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Birdsfan's Look at the 2007 Philadelphia Eagles
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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 10:52 pm    Post subject: Birdsfan's Look at the 2007 Philadelphia Eagles Reply with quote

Birdsfan's Look at the 2007-2008 Philadelphia Eagles


First off this thread should first point out it will be the 75th anniversary for the Philadelphia Eagles this season and it has been an honor to be a fan of this organization and team. The Philadelphia Eagles have a great football team and went into the draft basically with no real need. The roster is just about ready and training camp is already nearing, with guys working out and getting ready for the upcoming season here's a look at the team position by position and what to look for ward to next season. But first here's a few memory's of the off-season.

Part 1 Off-Season: Free Agency

The Philadelphia Eagles started before March 2nd by giving Safety Quintin Mikell a four year deal to stay around in Philly and AJ Feely a contract extension making Jeff Garcia toast to stick around. This was a big move considering he was our special teams leader last season and could be a guy to be used like Michael Lewis next year. As for Garcia, it was tough to see him go, but I'm sure it was a better move in the long run. When March 2nd finally did come though the Eagles were one of the first to act quickly re-signing Juqua Thomas, a defensive end, to a five year deal. This was a great move that kept a potential starter in our defensive end rotation, many of us didn't think he was coming back. Then the bad times started to begin.

Jeff Garcia who we all knew was as good as gone signed with the Buccaneers, then Michael Lewis quickly signed on to the San Francisco 49ers, as well as Roderick Hood who moved on and signed with the Arizona Cardinals, but what about Done Stallworth? Stallworth was supposedly offered a contract by the Eagles, Patriots, Dolphins, and Titans. He then signed with the New England Patriots, making fans very disappointed. Supposedly the Eagles were willing to match the offer, which since Donte said he'd choose Philadelphia over any other team we'd all think he would've chosen us. However his agent Drew Rosenhaus never allowed us to accept and they moved on. However the good times were coming.

First it was a small move to keep our nickel back William James, a move I really liked. Then a big signing occurred, I came home one night and checked rotoworld real quick and never expected to see this, "Eagles land WR Kevin Curtis," I was overjoyed. I loved this move and couldn't believe how much the Eagles offered him, I love the move and keeps him around for 6 years rather then one with Stallworth. After that news broke of the signing of the athletic Defensive Tackle Montae Reagor, which in my mind was a very nice addition. Then the best news of the off-season, at first the report was an unidentified team is extremely close to a deal to land Linebacker Takeo Spikes. Later we found out that team was the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles then traded officially for him as Sal and Eskin broke the story on 610. The Eagles had landed pro-bowl linebacker Takeo Spikes. After they re-signed Correll Buckhalter, ending the off-season in free agency. One Other note is the Eagles also signed KR/WR Bethel Johnson and Punter Saverio Rocca.

Part 2 Off-Season: Draft

The Draft was insane. The Eagles couldn't land any of their targeted defensive backs as Griffin went 19, Ross 20, Nelson 21, Merriweather 24, and of course Landry at 6. The Eagles then traded down and made a shocking move by selecting Quarterback Kevin Kolb. This move may end up being decent and I have already learned to accept however I think they could've gotten him at 57, however the kid seems excited and let's see how it works out.

At 57 the Eagles drafted defensive end Victor Abiamiri a kid I absolutely love. Also the kid who destroyed Winsotn Justice two years ago at the famous ND-USC game. Abiamiri is a solid pick to give us a nice bright future at the most key position on the defensive, the ends. The Eagles then rounded out the first day by selecting Stewart Bradley and Tony Hunt. Tony Hunt a fan favorite got a lot people excited, but both were very solid picks.

Day two of the draft gave us ultimately we think Brian Dawkins's replacement, right form his old school Clemson the Eagles started day two by selecting C.J. Gaddis. Then they selected a nice bright tight end out of Cincinnati, followed by a big tough corner and a fullback/running back in Nate Ilaoa, another fan favorite who's been talked about for awhile on this site and others. In the end I gave this Draft a B, a decent overall in which we received 8 good players, instead of 6.

For me though the best news of the day come the day after, Dhani Jones has been released from the Eagles and Chris Gocong will be the starting SAM Linebacker, Very Happy.



Starter: Donovan McNabb

Please people, do not forget our leader, our playmaker, and our franchise player Donovan McNabb. McNabb will be ready and will be in training camp. He'll be ready to go when the Eagles face off against the Packers on week one of the 2007 season. He'll also shine in my prediction next year. I'll go out and make a bold statement that McNabb wins MVP. McNabb is going to want it more then ever next year, and so are his teammates. Dawkins, Runyan, Kearse, McNabb, and others all dying for that championship and I think they can get it next year. To me that certainly look like the team to beta in the NFC on paper, how about you? McNabb is our playmaker and is our guy and he'll shine when the lights are placed upon him again next season.

