Troy out last year hurt big, but even when he was in I feel like they couldnt put their corners on an island or throw in the coverages they like because of the loss of McFadden. Cox is a baller that was an all american and locked down one of the best wr in the nation last year in A.J. Green. He can play man or zone and has the added bonus of being a good return man, something the steelers dont have for a KR.

53.)New England Patriots

Damian Williams, WR USC

I know another skill position on offense?! But the value here is way too good to pass up! The WR corps is thining out IMO. They have youngsters in Addelman and Tate, but Moss is on his last year, and Welker is coming off a serious knee injury. Williams is the best route runner in this class. He showed pretty decent speed at the combine, but his money maker is the ability to return to full speed after a cut. Another great addition to the pats offense, and they are going to make a run at that record setting one of 08

54.)Cincinnati Bengals

Morgan Burnett, S Georgia Tech

After bringing back Williams, I thought that the Bengals would sit tight on a safety, but not so fast. Burnett has the size and speed to play either safety position. He can come in immediatly step in either spot in start on the Bengals and add to that surprise defense of theirs. Burnett as the heartbeat of the Jackets secondary and a big reason for a 11-2 season, second best in school history. He isnt affraid to lay the wood, and does a good job making plays on the ball.

55.)Philadelphia Eagles

Chad Jones, S LSU

After addressing the lb spot in the first now they get a guy that can be a difference maker in the mold of Dawkings. He really knows how to bring the hit. With the corners present in philly I think Jones can really prosper and become a top safety in this league.

56.)Green Bay Packers

Jason Worilds, OLB/DE Virginia Tech

After getting a steal of a player imo in Charles Brown, they come back and grab the OLB opposite of Matthews here. Jason has great explosion and was clocked in the 4.5 range recently in his proday! :O That should be enough to terrorize qb's alongside Clay.

57.)Baltimore Ravens

Brandon Ghee, DB Wake Forrest

Adding Price in the first should assist the db's but unless you get talent back there, the line cant get there everytime. Ghee is a guy that has blown up since the end of the season. He had a great combine to add to his good season. He has the size and speed to fit perfect with the Ravens attacking style. He is physical and loves contact...maybe a little to physical at times.

58.)Arizona Cardinals

Brandon Spikes, LB Florida

While Brandon has killed his draft stock since the season started, I still dont think he falls past here. He is a fiery leader that is a perfect fit for the ILB spot on a 3-4. The Cards just need him to be able to come up and stuff the run, something he is very well experienced at. Minus his speed, he is a good coverage lb, having more career INT return for td's then any other player in the draft class. He is a big old fashioned thumper, that is efficetive at blitzing and will bring back that fire in the Cards Defense

59.)Dallas Cowboys

Rodger Saffold, OL Indiana

Here is a guy that has been rising up draft boards. I think that Saffold has the ability to play almost every spot on the line, and will fall in on as depth and work his way in as a starter. Rodger did a good job holding off the best pass rusher in the draft at the senior bowl, but is a prospect that needs some work. I think he's best fit for the inside, but can be a RT succesfully if need be

60.) Seattle Seahawks

Jared Veldheer, OT Hillsdale

Jared has everything you look for in a LT, the size, athelticism and strength. He hasnt played against elite talent, but there have been plenty of guys that have been found from small schools that are ready to play . This should be the guy that protects Whitehurst if all things work out for Carrol.

61.)New York Jets

Mardy Gilyard, WR Cincy

The defense has seen aditions of Cromartie and now Hughes with the draft, but its time to give Sanchez a bit more help! The jets brought in Edwards halfway through the season, and have Smith and Cotchery. I think they are just missing a real slot. Mardy is exactly that. His stock has been kinda of down with his slow 40 times, but the guy is a gamer. He constantly was making big plays anytime the Bearcats needed a lift. With the addition of Gilyard, they get another returner to add in with Washington and that slot guy I think they were missing

62.)Minnesota Vikings

Dominique Franks, CB Oklahoma

A position you could see that hurt with the depth of it last year was CB. When Winfield went down, the Vikes were scrambling to find another starter. Here they draft a guy that can be his eventual replacement. Franks is a playmaker, that loves to do anything he can to get his hands on the ball. Once he does, look out cause he's going to be trying to take it all the way. He is pretty physical and will learn from Winfield, one of the best tackling cb's in the NFL

