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Looking for Insights

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:15 pm    Post subject: Looking for Insights Reply with quote

Working on a project, and could use some help from you guys. I'm going to include a questionaire below, if as many as possible could fill it out and share as much detail as possible, it'd be greatly appreciated.

  • Tell me about your Head Coach, his philosophies, and his style. What are his tendencies? What do most people not know about him?
  • Tell me bout your Offensive Coordinator, his philosophies, his style. What are his tendencies? What do most people not know about him?
  • What offensive scheme do you follow in the run, pass and blocking game? What is unique about it? What do most people not know about it?
  • Tell me about your Defensive Coordinator, his philosophies, his style. What do most people not know about him? What are his tendencies? etc.
  • What Defensive Scheme do you follow in the front 7 as wel as in coverage? What is unique about it? What do most people not know about it?
  • When drafting, how important is character?
  • During the draft, how active in the past have you been in trades?
  • Looking at your current roster, who are the up and comers? Who are future starters? Who is starting but shouldn't? Who is tradeable and their value? Who is a lifer?
  • During the offseason, how active in the past have you been at trading for veterans?
  • What has been the downfall of your team recently?
  • Where are your largest holes this offseason?
  • What are your biggest strengths this offseason?
  • What will it take for you to win a championship?

I appreciate each and every reply that I receive and promise that this information will be put to very good use in the very near future. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask - I'll be keeping an eye on this thread and try to reply ASAP.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow that is a bunch of questions. I'll answer them one at a time I guess.

Our coach's name is Mike Smith. He was previously a defensive coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has a VERY firey personality, possibly the most passionate coach in the NFL. He is a defensive minded head coach. He is also very motivational, he gets players to want to play for him. In general we as falcons fans are very pleased with him and what he has done here.

Our offensive coordinator's name is Mike Mularkey. He runs a very plain offense most of the time. He runs many of the same plays. Common plays in his offense are things such as; Bootlegs with only 1 intended receiver and having the RB run a short little zig-zag pattern. He very commonly utilizes 2 tight end sets; more than most teams. Screen passes are not often called in his offense as well.

I'm just gonna skip the questions about defense for now.

Our GM, Thomas Dimitroff, considers character very important when drafting players. So far in the time that he has been here we haven't drafted a prospect with character issues. Usually we focus on drafting seniors, and its a very nice bonus if they were a team leader.

We haven't been very active in last years draft as far as trades, but in the 08 draft we did trade up to draft offensive tackle Sam Baker. After what we've seen, Dimitroff should trade up if he sees that there is talent at a position of need.

There are many up and comers on our roster. There is Thomas DeCoud, who looks to have the potential of being a star safety in the league. He delivers huge hits, good in coverage, has ballhawk senses, and will be entering his 2nd year starting (3rd year overall). Another up and comer is Chris Owens, a first year cornerback out of San Jose State. He has shown flashes of greatness, and has won the hearts of Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith. There is Lawrence Sidbury, a first year defensive end out of Richmond University. Though he hasn't showed many flashes of greatness in the regular season (save for the Buffalo Bills game in which he stripped the ball from Bills runningback Fred Jackson and returned it for a touchdown), he has shown in the preseason that he has great speed off the edge and has the potential to be an excellent starter. He also excelled at Richmond, putting up first round stats. There are many who truly believe he is an up and coming all pro. There are more, but I'm just going to move on to the next area.

The downfall of the team without question has been the numerous injuries. We had our franchise runningback Michael Turner injured for almost half of the season, our first and second round draft choices were injured for the season after playing a combined total of three games (1 of which was only special teams playing time). We had our starting slot reciever/punt returner/kick returner Harry Douglas hurt for the season before even preseason began. We had our speedster runningback Jerious Norwood injured for a good part of the season, which in turn extremely damaged our ability to call or find success in screen passes. We had Matt Ryan injured for 2 games and a very large portion of another (partially due to the fact that we had 2 starting offensive linemen inactive in the game in which he was injured). Although our backup quarterback stepped in and did a descent job, he did make a vital error at a very crucial time in the game that could have proved to be the game winner had he not made that mistake.