Backup: A.J. Feely

AJ is the guy if McNabb goes down and I feel very comfortable with that. AJ is perfect for this system and thrives very well in it. He was rewarded in the off-season with an extension to become the Eagles permanent backup quarterback however he has a big young guy right behind him now. AJ looked as good as can be in that game against Atlanta and look forward to watching him on the field come August.

Young Gun: Kevin Kolb

Kolb was yet another booed quarterback selected by the Eagles. He was the first pick by the Eagles in the 2007 draft and diffidently a surprising one. Kolb is be expected to be groomed here for at least the next three years. Kolb supposedly will fit very nicely in our west coast offensive and a rumor has it that Kevin Kolb was rated higher then even Brady Quinn on the Eagles draft board, the Eagles must really love this kid.

Other Quarterbacks: Kelly Holcomb

Running Back

Starter:Brian Westbrook

Brian is the Eagles guy, his talent is absolutely amazing and last year he showed and proved to everyone in the NFL what we already knew, that he is a pro bowl caliber running back. Brian's numbers speak for themselves last year and he certainly has become a premier player for the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm quite eager to see the Eagles under an even offense with McNabb and Westbrook, I think that is diffidently something that will be cool to watch come next season. B-West also gets his future compliment this draft in Tony Hunt, who will be mentioned later. Under in my opinion the best offensive line in the NFC this Eagles thrives with his exceptional catches, runs, and even some passes Laughing

Backup:Correll Buckhalter

Buck may not get this role, he'll battle it out with Tony Hunt, and hopefully Hunt wins the job, even though I am a Buckhalter fan. The fact is though Buck just didn't get it done last year and he needs improvements. Also a big question mark is can he stay healthy again this season? I don't no we'll see, but Buckhalter has a great story and most fans respect and therefore he certainly deserves to play for this team, but he better improve and quickly because Hunt is sitting right there.

Young Gun:
Tony Hunt

The second best pick in the draft if you ask me was this "power" running back Tony Hunt. He is the man to finally be able to give us that first down and get us that one or two yards that we seem to somehow never get. Hunt seems to be able to fit in this system perfectly next to Westbrook in the future and I believe he'll be a big impact. Hunt will battle and may even win to play Over Buck, however right now I give the edge to Buckhalter.

Other Backs: Ryan Moats


Potential Starter: Nate Ilaoa

I think he wins the job. He can catch, run, block, and even has speed. I really love this kid and I think he's gonna be something special on this offense. I really believe he's an Eagle player and I think he wins the job because of it. It will end up being a three-way battle between Ilaoa, Tapeh, and Davis and they all have a legitimate chance to win the job. I think his speed and ability to catch separates him from Tapeh, and his ability to block and his weight makes him better then Davis, but we'll see.

Potential Starter: Thomas Tapeh

Tapeh rolled in as the starter last year and did a nice job. Don't be surprised if he's your fullback again next season. He does a tremendous job blocking. Many fans dislike Tapeh because of his inability to catch the football. He dropped quite a few passes next season and that's something Ilaoa likely won't do, which is why I give him the edge to start this season. However Tapeh is the still the guy right now and until Ilaoa or Davis wow's the coaching staff he'll remain it because of his great blocking. However his one-dimensional play style I'm not a huge fan of.

Potential Starter: Jason Davis

A kid not too talked about much is the undrafted free agent of last year Jason Davis. Also do not be surprised if he wins out the starting job. I don't no too much about Davis, but I looked into him a little and found a few nice things about him. A question for me is, his weight. He's 240 pounds, I'm sure he could get up to Ilaoa and Tapeh who are both high 240's and into the 250's, how good can Davis really block is my question about him. He seems to be a very nice prospect though, he catches pretty nicely and could end up being the starter for the Eagles come September, it will be a heavyweight battle to win the Fullback job.

Wide Receivers

Starter: Reggie Brown

He's coming into his third year, and we all no what that means for receivers. Can he be the guy to go to though? The Eagles are counting him to be and we sure hope he will. Brown has looked like a potential number one wide receiver. He looked outstanding last year and as a result led the team in yards and touchdowns receiving. Brown has great quickness and has a nice positive and friendly attitude. Out of the University of Georgia Brown has become a star in Philly and we all hope it continues into next year. Brown is a guy though I believe a lot in. I love his attitude, hands, and speed and I really think he can be the go to guy in our receiving core.

