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Forum Rules and Tips for New Posters

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:29 am    Post subject: Forum Rules and Tips for New Posters Reply with quote

Welcome to the Kansas City Chiefs' Forum here on! This thread will serve as a guide for new posters, as well as a place to state the rules. KCWolf1 (myself) and LOTO.Tailback are the mods of this forum. If you have any questions/concerns/ideas, do not hesitate to come to either one of us. We are here to help and more than happy to do so.

Forum Rules
Signature and Avatar Rules

Arrow Check for duplicates: Before starting a new thread on a specific topic, make sure there isn't already a thread that covers it. It's best to keep all discussion of a certain topic in one thread so that there is a centralized place for it. It also helps to keep the board from being cluttered with the same thread over and over again.
Arrow Stay on topic: This one is pretty simple and straightforward... if it doesn't pertain to the Chiefs or the specific topic at hand, don't post it. We do have a thread called This Ain't Chiefs Talk (TACT) where you can discuss things not about the Chiefs.
Arrow Quality: Don't start a topic just to ask a question that can easily be looked up through a search engine. Try to create topics that will spark discussion. Also, when replying to a post, explain why you feel the way you do about it. Do not simply say "no." Explain why you agree or disagree. This is a great way to get quality discussions going.
Arrow Proofread: No, we're not going to ban you if you spell a word wrong or use the wrong punctuation. We all make mistakes. However, when making a post, take the time and read over it again to make sure the idea you are trying to get across isn't blocked by poor grammar. If you're post is unreadable, people are just going to ignore your thoughts. Also, when you use proper grammar you magically become more credible.
Arrow Titles: Give your thread a descriptive title. If you are starting a thread to discuss a certain Free Agent that the Chiefs have signed, call it "Chiefs sign ______" rather than "I'm so happy!" Not everybody wants to read every thread, so giving your topic a descriptive title will help the reader decide if they are interested or not.
Arrow Respect: No matter if you disagree with a certain person, it can be done respectfully. Everyone is allowed their own opinion. Remember that. If you make a post (especially a mock draft) and you receive negative feedback, do not go on the defensive. Often times the person that is giving you the feedback is just trying to help. If you feel as if you are being attacked, contact a mod and we will handle the situation.
Arrow Being wrong: It's OK, believe it or not, to be wrong sometimes. We're all wrong at some point. Don't feel bad if you are wrong and don't make somebody else feel bad if they are wrong.
Arrow Locks: Realize that duplicates, threads which break the rules, and inappropriate threads/posts will be locked or deleted. If you're thread gets locked, do not get upset. It's nothing personal. It's just something that has to be done. If you do not understand why a thread was locked, PM a mod. There will usually be a description of the reasoning in the thread unless it is fairly obvious.
Arrow Warnings: Posters who break the rules will receive a warning. This will then be reported to the Webmaster and he will decide whether or not to ban the poster. There is no set number on how many warnings a poster can receive before being banned. The severity of the infraction is usually how it is determined. If you disagree with why you are being warned, send a PM to the mod that warned you. Do not discuss this in the open public.

Some feel that the rules of are strict. However, these rules are what keeps the quality of discussion here so high. This is the best sports discussion site on the internet and we plan on keeping it that way. If you don't plan on following the rules, you might as well save us all the time and go somewhere else. If you plan on following the rules, start posting!

Again, welcome!
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