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The Philadelphia Eagles Forum Team - 2007
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Joined: 27 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:04 pm    Post subject: The Philadelphia Eagles Forum Team - 2007 Reply with quote

Note: Because Iím playing this on Madden 2004, the 2003 seasonís schedule is used; all quotes were provided by the actual forum members

Ahh yes, the Eagles Forum Team. This was a pretty epic undertaking that I thought went extremely well considering I only got to week four before having to discontinue it. There are a few things I'd do differently though, like trying to fit all of the forum members on under the salary cap so the computer could pick up free agents and the Eagles could face their old players like Brian Westbrook. That would make for an extra twist of excitement. Another change is that I won't hesitate to have this go during the football season, as I think it would be entertaining enough to maintain interest during the forum's busy time.

Unfortunately I currently find myself far to busy to try this again, but I had so much fun doing it that I know that if by next off-season (or even this regular season?) my work life slows down enough that I would have the time to do this, I would in a heartbeat.

Till then, let this be a record of what was finished. You undoubtedly found this via the Forum Directory, or perhaps I linked to it when mentioning it in a post. Either way, enjoy!

Wk 1 - [2-1] W 31-7
Wk 2 - [2-2] W 17-6
Wk 3 - Bye
Wk 4 - @ [1-3] W 33-14
Wk 5 - [2-2] W 38-17
Wk 6 - @ [0-3] To be Played
Wk 7 - @ [1-2]
Wk 8 - [2-2]
Wk 9 - @ [2-2]
Wk 10 - @ [2-2]
Wk 11 - [1-2]
Wk 12 - [2-2]
Wk 13 - @ [2-1]
Wk 14 - [0-3]
Wk 15 - @ [3-0]
Wk 16 - [2-2]
Wk 17 - @ [2-2]
Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!

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Joined: 27 Jan 2006
Posts: 4677
PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Memorial Day
a.k.a. "Zero Day"

We now go live to our head Eagles reporter Bill Tucker for a special report - Bill?
Yes, I'm live at the Nova Care Complex.
Bill, what exactly happened? How did this come about?
Just an incredible turn of events, Gene. The Eagles as we know the squad has been disbanded. Ex-owner Jeffrey Lurie had apparently been having substantial financial losses from his production company and was forced to sell his beloved football franchise to Liberty Corp. of Philadelphia. Gratefully, he was able to stipulate as part of the terms of the sale that the team be kept in the city and the logo, nickname, and uniforms be kept the same. However, because the league was not allowed the opportunity to approve the sale, NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell has handed down the most devastating punishment in NFL history - sports history for that matter: Head Coach, Andy Reid, and General Manager and Vice-President of Football Operations Joe Banner have been banned from participation in the league in any way for their roles as conspirators in helping the sale occur privately and not instead notifying league officials. As punishment for the franchise, all player-personnel of the Eagles are to be named free agents!
Truly shocking, horrible news, Bill. Can the team at least attempt to re-sign any of their now ex-players?
Not a single one, Gene. As hard as it is to believe, players like Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins will never wear an Eagles uniform again. Fans will not be able to see young stars' - like Shawn Andrews - flourishing careers unfold before their eyes in Eagles green. A dark day for Philadelphia, and a tragedy for all Eagles fans everywhere...
Bill, how exactly are the Eagles going to field a team for the upcoming season, just a few short months away?
Well, the ownership committee has announced that they, like Coach Vermeil over thirty years ago, will hold open tryouts to fill the roster.

There it is. That moment in your life that bites at you with regret. Where fate dangles that thread in front of you, tantalizingly close. So close that anyone else could just grab it and hold on for the ride of his life, but fate knows that you can't. I was a quality three-sport athlete in high school: baseball, football, and bowling. I wasn't the most talented, but no one had a higher sports IQ than me, and that was the difference. I could have gone places, but fate tugged that thread away from me.

All people start their lives with cartilage in their ankle joint. Most people's dissolves as they age, but mind didn't; it calcified into bone. I could never turn my left ankle, and as I grew older I was losing my agility as everyone else was gaining more. I walked with a limp all of my life, so it always came as a surprise to me when someone would ask me about it; I never noticed it, it just always was. The doctor told me that I had the worst subtalar joint fusion he'd ever seen. They cut out the bone in an attempt to make a "joint," spliced a tendon in my foot and fed part of it through the man made "joint" to keep it from re-fusing. I gained a sliver of agility, but lost nearly all of my stability and speed. My baseball and football careers were done.

The most unfortunate aspect of the whole situation was that my mind couldn't accept that my body just gave out. I tried to ignore sports altogether - attending college, getting a great job - but my mind fought back. I ate, slept, and breathed baseball and football. I tried to fill that void in my life by coaching, but it didn't work. I was great at it, and was sought after, but I always tempered my passion and refused every offer. Now here was fate, shoving my deficiencies in my face. I needed a drink. As I walked to the liquor cabinet, my phone rang. Apparently tonight I wouldn't be drinking alone.

Twenty minutes later Phreak was sitting in my living room, the glass of scotch shaking in his hands. Something was up. What would you do if fate conspired to turn your life upside down, but at the same time give you a chance to fulfill your wildest desires? I knew what he was asking me about. Probably the only bigger Eagles fan in the world than me, he was probably going to make a run for the team. I sunk in every way a man can. I went for it, and I got it, he grinned, still shaking. This didn't make sense; tryouts hadn't even started yet, and he was trying to tell me that he made the team already? I've always wanted to be the guy that made all of the moves. I've always put myself in that position, analyzing every contingency as if I was training myself for something, or at the very least attempting to maintain my grip on my sanity. Now I am really going to be that guy.

I knew that feeling. As if putting away that thought process to the back of your mind was like putting away that gyroscope that keeps you stable, or somehow grounded. A paradox of sorts, but necessary: how can one know what it's like to be grounded in reality if he didn't soar above it in fantasy every once in a while? And now...wait, is he implying what I think he's implying? I know what you're probably thinking, it's crazy, but I got the job being the General Manager of the new Eagles! A whole lot of league people applied for it, but they said they needed outside-the-box thinking, and the kind of passion and love for the team and city that only a guy like me possessed. I guess that, my credentials, and my interview was enough to convince them to give a guy like me a shot at the big time!

The lucky S.O.B. was grinning from ear to ear. I've never felt like that in my entire life. How could anyone? His smile faded and he leaned in close. We're going to need the same exact qualities in our head coach. You have coaching experience, you have passion for the team and the city, and no one can outfox you, because you act like you've got nothing to lose. Be this for us, and we can surprise a lot of people. I dropped my glass. Bourbon spilled all over my carpet, but I could care less. This was not the thread I had expected fate to provide me. I said nothing, my voice unable to work, and merely shook Phreak's hand in disbelief. The front office and head coach had been put into place. Now all we needed was a team.

Unknown to anyone, a group of people from across the United States, and indeed the world, were watching the television reports or reading the articles detailing our situation. With more guts and determination than common sense, they got up and headed for Philadelphia.

Player Stories
killdawabbit wrote:
I was a two sport athlete in high school. All-state in football and basketball. Heavily recruited in both sports, but my true passion had always been football. I couldn't believe it when the offer came: "We would like you to play football for the Ohio State University." I had the chance to play for the university I had followed my entire life.

I showed up to spring practice in excellent shape and by the time the season rolled around I had locked down the nickelback a freshman. The following year I won the starting job as the #1 cornerback. My life was turning out like I had always dreamed. I had a starting job on a major college football power and was on the fast track to playing in the NFL in a few years. That's when the accident happened.

A drunk driver swerved into my lane as I was driving home from a concert one night. It was a head on collision. I broke three ribs in that accident, and needed seven stitches for the gash over my eye. But the worst part was my knee. I would walk again, but the doctors were not sure whether it would ever be strong enough to play football.

I rehabbed hard for the first two years, but the knee never quite seemed to be ready. By this time, I had almost given up hope. I had to face reality, I would never play in the NFL, now. I finished a degree in Electrical Engineering and got a job in signal systems design for a major railroad. I kept myself in shape, though, and followed my favorite teams, the Buckeyes and the Philadelphia Eagles as passionately as ever.

It was 3 years later when I learned about the sale and subsequent controversy surrounding the Eagles. I simply couldn't believe what had happened behind the scenes. I was heartbroken that the team I had followed since I was a child had sunk to such depths.

Several days later, as I was flipping through the TV channels, something caught my eye. I stopped to watch a blurb on ESPN. It seemed the Eagles had a new regime. It seemed they had hired a couple of unknown guys to run the team for them. Guys who were obviously passionate about the sport and, it seemed, huge fans of the team. The reporter openly questioned the hiring, even seeming somewhat derisive at times. I wondered what their qualifications were.

Then the lightning bolt hit. It seemed the new management was having open tryouts, reminiscent of the Vermeil era, for the team. You have got to be kidding me...

They're not kidding.

I reached down and touched my knee. I wonder...

acadzow wrote:
My Name is ACADZOW
Originally from Baton Rouge, LA. I got one lil sis, five brothers all older, all dead. Same wit my pops, when he stepped in front of that drive by shoota to save my moms and me.

My moms lil sis and me all was left

When I was born, I was 16lbs 6oz. and never got any smaller. my mom had a hard time feeding me sometimes, which made money tight
Before Football, I got in a little bit of trouble wit da PO-PO. Dealin and what not. I needed to feed my moms. Got my hands bloody ounce or twice, all for payback.