Starter: Kevin Curtis

One of the big off-season pickups Kevin Curtis received a six-year contract close thirty million dollars. Curtis adds tremendous speed to our youth receiving core. Curtis will likely help teach Baskett, Avant, and even Brown. Curtis has been maybe the best number three guy in the league. He has had to sit behind Bruce and Holt his whole career, he was supposedly the replacement for Bruce, and however Bruce has still decided to not yet retire. Then it looked like he would become a starter with his old coach Mike Martz and his offense in Detroit, however he ended up in Philly. Curtis showed he can be a starter, after Bruce went down a season ago Curtis stepped up to the plate and caught 900 yards as the number three receiver that season, and he didn't start every game either, that's tremendous. Curtis has been also known as a great red zone player catching many touchdown passes in St. Louis. I can't wait to see this guy in Eagles Green.

Potential Starter: Hank Baskett

This kid has the talent and physical ability to be a starter or even a number one guy in the nfl from my viewpoint. Him and Marques Colston were the best rookies last season at the receiver position. If Baskett started he probably would've put similar numbers. Baskett has the potential to be our deep threat has he caught two touchdown passes for over eighty yards last season. His power and speed are fantastic. Like Colston he is big and is very physical and then he'll also beat you with his speed. He uses both styles to make one and I love him. Baskett is a kid who I think is really rising and after finding this talent last year as a rookie he'll only get better down the line and I look forward to see his improvements this upcoming season.

Slot Man: Jason Avant

Called the next best slot receiver Jason Avant is expected to come through a little more this season. Avant had his moments last year, but they were mainly in pre-season. Avant stumbled a little in his first steps into the NFL, he got a legitimate shot at playing time when Donte went down with his injury. However he didn't step it up enough and ended up finishing the season with basically no playing time. I fully expect him to be out the disliked Greg Lewis for a slot spot this season. Avant is receiver the organization and I love. He has great talent and I really love the youth in this receiving core that he brings. The boy out of Michigan will step it up this year.

Other Wide Reciever: Greg Lewis

Starting Tight End: LJ Smith

LJ is coming to his final year on his contract, the Eagles will likely make a run at him, although I doubt the odds are in favor of the Scarlet Knight returning to the Birds. However LJ at times can be a top tight end in the league. He drops a little too many balls and needs to work on that this season. I think LJ can be a really productive player though and I hope he continues to fix his mistakes and become a better player. Smith or any tight end will also be important in our offense if McNabb is our quarterback, he loves throwing to his tight end. Smith is a very important part to the offense and hopefully he can stop the drops, pickup production, and have a nice season for the birds.

Backup Tight End: Matt Schobel

Matt was a nice pickup this past off-season. He started out very slow last season basically with no production. However when Garcia came in this guy came out of know where and was making big play after big play. Matt was a starter back in Cincinnati and is maybe one of the best number two tight ends in the league. He blocks tremendously well and catches pretty decent as well. Matt has some competition this season though newly acquired tight end via the NFL Draft Brent Celek, out of Cincinatti, will fight for that job. It will be interesting to see this season if he can produce like he did with Garcia with McNabb throwing to him.

Young Gun Tight End: Brent Celek

Offensive Tackles

Left Tackle Starter: William Thomas

William is a guy a lot of people wanted traded, mainly because of who's sitting behind. However the former first round draft pick by the Philadelphia Eagles has definitely lived up to expectations. He's become a pro-bowler and is maybe the best pass protection tackle in the game. However his run blocking isn't the best that prevents him form being considered with the elites like Jonathon, Orlando, and others. However William will remain an Eagle for at least another year as the front office doesn't believe Winston is ready to go yet. So until then William Tra Thomas remains with the organization.

Left Tackle Young Gun: Winston Justice

Winston didn't see any action last year and unless an injury occurs he'll once again sit on the bench again. After he waits it out though Winston is expected to be a great offensive tackle in the future. He was a second round pick last year after the Eagles traded up for him. He was supposedly a Top 15 pick, however fell into the second round. The Eagles wasted no time and grabbed him. Justice brings that youth needed into our depth that our two starting tackles seem to know lack as they both are in their 30's despite being one of the bets tandems in the NFL. Justice and Herremans plan to replace them well.

Starting Right Tackle: Jon Runyan

Runyan is a team leader and fan favorite. He steps up and supports are teammates and gets very physical at times with the other team. His attitude and leadership is something the Eagles fans love about him. His play also is just as outstanding. Runyan has been a pro-bowler and probably should've been last year. Many said he had one of his best seasons last year after many said he was just about washed up. William and Jon proved critics wrong last year by staying healthy and playing great. We all hope to seem the same this upcoming season from Big Jon Runyan.

Backup Tackle: Pat McCoy

Offensive Guards

Left Guard Starter: Todd Herremans

Todd showed his potential on our offensive line last year by playing at pro-bowl type level at guard last season. However don't expect Todd to stay at guard for long, once Runyan and Thomas say there farewells Herremans is expected to move over to right tackle and replace Big Jon Runyan. So then who replaces Herremans/ That is Max Jean-Gillies who might even push in training camp for the starting job this season, I wouldn't be shocked if he indeed did win the job. However Herremans played extremely well for his first year at a new position and showed he deserves a starting spot on this team. He is just one of many from his draft class that includes him, Mike Patterson, Trent Cole, Reggie Brown, and others who are already starting and doing a fantastic job.

