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Packers Offseason/Draft Priorities: Please reply with opinin

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:25 pm    Post subject: Packers Offseason/Draft Priorities: Please reply with opinin Reply with quote

Will Brett Favre retire: I dont think he will. Former safety Leroy Butler thought it was bull from Driver's mouth and thinks favre will return. So does his younger brother and most of his family so we shouldnt worry about that in free agency but address it during the draft. So this is what we should do in free agency and the draft.

Free Agency

1. If franks doesnt get resigned lets hope that he does than we should pick up either Ken Dilger Or seattles free agent tight end.
2. Sign Wahle and trade him for 2nd and 3rd round picks to lets say the lions. or pick up a guard that is good but not great. Also we could draft one.
3.If possible sign shaun ellis to a 3 year contract for hopefully not a lot of money that way our defense has a better rusher than kampman and we can still get a good backup in the draft like marcus spears or erasmus james if ellis doesnt get signed.
3. Sign Andre Dyson or Aaron Beasely or another solid cornerback that can perform for a few years and ahmad carrol can be the backup and learn. Then we could draft one later to add depth.
4. If theres any upgrades at safety in free agency take one to replace roman if not then we can address that in the draft.
5. Pick up a cheap linebacker thats better than navies and we can draft one for depth.

I think most mock drafts have the packers with 9 picks even with the trades to kansas city and oakland.

1. Draft DE Such as Erasmus James or Marcus Spears if their gone at this point then draft DT like Anthaw Hawthorne out of wiconsin to team up with grady at stopping the run. Then go DE in secound round with Matt Roth or Mike Patterson who can play both DT/DE.

2. Draft Donte Nicholson or Josh Bullocks at safety to give sharper a playmaker besides him. Both know how to tackle well and are known for getting key turnovers and are pretty good in coverage.

2. Draft an offensive guard such as David Baas out of michigan who can play either guard or center and would be a good pick here.

2. Draft a linebacker such as Michael Boley or Barret Rudd to add depth and athleticism. Rudd may not be the fastest but hes got the instincts and just flat out makes plays.

3 Draft A QB: Kyle orton out of purdue would be a good pick right here who had a heck of a season until about 3 or 4 games left. His stock has dropped off somewhat because of concerns of him being a system Quarterback. He's not mobile but neither is favre. But Orton has some similarities to Favre. He's got a strong arm but not as strong as Favres,he's a leader, competitor, fiery type of guy and he plays injured and is tough. This could be a steal right here. He gets to sit for a year or two behind favre and work on his game and favre can teach him a few things. He has a good character but needs to work on getting the ball out faster and snaps from under center. 28 tds and 4 or 8 picks isnt bad for a Quarterback

3. Draft another playmaker on d line if we dont get one before the 1st 2 rounds to replace Hunt. Or another Lb or CB.

4. Draft A WR: I know most people think we dont need Wide Receivers but if you look at during the season we didnt have much depth there So We draft Stubbifield out of purdue. It adds depth and gives favre and his heir more weapons. Yes we have Driver, Ferguson, Walker, and chatman but people cant really count on chatman to catch jump balls over anyone close to 6 feet. So Stubbifield gets drafted and Chatman can just concentrate on kick returns or punt returns. Also driver is almost 30, ferguson had an injury filled year and when walker went out during the playoffs and ferguson couldnt play we were stuck with driver, chatman, and a pratice squad wide receiver and we cant beat teams with a punt returner and practice squad receiver. Stubbifield runs good routes, has awesome hands, and just knows where to go to get the football. Needs to add on weight but when driver gets injured or released or retired then We can still have Walker, Ferguson, and stubbifield to fill those shoes.

5. Draft A TE: Bo Scaife out of texas or matt Herrian out of nebraska who might become a starting tight end with a little tutoring.

5. Draft a rb: Davenport might not get resigned ahman greens contract is up at the end of next year and i think fisher is signed on for only another year so a RB would be a need. So someone like Anthony Davis, Marion Barber, Frank Gore, or maurice clarett maybe would be a good pick here for greens backup and maybe future starter. Davis is fast and if he can add a little bit more weight would be a steal or marion barber. But we need depth. Also could be used on kickoff returns.