Got my big break when my reverend, Rev. Gardner, told me that where I grew up wasn't what made me. So wit some help from my moms and my school. I got my act together just enough. to play football my senior year in high school. Coach Saban took a flier on me off that one year, he just happened to be interested in my boy Jamarcus. He got me to play DT, which i thought was natural caus my 6'6" 310lbs body. Coach Saban asked me never to let him down when he gave me that scholarship.

I didn't that is till I got that call my sophmore year at LSU, my moms was dead, hit by somebodt in front da house.

Didn't go back to college, went into something I thought was better for me. So I got into Boxing I got as far as Amateur Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Till I saw, sportcenter one day, Steve Berman was talkin about what happene with the eagles, my pops was a philly native, he moved the day after the NFC championship back in 81 tween the Cowboys, so I've always been a fan

I don't know what made me do it, maybe it was cause my lil sis deserves better than this, maybe it was the good old reverend, but what ever it was it told be to grab 2 tickets and our bags we was going to philly.

And here i sit at the Novacare complex, surrounded by my brothers, my pops, my moms, and my lil sis. I have to get this, for them

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!

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Joined: 27 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

New Orleans
Start of the 4th Quarter
Saints lead 20-14

Iíve drilled it into their heads all off-season: the fourth quarter is our quarter. How could it not? The team that wants it more wins it at the end, and Iíve never been around a collection of people that wanted something more in my entire life. I couldnít believe the number of people that showed up to try out for the team. Many of them werenít even fit to wear a pair of cleats, let alone step onto Lincoln Financial field. It was a collection of has-beens and never-weres, but within them was a small group of people that just had some hard luck. They were hungry for that one shot, that chance to prove that they had the mettle and the ability to play this game at this level. They had their faults, but thatís where my job lies: minimizing Ė or outright hiding Ė those faults, and utilizing them to their strengths. Of all the things Iíve had to do, lighting a fire under them wasnít at all necessary. They came to work. Maybe thatís how we're actually in a position to win this damn thing.

I can hardly believe it. This was the team that bounced the ďrealĒ Eagles out of the playoffs last year. This is the team that is the favorite to win the NFC Championship. The experts will tell you that pre-season means nothing, that when the starters were in the score was 17-7 New Orleans and we looked lost, but thereís no way that our backups should have stormed back against theirs. This game shouldnít even be close. Here we are though, the start of the fourth in a tight game, and itís going to be the hungrier team that wins it; they donít stand a chance.

Thereís another factor here, that Iím sure the doubters and the Saints boosters will play up: weíre playing to win this, and the Saints are playing this just to get into shape. If thatís how you want to look at it, then Iím fine with that; just donít tell any of these guys when they win it that it doesnít mean a damn thing. It means a lot. It means that these guys can play in the show.

So youíre going to play BirdsFan06050 the whole game? Thatís marky_b27, my offensive coordinator. This guy dropped everything he was doing and flew all the way from England to do this. This is the kind of desire Iím talking about. If we were winning or the game was out of reach Iíd pull him and see what eaglesfan536890 can do, but I need to know that when the game is on the line that BirdsFan06050 is going to be able to lead the team to victory. This guyís a gunslinger quarterback from Notre Dame. The arm strength and mobility were never a concern. The problem is heís wild as all hell, and thatís why teams passed on him. Heís out to show them all what fools they were for passing him up. Iím just hoping that my ulcer doesnít explode because of this kid. All the talent in the world, but heís also thrown a crucial interception that was returned for a touchdown that seemed to spell doom for the team. Weíve had to crawl back the entire game just to get to this point. 2nd and 11 on the Saintsí 17 yard line; time to put it all on the kidís shoulders.

Weak I, Deuce Left, TE Slant Out. Thatís my favorite red zone play. Iíve used it on every team at every level Iíve coached, and itís always come out well. Two wide receivers line up to the left, and the tight end is on the right side of the line. The tight end (paulthom23) runs a corner route and is usually only trailed by a linebacker. It always works Ė that is, when the opposition isnít playing zone. If not, then thereís always the wide receiver routes. The inside receiver (FiLLiE pHaNaTiC) runs a fly pattern to clear out the inside defender, allowing the outside receiver (Poloc2289) to run a post pattern into open space. Thatís how it goes: the tight end is the primary receiver, the first wide receiver the secondary, and the running back (bicmac) running a route in the left flat is the outlet. The fullback (Eagles 42) in stays to block.

The Saints come out in a nickel formation, with two corners lined up against nobody. Damn, itís going to be a zone. I told BirdsFan06050 that heís not allowed to audible this entire game; I donít trust that everyoneís on the same page yet. Thereís plenty of time for that later. Hopefully he doesnít try to force the throw. We canít afford to turn the ball over here. We need to get points.

Because FiLLiE pHaNaTiC isnít lined up against anyone, this actually works out quite well for the secondary option. Heíll hold the safety, who will have to have over-the-top or primary coverage duties on him. This will leave Poloc2289 one-on-one against his corner. If BirdsFan06050 can get it to him, heíll have a clear path to the end zone. The only question is what will the outside linebacker do? If heís covering FiLLiE pHaNaTiC one-on-one, he could impede the throwing lane to Poloc2289. Same problem if heís playing a hook zone, depending on how long it takes BirdsFan06050 to recognize the situation and throw the ball. If heís covering bicmac weíre in the clear. That linebacker is going to have to be the guy that BirdsFan06050 is going to have to watch. God I hope heís thinking all of this too.

The ball is snapped, and the linebacker blitzes. EAtotheGLE, our left guard, slides over and stands him up. Thatís what having a 330-pound guard will do for you. Man, this kidís a beast. The NFL never could properly scout offensive lineman talent. The defensive end is putting a speed rush on, but PhillyEaglesIn06 sidestepped out quickly and Eagles 42 is helping in holding him off. That area of the field is going to be wide open for Poloc2289, and BirdsFan06050 is going to have a clear lane to throw the ball. Just as I start to smile, a cold pang strikes me: Poloc2289ís defender is playing inside coverage, and could jump the route. This isnít good. BirdsFan06050 guns the ball loose. I can barely watch. Itís a bullet Ė itís always a bullet pass with this guy Ė and sticks right into the hands ofÖ

FiLLiE pHaNaTiC! The safety sat back in coverage, and BirdsFan06050 threw a quick strike to FiLLie pHaNaTiC. What a gutsy move! pHaNaTic catches the pass at the six yard line and darts in, taking a diagonal path into the endzone, splitting the two safeties. My God, weíve actually tied the game. Itís the fourth quarter, and weíre tied with the class of the NFC. An eagles for life extra point gives us our first lead of the game, 21-20. I canít hide the grin on my face; we wanted it more.

Now itís all a holding action. We just have to run out the clock and keep the Saints from scoring. Iím feeling too good; Murphyís Law says that something bad has to happen. The first offensive play, the Saints QB does a play action roll out. Just as heís hit he lets loose a deep pass, a 35-yard completion that puts them at our 45 yard line. I hate Murphy. A four-yard run and a ten-yard pass to the tight end puts them in field goal range at our 31 with just over six minutes left.

Iím crossed up; are they going to sap time off the clock and just run it, and then try the long field goal? Or are they going to air it out some more and try to get closer but risk a turnover? When greatly confused, I go to a nickel formation. Itís a nice balanced attack, and allows me to get my bearings back. Not wanting to seem too defensive (or weak), I call for the nickel corner to blitz. Right now the nickel corner is killdawabbit, because our nickel and dime corners are playing the starting spots. The Saints call a toss play right into the blitz, and killdawabbit nails the running back for a four-yard loss. What a lucky call. Of course I look like a genius, but I know better. Now at 2nd and 14 from the 35, everyone in the stadium knows that theyíre going to throw the ball. Whatís more, the Saints are rattled. Their behind, itís late in the game, and we just threw them a haymaker. A wide receiver drop makes it 3rd and long. The defensive lineman pin their ears back.

Man, what a job the defensive front has done. Right now the Saints have less than ten yards rushing in this defensive battle. Thatís right, less than ten. Itís going to be the front four that are going to carry this defense early on until the secondary gets it going. As the quarterback drops back to pass, acadzow shakes off the guard. I wish I could have seen the look on the quarterbackís face. Somehow the guy manages to chuck the football in the general direction of the running back as he gets slammed to the turf. Damn, it would have been nice to get them out of field goal range. Thatís a heads up play by that QB. A 52-yard field goal that barely gets over the cross bar puts us back behind.

A good kick-off return sets us up at the 28 yard line. I try to get cute and call a running play, but our backup offensive linemen arenít the best run blockers. Since they came in weíve done nothing in the running game. Iím not going to put the starters back in though, because that would make a mockery of our team. Time for BirdsFan06050 to make another play. I call for a deep iso, but the receivers are well covered. A defensive end flushes BirdsFan06050 out of the pocket. I hold my breath. As he runs to the right, he lets loose a pass into coverage off of one foot, and itís picked off by the middle linebacker at the 40 yard line, returning it to the 21. This, just as much as for the touchdown pass on the previous drive, is the reason why heís called a gunslinger. Our defense is really going to have to buckle down now.