Left Guard Young Gun: Max Jean-Gilles

Gilles is a guy I really love. He's very similar to Andrews. He has a ton of weight and the perfect height to be a fantastic guard in the National Football League. He was called the best guard coming out of college last year and we ended up trading up for Gilles, Gocong, and Justice all in the same draft. The Eagles seem to have a ton of potential starters from last year's draft class and Gilles is certainly one of them. I'm eager to see in the future what this kid can do for us. I think he has a ton of potential and Gilles and Andrews seems like a nice combo to me for the future.

Right Guard Starter: Shawn Andrews

Shawn "The Big Kid" Andrews in my opinion is the best offensive guard in the NFL. If he isn't now and then he certainly will be by the end of this year. He even has the potential to be the best offensive lineman in general in the NFL. The Eagles made a questionable move at the time trading up for the Big Kid, many fans wanted now Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams. However Andy Reid's pick has paid off. He started out with the Eagles a bit overweight, but we all remember his thumbs he gave the crowd on opening day in his rookie season when he injured and lost for the season. Shawn rebounded and performed maybe better then anyone the following year. Shawn made the pro-bowl last season and some call him the best guard in all of the NFL. Andrews is locked up until 2015 and I plan to enjoy every season he is an Eagle.

Right Guard Backup: Scott Young


Starting Center: Jamaal Jackson

LeCharles who? Boy are we all glad we didn't sign him when we had this Delaware State product as a diamond in the rough. Sports Illustrated and a few others rated Jamaal as the best center in the league last season magazines. Jamaal has really come through ever since the injury to Hank Fraley. Jamaal has been an outstanding product of our system and has not made too many mistakes even at his first games as center. The Philadelphia Eagles have built maybe the best offensive line in the league and many of our guys are young. With Jamaal, Winston, Shawn, Max, and Todd all nice young guys we are looking like the best offensive line in the league to come as well. It will be painful to say goodbye to Jon and William, but with these guys we'll be ready to go whenever they hang it up.

Backup Center: Nick Cole
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Defensive Ends

Starter: Jevon Kearse

The Freak is back. To me the second most important player on our defense, behind Dawkins of course, will get back onto the field this season hopefully better then ever. He was off to an amazing start last season until in all went down in flames in overtime of game two. I remember thinking man, If Trent hadn't gone offside, or if Michael had of held onto that ball, and a bunch of over things we would've been 2-0 and had the Freak going into the week three. However Kearse worked hard this off-season and is scheduled to participate in mini camps. He say's he's already 100% and just needs to add some weight and he'll be good to go. Jevon is my personal favorite player on the Eagles defense, notice the signature. I'm really hoping the best for this guy. Hopefully he'll lead our absolutely outstanding defensive line this season. I hope to see the Freak back in Hawaii and with a Super Bowl ring at the end of the season.

Starter: Trent Cole

Trent has earned his right as a starter after last season's magnificent season. It was tough for him to endure that many snaps so quick as you saw his production go down by the end of the season. But if our ends stay healthy he'll be able to produce like he did in weeks one through ten the whole season. Trent has been named a starter by the Philadelphia Eagles website's depth chart. Trent of course won't see as many snaps as a starter on a different as in Juqua is scheduled to come in for him. Trent is a real nice upcoming guy. A guy the Eagles nabbed in the fifth round by the way in 2005. Nice pick.

Defensive End: Darren Howard

Darren has lost his official starting job it seems, but this guy like Juqua will see plenty of snaps in game. Darren is a big physical guy who was called the best free agent pickup after Week Five. That soon ended as right after the infamous Cowboys game he was injured. Despite playing every game the rest of the season Darren's peformance continued to drop. Darren said at the end of the season he was dissapointed in himself. However I think Darren can rebound. If he's healthy and has his boys back I think Darren can be a force to be reckoned with on this Eagles defense, despite him being 31 years old. Even though it is clear Abiamiri was picked likely to replace Howard, or if Kearse is injured again.

Defensive End: Juqua Thomas

Juqua played absolutely fantastic last year and completes the four guys you'll likely see next year at the defensive end position. Juqua also finishes up the best defensive end tandem in the NFL in my opinion. Kearse, Cole, Howard, and Thomas. And Abiamiri for the future, wow. I am really excited to see these four guys get going it's going to be real nice to watch. Juqua brings a real nice third down presence and is locked in on the depth chart to come in for Cole. Meaning he'll see like Howard plenty of snaps despite not being a starter. Juqua held off being a possible starter somewhere to stick around with the team who gave a real nice chance to be an impact player. He was inked to a five year deal this off-season. Very nice move by the front office.