63.)Indianapolis Colts

Selvish Capers, OL West Virgina

The colts also had another problem in the Superbowl, and that was protecting Peyton. Capers is a perfect fit IMO for the colts. He's athelitc for a guy his size and could fit in at LT. With the additions, the Colts will try and hold off the rest of the AFC South and return back to the glory again

64.)New Oreleans Saints

Darryl Washington, LB TCU

After getting a replacement for Grant in the first they still have a big need at the LB position. Washington has had a heck of an offseason, showing good speed and strength at the combine. Throughout his career at TCU, he was a monster to opposing teams. Stuffing the run and showing that sideline to sideline speed. Another piece to solidify something that was bad for so many years til last year, and they'll try to reverse the NFC South curse...(Dont hold your breath saints fans, were coming Wink)

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

65.)Saint Louis Rams

Dekoda Watson, LB Florida State

Its time the Rams infuse some of this talent into the defensive side of the ball. You wanna talk about a guy that's a big combine winner? Look no further then Dekoda Watson. Guy blew his stock from a late rounder to an easy 3-4th round selection. He was the heart and soul for the FSU defense the last two years. He showed the ability this offseason to bulk up or drop weight so STL can put him on either side. Great way to add to the LB corps

66.) Detroit Lions

Donovan Warren, CB Michigan

The weakest position on the Lions is their defensive backs. No debating it there. They get a pretty local product to come in and start immediatly. Donovan had a knack for getting the biginterception when Michigan needed it the most. Anything has to be better then what the Lions currently have. Look for more secondary help through the draft

67.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Javier Arenas, CB Alabama

This may be consedered a reach by some, but not by me. Javier is a perfect fit here in tampa. When I was scouting Arenas, the guy I kept seeing was Ronde Barber. A guy that knew when to jump and was a phenemonial blitzer. He also gives added value as a returner which if you look at our roster, doesnt look like its necessary but when you realize Clifton is coming back from a concusion, and Sammy will probably get more offensive snaps makes a welcome addition to that side of the ball. On defense, he'll play the outside and allow Ronde to finish his career in the Nickle.(BTW I know Arenas is spelt wrong on the jersey, i guess its a curse word, cause NFLShop wouldnt let me put it Sad)

68.) Kansas City Chiefs

Sean Lee, ILB Penn State

The Chiefs still have 2 major needs, a guard and ilb. Here they get the ILB and leader for their defense. Sean Lee had a great career at Penn State, and it appears they've pumped out yet another LB. Lee should play alongside Johnson, and with the addition's of Berry and Thomas, maybe this defense can finally get off the field!

69.) Oakland Raiders

Linval Joesph, DT ECU

This might be a bit of a reach for the Raiders, but lets face it, they arent scared! Joesph put up an insane 39 bench reps at the combine and is a perfect fit at that NT position that is lacking for the Raiders. This big guy contributed to one of the most underrated lines in the country. This pretty much sews up any weakness along the front line.

70.)Philadelphia Eagles(From Seattle)

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB Indiana(PA)

Philly is really in the position to draft BPA here. Akwasi is an unknown mostly, but the Philly staff is atleast close and probably watched a game or two of his during the season. He has been a definate youtube sensation, with not many people knowing much about him. Im one included, but I know he has unique size and speed, Philly takes a chance here with no real pressing needs.

71.) Washington Redskins (From Cleveland)

Vladimir Duccasse, OL UMass

The Skins add another piece to their line in hopes to keep Campbell standing up more this season. There are still plenty of needs, but OLINE is on top of that list!

72.) Buffalo Bills

Brandon Lafell, WR LSU

With the departure of TO, the Bills need another WR. Hardy hasnt quite been the guy they were expecting. I have mixed feeling about Lafell, mainly with his hands and speed, but at this point he is good value. Many valued him as a 2nd rounder, but I still dont see that. Back to Lafell, one thing the guy is, is physical . I think this will be a target for whoever is qb next year, as I think they'll look to the next round for a guy to come in and compete with Edwards and Fitzgerald.