At least I know whatís coming this drive. I call 4-3 Jail Break Blitz. All front seven blitz the gaps while I hope like hell they donít let the ball carrier go by or it isnít a pass play. The Saints toss right, and ArtVandalay makes a nice open field tackle for no gain. Now the Saints trot out another wide receiver to replace the tight end. I counter by sending in two corners and go dime. I know itís still a run, so I call for the defensive line to bunch and send the corners on a blitz. An inside run nets the Saints three yards. An incomplete pass sets up a lead-extending 35-yard field goal. If weíre going to win now, itís going to have to be a touchdown.

I send a message to BirdsFan06050 with my first play call: Empty Backfield, All Streaks. My message: keep gunslinging. Donít get me wrong, I hate that heís such a wild man with the ball. However, in situations like these, I would prefer that he not doubt himself. I need him to know that Iím behind him, and so I put it in his hands. Itís up to him now not to do anything stupid. A 14-yard strike to paulthom23, our tight end, tells me that heís going to be just fine. But now that weíre on the 45, I want to slow things down a bit. Everyone expects me to pass, but Iím going to do a few runs. I hate taking the lead and leaving some time on the clock. Something tells me that as I drain the clock and edge closer to the goal line, that defense is going to tighten up; they donít want to suffer the embarrassment of losing to this group.

A pair of five-yard runs by bicmac and Eagles 42 sets us up on their side of the field, and I can see it in the way that theyíre talking to each other: theyíre nervous as hell. Three minutes left. I keep slowly pushing that knife into their belly. A stretch play to the left by bicmax gains five. An inside run by Eagles 42 gains another one. On 3rd and 6, I decide to get cute. I call Empty Backfield, All Streaks again to see if someone breaks free. The Saints see all of the wide receivers taking the field and go dime-flat. BridsFan06050 forces a pass into double coverage, and the pass is batted down. Stupid call. Now itís 4th and 6, and with 2:12 left and all of our timeouts, I have a choice: I could go for it, but give the Saints a short field, or I could punt the ball and put it on my defenses shoulders. Which unit do I feel more comfortable relying on?

That answerís easy: the defense. But you know what? This isnít the kind of team to play it safe. If we played it safe we wouldnít have come here. We wouldnít have interrupted our lives to chase a dream. I call Four-wide Split, All Hooks. The running back stays in the backfield to block, and all four wide receivers go a yard or two past the marker and turn around. The Saints, for some unknown reason, come out in a nickel package. With BDawk uncovered at the lineup, BirdsFan06050 quick snaps the ball and fires a dart to him for a 13-yard gain. First down, and weíre on the 26. Now we have the two minute warning to calm down and strategize.

With two minutes and three timeouts, I try return to my original game plan for the drive, and call running plays. An inside handoff, however, is stopped for a loss of one. Oh well, back to putting the ball in BirdsFan06050ís hands. An incompletion brings up 3rd and 11, and I call Trips Right, QB Waggle. This play is perfect for the situation, as when we practiced this play it either went for a big gain or was intercepted. The key is what happens to the tight end; if he gets a free release, the play is good for at least ten yards. If he gets jammed, the play can easily get gummed up as the wide receivers tend to get too bunched. Iím betting that the Saints are going to sit back.

My bet plays off, as paulthom23 gets a free release, and catches the ball as he gets leveled by the safety on the 16. Somehow, he managed to hold on. What a bigtime play. The refs bring out the chains, and he got the first down by the edge of the football. As we line up for the next play, the booth calls for a review of the spot. I go nuts. I know it wonít do anything to help the situation, but I hate it when a booth review occurs in these situations. For one, it canít possibly be good for us; weíre either no better or worse before the review, or worse off for the wear. Secondly, it isnít good for our rhythm; it gives the defense a chance to collect themselves, and interrupts our flow and momentum. The review was apparently warranted, as the ref replaces the ball at the 15 and a half yard line. Just great. 4th and inches.

Thereís 1:30 left on the clock, and I let it tick. Man, what the announcers and fans must be shouting right now. See, I know that weíre going to make this, and so itís just a matter milking the clock so that when we score the Saints wonít have time to answer. As BridsFan06050 plunges forward for three yards and a first down, Iím already contemplating my next move. It canít be a play theyíve seen before. Thereís a minute left, so it has to be a play thatíll get us a good chunk of yards. I make the play call, and itís one that weíve rarely practiced. This will be a gut-check. The play: Three-wide, Curls Left. The two receivers to the left (Poloc2289 and FiLLiE pHaNaTiC) run curl routes, the right receiver (phillyphanatic) runs an out, and the tight end (paulthom23) runs a short post pattern. The running back (bicmac) chips the defensive end and runs a drag route.

The clock is ticking, with under a minute left. The Saints come out in the nickel (maybe Iíve got the opposing coach confused), and they spread the linebackers out. As the play opens, paulthom23, the primary receiver, gets jammed, but manages to break free. As he makes his turn BirdsFan06050 whips the ball to him. As paulthom23 turns upfield towards the end zone, the safety tackles him at the 2 yard line. Third and inches. I let the clock run. A big smile spreads across my face; that was it. Weíve won it. All there is left to do is pound the ball into the end zone and go celebrate.

I let the clock tick, and tell BirdsFan06050 to use the full play clock. If we donít score on this play, we can use a time out and go from there. I donít want to get cute here, itís just Goal Line, HB Dive. With ten seconds on the clock, BirdsFan06050 takes the snap. With nine seconds left, bicmac takes the hand off. With eight seconds left, he breaks a tackle at the one-yard line, and with seven seconds left takes it into the end zone. After a failed two-point conversion attempt, weíre up by one with seven ticks left on the clock. Weíve done it. An improbable start to an unimaginable season.

Final Score: Eagles 27, Saints 26

Team Statistics
Statistic   Eagles   Saints
Total Offense   364   241
Rushing Yards   79   8
Passing Yards   285   233
First Downs      23   9
Takeaways         0   3
3rd Conver.   8-12   3-10
4th Conver.   2-2   0-0

Individual Stats
Passing      Rating   Att/Comp/Yds/TD/INT
BirdsFan06050   84.7   20/36/281/2/3
eaglesfan536890   112.7   2/2/22/0/0

Rushing      At/Yds   Avg   TD   Btk   Long
D-Mac X2      6/32   5.3   1   6   12
Eagles 42      3/28   9.3   0   6   20
bicmac         17/16   0.9   1   7   5
BirdsFan05060   1/3   3.0   0   2   3

Receiving      Rec/Yds   Avg   TD   Long
Paulthom23      9/125      13.8   0   18
BDawk         4/53      13.2   1   21
phillyphanatic   2/19      9.5   0   10
Poloc2289      2/41      20.5   0   23
D-Mac X2      1/1      1.0   0   1
Stevec0008      1/18      18.0   0   18
FiLLiE pHaNaTiC   1/17      17.0   1   17
bicmac         1/20      20.0   0   20
Eagles 42      1/11      11.0   0   11

Blocking      Pancake   Sacks Allowed
Eagles 42         2      0
EaglesMan36      1      0
D-Mac X2         1      0
PhillyEaglesIn06   1      0
FiLLiE pHaNaTiC   1      0
EAtotheGLE      1      0
Paulthom23      1      0

Defense      Tack   TFL   Sack   INT   PassD
Art_Vandalay      4   0   0   0   1
Eagles27         3   2   1   0   0
mpmfootball      3   0   0   0   2
DaBirds54         3   0   0   0   0
killdawabbit      3   1   0   0   0
Bedanrik60         2   1   0   0   0
shawseagles1      2   1   0   0   0
Phire            1   0   0   0   0
Eagles $5$      1   0   1   0   0
ok go26         1   0   0   0   1
bicmac         1   0   0   0   0
BirdsFan06050   1   0   0   0   0
fly eagles fly      1   0   0   0   0

Kicking      FGM   FGA   XPM   XPA
eagles for life   0   1 (54)   3   3

Kick Return   KR/Yds   Avg   Long   TD
Poloc2289   4/86      21.5   25   0
fly eagles fly   3/50      16.6   17   0

Eagles Surprise Buccaneers, World, With Win
September 8

(AP) PHILADELPHIA Ė No one gave them a chance. No one believed that they had a shot, event after amassing a 3-1 record in the pre-season. Initial Vegas odds were at 85-3, and still there were few takers. About the only people who believed that they had a chance were the Eagles, and they made the Buccaneers look like the group of NFL-wannabes with a dominant 31-7 victory on Monday night football in primetime.

With the schedule made before the covert sale of the franchise which prompted the NFL to hand down its sternest punishment ever Ė the removal of all players, and the banning of head coach Andy Reid and general manager Joe Banner Ė there was little that could be done, as the first Monday night football game would be hosted by a collection of players who up till now were rejected by the NFL. This didnít bode well for NBC, who tried desperately to force the NFL to alter the schedule. Instead, they may have broadcast what is the greatest upset in football history that surprised everyone but the team that carried it out.

ďI knew I had the potential to have a performance like this but I didn't think it would come this early in the season,Ē observed strong safety and punt returner fly eagles fly. ďI knew with a consistent effort I would be able to make an impact at this level so it isn't a surprise,Ē commented defensive end Eagles27. ďIíve been telling you guys [reporters] all pre-season that weíd be competitive, so I donít see how we could possibly have snuck up on anyone. They just flat-out underestimated us,Ē head coach Steegles46 said with a hint of bitterness in his voice.

The Eagles made a statement early in the game that they would not be an easy victory by any means. On the first offensive play of the game, defensive end Eagles27 out-muscled his counterpart and sacked Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms. After converting on a third and long, the Bucs could not get another first down, and punted the ball away. It would be the start of a very long day for the Bucs offense.