Young Gun Defensive End: Victor Abiamiri

A very solid pick in the second round Victor hails from the great Notre Dame. His presence was first felt there strong during his junior season where he was the force of the Notre Dame defense against USC in the almost shocking upset. Abiamiri was lined up against All-Pro Tackle Winston Justice, you may have heard of him, and slaughtered him. Victor had a sack that game and hurried the Quarterback the whole game. Abiamiri posted 8 sacks his junior year and had 10.5 sacks last season with the Irish. He also brings more leadership to the team. He was selected as one of 10 players into an honor of leadership after his junior season. He looks to be a great young kid and prospect.

Other Defensive Ends: Jerome McDougle

Defensive Tackles

Defensive Tackle Starter: Mike Patterson

Mike looked fascinating at times last year, but has some work to do as well. First though he'll get the double team off him that he had to carry last year from Brodrick Bunkley. Patterson was the Eagles first round selection in 2005 out of USC. He posted fascinating numbers there and is a youngster currently on the rise. I really like his potential and the potential of him and Bunkley together in the future. They have the tealent to be the best tandem in the league, can they both live up to their expectations is the question though. We all remember Patterson last year for his fumble return against the Niners, but he had many other great plays during the year as well. If Patterson works on some of his mistakes he might even end up in Hawaii at the end of the year.

Starting Defensive Tackle: Brodrick Bunkley

Brodrick has been named a starter and it is now his time to join the other top rookies including Ernie Sims, Ngata, Michael Huff, and others and prove to be a great pick. Brodrick has a lot on him this season. He came to training camp late after a holdout and never really got into NFL shape. However this off-season is different. He's alrady working hard to get stronger, and work on his technique. If Brodrick develops a good technique add that to his strength and you have maybe the bets defensive tackle in the league. Brodrick has tremendous talent and I really love the kid. He'll have two guys though fighting for the job with him though and he still needs to earn it. If has a bad pre-season/training camp then you'll likely see Reagor or now the newly acquired Ian Scott starting instead.

Defensive Tackle: Montae Reagor

Reagor was a nice pickup by the Philadelphia Eagles this off-season. He comes over to be an occassional down player who will see a lot of time though. He'll be coming in likely for Mike Patterson on certain downs. Reagor is a very mobile and athletic defensive tackle. The Eagles personally love those types. Patterson is very similair, but Patterson defenitley has more strength then Reagor. As Bunkley and Scott are both more run stopping type defensive ends. Reagor will be a very nice situational player who will be key in our rotation. He was a starter with the Colts for a few seasons until he was injured this season and was then replaced by Booger McFarland. Reagor now comes to the Eagles in hopes of a championship in Philly on a three year contract.

Defensive Tackle: Ian Scott

A starter in the Super Bowl on the Chicago Bears defense as a situational defensive tackle? Wow that just shows our depth at the defensive line. The Eagles have really stacked themselves up this season on this line. They saw how thier beloved positions stuggled last season and it certainly looks like it could be the best in the league next season. Anyways Scott is a very recent pickup in fact I'm writing this day we signed him! It's a nice pickup in my mind, not as good as Reagor but still a decent one. Scott is a nice run stuffer who will likely see the downs that Sam Rayburn saw last season. Definently an upgrade. With Scott in Rayburn is out and it solidifies the line.

Other Defensive Tackles: LaJuan Ramsey


Starting Strong Side Linebacker: Chris Gocong

Chris Gocong seems like the guy at strong side this season. Finally a true run stopping linebacker will be our guy next season. Gocong has such a tremendous talent it's amazing. I see this guy as the next All-Pro linebacker in the league. Gocong was the third round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles in last year's draft. He sat out this season with a shoulder injury and tsudied his new position and worked hard to be ready for this season in which he'll be the starting strong side linebacker. Gocong's intellegience, speed, and toughness is what strikes the Eagles organization. They absloutely love this kid. So much thta they've named him the starter despite never playing a down in the NFL or as a linebacker. Gocong was a defensive end in college, learning the transition was key during the last season. While everyone else was playing Gocong was studying his new position. Gocong weighs 265 pounds, built like Adualis Thomas of the Patriots and a guy who I think will really impact the Eagles 2007 season.

Starting Middle Linebacker: Jerimiah Trotter

Trotter has promised the team, organization, and fans that he'll be in the best shape of his life for this season. His ailing knees have been a problem for Trotter. The Axe Man has lost weight in hope of not putting osme much weight onto his knees. Trotter seemed to be slow on coverage and therefore will definently lose snaps to Omar Gaither, his future replacement. Gaither could be in there even more then Trotter this season. However I think Trotter still needs to be improtant for this Eagles defense. Trotter brings talent and leadership to this team and is very much important in our blitzing schemes and our stopping the run abilities. I look Trotter to bounce back this season.