73.) Miami Dolphins

Dennis Pitta, TE BYU

While I think NT is more of a need, I dont see anyone of value here. Pitta is probably the most underrated TE in this draft. His blocking is better then alot expect, and if you dont know about his recieving skills, your in for a treat. He has real natural hands, and does a great job on route running. Now with Bryant and Pitta they have some real weapons to go along with Ronnie and that Cat of theirs Laughing.

74.) Jacksonvillie Jaguars

J.D. Walton, C Baylor

Last year the Jags got their 2 tackles of the future. Just one big problem, the interior line played terrible and did nothing to help out Garrard. Walton is the 2nd best center prospect in the draft, and a big need for the jags!

75.) Chicago Bears

Mitch Petrus, OG Arkansas

The Bears finally on the clock! After a huge free agency there are still a numerous amount of needs. The pressure is on for Lovey, who had a team that was thought to be a playoff caliber team with the addition of qb Jay Cutler. With the recent spending's to me it spells do or die for Coach Smith. With that said, they need to protect Jay better, and open up better running lanes. Their tackles are pretty set, but they need help on the inside. Petrus really raised his stock after his combine setting bench press . He should immediatly step in and be a big piece to helping that offense move.

76.)New York Giants

Ben Tate, RB Auburn

The Giants run game just wasnt what it was in 2008. While I think Bradshaw is good in spurts, he wasnt that second back the G-Men needed. Tate offers that, and will team up with former Auburn back Brandon Jacobs. Brandon was really under rated his entire career at auburn. He put up all the numbers vs the big boys of the sec and has real talent . His combine only solidfiying him going here

77.)Tennessee Titans

Jerome Murphy, CB USF

Here the Titans add a great cb, that can come in and compete for a starting job. After getting the best pass rusher in the draft imo, they now add a guy from the up and coming school, USF. He with Nate Allen, was a secondary that created alot of turnonvers....sounds exactly like what the titans need

78.)Carolina Panthers

Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse

Though Carolina has tried desprately to find some good DT's since the departure of Jenkins nothing has just really worked out. They have a good collection of guys, but dont have that guy. I think Jones could be that guy, if the Panthers are patient. Prior to his injury he was a surefire top 50 pick, if not a for sure 1st rounder. He was the entire orange defense. If you put tape on, there's one thing your bound to see, and that's Arthur Jones around the ball. He has a non stop motor, and good size to go with. If he can return to form, the Panthers are getting a real steal here!!

79.) San Francisco 49ers

Mike Johnson, OG Alabama

A bit of a surprise to see Mike fall this far, but since the end of the season where I thought he's peak was, he has slowly lost a little bit of ground. One thing for sure, he was a big part in the heisman rushing campaign, in one of the best rushing attacks in the nation. The niners fill in there offensive line with this one

80.) Denver Broncos

Amari Spievey, CB Iowa

Another defensive pick here for Denver! Why the reason they got out to such a hot start was two things, a good running game, and great defense. Nothing needs to be changed on the offensive side for that running game, maybe a new center, but none is really of value here. So back to the defensive side of the ball. They drafted Alphonso last year, and he played spots of nickle and the number 2. Champ isnt getting younger though. Amari is a prospect that came on as of late in the season, and decided to come out. He has all the tools, and is a very physical corner. Seems like there's alot of them in this class, but Amari does love to hit! No Cromartie syndrome here!

81)Houston Texans

Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech

Isnt this a surprise? Most before the comine didnt see it farfetched for the Texans to maybe be grabbing him at he falls all the way to them in the 3rd?!? Boy are they excited, the thunder to Slaton's lightning. He should help with those short yardage and goaline situations that cost the Texans SOOOOO much last year

82)Pittsburgh Steelers

Reshad Jones, S Georgia

I didnt think it was going to fall like this, but the Steelers in fact due grab a safety. Reshad is an enforcer that can stop a runner dead in his tracks, but the guy can cover too! Trust me when I say steeler fans, that Will Allen is nothing more then a Special Teams stud....he'll be solid for you there, but dont expect play him to make plays if in the lineup. So instead they grab one of the safety's from the deep crop of them in this class