Though the Eagles defense got to a quick start, the offense started methodically. Calling six straight running plays, the Eagles moved the ball from their own 21 to the Buccaneersí 45, but on a fourth and long one the Eagles new coach, ex-high school coach Steegles46 called for a punt, creating a chorus of boos from the crowd.

However, it seemed that calling on the defense was the correct game plan for this game, as punter mist expertly pinned the Bucs back at their own 10. After gaining only one yard on three plays, a short punt to the 36 was returned by fly eagles fly for the first score of the game. ďIt was a dream come true and something I've been waiting for my whole life. My guys made some great blocks to spring me loose and I knew I had it,Ē remarked fly eagles fly. After getting two initial blocks, fly eagles fly found his seam and burst through, breaking through a diving tackle attempt at the fifteen before waltzing in. ďIíve always said that a hungrier team can and often does beat a team with better talent,Ē said Steegles46, ďI donít think that thereís any question that my guys are hungrier, but I think we also proved that we can be the team with the better talent as well.Ē

The Buccaneers seemed to finally find some rhythm on their next possession when they opened with a completion for fifteen yards, but the defense once again clamped down. After stopping a run for negative yardage and breaking up a pass, DaBirds54, the dime linebacker, cut in front of a pass, intercepting it, and easily returned it 42 yards untouched for the Eaglesí second non-offensive touchdown of the game. DaBirds54 was unavailable for comment after the game.

After forcing another punt, which was downed at the seven, the Eagles offense finally got its second chance to score, having to wait until the second quarter. However, pinned deep, Steegles46 once again called on a conservative game plan. A one-yard run and a sack pinned them back at the 2, and an 11-yard completion by BirdsFan06050 to FiLLiE pHaNaTiC only served to give mist some room. With a fierce wind in his face that measured 9 miles per hour throughout the game, mist was only able to punt the ball to the opponentsí 47 yard line.

Put against a short field, the defense was up to the challenge. After giving up an initial 12-yard pass, the defense forced the Buccaneersí offense backwards from there. A punt into the endzone gave the Eagles offense the ball at the 20 with just over three and a half minutes remaining in the half.

A couple of completions to D-Mac X2 and McNabbNo5 and a seven-yard run by D-Mac X2 seemed to have the offense running smoothly, but a Bucs interception and return to the Eaglesí 40 at the two minute warning squelched any hope of a score before the half. The Eagles defense, again on a short field, forced a three and out to bail out the offense.

With 1:30 remaining, it appeared as if Steegles46 was content to run out the clock for half time, but three runs resulting in a first down and a three-yard swing pass to D-Mac X2 seemed to embolden him. A 23-yard completion to McNabbNo5 to the Bucsí 42 yard line set up the offense for a chance at a score before the half, but following two incompletions BirdsFan06050 threw his second interception of the game, a swing pass thrown too late. Returned all the way to the Eaglesí 27, and with 28 seconds left in the half, the Buccaneers were given the opportunity to make it a one-score game at the half. Four completions later, the Bucs did just that, scoring from fifteen yards out to cut the Eagles lead to seven. BirdsFan06050 knelt to end the half.

The Eaglesí offense came out for the second half and had a drive that shows great promise for the rest of the season. With time to create a new game plan, the offense drove the ball at will, picking up large chunks of yardage with each play on a 75-yard touchdown drive. After an initial incompletion, a BirdsFan06050 pass to tight end Stevec0008 gained 17 yards. A perfect swing pass to D-Mac X2 gained 20, quickly putting the Eagles at the Buccaneersí 38 yard line. Four runs of 6, 4, 3, and 13 yards by D-Mac X2 put the Eagles firmly in the red zone. A four-yard run by backup running back bicmac put the Eagles inside the ten, and an 8-yard scoring strike to Stevec0008 completed the dominating drive. ďThis is the type of drive that we can have with increasing frequency as our offense gels and everyone grows into the offense,Ē related Steegles46. ďNot many people realize that while it takes most players three years to learn an offense, every single one of these guys has had only three months to do the same.Ē

As the Buccaneers offense started its own drive, it looked like they would be able to answer. A quick strike resulted in an 11-yard gain, but the Eaglesí defense once again threw a haymaker that seemed to leave the Bucs dazed. Calling a safety blitz, fly eagles fly quickly penetrated the blocking on a toss play to stop it for a two-yard loss. Following two straight incompletions, the Bucs were forced to punt.

Following a 7-yard run by D-Mac X2 and a 9-yard reception by phillyphanatic, the Eagles offense looked like they would put the game away. However, on the next play BirdsFan06050 was dropped for a sack, and on the subsequent play, while under pressure threw his third interception of the game, which was returned for an apparent score. However, during the return, a Buccaneer was flagged for a block in the back, and the Bucs offense would have to try to find a way to penetrate the Eagle D to climb back to within a score.

Forced with defending a short field for a fourth time, the Eagles defense again battered their opposition into suppression. On the opening play of the drive, running back Carnell Williams appeared to be in position to catch a pass for a sizeable gain, but free safety Phire laid a jarring hit which broke the ball loose. Williams then took a pitch, but was quickly hammered by cornerback killdawabbit for a loss of three on the play. On third and long, quarterback Chris Simms was stripped of the football by defensive end EaglesFan5-36-81, and defensive tackle acadzow recovered the loose ball at the 46. With each play, the sell-out crowd at Lincoln Financial Field grew ever-deafening. ďIíve been to a lot of Eagles games,Ē remarked Steegles46, ďbut I have never in my life heard it that loud. I think the fans have embraced these people in a way that they never have since Vince Papale,Ē referring to the South-Philadelphia native who participated in the open tryouts during ex-coach Vermeilís tenure, later making the team and becoming a special teams standout. ďWeíre all Papale-ies out there, and the fans are really responding to that.Ē

A 15-yard completion to phillyphanatic and a 5-yard run by D-Mac X2 ended the third quarter and set up a 50-yard field goal by eagles for life, that split the uprights and had plenty of distance to spare. The fans initially booed Steegles46ís decision to kick the field goal on 4th and 3 on the 33 yard line, but they cheered raucously when the kick sailed through the uprights. ďThat kick might have been good from 60,Ē boasted Steegles46. ďeagles for life has had a tough job following up one of the greatest kickers in history (former Eagles kicker David Akers), but in all honesty I believe that he can be just as good.Ē

Getting the ball back, the Buccaneers began airing it out in an attempt to stage a comeback. Five completions in six plays to open their drive put them at the Eaglesí 21 yard line, but three straight incompletions, including one pass batted down at the line by Eagles27, set up a fourth and ten at the 21 yard line. Under fierce pressure by Eagles$5$, who had been forcing pressure all game, Simms threw a desperation pass that was intercepted by DaBirds54, his second of the game.

Hoping to run down the clock, Steegles46 put in what he calls his ďjumbo backfield,Ē moving fullback Eagles 42 to halfback, and inserting second tight end paulthom23 in at fullback and running out of the I-Formation. Calling only running plays Eagles 42 picked up 11, 0, and 2 yards before becoming visibly tired and going to the sidelines. Backup running back bicmac entered the game and rushed for a loss of one. After the two minute warning, mist punted the ball out of bounds at the Buccaneer 38.

Down 17 points late in the fourth quarter, the Buccaneers team looked visibly demoralized, while the Eagles defense continued to pour on the pressure. Simms stepped back to pass, but was leveled by Eagles27 for his second sack of the game. Perhaps suffering from the effects of the hit, Simms then threw weakly into coverage, where cornerback mpmfootball intercepted it and returned it 28 yards to the 10. ďFor both of [the sacks] I just was happy I was helping the team,Ē Eagles27 recounted. ďThis is my job, and when I play well I don't really change my mindset. I expect this so it was just business as usual.Ē

On the Eagles second offensive play, bicmac took the hand off, broke a tackle, and dashed into the end zone on a six yard run that put the exclamation mark on a game that will surely grow into Eaglesí lore. As for how far they can go, while the head coach refused to comment on ďsuch matters,Ē fly eagles fly had a warning for the rest of the league: ďLook out, weíre coming for you.Ē

Notes: Steegles46 did not allow BirdsFan06050 to talk with reporters after the game Ö ĒI donít want him thinking about what the press is asking or saying, I want him thinking about the offense,Ē he remarked as reasoning Ö DaBirds54 was named the Horse Trailer Player of the Game Ö The Eagles have won their season opener two years in a row (last year winning at Houston 24-10) Ö The last time the Eagles won a season opener two years in a row was 1991-93, when they won it three years consecutively Ö Since 1994, the Eagles are 5-9 in season openers

Final Score: Eagles 31, Buccaneers 7

Teams Statistics
Statistic      Bucs   Eagles
Total Offense   204   207
Rushing Yards   12   108
Passing Yards   192   99
First Downs   12   12
PR Yards      0   39
KR Yards      112   40
Total Yards   316   286
Takeaways      2   4
3rd Conver.   2-13   3-9
4th Conver.   0-14   0-0
Redzone Opp.   1   2
Redzone TDs   1   2

Individual Statistics
Passing      Rating   Comp/Att/Yds/TD/INT
BirdsFan06050   58.5   11/17/115/1/3

Rushing      At/Yds   Avg   TD   Btk   Long
D-Mac X2      17/77   4.5   0   5   17
bicmac         5/18   3.5   1   2   7
Eagles 42      5/15   3.0   0   8   11
BirdsFan06050   2/-2   -1.0   0   0   0