Our largest hole this offseason is at the starting cornerback position opposite Chris Owens. We don't have much experience at that position as it is, and no player has really proved that they can occupy that role.

Our greatest strength this offseason is that we will be getting numerous players back from injury this season, and that we have our up and coming players in the secondary (DeCoud and Owens) putting in extra effort to become better players.

It will take many things for us to win a championship, but most of them are easy fixes. First we are going to need a viable corner to start opposite Chris Owens. Second, we will need to put a little more pressure on the quarterback (which should be solved thanks to Jerry coming back from injury and Sidbury going into his second season with Biermann going into his third). Third, we will need to stay healthy for the most part on both sides of the ball, but that is a requirement for most teams usually. Last, we really do need to change up the offense a little so its not as plain and boring. I think that we should improve in that area due to Bill Musgrave, our quarterbacks coach, assuming the Assistant Head Coaches role.

Overall, I hope that answers your question. Sorry I left out answers to the defense but I'm sure someone else on here would be happy to answer them. Good luck on your project!

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Joined: 07 Jan 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

mattyice2 wrote:
Our largest hole this offseason is at the starting cornerback position opposite Chris Owens. We don't have much experience at that position as it is, and no player has really proved that they can occupy that role.

We need to temper expectations on Owens. He is not for sure a starter. He looks more suited to be #2 rather than a #1. A corner opposite him is important, a #1 corner would be preferred.

KingofSTATS wrote:

Brees was sacked 80% of the times he was sacked last year
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Joined: 05 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1) Mike Smith runs a cover 2 4-3. He plays man on the outside mostly and mixes it up with our LB's between zone and man. He likes a 4 man pass rush with very good DT's. His strong point of a defense is the defensive tackles, he had John Henderson and the former Jaguar Marcus Stroud over there while he was DC before taking out HC job. Since being hired, Bab's has asserted himslef into an Elite DT, leading the league in TFL by DT's that past 2 years and spent last years 1st round pick on Peria Jerry, a rookie DT out of Ole Miss. I dont know any interesting facts about him really, except he is brother in laws with Brian Billick. Coach Smith is a firey competitor, probably as firey of a Head Coach as there is in the NFL. He has gone face to face with opposing players a few times, most noteable the DHall incident from last season. He is a players coach but also a discipliarian. The players love him and have a great relationship with him and love playing for him, but he is also a no nonsense type of coach. He loves having a fun lockerroom, but off the field issues will not be tolerated.

2) Mike Mularky is a fun topic in the forum. So people think he is great, others think he is terrible. Mularky looked amazing in 08, calling plays on our way to the playoffs, but looked average at best this year. For some strange reason he took a lot out of the playbook this year and only kept the plays that worked well. This lead to teams being able to see what was coming, best example would be the New Orleans game when Redmans pass to Snelling was broken up by J. Vilma who after the game said he knew it was coming because it was the 3rd time we had ran it that game, other Saints also said they knew it was going to snelling.
Mularky is a run first OC, but has been lately opening it up for Matt to sling it around. Known in Pittsburgh for his trick plays, he hasnt ran many with us yet. Also, he does these terrible shotgun rollout plays that never work, yet always seem to go to them in key situations. Its funny because the offensive is at its best by a far margin when Matt Ryan is calling the plays and running a no huddle offense, changing the play at the line.

3) On the Oline, we run a man on man scheme, no ZBS around here. We have big, physical guys who look to dominate you. What most people dont know is we have the meanist, nastyist, some say cheapist playing line in the game. Clabo and Dahl form our right side of the line and both have been in the top 5 of dirtiest players in the game polls by players, with Dahl using being 1 or 2 with Ward (I personally dont think Ward is cheap at all, but thats for another topic).

