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A Helpful Guide to New Posters

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Joined: 27 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 2:05 am    Post subject: A Helpful Guide to New Posters Reply with quote

These tips are credited to titanrick, and this post largely to NC SacKing. This is mostly their work and their words, but they are both cool with letting others use it as well.

NOTE: This post was updated on 9 January 2008 to reflect a mod change.

When posting on the forums please take the following into consideration.

1. Check for duplicates. Try to add your comments to an existing topic if possible. While everyone here is interested in the draft and Free Agency, we have already had many discussions on who to cut, who we should resign, and who we should draft at 26. While I like to try and comment on as many subjects as possible, it can get boring to keep replying to the same topics. So please look on the first page to see if we already have a topic similar to the one you wanted to start, and add your ideas/comments to that.

2. Please keep the posts on topic. This is the Philadelphia Eagles forum. Unless your posts are related to the Eagles in some way, please don't post it in here. The best example of this is Free Agency. For instance, say you want to know how we would feel about trading for Tommy Kelly. Instead of just making a topic asking "Do you like him?", try to make it involved with the Eagles, perhaps by asking "We know Philadelphia had a ton of trouble stopping the run last season. Do you think Kelly would be a good acquisition for the Eagles? He's primarily used as a run stuffer in Oakland, so we know he's stout against it, and he's still fairly young (27). The Eagles could trade William Thomas to Oakland, who may accept it because they're so deep at DT/NT and thin at OT. What do you guys think?" See the difference there. One is ambiguous and hard to really discuss. The other is clear to understand, original, and sparks good discussion. The latter is what members are interested in discussing and help make Football's Future the best draft site around.

3. Strive for quality. Avoid starting a topic just to ask a question about something that can be looked up on Google in a few minutes. This is an important one if we want this site to be the best on the web. No one here knows everything so don't feel embarrassed about that. But rather than asking questions like "Who did Philadelphia pick in the first round of the 2001 draft?" or "How old is Donovan McNabb?", take some time to research it on the web and find your answer. Then, your post will be more insightful rather than asking questions which could be answered yourself.

4. Proof read your post. Everyone makes typos and misspells words. But take a minute to proof read and make sure your post makes sense. One of the most annoying things is reading a topic with grammar such as "Yo i HeAr dat wez gunna cut jerome mcdougle. bout time cuz he sux". The more effort you put in your posts, the more effort others will take to reply and the more they will respect you. It's hard to make a valid point when we can't understand what you write, so please do your best to have correct spelling and grammar.

5. Give your topic a descriptive subject which lets members know what they can expect in the post. Most people only read and post on topics that interest them. If you post a topic that says "What should we do?" or "Running Back", it's very vague and will not likely capture any attention. This is the case especially to non-Eagles fans who start a topic in here. A topic that just says "Bunkley" will get less looks and responses than one that says "Outsider's Question: How is Bunkley Performing?" Be specific with what you are asking or discussing, it also helps to rid of duplicate threads as well.

Finally, a few extra pieces of advice

Arrow We're all here to have fun and talk Eagles football. The main goal of this forum is to be able to talk about the Eagles in a friendly environment. If you disagree with someone's views, that's fine. Everyone is welcome to their opinion. But never take it to a personal level. Respect your fellow Iggles fan.

Arrow Don't be defensive If someone gives you negative feedback on your draft or idea, don't get defensive. No one around here is 100% correct about the Eagles, myself and BatCountry! included. Take it as the person is trying to help you out to make a better draft/idea and not to cut you down.

Arrow Never hesitate to talk to me or BatCountry! As the Eagles moderators, it's our responsibility to keep the forum clean of problems. If you have a problem, question, or issue with ANYTHING going on here, please PM one or both of us and we will help you. We want everyone to enjoy themselves here, and will do anything to ensure that your experience here is a happy one. If you don't yet have PM privileges and have an issue, don't worry about it. We check these forums frequently and most likely will see any potential problems before they get out of hand. Additionally, we have many posters here who are responsible and conscientious enough to help bring the problem to the attention of us mods as well. Also, if you do have an issue, it's always better to PM us. We don't like airing "dirty laundry" out in public or seeing it: it does the forum no good. PM us and we will get things resolved quicker and much easier.