83)Atlanta Falcons

Matt Tennant, C Boston College

Matt Ryan is very happy to see a familar face with this pick. While a TE of the future could be consedered here, as well as LB. Tennant wont fall though to their 4th pick, so they grab a familiar face and a centerpiece for the young line

[b]84.)Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Edds, OLB Iowa

The Bengals D just has one more real spot to replace, for a good young lb corps. That's the SLB spot. Edds was made for that, a real attacker that supports well in the run, and is descent in pass coverage. This defense is getting better, and they might stay atop the NFC North

85.) Cleveland Browns(From Oakland via New England)

Kyle Calloway, OT Iowa

To finish out their offensive side of the draft and really solidfy their line they need to get a RT. Calloway is a perfect fit here, this gives them youth up and down the offensive side of the ball, with just one major need in a TE left and maybe some help with a power back. Defense will look towards 2011 for its makeover

86.)Green Bay Packers

Dexter McCluster, RB/WR/RS Ole Miss

Want to talk about how a bad combine helps a team? McCluster looked like a for sure 2nd round pick, something the Pack couldnt afford to use on a guy like McCluster. Then he comes out off his steaming hot senior bowl and runs in the high 4.5/4.6 ?! Wow no one expected him to be a burner, but atleast some 4.4 speed with that size. No matter the kid can play. He is a ball of fire that should really contribute on the KR/PR aspect as well as a 3rd down type back out of the backfield. I was impressed how well he can run routes, which is just another weapon at Rodgers disposal

87.)Philadelphia Eagles

Toby Gerhart, RB Stanford

The Eagles continue on the BPA approach with the pick of Gerhart. They got the back they liked last year in McCoy, but the NFL is a 2 back league, your only as good as your backup, especially at the RB position. Toby was a heisman contender, and always put his best out for the biggest games. He's a real bruiser and the perfect balance to Shady's shiftyness. Toby running that 4.5 didnt hurt either Wink

88.)Arizona Cardinals (From Baltimore)

Jason Fox, OT Miami

After addressing the defensive needs with the first 2 picks, now they turn their attention to the offense. Jason Fox is a prospect that looked down right amazing the first couple weeks of the season. He cooled off and his rating tailed off a bit, but he is still a respectible prospect. AZ needs a Tackle opposite of Levi, and they get him here.

89.)Arizona Cardinals

Dezmon Briscoe, WR Kansas

I might get some flack for this pick, but with Boldin gone, they need at least another reciever. Why not get a guy that to me, reminds me of exactly him. He has been Todd Resien's go to guy for the last 2 years, catching for over 1,000 yards both seasons. He was a highlight reel with some of the circus catches, and big numbers he put up in games. I figure why not take a shot on this guy, as teaming this guy up with Fitz and his work ethic will be nothing but success.

90.)Dallas Cowboys

Corey Wootton, DL Northwestern

Jerry has got to be happy with this. Here is another Chris Canty type player, but a guy I think with more potential. Going into this year he seemed like a first round lock, but injuries really derailed that. He has all the intangables you look for in a DE, and has the strength and size for the 3-4 too. What a steal here for Dallas

91.)San Diego Chargers

Chris Cook, DB Virginia

The chargers have 2 good corners in Jammer and Cason, but with Cro's departure they could use another. Cook has blown up the combine, and has the size to play safety, which is an added bonus. He'll atleast compete for the Nickle spot, but may slide over to saftey if needed.

92.) Washington Redskins (From Cleveland)

Major Wright, S Florida

with this pick, the skins grab a guy that does two things, one plays the centerfield with a mean streak and two, moves Landry back to his more comfortable SS position. Everyone knows Major is a hitter that loves to look for the knockout blow. This saftey combo will be a darn good one

93.)Minnesota Vikings

Montario Hardesty, RB Tennessee

Hardesty is a guy that came into the season about to be benched in favor of a freshman phenom, so what did he do? Only put up his best season to date, and topped it off with an amazing combine. Hardesty just does the little things right all the time. He will be a good spell back, when AP needs to get his breather Wink

94.)Indianapolis Colts

Earl Mitchell, DT Arizona

It appears the colts are back to taking another DT...though this one, I really like. He ran the fastest time at the combine with a 4.7! That's crazy for a man this size. He is still raw, as he came to Arizona as a rb, but really progressed well through the year, and was a big driving force on a team that was mear points away from a rose bowl.