6. Draft another QB: Yes your going why. Ill tell you why. Nall might not get resigned with as many free agents and were tight on money. If he does get signed and we get a QB in the draft then he could play on the practice squad like what brady did for a year and come in and show his stuff. He's between Aaron Brooks, Michael Vick, Daunte Culpepper, and Donovan Mcnabb. He's fast but needs to work on his passing skills. But has the arm for the next level. Most mocks say he doesnt have a strong arm but against auburn He threw an 80 yard touchdown in 1 play and if that isnt an arm then what is. Also green bays other backup is more mobile but doesnt really have much of an arm so he should easily beat him out if it comes between him and sullivan. Green bay I think drafted brooks in the 4th round and then hasslebech in the 6th in the same year i think and hasslebech and brooks both have starting jobs.

7. Draft a Punt Returner: Jim Leonhard out of wisconsin would be good here. Also can play safety. I dont know much about him but I heard he's fast and can score td's which is a must on special teams. Then We could have Chatman on kickoffs, maybe carrol, or davis and we would be set on special teams.
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Joined: 09 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 9:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The packers have one pick in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds, they have two picks in the second.

You have them with three 2nds, two 3rds and two 5ths.

When ever your first and third WR are out of the game, any team will struggle. Itulu Mili would be a good, cheap pickup. I'm not sure the deal for wahle would work, he has so many options being one of the best guards in FA. Don't think the packers could sign ellis. They need to get a end in the draft. Andre dyson would be nice or even Ken Lucas would be good to come in for a few years. I have a feeling Lucas would be cheaper, but dyson has more talent. Safety and linebacker are other needs that can be addressed in the draft. The packers haven't had much luck on free agent safeties so they could possibly pick up a extra linebacker. I would like if the packers got spears and nicholson. Boley or Rudd would be good pickups in the second, and I would love to get jim leonard and maybe even Barber if he is the BPA.
R.I.P. Pat Tillman, thank you for showing us what is really important in life.
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FF Fanatic

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 12:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, there is so much I want to discuss from the other forums.

1) A big name Cornerback is not coming to Green Bay. Ahmad Carrol and Al Harris will both start next year. Jim Bates said in his press conference one of the things he was most excited about was working with Harris and Carroll as his starting CBs. I think the secondaries problems last year was the result of poor teaching and scheme. Bates is an excellent teacher, and he will retool the defense especially the secondary.

2) A safety should be the number one priority of the off-season, because it is the most difficult position on defense, and thus drafting a safety to start would be a waste. Unfortunately, Mark Roman has proven to be completely useless. Izell Reese from Buffalo would be excellent in A GB uniform, though he will be expensive. Also, don't rule out trading Najeh Davenport, for a Safety. One way or another, GB needs a Safety.

3) Shaun Ellis would be excellent in Green Bay, and I think affordable. They need a bigger DE to go opposite KGB, since he is so undersized, Ellis' 285 lbs frame is just about right. Plus he is one heck of a good pass rusher.

4) Favre will be back. I think he's way to competitive to let the loss to Minnesota be his last game. However, they do need to draft a QB. I really like Charlie Frye from Akron, he'd be an excellent number 1 or 2 pick. Big, strong arm, athletic, overachiever, this guy is a gamble worth taking. Also, don't be surprised if GB hangs on to 4 QB's next year. In addition to Favre, Nall, O'Sullivan, and Frye all could stay. One of those three should fill in for Brett.

5) A Linebacker. Yes, Navies needs to go, and another LB will need to be brought in. Two possibilities. Morlon Greenwood. He's a free agent, and started for Bates in Miami. Otherwise, they may move Barnett over to Strong side backer, and draft Kirk Morrison to play the middle. According to, GB was impressed by his performance in the Senior Bowl.

One things for sure, this will be an active off season, Bates alluded to this in his press conference
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