Receiving      Rec/Yds   Avg   TD   Drops   Long
D-Mac X2      3/26      8.6   0   0   21
McNabbNo5      2/34      17.0   0   1   22
Stevec0008      2/22      11.0   1   2   15
phillyphanatic   2/22      11.0   0   0   14
FiLLiE pHaNaTiC   1/11      11.0   0   0   11
bicmac         1/0      0.0   0   0   0

Blocking      Pancake   Sacks Allowed
EaglesMan36      5      1
TRUTH            5      0
PhillyEaglesIn06   3      1
EAtotheGLE      2      0
kphealey         2      0
phillyphanatic   1      0
Eagles 42         1      0

Defense            Tack   TFL   Sack   INT   PassD   FF   FR   DefTD
Phire               6   2   0   0   0   0   0   0
fly eagles fly      5   1   0   0   0   0   0   0
Art_Vandalay         5   0   0   0   1   0   0   0
DaBirds54            5   0   0   2   1   0   0   1
Eagles27            4   0   2   0   1   0   0   0
ok go26            3   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
killdawabbit      2   2   0   0   2   0   0   0
Bednarik60         2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
mpmfootball         1   0   0   1   2   0   0   0
BirdsFan06050      1   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Eagles 42         1   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
shawseagles1      1   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Dawkins20         1   1   0   0   0   0   0   0
acadzow            0   0   0   0   0   0   1   0
EaglesFan5-36-81   0   0   0   0   0   1   0   0

Kicking         FGM   FGA   XPM   XPA
eagles for life   1   1 (50)   4   4

Punting   At/Yds   Avg   NYds   NAvg   In20   In10   In5   TB   Long
mist      3/109   36.3   109   36.3      1      1   0      0      39

Kick Return   KR/Yds   Avg   Long   TD
Poloc2289      1/20   20.0   20   0
fly eagles fly   1/20   20.0   20   0

Punt Return   PR/Yds   Avg   Long   TD
fly eagles fly   2/39   19.5   36   1

Game Ball Award: DaBirds54
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Comcast Studio
Before meeting our panelists, for those of you who didnít watch the Eagles victory over the Patriots, a brief recap: After forcing a three and out, the Eagles turned the ball over on an interception, and the return put the Patriots inside the red zone. After making a stand that included a forced fumble by defensive end Eagles27, the Patriots settled for a field goal. After a three-and-out by the Eagles offense, the Patriots drove from their own 21 yard line to kick a 50-yard field goal.

In the second quarter, the Eaglesí offense finally saw signs of life, converting on two daring fourth downs, and kicked a 35-yard field goal. After a Patriots three-and-out, the Eagles drove all the way to the Patriots 17 yard line, but a delay of game penalty and another interception killed the scoring chance. After trading three-and-outs back and forth, the Eagles were set to field a punt with 11 seconds left. Punt returner and safety fly eagles fly got a great return, running 48 yards to the 18 yard line, but as he was tackled the half expired.

The second half led off with a bang, as on the first play running back D-Mac X2 took the handoff and raced 52 yards to the Patriots 25 yard line. After three more successful running plays, BirdsFan06050 connected with receiver phillyphanatic on an 8-yard touchdown throw that gave the Eagles their first lead of the game. That lead looked short-lived, as the Patriots quickly drove to the Eagles 39 yard line, but three straight incompletions led to a punt. After going three and out, a shanked punt put the Patriots in business right where they left off, at the Eagles 39, but two runs for negative yards set up a third and long, where Eagles27 forced his second fumble of the game, this one recovered by defensive tackle acadzow. After two short runs, back-up running back bicmac received a pass in the flat, but fumbled the ball back to the Patriots at midfield. The defense stood tall, however, and forced the Patriotsí fifth three-and-out of the game.

The fourth quarter saw a heavy dose of Eagles running, as head coach Steegles46 appeared interested in running time off of the clock. However, he got more than he asked for. On a third and one from their own 34, the Eagles set up in the goal line formation. Running back D-Mac X2 took the hand off, broke a tackle, and scampered 35 yards before being tackled from behind at the 31 yard line. Four plays later, kicker eagles for life missed his first field goal of the season, as his 46-yard try hooked just wide. A draw play set the Patriots in Eagles territory, but could go no further, and punted the ball away. A three-and-out gave the Patriots the ball at their own 45 yard line with 2:12 left in the game. Two big pass plays set up a second and inches at the 31 with 1:48 left, but two straight incompletions set up a fourth and inches. Astoundingly, with three timeouts still remaining, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick chose to throw the football instead of run for the first down. Under heavy pressure, quarterback Tom Brady threw into double coverage and was intercepted by mpmfootball, who returned it 73 yards for the game-insuring touchdown. Taking over with 1:20 remaining, Brady made two big throws to put them inside the red zone. Two more completions yielded a first and goal from the three, but under heavy pressure Brady threw an interception in the end zone to fly eagles fly, who returned it 77 yards to the 28. A couple of kneel downs ended the game, 17-6, another improbable Eagles victory that has their record 2-0.

Now that everyone is caught up with the game, I turn to our two panelists, Philadelphia Inquirer Eagles beat-writer, Lester Moyer: Glad to be here. And ďFox PhiladelphiaísĒ Eagles commentator, Bill Tucker: Hello. Fellas, what do you make of this improbable run?

Well, I donít think thereís a person who can honestly say that theyíre not surprised by this. This is an incredible feat that this team has accomplished. To be 2-0 out of the gate, this is incredible, and you have to think that they can get better as they have time to gel and learn to play together in this system that Steegles46 has put together.

Here we go. Lester, donít get your hopes up. Thereís a reason why the word improbable was used; this was a nice surprise, but there wonít be getting better, thatís just not how the NFL works. Remember Tony Romo? He started off winning, what, his first four games? Five? Then what happened? Did he get better as he had time to learn to play together with his team and in his system? No! The league got a decent amount of film on him, they broke him down, and abused his weak points. The cream of the crop always rises in the NFL, and rookies arenít generally the cream.

So what do you make of the dominating win against Tampa Bay and then the win against the vaunted Patriots? You know, the Patriots are supposed to be in the Super Bowl because of their amazing corps of wide receivers, and they only got 149 passing yards, and 76 of those yards came on the final drive in what could be considered garbage time, as the game was already in hand.

Easy. First of all, the Bucs are a bad team. Second, they took the Eagles for granted, and of all of ex-Pee Wee coach Steegles46ís shortcomings, he gets his players ramped up. Okay? And for the Patriots, those wide receivers havenít had much practice with Tom Brady, so the timing wasnít there. He had to wait more for the plays to develop, which got him in trouble. Letís look at this logically: the defense is looking absolutely great, but thatís only until the rest of the league gets a handle on what theyíre doing, and then theyíll get eviscerated. And the offense? Well, tell me that it isnít pathetic. Whatís their passing total after two games? 184? Are you kidding me?!

Bill, youíve got to give the offense some time to gel. How long did Vick need to get a handle on the West Coast Offense? Itís been three years, and he still hasnít really gotten it. Youíre telling me that because BirdsFan06050 has been playing sub par football the first two games of the season that youíre ready to pack it in?

Sub par? Sub par?! Heís thrown five interceptions in two games! Thatís what, 37 yards passing per interception! The only person happy about this has got to be Rex Grossman, because now people are getting off his back. Grossman is a sub par quarterback, this kid is a disaster.

Not at all, I think he made a remarkable improvement from the first game. In the first game it seemed like he completely lost sight of defenders and threw right at them. This game, the first interception was an amazing, diving interception by a corner on a pass that would have been a completion to an open receiver. You canít do anything about that. The second one, the one in the red zone, was a ball that he forced in and the tight end didnít turn around for the ball. Thatís a rookie mistake, but the kind of rookie mistakes you want him to be making at this point. He wasnít entirely at fault for either pick, and after getting through some obvious gitters on the first drive he settled down. Heís going to be a fine quarterback.

Good stuff fellas, weíll see how BirdsFan06050 fares in this weekís game at Buffalo. Thereís two players I want to talk about before we have to wrap this up. The first one is safety and punt returner fly eagles fly. What do you guys make of him? After two games, heís fourth on the team in tackles, has an interception that he nearly returned for a touchdown, a punt return for a touchdown, and in this game a punt that he almost returned for a touchdown. Is this kid a superstar in the making?

This kid is a great athlete. I think that this was the one position that the Eagles actually got better at with the dump of the original roster. On defense, he keeps the play in front of him, and on special teams heís one of the most explosive returners out there. Heís definitely a superstar.

I agree, but heís definitely got some things to learn. I canít help but look at that punt return that almost was a touchdown in this past game. With 11 seconds on the clock and where he was fielding the punt, the Eagles needed him to make a great return, and great players make the big plays when needed. He did that, but with the angle that those two players took, it was obvious that he wasnít going to take it all the way, so the prudent thing would be to get out of bounds so the Eagles can kick the tying field goal. Instead, he tries to outrun them, and gets tackled as time expires. In a defensive ball game, going into the half tied instead of down three is a huge difference. Itís a good thing that the Eagles got the ball to start the second half and drove down the field and scored. It turned out to be a shrewd move by Steegles46 to elect to kick off when they won the coin toss.