95.)New Oreleans Saints

Jimmy Graham, TE Miami

When you are the superbowl champs you have certain luxuries. One of those is getting a guy who could be the next Antonio Gates. Jimmy blew up the combine and offseason workouts. For him to fall past here would be crazy in most years but not this. Though the saints dont let it happen anyways. He'll learn from Shockey, and since shockey is on his last legs, he'll be able to take over for him sooner, then later
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I like it. Wink

Sig by Me
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CarolinaKitten wrote:
I like it. Wink

Thanks man! Alot of work and time into it....and even though I hate the panthers, they some how had a great draft! lol

darn them! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

keep the comments coming guys!
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I'd prefer Demaryius over Hernandez and a TE later, but solid overall.
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The Gnat

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You won't see a ton of love for Tim Tebow in round one. I do like the pick, though, I think that is where Tebow will likely go, but it would be hard to pass on Kyle Wilson. THe other two picks are good.
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Solid draft for the Denver Broncos.
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- I like Allen but not sure if he's worth the 27th pick.
- Saffold in the 2nd is fine and OT is a need, but it would kill me if we pass on WR Marshawn Gilyard, my favorite prospect in this draft.
- Wootton would be a fine 3rd round pick, but NT and CB are bigger needs than DE, so give us your best available NT/CB there.
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Shock6822 wrote:
I'd prefer Demaryius over Hernandez and a TE later, but solid overall.

You know, it was thought of, but at the end of the day, BB just loves his florida guys. Hernandez is a beast, and getting the best route runner in the draft helps....

plus ease up, you'll have 2 1st rounders to get one of the BEASTS coming out next year as well....darn u Twisted Evil

The Gnat wrote:
You won't see a ton of love for Tim Tebow in round one. I do like the pick, though, I think that is where Tebow will likely go, but it would be hard to pass on Kyle Wilson. THe other two picks are good.

Yeah i know, and im standing feet in ground ready to stick to it! Tebow is a winner, he will make himself a winner, doing whatever it cant pass that up at 30 with not as many needs, and a qb situation that needs to be figured out!

Glad you like the other two Wink
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DalCowboyzRule wrote:
- I like Allen but not sure if he's worth the 27th pick.
- Saffold in the 2nd is fine and OT is a need, but it would kill me if we pass on WR Marshawn Gilyard, my favorite prospect in this draft.
- Wootton would be a fine 3rd round pick, but NT and CB are bigger needs than DE, so give us your best available NT/CB there.

Allen at that point is more worth it then anyone else for you guys there....

Gilyard will get passed by you guys, i just got a feeling.....

Wootton is too much value guys got your starting NT in the 6th round, there isnt really a good one avaliable there anyways worth it over wootton...

just so u know this was intended to be a 4 rounder, and I had shipley going to you guys there.....Wink
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R3N3G4D3 wrote:
Solid draft for the Denver Broncos.

that's all I get out of you?
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent and very comprehensive Cool.

Although I'll disagree with Ahmad Bradsahw not being a the #2 HB the Giants expected considering he played with a multitude of injuries.

We still can use another HB for depth, though, and for pass catching as well.

Loving the effort here.

aceinthehouse wrote:
"I made this topic post because none of my crap comes true."
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redsoxsuck05 wrote:
Excellent and very comprehensive Cool.

Although I'll disagree with Ahmad Bradsahw not being a the #2 HB the Giants expected considering he played with a multitude of injuries.

We still can use another HB for depth, though, and for pass catching as well.

Loving the effort here.

thanks, well I think those injuries are part of the reason and being of what im saying....if that makes

Thanks man, it took too
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Picking up a second round pick next year and adding a fifth while still getting a beast of a DT sounds good. I like the first two rounds alot for the lions. I'm torn on Warren. I like Owusu-Ansah better, but I could live with it.

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