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Giants Rant

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 8:50 pm    Post subject: Giants Rant Reply with quote

For Those of you who didn't read through the other topic.....

There are some people here who know what they are talking about, and others that don't. First off, don't come in on the Giants board and start bashing them. Especially judging a guy who is in his Rookie season being thrown in during the most difficult part of the schedule. Warner wasn't getting us any further so we had to get Manning some valuable playing time. He showed improvement each game. Pennington is good, but I am sure Manning will be just about as good as he is, if not butter, as he matures.

As for those of you who think the Giants have no chance of making the playoffs this year I am sure you will be surprised. The Giants are developing a plan for the future, and it doesn't seem like the Cowboys and Skins are going to be going anywhere anytime soon. We went 6-10 this year, we should have made the playoffs this year, I don't see how you can doubt the Giants next year when they are even better and more experienced. Even if we have only a bit of improvement we might be able to make the playoffs at 8-8. Beating the Lions, Bears, Faclons, and Bengals would have gotten us into the playoffs. And all were close games.

Now I am looking forward to the draft, but it kills me that the Giants don't have a first round pick and I don't know if Manning was worth it all. Rivers or Roethlisberger may have been capable or accomplishing everything Manning does. But they gave up Rivers, I believe a third round last year, and this year's first and fifth round. None of the Mock Draft's have a second round and I like to see what other people think the Giants will look into in this year's draft.

The Offensive Line was a concern last year, and again this year. Some people have labeled it the "Worst Ever". The Pocket is going to collapse at sometime, and if you have a Quarterback who holds on to the ball too long you are going to give up sacks. Kurt Warner doesn't only get sacked, he fumbles. Many believe it was the thumb injury he had in the Super Bowl. But I would have to deduct at least 10 sacks from the Offensive line just because of Kurt Warner. I would like to look this up, but I wouldn't know where to find it- How many sacks were given up while Manning and Warner were at Quarterback. I am sure there is a great difference. When they played the Falcons, one of the top teams in sacks, they only allowed 1 or 2. This isn't a perfect offensive line, but they can get the job done.

Injuries and Penalties seem to haunt the Giants every year. Costly mistakes are made every game. Coughlin has emphasized that from day one and we have seen slight improvement from last year's undisciplined G-Men. I am sure we will see fewer and fewer of these stupid mistakes next year and years after that.

Now to the Defense, the line is not getting any younger. What do they think they are doing with guys like Chuck Wiley, Normand Hand, Regan Upshaw, Keith Washington, and Lorenzo Bromell? Osi Umeniyora has the ability to be a great DE. But they can't be putting guys ahead of him in the Depth Chart because they are Veterans. The line isn't going to get any younger until they look to the draft or start their young talent and not turn to these aged played. Guys like William Joseph, who made some big plays towards the end of the season, Fred Robbins, and even Rookie Damane Duckett who made big plays during the Cowboys game and played his heart out after being signed to the Roster because of all of the injures (Though he probably won't be on the team next year). The linebackers could be better. Once again they were plagued by injuries. With Barrett Green being kicked out of the Steelers game and suspended from games because of lateness to meetings and then the injury. But you have the Eagles Defensive MVP Carlos Emmons, who is not getting any younger but is still a great player, and Barrett Green who could be a top LB in the league for the Giants. There is also Reggie Torbor who had a few sacks of his own and could become a better Linebacker with more playing time. But there is this Inside Line Backer dispute. Kevin Lewis and Nick Greisen is an ugly situation. I personally would have started Greisen but I don't think either deserve the starting job. This is most likely where I would look to in the draft. Injuries have popped up once again, but maybe not a bad thing this time. Shaun Williams going out for the season leaving room for Gibril Wilson to step up and shine. I think we have a great situation going on here in the secondary. Curtis Deloatch will be a fine second or third string corner. William Peterson is the most talented corner on the team and I would have to say he is above average. But as for Will Allen, he is not great, but alright. He isn't a bad corner but he hasn't been what many people expected. I wouldn't mind him being my #2 guy though. Now I am curious of what the Giants will do here with the Safeties. They have a guy like Gibril Wilson with a great career ahead of him and then they have Shaun Williams. Omar Stoutmire went down for the season and veteran Brent Alexander stepped up along with Curry Burns and Terry Cousin. Alexander and Cousin aren't getting any younger either. After signing Williams to an extension just before this season I am curious to what they will do with him and Wilson.

After all of this talk let's get on to my draft predictions. As I have said the Giants need to go after an Inside Linebacker. If Channing Crowder falls into our laps it would be a miracle. But I am thinking more along the lines of Barrett Ruud, Lance Mitchell, and Odell Thurman as Crowder will most likely go earlier in the draft. Just because the Giants don't have a 1st round doesn't mean they can't have a good draft. Look what they did with their 2nd round last year, Chris Snee. Whom I believe will go to multiple Pro Bowls. If they don't go for ILB I will be surprised, but if they weren't I am sure they would try and solidify the O-Line. Possibly OT Adam Terry out of Syracuse. But don't forget about the costly mistakes Warner made, the switching of positions, and injuries for the O-Line this Season. I am confident they do not even have to make many changes to the line this off season because of the return of Rich Seubert (Or so many have said). I am not sure how this situation will work out but it will be much better for the Giants. He has been on the Physically Unable to Perform List all year since breaking his fibula over a year ago. Strahan has said he is coming back next year, but we can be sure that his long career will come to an end sometime in the near future so maybe they'll go with Matt Roth or Justin Tuck. Their Wide Receiver situation is pretty ugly also, but we saw the younger guys stepping up towards the end of the season and one of them (Ponder, Taylor, Tyree) might be able to fit into the #2 spot if Hlliard were to leave. If not, the Giants might look to Craphonso Thorpe, Fred Gibson, or Mark Clayton.

Special Teams did improve from last year but nothing gets at me like a field goal. How many times have you seen a Giant kicker miss a crucial field goal. I know Steve Christie is up there on the All-Time list but I am not sure if I trust him yet. He missed about three field goals in one game if I remember correctly and he's not getting any younger either. At 38 years old I am sure he is going to retire soon so the Giants might want to look into a good, dependable kicker for the draft. Which could have been Kaeding but they traded the pick to the Chargers. Ever since Daluiso left the Giants have been a mess with Gramatica, Bryant, France, and I am sure there are others. Get a solid player for this position and lock him up for years.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i agree with everything you said, with the exception of my view on the o-line.... they have money this year, lets spend it on a quality left tackle, move luke p back to right tackle (where he belongs) and diehl to rg, snee to lg..... i dont think they'll find their future left tackle in the second round of this years draft..... if they do, it'll be great, but i just dont see it happening.... this is how i'd handle the offseason:

draft: mlb in round 1, wr or best cb/fs available in round 2, rb in round 3 or 4..... everything else is purely for depth.... this draft has a few good players at multiple positions, but not many great players (outside of rb and cb imho) at most positions.... i

free agency: left tackle, dt, and olb (i'm not a fan of barrett green).

outside of the o-line and some wr depth, the g-men should fiocus on defense.

as for those who bash eli, just remember, it takes a real moron to label him a bust at this point in his career.... take the lack of football knowledge (and theres plenty of it on this board) with a grain of salt.
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