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Very questionable offseason/draft

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Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2005 4:35 pm    Post subject: Very questionable offseason/draft Reply with quote

While the Texans certainly got younger in the offseason, I don't know that they got better. In fact, I believe that they have taken a step backwards. I am left scratching my head at the releases and some of their draft choices.

Sure, they cut their payroll, but they weren't in cap trouble to begin with, for this year or next. They let 3 key defensive players go and got nothing for them, not even moving up in a round in the draft. Sharper would have been lost for nothing at the end of the season anyway, the Texans might as well have kept him for that.

With their offseason moves, they failed to address any of their needs, given the releases. On offense, they needed to upgrade at LT, add depth on the O-line, and find a #2 receiver. I didn't see any of those addressed in free agency. On defense, they needed to upgrade at S, D-line depth, a pass-rushing LB, and LB depth. Safety was not addressed, Greenwood and Wong's move inside probably equal Sharper's and Foreman's departure, Peek is still unproven over a full season at OLB, and no depth was added to the D-line or the LB corps. I also see Buchanon replacing Glenn at CB as a downgrade.

Regarding the draft, I thought it was an average to below average draft.

I thought that Travis Johnson was a reach in round 1 and that there were better players on the board, such as Marcus Spears or Mark Clayton, that would have fit the Texans needs better. I think that Johnson has lots of bust potential and don't see him being more than a role player.

The trade of the 2nd and 3rd round picks for Buchanon was awful, especially compounded with the release of Glenn. Had Glenn been kept, I could have lived with it because Buchanon would have made a good nickel DB, but he is not a starter, at least not yet. On top of that, we lost an opportunity to get some players that filled needs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and the Texans just have too many holes to fill to be trading these opportunities away. In the 2nd round, they could have had prospects like ILB Odell Thurman (allowing them to keep Wong outside), OT's Khalif Barnes or Adam Terry, CB Justin Miller, or DE Dan Cody. In the 3rd round, they could have had CB Eric Green, TE Kevin Everett, WR Chris Henry, ILB Alfred Fincher, S Dustin Fox, OG Elton Brown, or OLB Darryl Blackstock. It just seems like a lot to give up for someone who hasn't proven themselves yet.

And with the 3rd round pick that they did have, I thought they wasted it on Morency. He or someone of his quality could have been had later in the draft, in the 5th round or so. Plus, RB wasn't a huge need for the Texans and he has been compared to D. Davis. If you are trying to upgrade at the position, you don't draft someone who is very similar to what you already have in my opinion.

The rest of the draft wasn't bad but it wasn't great. They added depth possibly at WR, OL, S, and LB but there certainly weren't any upgrades here.

Overall, the Texans got younger, cheaper, and probably faster, but I don't know that they got any better. They entered the offseason with a number of holes and a number of positions to upgrade and I don't know that they did any of it. And in a year when they are supposed to be in a position to make a push for the playoffs, I just don't see it.

Finally, for the 3rd year in a row now, the Texans have nothing to show for a 2nd and/or 3rd round pick in the draft. Being a young franchise with a lot of needs, that is just unacceptable. 2003 2nd rounder TE Bennie Joppru is yet to play and may never play. In 2004, you could say that effectively, LB Jason Babin was the Texans 2nd round pick, but they also gave up a 3rd and 4th rounder to get him. While Babin is a solid player, they lost two other potential prospects in the process. We also used a second round pick in 2004 in the 2003 supplemental draft on RB Tony Hollings, who is yet to stay healthy to show what he can do. It was also a very high pick for someone who was coming off a knee injury and had only played 6 games at RB in college after a position switch. In 2005, we have the Buchanon trade. Had we given up just one of the two picks we did, it would have been acceptable, but he wasn't worth the two picks we gave up. Also, 2002 3rd round pick, DE Charles Hill, was released by the Texans after basically being a bust.

I am anxious for the season to get started, to watch the position battles in camp, and to see what kind of team takes the field to start the season, I just don't expect the big things I did at the end of last season for this coming season.

Only midgets can rock the Casbah

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Joined: 08 Dec 2004
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Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All completely valid points. As a fellow texans fan, I've been very concerned about our draft and free agency moves. Particularly in the draft we have been really terrible. Our first round selections always seem to be stellar (Carr, AJ, Dunta, Babin.... and I even have faith in Johnson), but we never add much beyond that. I was hoping we'd add Portis in the 2nd a few years back, but chose to go with Gaffney instead. I watched as we painfully chose Joppru over Jason Witten in the 2nd two years ago. So we really need to get better at the draft.

But, I'm surprisingly optimistic about this year. I think Greenwood and Wong on the inside gives us a good pair of linebackers. Their quickness should more than make up for the losses of Sharper and Foreman. Peek and Babin on the outside could also be pretty dynamic. In the secondary, Dunta and Buchanon could team up to become one of the better tandems. Glenn Earl is only going into his second year so he could become a real threat back there for us. And Coleman is the calming presence.

I really think we made positive strides this year. We've cut some salaries and added alot of speed to this team. Buchanon has his best years ahead of him, and while I'm sad we had to give up a 2nd and a 3rd for him, it could really payoff for us. Morency has the potential to become the number 1 running back on this team and Mathis is a speedster.

So, while I'm not 100% sold on all the moves we've made, I'm gonna put my faith in Casserly. He has these guys going in the right direction and we just have to see how it pays off.
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