Starting Weak Side Linebacker: Takeo Spikes

Takeo was the biggest pickup by the Eagles this off-season and was probably the best pickup in the off-season. He was traded for Darwin Walker and a conditional 2008 pick. Takeo is signed for two years so the Eagles are hoping Matt McCoy is still the future at this position. Takeo is already very popular in Philly, he's finally the pro-bowl type linebacker the fans have been wanting. Takeo is very athletic and played extrmemly well on the weak side in Cincinatti. He has been a more productive linebacker on the weak-side so the Eagles are trusting Gocong at Takeo's old spot. The Eagles were very impressed with the last few games by Takeo last season. He and the Bills made a playoff run last season and Takeo led the defense very well. Takeo adds another leader to our clubhouse. He badly wants to win I presume, since he's not once been in a playoff game.

Situational Inside Linebacker: Omar Gaither

Omar played outstanding when he got his shot last season on the weak side. However Omar will be moving to his prime position inside. The Eagles organization sees Omar Gaither has their future middle linebacker. Omar has a shot evne this season to take away the starting job from Trotter. If not though he'll still see a ton of snaps this season. Any coverage types plays Omar will be in there. Trotter was badly exposed last season in coverage and Omar did a great job playing coverage last season. Omar has a ton of upside and I really like him.

Backup Strong Side Linebacker: Stewart Bradley

Bradley was the Philadelphia Eagles first third round selection in this year's draft. He's a nice big linebacker who many thought would go higher. He was the best player on the board for the Eagles and they took him to be insurance for Chris or possibly eventually move to the middle. Bradley comes in weighing 255 pounds and is also a pure run stopping strong side linebacker. So we go from Dhani to Gocong and Bradley. The diffrence really isn't that Dhani can't play. It's that we finally have two guys now who actually are pure strong side linebackers. It's about time for Eagles fans. Bradley in my opinion was a bit of shocking pick, I certainly wasn't expecting but alos a decent pick in my mind because Gocong is still a risky player considering he was a defensive end in college.

Backup Weak Side Linebacker: Matt McCoy

McCoy has been criticized heavily and hasn't exactly lived up to his second round potential so far. He was givne the starting job at the beginning of the season and started out extremely well. However an injury to his shoulder stopped his nice play and he never played the same. I personally love the way the kid plays. He's tough and gives you that Eagles tougness when he's on the field. He forces a ton of fumbles and hits very hard. However his coverage abilities are a bit of a question mark. McCoy will likely be given another chance with the Birds, but unless an injury errupts, McCoy will be a special teams player this season and likely next. The front office still likes him, however he kind of blew his chance and may never get another shot.

Special Teams Linebacker: Tank Daniels


Starting Corner: Lito Sheppard

The Good Sheppard was the playmaker on the defense last season. His interceptions and exciting plays make him one of the best corners in the NFL. Lito has the speed and ability to play with almost any reciever in the league. Sheppard out of the University of Florida was a first round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles. He made his first pro bowl last season despite not playing in the first four games of the season. Lito's only real falw is his injuries. Lito got injured in the beginning of the season and during the playoffs he injured the playoffs. Lito skipped the pro bowl and missed the Eagles final game becuase of the injury. Hopefully Lito can bring back his presence next field and stay off the sidelines from injuries.

Starting Corner: Sheldon Brown

Sheldon's job supposedly could be taken. The Philadelphia Eagles expects competition from nickel back William James, a former starter of the New York Giants. Sheldon is a nice physical back, who's famous play of last season was the layed out hit on Reggie Bush in the Divisional Playoff Game. Brown and Sheppard together make what many called the best cornerback tandem in the NFL. To me the difference in both there play styles seperates them from the rest of the leauges tandems. You get Lito's quick and playmaking style and Sheldon's tough and physical style and you get two awesome corners on your defense. Sheldon, out of the University of South Carolina, was a second round pick by the Eagles and is currently locked for the decade and another few years. You'll see this tandem likely for many years to come.

Nickel Cornerback: William James

William James, formerly known as William Peterson, used to be a starter of the rivals New York Giants. Will, like Lito, has injury problems. Probably the only reason Will lost his job and was I believe released by the Giants was because of his injury issues. James still, if healthy, gives the Eagles a nice big physical guy as our nickelback. He'll be used a lot in games against the Giants, likely to cover Plaxico Burress, who Sheldon or Lito are not tall enough to cover. James is two inches taller then Sheldon, yet they weigh the same, but those two inches makes it very hard for Sheldon to cover Plaxico. James come from the University of Western Illinois and his a hometown player. He grew up in Pennsylvania in Uniontown. James recieved a one-year deal from the Eagles. James hopes to play well enough to regain another starting job either with the Eagles or another team in the future.

