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Looking for Insights
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ryknowssd wrote:
valkrei wrote:
I think you just came off a little bit like, my word is gold everyone else doesn't know. Granted I can say this ryk, u know a lot about the game and it makes sense now on the why part.

I would have to agree maybe TE is a bigger need then I previously realised.

Outside of that I would have thought RT was a bigger need then RG.
Also im curious do you think if we drafted center rudy could be a better then servicable RG? I think he would be a great guard but you watch more tape then I do.

Sorry about the retaliation. That's just what kind of person I am. If there's something I've done the work on to ensure myself that I know as much as possible about it and someone questions my findings/opinions and calls it "hilarious" and insulting me, I'm going to react.

I'm really glad that everyone is starting to realize that TE is a huge need for us. I've been saying that since week two.

ROC really improved ten fold over the last 4-5 games, once Charles took over as our starting RB. In fact, in the last two games of the year, I couldn't find one single play where he didn't block his man successfully. Wade Smith is serviceable, but not as anything more than a quality depth guy who can play all 5 OL positions. He usually finds himself on the ground at least 2 or 3 times a game and I remember one game where I counted 7 times...and that usually happens when he's trying to block on the move. His agility sucks. He also gets overpowered pretty easily and his footwork/hand placement is inconsistent (although that's understandable, considering he played 3 different positions this year).

I also think Rudy would make a much better RG than he would a C. But, I would definitely feel more than comfortable if he were still our starting center in 2010. He showed me something I didn't know he had at the end of last year. He was dominant in some cases, but consistent the rest of the time. Pouncey is really the only guy I'd like over Niswanger at this point, TBH.

Kcity58 wrote:
Also, how is it that you are going to prove me wrong buddy?? With more opinion?? Or stats, that if you havent figured out yet, are most times quite circumstantial. At the end of the day we are all just a bunch of dudes behind some computers that like the same team for whatever reasons. We all have opinions, and for the most part, that is all thats voiced here. So get off the ledge, and stop taking this all so serious. For a guy who seems to not be afraid to dish it, you sure cant take it Very Happy

And Jimmy, the hilarious comment was his saying we have 3 needs and thats it. I do the same thing with the games (to the dismay of all my boys, who are all fans of the "godly" Rolling Eyes Patriots) And if there was indeed any hint of patronizing, it was that he felt the need to put that in his post as some sore of credential....its all in good fun here fellas.

You basically admitted that I was right in your first paragraph of this post, so there's no longer a need to prove you wrong. You're right about the fact that all of us have our own opinions. It's when you refer to someone else' opinions as "hilarious" is when I have problems with it. I'm only "on a ledge" because you put me there. Football is my one and only obsession in life, so no...I refuse to stop taking it so serious. It's my passion and I won't ever give it up. For the record, I only "dish it" when I don't deserve to "take it". I stated my opinion and you ridiculed it. So yeah, you're gonna get a reaction out of me. Next time, try being at least a little bit respectful. I also like to think I have good credentials and a good reputation on this site because I always do extensive research on everything before I go blurting things out, unlike some people. So yes, I'm proud of that...and when someone questions the validity of my findings, I find it ridiculous and there's absolutely no reason for it. If you want to disagree with me, fine. No big deal. Don't ever patronize me again, though. It's insulting.

First of all, I dont want to put words into valkrei's mouth or anything, but I think he was talking about your very first post in this thread you came off arrogant, not the second post where you tried to pick a fight with me.

Secondly, you cant really think I proved you right with my post. If you read what I said, I did nothing of the sort. I said with key additions to our run-D and pass rush, MAYBE it would elevate the play of players who failed to show starting caliber last year(or did so on a frindge at best level)...but those pick ups would too be considered needs, wouldnt they??? And the remaining needs would still tally higher than the 3 you listed. I dont care if we got Vince Wilfork, Jason Witten and Shawn Andrews, I dont think we make the playoffs as that would stand...certainly more wins, and I wont dispute that, but playoffs?? Playoffs??? PLAYOFFS??? But if somehow by you not addressing any of my counter points on football and still trying to make this a personal thing is a win for you, then its all yours bud.

Im done with the drama of this, and unless youd like to further the football aspect of our debate, I'm over it. While I do sometimes lack a sensitivity chip, I still think you have overreacted to what I said...but to each thier own. Seeing as youve given me so much advice recently, Id like to give some to you...learn some humility.

And Schmadt from now on (or for the most part Wink ) Im going to heed your advice on the softer criticisms.

Master of his Craft....Loto on the sig.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bigschmadt00 wrote:
Can't we all just get along Very Happy .

NO! Stupid head! Laughing

bigschmadt00 wrote:
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