I agree guys, I think heís going to be a keeper. How about running back D-Mac X2? In the first game he averages four and a half yards per pop and gets a couple of receptions, and in this game he averages over six a carry, gaining 154 yards on the ground. What do you guys make of these performances?

I think he can be something special. I worry about his overuse, though. He had twenty touches in the first game, which is exactly what you want, but he had twenty-six rushes this game. Because we donít know how heíll hold up physically over the course of the season, this may be a factor later in the year. However, he definitely is something special. Weíve seen that he can be a grind-it-out-type back, and weíve also seen Ė twice, this past week Ė that he can also hit some homeruns. Not only did he have runs of 52 and 35 yards, but he also broke 12 tackles this game. Heíll carry this offense while BirdsFan06050 settles into the game.

I donít know. The NFL has shown that you can pick up any schmuck off the street basically, and make him a starter in the NFL. Remember Samkon Gado? The guy was a third stringer at Liberty, or wherever the heck he was from. The reason why you consider him a ďgrind-it-out-type backĒ is because he has no speed. Both big runs he made should have been touchdowns. The first one you can argue that the defenders had an angle on him, but on the second big run there was no one in front of him, and he was caught from behind. I think they need a speed back to compliment him, or else defenses are just going to stack the box and stifle the Eaglesí running game. When that happens, this team is going to sink.

Interesting thoughts gentlemen. Weíll have to take a commercial break now, but when we return, weíll talk about new Eagles head coach Steegles46. Has he really been a good coach? Weíll break it down when we get back.

Final Score: Eagles 17, Patriots 6

Teams Statistics
Statistic     Patriots Eagles
Total Offense 192      221
Rushing Yards 43       156
Passing Yards 149      85
First Downs   11       9
PR Yards      0        49
KR Yards      87       56
Total Yards   279      326
Takeaways     3        3
3rd Conver.   5-15     3-13
4th Conver.   0-1      2-2
Redzone Opp.  3        2
Redzone TDs   0        1

Individual Statistics
Passing       Rating Comp/Att/Yds/TD/INT
BirdsFan06050 26.0   8/20/85/1/2

Rushing       At/Yds Avg  TD Fum Btk Long
D-Mac X2      26/154 6.1  0  1   12  52
Eagles 42     2/2    1.0  0  0   0   3
bicmac        1/1    1.0  0  1   0   1
BirdsFan06050 3/-1   -0.3 0  0   1   1

Receiving       Rec/Yds Avg TD Drops Long
McNabbNo5       3/31    10.3 0  1    13
FiLLiE pHaNaTiC 1/13    13.0 0  0    13
phillyphanatic  1/7     7.0  1  0    7
BDawk           1/7     7.0  0  0    7
Eagles 42       1/5     5.0  0  0    5
bicmac          1/2     2.0  0  0    2
stevec0008      0/0     0.0  0  1    0
D-Mac X2        0/0     0.0  0  1    0

Blocking         Pancakes Sacks Allowed
EAtotheGLE       5        0
EaglesMan36      3        0
PhillyEaglesIn06 3        0
paulthom23       2        0
TRUTH            1        0
stevec0008       1        0
shawseagles1     1        0
Eagles 42        1        0
kphealey         2        0

Defense          Tack TFL Sack INT PassD FF FR DefTD
DaBirds54        5    2   0    0   0     0  0  0
Phire            5    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
Bednarik60       3    1   0    0   0     0  0  0
Art_Vandalay     3    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
Eagles27         3    2   1    0   0     2  0  0
Mpmfootball      3    0   0    1   4     0  0  1
ok go26          3    1   0    0   0     0  0  0
fly eagles fly   2    0   0    1   0     0  0  0
killdawabbit     2    0   0    0   4     0  0  0
EaglesMan36      1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
shawseagles1     1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
phillyphanatic   1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
Dawkins20        1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
acadzow          1    0   0    0   1     0  1  0
EaglesFan5-36-81 1    1   0    0   0     0  0  0
BirdsFan06050    1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0

Kicking         FGM FGA XPM XPA
eagles for life 1   2   2   2

Punting At/Yds Avg  NYds NAvg In20 In10 In5 TB Long
mist    4/153  38.2 153  38.2 0    0    0   0  45

Kick Return    KR/Yds Avg Long TD
Poloc2289      2/38  19.0 22   0
fly eagles fly 1/18  18.0 18   0

Punt Return    PR/Yds Avg Long TD
fly eagles fly 3/49  16.3 43   0

Game Ball Award: Eagles27

Comcast Studios
For those of you just joining us, weíre recapping the Eaglesí dominating victory over the Bills, 33-14. Folks, even though the score appears lopsided, it wasnít even that close. Letís show you how that score came about, for those of you that missed the game.

The Bills won the toss and elected to receive, and on the opening drive of the game, appeared to come out overwhelming the Birds, obtaining two fist downs and moving into Eagles territory. But the Eagles defense stiffened, and on third and long Eagles27 blew by the tackle to sack quarterback J.P. Losman. Taking over on their own 17, the Birds didnít waste any time getting a little momentum of their own. On their first offensive play, D-Mac X2 ran 48 yards to the Buffalo 35 yard line. On third and six, BirdsFan06050 completed a 16-yard pass to McNabbNo5. The two would hook up often today. After an 11-yard strike to tight end stevec0008, the Eagles were set up at the 4. After failing to punch it in with runs by D-Mac X2 and Eagles42, BirdsFan06050 threw a three-yard touchdown strike to stevec0008 to open the scoring. After a three and out highlighted by a DaBirds54 sack, the Eagles took over at their own 17.

The second quarter saw more efficient Eagles offensive play. BirdsFan06050 completed passes to four different receivers as the Eagles drove to the Buffalo 7, but on third and goal tight end stevec0008 dropped what would have been his second touchdown reception of the game. The Eagles instead settled for an eagles for life field goal. After the defense forced another three and out, the Birds got the ball back at their own 44. However, on the second play BirdsFan06050 was hit and fumbled the ball. Left tackle EaglesIn06 recovered the fumble, but he in turn fumbled it away, as the Bills recovered the loose ball at the 33. They capitalized immediately with a touchdown pass to Lee Evans on the first play. But the Eagles would respond. BirdsFan06050 moved the Eagles 48 yards in three plays to the Buffalo 28. After the two minute warning, D-Mac X2 ran for 17 yards, and again for 9 yards and a touchdown to make it a two-score game again. Getting the ball back with only 1:24 remaining, the Bills tried to run out the half. However, all three runs were stuffed, and the Eagles spent all three of their timeouts to keep the half alive. Setting up shop at ther own 47 yard line with 1:05 left, BirdsFan06050 completed passes of 14, 14, 12, and 9 yards, all to McNabbNo5. However, two incompletions set up a fourth and inches at the 2 yard line, and with seven seconds left in the half and no time outs remaining, Steegles46 sent in eagles for life, who kicked the chip-shot field goal. On the ensuing kick-off, safety fly eagles fly stripped the ball loose, and cornerback ok go26 scooped up the fumble and scampered 21 yards to score a touchdown at the end of the half, with the score 27-7.

From then on, the Eagles just pummeled the Bills into submission on defense, and the offense ran out the clock. A couple of things to note before turning to our analysts:
- For the game, the Bills managed just four first downs while having five drives of three and out.
- With a little over four minutes remaining in the game, the Billsí offense had managed to gain a meager 73 total yards.
- The Eaglesí rush defense was again stellar, as for the entire game the Bills managed only 25 yards on the ground.
- The Eagles went the entire game without the punting services of mist. I say the punting services, because mist has been used as a kick-off specialist thus far this season.

We now turn to our two panelists. On my left is Philadelphia Inquirer Eagles beat-writer, Lester Moyer: Glad to be here. And on my right is ďFox PhiladelphiaísĒ Eagles commentator, Bill Tucker: Hello. Gentlemen, I wanted to get to you guys early because I think we have a lot to discuss. So letís start off with the biggest topic: BirdsFan06050. Lester, what do you make of his performance?

One word sums it up perfectly: Brilliant. With the exception of that fumble, which was initially recovered by an offensive lineman anyway, BirdsFan06050 had as good a game as possible. He was 18-22, and thatís with two drops, one of them which would have been his second touchdown pass of the day. He just looked sharp out there, and really comfortable in the system. If stevec0008 doesnít drop that pass in the end zone, heís got a QB rating of 135.8. As it was, he had a rating of 119.5. I donít know if head coach Steegles46 said something to him before the game, or if the extra week off with the bye had anything to do with it, or if BirdsFan06050 has started to grow into the offense, but letís just hope that this can be the kind of game that he can build on and establish himself in the NFL.

This was a good game from him, but letís remember whom it was against. I didnít see Nate Clements in their defensive backfield. The simple fact of the matter is that this defense just isnít that good against the pass. Its strength is against the run. If you discount D-Mac X2ís first run, he had 87 yards rushing in 32 attempts for a 2.72 average. This is a defense built to stop the run and do little else. Letís see him do this against one of the better pass defenses in the league and then weíll talk about him growing into anything.

Lester, you mentioned BirdsFan06050ís fumble. Replays later showed that he was on the ground before the ball came loose. Why didnít Steegles46 challenge the play? The Bills stole the momentum and scored on the very next play, and it could have really changed the game. Bill?

Saddle up Eagles fans, because these are the types of bone-head mistakes that you are going to see all through this season. This guy coached high school football, and spent the last few years coaching PeeWee football! Heís not an NFL coach, and any coach in the league would have thrown the red flag and gotten that call reversed. That could have cost the team the game, and it gave all the momentum to the Bills. With Evans out there, you canít let the Bills sniff the end zone. Both times the Bills got the ball inside the 35 they scored. Way to hand them seven points Steegles46.