4) Our DC, BVG is one of the most controversial topics on this forum. some hate him, some like him. I am on the liking him side. He has been called by some as one of the best DC prospects in the NFL, with extremely exotic blitz schemes. Problem is, we dont have the blitzing LB's or players at CB to run it. He did a great job in the last quarter of the season with the defense (and without chris houston Wink). In the beggining of the season people were mad he wasnt blitzing enough. In the middle of the season, he started blitzing more and we got torched in coverage and people were mad at him for blitzing... I think he will be a good DC for us once we get a WLB and CB and DE for him.

5) In the front 7, we usually just rush the front 4 and drop the LB's in either a Zone coverage or Man Coverage. With the DB's, our CB's usually play man and Erik Coleman our SS plays close to the line and will usually drop into coverage our play some man. Thomas Decoud plays centerfield for us, and is an electrifying player, with great ball skills and a very hard hitter. We also run a lot of nickel, with 2 LB's and adding a 3rd CB like Brent Grimes who excells against slot WR's.

6) CHARACTER IS EXTREMLY IMPORTANT. We might value character more than any other team in the league. Thomas Dimitroff hasnt drafted a character concern yet and only 1 junior due to the immautrity issue in his 2 years so far. He has only signed good character guys in the lockerroom and gotten rid of any player who had even a sniff of an ego (Dhall, Crumpler, Boley, etc). If a player has bad character, you can pretty much scratch him off our draft board.

7) We are somewhat active in trades in the draft. In 08 we traded 2 2nd rounders for #21 overall to draft Sam Baker to protect our #3 overall pick Matt Ryan's blindside. Last year we traded down with Dallas i believe in like the 5th or 7th round, but we traded our 2nd rounder this year right before the draft for Tony G last year, so that may count, im not sure if your looking at that or not. Also, right before the season the last 2 years, we have traded our 7th rounder for a CB. In 08, we got Foxworth which worked out perfectly. This year we got Hill, which turned out as a bad trade, but for a 7th, we werent expecting much.

Up and Comers: Kroy Biermann, Lawerence Sidbury, William Moore (Maybe, hasnt played yet, but high expectations for sure), Garrett Reynolds (Hasnt played but TD thinks he is going to be starting sooner rather than later), Jason Snelling, Stephen Nicholas, and probably our brightest one, Chris Owens.

Future Stars: Obviously Matt Ryan, but then you got, Sam Baker, Thomas Decoud, Curtis Lofton, Jonathon Babinueax (Should be a star already), Peria Jerry (looked great before the ACL Tear), Harry Douglas (all the makings of a great slot WR/PR. He is inbetween an up and comer and a future star).

Starting but Shouldnt: CHRIS HOUSTON, the only acceptable answer, but i guess you could maybe add Mike Peterson and some think Michael Jenkins, although im not one of them.

Tradeable: We dont have too much tradeable players as we almost have all our starting lineup the way we want it, but not to much depth. I guess the main tradeable guys are Jamaal Anderson (5th?), Jason Snelling/Jerious Norwood(3rd or 4th), and Chris Houston (5th?).

Lifer: Matt Ryan is the only guarenteed lifer probably.

9) Somewhat active. We got Tony G, Foxworth, and Hill.

10) Our downfall has been our defense for awhile and this season we were probably the #1 team most affected by injuries, Philly has a case too.

11) We have 3 main wholes this offseason. LDE, WLB, and a tall CB. What im hoping for is signing 1 of them, drafting another in the 1st round, and trading up into the 2nd for the last one. Perfect world would be Peppers, Weatherspoon, and Cox or Bodden, Graham, and Weatherspoon, although both those are obviously long shots.

12) Biggets strengths would be QB, RB (although we will need a speed back should norwood leave), LT, OG, MLB, and Saftey. Those positions should not be getting adresses any time soon.

13) To win a championship, we will need Matt Ryan to make the next step from being extremely promising and a winner, to a game dominator and we will need to improve our pass rush and add a CB.

Hope that helps, dont be afraid to post or pm me with any further questions regarding this post or any other things.

^^^Kempes on the sig!

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Joined: 29 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great stuff guys - preciate it - keep it coming Very Happy
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