Other Cornerbacks: Rashad Barksdale, Joselio Hanson

Starting Free Safety: Brian Dawkins

Dawkins returns again as the leader of the defense and team. Maybe the most memorable player of all-time by the end of his career. Dawkins wants a super bowl ring and will do anything to get it. It fires the crowd, makes huge plays, and is maybe the best leader in all of the NFL. He continues to prove critics who say he is too old to be a premier safety wrong. Has he earned another pro-bowl honor last season. Dawkins continued to poor out hard hits and big plays last season. His sack against Quarterback Jason Campbell of the Washington Redskins last year as a huge play. Dawkins's speed is still outstanding and thw way he flies in on a blitz is phenomenol. Seeing him and Spikes coming after you next season could really frighten a defense, that's not even mentioning Gocong or the defensive line. Look for Dawkins to lead this defense next season as possibly a top five defense. They certainly have the talent to be a top five or ten at the least defense.

Starting Strong Safety: Sean Considine

Considine gained some weight this off-season and looks to improve from last season. I personally thought he ws pretty spectacular in coverage last season. Considine could still be the future replacement of Dawkins, depending on who their future draft picks are and CJ Gaddis. Considine's weight should help him tackle and be a better run stopper next season. If he cna do that then Considine will be a very good safety next season. Sean is a nicely built kid who is very intellegient and very speedy. Considine is another draft pick who is starting from the 2005 draft and comes from the University of Iowa. Considine was a guy I was not too high on until learning of his weight change. I still am not confient in him, but I'm willing to see what he can do next season. He at least deserves another shot, so we'll see what he can do.

Special Teams/Strong Safety: Quintin Mikell

Quintin has been called one of the bets special teams players in the league. He was a special teams leader for the Eagles and did another tremednous job last season. Sport's Illustrated named Quintin Mikell to their all-pro team as a Special Teams player. This off-seaso though Quintin may have gotten a chance to start on another team or at least compete for a job. However the Eagles had him in their plans for the future. Before Free Agency started the Eagles re-signed Quintin Mikell to a four-year contract. Quintin out of the Boise State University was an undrafted rookie free agent a few years ago. He has become a crucial part of the Eagles special teams and is future leader to come. Quintin could also see time as a linebacker, similair to the snaps Michael Lewis saw last season.

Young Gun Safety: CJ Gaddis

Gaddis was a guy many on this site was worth first round talent. However he slipped to the Eagles first pick in the fifth round. Many love the pick of Gaddis, I am one of them. I see Gaddis as a possible future replacement for Brian Dawkins. It's a bit ironic they both come from the same school. Gaddis is a very athletic safety. He is very fast and cover quite well. He can lso hit, but not to Brian Dawkins's ability. Gaddis I see a nice prospect with tremendous upside. Hopefully we'll be able to see Gaddis is some snaps this season. But if not he'll be a special teams player for at leats two seasons and possibly more likely.

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Special Teams/Conclusion


Place Kicker: David Akers

Akers looked like his old self finally last season near the end, however he won't have Koy Detmer next season. The word is that the Eagles are grooming A.J. Feely to be his holder this season. So that likely means Rocca won't have to hold if and when he wins the starting job. Akers though fro the most part last season was very inconsistent and hasn't looked the same since his injury a season and a half ago. I certainly hope the Kicker out of Louisville can return to close the form he had before that injury next season. Just look at him in practice and you can tell he can kick the ball still, I really don't no what has happened to Akers, I just hope he's back fro good this season.


Punter: Saverio Rocca

Rocca has been a widely talked about acquisition this off-season. He was signed a few weeks after the season's end after he supposedly punted a football 80 yards in front of the Eagles organization. The Eagles were so wowed by the punt they signed Rocca to a deal. I really believe he'll win the job, but he will have tough competition in Dirk Johnson. Rocca weighs 265 pounds, and I have read that his body is very beta up from the AFL, but I still think the Eagles will try a fake or two during the season. Rocca wasn't just an AFL, Australian Football League Player, but in fact a jugernaut in the league. He was an extremely opular and great player and even has a brother who may want to tryout for the NFL one day. Rocca is oldand a bit beaten up, but I expect to see some exciting things from this guy.