It was a rookie mistake on Steegles46ís part, but at the same time heís being aggressive. He said at the press conference after the game that ďhe felt that at that point in the game the time out was worth more than a potential three points for the Bills.Ē This guy has a tremendous amount of faith in his players, both on offense and on defense. In his mind, he figured that the defense wouldnít break, and then the offense could get down the field and score, and now heís got three timeouts to stuff the Bills as they try to run out the clock, and steal some more points before the half. And you know what, except for the defense giving up the touchdown; it worked out nearly as he figured it would. The offense got the ball back, rushed down the field using a two-minute offense with three remaining, scored the touchdown, the defense forced a three and out, using all of their timeouts, and the Eagles nearly scored another touchdown coming back. All in all, they gained three points out of it, so thereís not use in arguing with the logic there.

Bill, earlier you touched on D-Mac X2ís performance on the game. Two weeks ago he had 26 rushes, and this week Steegles46 calls a jaw-dropping 33 rushing plays for him this week; is he over-using D-Mac X2? Can D-Mac X2 keep this up over the course of the season? Lester?

Absolutely I think that heís being overused, but as Iíve said before I think itís because the Eagles are going to lean on him a little bit in the early going till BirdsFan06050 proves that he can be the guy to carry the team. I think heís a talented player and that heíll be okay down the stretch, because with the way the Eagles are playing heíll get a couple of games off to rest towards the end of the season.

Heís a great player, but I think the offensive line needs to get a little better. Over the season heís compiled some nice numbers, but a good portion of that is from his own making. Over the last two games heís broken 26 tackles. When youíre forced to break a tackle a little over every other attempt, and you still only average 2.72 yards per rush Ė minus the first carry, where he wasnít touched Ė youíre not getting good production from your offensive line. I mean, those numbers are crappy anyway, but when youíre breaking tackles that often and still only getting those kinds of numbers, you need to kick your offensive linemen in the butt.

Interesting analysis, gentlemen. For our final topic, letís talk about the continued rise of Phillyís new star safety, fly eagles fly. He hasnít really done it with the punt return the past two games, but his defense continues to alter games. This week on special teams he forces a fumble that is returned for a touchdown with no time left in the first half, so the Eagles essentially steal seven points that they had no business to getting, and late in the fourth he intercepts a Losman pass to allow the Eagles to run out the clock and end the game. Guys, nearly a quarter of the way into the season, can he be the star of the defense and of the franchise? Can he keep the fans in the seats?

Oh yeah! This kid is dynamite, and the Eagles are lucky to have him. Seriously, where did this kid go or what happened to him that 32 teams originally passed on him? Steegles46ís greatest contribution to this team is getting this kid onto the field. I think heís the face of the franchise.

No doubt heís an incredible find and a great player, but whatís keeping the fans in the seats is the whole defense. This defense is bringing up shades of the Gang Green Defenses of the Buddy Ryan era. Itís entertaining to watch, and the fact that this team is made up of nobodies, or blue collar people, itís really striking a chord with the fans. Since the first week when DaBirds54 intercepted those two passes this crowd has been the teamís biggest supporters. It isnít just fly eagles fly Ė in week two it was Eagles27 that forced two fumbles that kept the Patriots in check. This whole defense is something to behold, and I credit Phreak, Steegles46 and that rest of the staff for putting them together and getting ready to play big-league football.

Great stuff, gentlemen, as always. Unfortunately, thatís all the time we have. Thanks to Bill and Lester for joining us once again, and thank you viewers for tuning in. Weíll be back again next Sunday to talk about the home game against the division rival Washington Redskins. At 2-2, they are the second place team in the NFC East. With a win, the Eagles could take a strangle hold of the division. Until then, have a great week!

Final Score: Eagles 33, Bills 14

Teams Statistics
Statistic     Eagles Bills
Total Offense 337    149
Rushing Yards 149    25
Passing Yards 188    124
First Downs   20     4
PR Yards      20     0
KR Yards      34     107
Total Yards   391    256
Takeaways     2      2
3rd Conver.   8-14   0-6
4th Conver.   0-1    0-1
Redzone Opp.  4      1
Redzone TDs   2      1

Individual Statistics
Passing       Rating Comp/Att/Yds/TD/INT
BirdsFan06050 119.5   18/22/199/1/0

Rushing       At/Yds Avg  TD Fum Btk Long
D-Mac X2      33/135 4.0  1  0   14  48
Eagles 42     6/9    1.5  0  0   1   3   4
bicmac        2/5    2.5  0  0   1   4   4

Receiving       Rec/Yds Avg TD Drops Long
McNabbNo5       7/86    12.2 0  0    15
FiLLiE pHaNaTiC 3/45    15.0 0  0    22
BDawk           2/23    11.5 0  0    14
stevec0008      2/14    7.0  1  1    11
bicmac          1/12     12.0 0  0    12
phillyphanatic  1/10    10.0 1  0    10
D-Mac X2        1/9     9.0  0  1    0
Eagles 42       1/0     0.0  0  0    0

Blocking         Pancakes Sacks Allowed
PhillyEaglesIn06 5        0
EaglesMan36      4        0
phillyphanatic   3        0
Eagles 42        2        0
TRUTH            2        0
EAtotheGLE       1        0

Defense          Tack TFL Sack INT PassD FF FR DefTD
fly eagles fly   3    0   0    1   0     1  0  0
Eagles27         3    2   1    0   0     0  0  0
Art_Vandalay     3    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
mpmfootball      3    0   0    0   1     0  0  0
DaBirds54        2    1   1    0   0     0  0  0
Phire            2    1   0    0   2     0  0  0
killdawabbit     1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
D-Mac X2         1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
bicmac           1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
Bednarik60       1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
ok go26          0    0   0    0   0     0  1  1

Kicking         FGM FGA XPM XPA
eagles for life 4   5   3   3

Punting At/Yds Avg  NYds NAvg In20 In10 In5 TB Long
No Players

Kick Return    KR/Yds Avg Long TD
fly eagles fly 1/20  20.0 20   0
Poloc2289      1/14  14.0 14   0
McNabbNo5      1/0  0.0  0   0

Punt Return    PR/Yds Avg Long TD
fly eagles fly 2/20  10.0 16   0

Game Ball Award: BirdsFan06050, D-Mac X2 (tie)
Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!

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ESPN Studios
NFL Live

Howdy folks, and welcome to another addition of NFL Live! Iím Trey Wingo, and with me are Merril Hoge and Sean Salisbury. It was an exciting week of football, and we begin the show with perhaps the most exciting story in a long time, the Philadelphia Eagles. From what was thought to be a devastating punishment from the NFL that would cripple the franchise for years has sprung quite possibly the most improbable set of events that ever have happened in NFL history. Five weeks into the season, the Eagles look to move to 4-0 and take a commanding lead in a division where its opponents have been a surprise, for a different reason, isnít that right Sean?

Yeah, thatís right, Trey, these teams have literally stumbled out of the gate. Here is a golden opportunity for any of these teams to take a division that was previously thought to be a shoe-in for the Eagles, and these teams just havenít gotten it done. Theyíve been down-right embarrassing at times, and Iíll tell you what Trey, the Eagles are the only team right now that look like the real deal from that division.

Iíve got to disagree with you there, Sean, because when I look at the Philadelphia Eagles, I do not see a team that can consistently run the football with effectiveness. They may rack up a lot of yardage on the ground, but they do not get it enough at a time. Also, when I look at this roster, I see a bunch of leaders, but theyíre all on defense. While defense wins championships, Iím not so sure that this offense is productive enough and consistent enough to win games late in the year when it really counts. Iím not so sure that this is even a playoff team.

Are you serious Merril? Do you remember the last time you said something like that? The team only ended up in the Super Bowl!

Yeah, and what happened? They couldnít run the football and so they lost. Same old story, the Eagles play a gimmicky game, but they canít line up against you and pound the football when it counts. Until they do, I donít see them going anywhere.

Well guys, in the meantime, thereís a lot of football to play. This past week, the Washington Redskins looked to put an end to the fairy tail-like beginning of the Eaglesí season and get back into the division race. In Philadelphia, there was a bit of a rainstorm, wasnít there Sean? Oh, you said it, it was coming down, and when that happens that ball gets awfully slick! Slick is right, because on the first play of the game, Portis coughs up the football, and itís recovered by ok go26. The Eagles are in business at the Redskinsí 26. On the ensuing drive, second and goal at the five and D-Mac X2 fumbles the ball as well! This one is recovered by his teammate, but a dropped pass in the end zone ends the drive a play later, and the Eagles settle for a 22-yard field goal. Until the Eagles find a way to punch the ball into the end zone, theyíre going to be on the outside looking in.

Does it really matter when the Eagles have a defense like this?! Yes, it does! On Washingtonís next possession, Campbell is picked off by killdawabbit, who returns it to the 8. On the very next play, D-Mac X2 receives a pass in the flat, and as he runs to the end zone is hit, and fumbles again! Playing in the rain is new to more and more athletes as colleges play games in domes. Some players just donít know how to adapt. D-Mac X2 has to learn how to hold on to that football, that could have really altered the game. But thereís always a silver lining, and that is that the defense gets to take the field again. On a third and seven, Campbell is again intercepted, this time by DaBirds54! This is a crazy start; it seemed like both teams had trouble finding traction in the early going. Not both teams, Iíll tell you what, that Eagles defense sure looked like they had plenty of traction out there. Two plays later, BirdsFan06050 finds BDawk open in the end zone for the first touchdown of the game, the Eagles finally break in. It was just a simple inside slant pattern, and the defender was completely out of position to defend it, it was a gimmie touchdown there.