This goes for anyone you have a disagreement with as well. If you feel that a poster has offended you, feel free to discuss the matter calmly with him through PM. Most often the case is a simple misunderstanding, a post made emotionally that the poster now regrets making, or that one/both of you didn't fully get their point across.

Arrow Realize that we do have to do "dirty work" sometimes. We will lock or delete threads that are duplicates, off topics, or not in line with any of the rules. We will delete posts that are inappropriate. If you break any of the rules repeatedly, you will get a warning. We don't do these things because we enjoy them or dislike you, it's simply our duty and we take it seriously. We are moderators and are tagged to perform those duties necessary to keep the forum a pleasant environment for all.

Arrow Please read and understand the rules

Forum Rules

Sig and Avatar rules

Again, welcome everyone to the forums. I hope to see all you new posters active in here and develop into model posters like our veterans, and continuing to make the Eagles forum the best forum on the site Cool
Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!

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Joined: 27 Jan 2006
Posts: 4677
PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To existing posters, how you can help make this forum a great place to discuss Eagles football:

1. Be a mentor, not a moderator. There are going to be a lot of mistakes made by new posters. Remember back to when you were a newer poster. We didn't always do things according to rules. We all had forum faux pas, but we learned from them and matured into the kind of poster expected on this site. What helps more than anything in this process is guidance from more experienced posters. When someone posts a duplicate thread, kindly point them to the newer thread. Several people responding with angry posts that the topic is "useless" doesn't do anything to make the forum better, it just scares away what could be a future Iggles Award winner, a poster who's future insight could make a tremendous impact on the forum. So let's help them get on the right track.

However, also realize that BatCountry! are the mods here. It's our decision to make on which threads are "worthy" of being on the Eagles forum or not. We choose when to lock a thread and when to issue warnings. While we deeply appreciate anyone who brings to our attention (through PM) threads that violate forum rules and need to be locked, posting within threads that they should be locked or that posters should be warned do nothing to help issues, they merely exacerbate them.

2. People will disagree with you - it's okay! There are hundreds of prospects out there, and hundreds of opinions on each of them. The only thing that can be agreed upon is that no prospect will have the same outlook from everyone on this site. Simply put, people will disagree with each other. What player should the Eagles take in the first round? Who is the best wide receiver in this draft? Everyone has an opinion, and some (or many) may disagree with you. That's good! That's what this forum is all about. This place would be very boring if everyone thought the same way about everything. It's through debate that we get excitement from talking football. I remember years ago BatCountry! and I had a debate on the merits of the 40 yard dash that spanned two or three weeks and several pages. Although it got heated, we both recognized the validity in each others' points, and never crossed the line or broke the forum's rules. The end result? We still both thought the other was (and is Wink ) wrong, but there was a lot of fantastic reading.

Quality debates and interesting discussions are why we're here. If someone wants to start a thread about a particular player or prospect and leads with an in-depth post on their merits, then let's engage them in discussion, and not be so quick to shutter them into generic threads that are already 10+ pages long. Remember, if a post isn't worthy of the forum's attention, then BatCountry! or I will lock it. Quality posts or interesting topics always find their ways back towards the top of the page.

3. Let bad threads die. Someone make a pointless thread? A duplicate thread? BatCountry! and I don't always have to lock it. If it falls to the bottom (or off of) the first page, then we all don't have to worry about it. If, however, it keeps getting commented on by posters here talking about how it's clogging up the forum, or isn't worthy, or is trolling, then it continually gets bumped to the top of the page. It only takes one poster to point out that a topic is bad, any more is overkill and is actually counter effective to your point. Instead, try shooting BatCountry! or I a PM with a link to alert us. That way we can more effectively do our duty to this forum.

There are many other ways to help this forum, but I feel these are essential to ensuring that the Eagles Forum maintains its place among the site's elite. We need your help to make it and keep it that way.

One more thing: Stay positive and have fun. That's what this site is all about! Very Happy
Think you know your Eagles? Sign up and try to beat my wife!
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