Other Punter: Dirk Johnson

Kick Returner/Punt Returner

Kick/Punt Returner: Jeremy Bloom

Jeremy Bloom another very intriguing special teams prospect was drafted by the Eagles last year to be a return specialist. Days after he perfomred at the Winter Olympics as a skiier Jeremy Bloom came to the combine and a ran a nice forty yard dash. Bloom is very speedy and the Eagles like him as their future returner. However Bloom was not ready to go and wasn't in football shape when he showed up to training camp last season. He has been working very hard this off-season to get him ready for this upcoming season. The returner from the University of Colorado performed extraordinarily well in college and the Eagles hoping for that type of impact from Jeremy in the NFL. He's another very exciting player to watch this upcoming season. Jeremy will likely be used as the Punt Returner, and according to the depth chart at the Philadelphia Eagles site Bethel Johnson will be the Kick off Returner. Of course we won't no for sure until week one comes.

Other Kick/Punt Returner: Bethel Johnson


Overall I really like the Eagles chances in the NFC this season. They have tremendous depth, veyr nice young players, and an exciting team. A lot depends on how the young guys like Bunkley and Gocong play, how the old veterans play; Spikes, Trotter, and Dawkins, the Quarterback Situation and how McNabb bounces back from last season's torn ACL, and how course if we can stay healthy. Right now I currently have the Eagles going 12-4, I think we lose a game or two we thought we'd win and I think we lose to the Pats. I really can't say wehether we'll lose any other game. We can beat the Saints, Bears, Jets, or Seahawks and we'll see what happens when those games come. Week 16 against New Orleans could be a key game for the playoffs setup, I'd really love to win that game.

I'll finish off this post with a small prediciton for Week One.

31 to 10

McNabb does play in this game but doesn't do much. Westbrook carries the load and gets two touchdowns and 130 yards in 21 rush attempts. Jevon Kearse comes back with two sacks, Takeo Spikes gets 9 solo tackles, and Sean Considine gets an interception. Also Jeremy Bloom returns a punt for a touchdown in the third quarter. The last touchdown as a 20 yard pass from McNabb to Reggie Brown. McNabb only gets 24 passing attempts and completes 14 for 196 yards. The Eagles look pretty good in their opener, especially their defense.
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There's alot of info, great post nonetheless, but I don't think they're plannin on having Ilaoa playing fullback.
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Awsome Posts, really every is going nuts, killing the inbetween time..
PS-What is TKO doing in his picture, lol
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That looks likes a good hours, worth of work, to say the bare minimum. Laughing
Good assessment, but a lofty prediction.
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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 11:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for taking the time to write all this! its very organized and has a nice lay out, great job, i cant believe you took the time to adresses so many positions with personal insight, AWESOME!
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stevec0008 wrote:
Awsome Posts, really every is going nuts, killing the inbetween time..
PS-What is TKO doing in his picture, lol

Don't know but as long as it isn't air guitar I'm okay.
Also, I think Tank Daniels has a better chance at the SAM position that Bradley; Jim Johnson, and Dave Spadaro have nothing but good things to say about him and from the way it sounds he has made huge strides.
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First of all great post...(must a take a day or so)
Atleast on paper, we have a very good team goin into the season...
Holpfully we have the team chemistry to make a run for a title.. Wink
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Great post Birdsfan06050, although I don't see Ilaoa playing FB.

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You know this team. again great post bud! thanks!

i dont like the statement under Victors little summary about the reference of Notre Dame as great, but other then that nice job, haha sorry Cant stand ND sooo overated IMPO

i was very shocked by how indepth you wrote about each player. you must really watch some eagles ! thanks again for takin the time, i had alot of fun reading through and comparing it to my feelings on each of those players, compare and constrast! i suggest you all do the same , its good over all practice

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tapeh wasnt a fullback in college was he? he was a not sure.

either way i think that ilaoa could transition to fullback, why not? hes already a big fella, he would just need to prove hes tough enough and willing to change positions.

if the transition went well for him, this offense would have a heck of a weapon at FB. he can run, he can catch, and he can learn how to block(if hes not a woman about it).
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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 4:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great post. wow. didnt know you are that bored lol.

Personally i think Ilaoa will stay at RB and go on IR, i just dont see him being the good blocker Tapeh is.

Tony Hunts right hand looks really weird in the picture

Rams vs. Patriots 17-20*; Panthers-Patriots, 29-32*, Eagles-Patriots 21-24*
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ibleedgrnTapeh was a RB in college,but he's the best blocking FB on our team
It took him a year on IR to become the FB that he is today.
I dont think the Eagles have the time to allow Ilaoa to understand the FB position, during the season,unless he goes on IR, which i do NOT want, so that why id like to keep him active, as a RB, and FB. A hybrid role, and also learning from Tapeh and Westbrook the nicks and nacks about being a RB/FB in the leauge.
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Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

First I'd like to say that Ilaoa is listed as a fullback, and I believe he is going to get a shot at the job. Do you really think the Eagles would draft this guy knowing if he was a running back he'd be the fifth one on the team.

I also am very high on this team, I like it almost as much as as our super bowl team. I think we got a real shot.
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