Down 10-0 early, Campbell tries to dig himself out of the hole he created, and thatís not going to do it. His third interception of the game, mpmfootball returns it 28 yards for the score, and just a few minutes into this game the Eagles defense has already forced four turnovers! Jason Campbell looked totally lost and confused out there, it seemed like the Eagles had a hundred players in the defensive backfield, and their front four got pressure on early, and in slippery weather like this things can go bad to worse awfully quick. Four possessions into the game, the Redskinsí offense has 12 yards and 4 turnovers. Jason Campbell is 1-for-6 with three interceptions. All of a sudden the score is 17-0, and the Redskins defense has lined up in the red zone all game! I donít think that Joe Gibbs had this in mind when he drew up his game plan.

But donít count them out, remember, this is a rivalry game. The Redskins regain the ball and grab a little momentum of their own. Campbell finally gets some time, and throws a strike down the middle to Santana Moss, 63 yards, and no oneís going to catch him in the open field. Here you see the inexperience of the Eaglesí defense, Santana gets a free run to the middle of the field, makes the reception, and just splits the two safeties, blowing by them and heís gone. When you try to cover Moss, youíve got to engage him early, take him out of his route, and always, ALWAYS, account for his speed. The Eagles didnít do a thing right on that play.

Now itís the Eaglesí offenseís turn. Steegles46 decided to slow things down a bit, and that means itís time for a heavy dose of D-Mac X2. Boy, what a comfort it must be for Steegles46 that when he decides that he wants to slow the game down so that his young and inexperienced players can catch their breath, he can just keep handing the ball off to this kid. Here you see a play designed to go off-tackle, and he just takes the hand-off, waits for his blockers to get set, and bursts through the hole for ten yards. Here is run right up the gut, and thereís not much there, so he lowers his helmet, runs through the linebacker, and carries him forward for an extra three yards and a six yard gain. So what happens when you run effectively for four plays in a row? You go play action. Watch the linebackers bite, and now youíve got D-Mac X2 running by a linebacker with no over-the-top help. A beautiful floater by BirdsFan06050 falls right into D-Mac X2ís hands without him even having to break his stride, and itís a 33-yard gain. Heís a very versatile player, and the Eagles are lucky to have him. On the very next play, he bowls over Ė the rookie! Ė Laron Landry at the goal line for an eight-yard scoring run. Now thatís football! Welcome to the NFL, rook.

The Redskins come right back, and in seven plays march down to the Eaglesí 1. On first and goal, Campbell is pressured and throws an incomplete pass. Boy, youíre in real trouble if you have to throw to gain one yard. Thatís despicable. On second and goal, Portis takes the hand-off and looks like heíll score, but no! He is stripped of the ball by Art_Vandalay! The Redskins recover, setting up third and goal. What a heady play by the nickel linebacker, in on goal line defense. He isnít squared up enough to keep Portis from bowling into the end zone, so he puts his hat right on the football, and in this weather it squirts right out of Portisí hands. Up by 17, this defense is still going to make the opposition pay for that final yard. This is a big reason why this team is 3-0 up to this point. On third and goal, itís a pitch to Portis and he gets stood up by Dawkins20 and killdawabbit. The Redskins settle for a wimpy 19-yard field goal.

That stand seemed to take the life out of the Redskins, as the Eagles continue their Cinderella season, moving to 4-0. mpmfootball would add another interception, also taking that one back for a touchdown. D-Mac X2 would add another rushing touchdown, and the Eagles win convincingly. Weíll now take a look at the press conference following the game, as coach Steegles46 talks to the press.

[begin video tape]

Was there any comfort in playing your first division game at home?
Playing a division opponent doesnít come into it at all. Itís always a comfort playing at home versus anyone, division opponent or not. Football is football, and these guys donít care if theyíre playing the Washington Redskins or Joeís Bar and Grill; theyíll play hard and fight to win.

So there were no nerves then?
No more than normal. Five weeks and now four games into the season, weíve proven that weíre here to compete and wonít be intimidated by anyone Ė and thus far, weíve done the city of Philadelphia proud.

Do you believe that you guys can have a perfect season?
Iím not going to comment on that. We take everything one game at a time. Anyone actually want to talk about games weíve already played?

After D-Mac X2 fumbled for the second time and turning the ball over, what did you say to him?
I told him that that was two, and that it was now out of his system. For as much as he carries the ball for us, he rarely fumbles. The weather was affecting him a little bit, but marky_b27 worked with him, showing him some different techniques of holding the football. D-Mac X2 tried the various methods during the game, and told me afterwards that he feels comfortable with one, and wonít have the fumbling problems in the rain again. Thatís good enough for me.

Will you allow the players to talk to the media?
Yes. But here is how itís going to work. Each game Iím going to send one player Ė and one player only Ė out to be interviewed. Itíll be someone different each week. I want these guys to keep their eyes on football, not statistics or the media quotes, or endorsement deals. Thatís all youíll get. But I promise that itíll be his words, not the teamís words.

[end video tape]

What do you make of it guys?

I like what heís doing, and I think that itís a fair compromise. Heís been shielding his players from the media because he wants them to concentrate on the team and not thinking about themselves, but itís not working. Itís only intensified the pressure, and Iíll tell you what, as a player, you donít want the media barging in your door. This way, he gets to keep his players well shielded off from the media hype, and keeps the media satisfied. Letís hope it works.

Iím sure that thatís what Steegles46 is hoping for. When we return, can the Cowboys rebound from their stumbling start? What does this mean for Tony Romo? Find out, on NFL Live!

Final Score: Eagles 38, Redskins 17

Teams Statistics
Statistic     Redskins Eagles
Total Offense 226      282
Rushing Yards 18       110
Passing Yards 208      152
First Downs   7        14
PR Yards      0        12
KR Yards      122      59
Total Yards   348      333
Takeaways     2        6
3rd Conver.   4-11     4-12
4th Conver.   1-1      1-2
Redzone Opp.  2        5
Redzone TDs   1        3

Individual Statistics
Passing       Rating Comp/Att/Yds/TD/INT
BirdsFan06050 69.4    12/23/152/1/1

Rushing       At/Yds Avg  TD Fum Btk Long
D-Mac X2      27/94  3.4  1  2   11  11
bicmac        4/13    3.2  1  0   0   0   8
Eagles 42     1/3    3.0  0  0   0   1   3
BirdsFan06050 2/1    0.5 0  0   0   1

Receiving       Rec/Yds Avg TD Drops Long
FiLLiE pHaNaTiC 4/55    13.7 0  1    20
D-Mac X2        3/40    13.3 0  0    32
McNabbNo5       2/32    16.0 0  1    20
phillyphanatic  1/15    15.0 0  1    15
BDawk           1/5     5.0  1  1    5
Eagles 42       1/5     5.0  0  0    5

Blocking         Pancakes Sacks Allowed
EaglesMan36      5        0
PhillyEaglesIn06 4        0
Kphealey         4        0
Eagles 42        1        0
EAtotheGLE       1        0

Defense          Tack TFL Sack INT PassD FF FR DefTD
killdawabbit     6    1   0    1   2     0  0  0
ok go26          5    1   0    0   1     0  1  0
Dawkins20        4    2   1    0   0     0  0  0
Art_Vandalay     4    0   0    0   1     1  0  0
EaglesFan5-36-81 2    1   1    0   0     0  0  0
Phire            2    0   0    1   2     0  0  0
Bednarik60       2    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
DaBirds54        2    0   0    1   0     0  0  0
fly eagles fly   2    0   0    1   3     0  0  0
kphealey         1    0   0    0   0     0  1  0
EAtotheGLE       1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
Eagles27         1    0   1    0   0     0  0  0
Eagles$5$        1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
mpmfootball      3    0   0    2   1     0  0  2
paulthom23       1    0   0    0   0     0  0  0
acadzow          0    0   0    0   0     0  1  0

Kicking         FGM FGA XPM XPA
eagles for life 1   2   5   5

Punting At/Yds Avg  NYds NAvg In20 In10 In5 TB Long
mist    3/112  37.3 92  30.6 1    1    0   1  43

Kick Return    KR/Yds Avg Long TD
fly eagles fly 1/23  23.0 23   0
Poloc2289      2/38  19.0 19   0

Punt Return    PR/Yds Avg Long TD
fly eagles fly 2/12  6.0  9    0

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 2:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

um what?
RainbowCarebear wrote:
Anna Kendricks are always nice.
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fly eagles fly

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 3:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


just wanna fit in but what does that mean and i'm confused now

how cool would it be though if we actually had open trouts where anybody could show up
Win it for Jim
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 3:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

He's reserving spaces so he could go back and edit them and they'd be at the beginning of the whole thread. Pretty ingenious if you ask me
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Poloc2289 wrote:
He's reserving spaces so he could go back and edit them and they'd be at the beginning of the whole thread. Pretty ingenious if you ask me
Wooooow. I get it now, i was afraid to post because i didnt get it.
But it is an intresting intro, its cool.
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