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ok go26's Mock Off-season Comp: Voting Thread
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Who's mock off-season is the best?
 3%  [ 1 ]
 11%  [ 3 ]
 14%  [ 4 ]
 7%  [ 2 ]
 18%  [ 5 ]
 7%  [ 2 ]
 11%  [ 3 ]
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 7%  [ 2 ]
 7%  [ 2 ]
fly eagles fly
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eagles for life
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Total Votes : 27

Author Message
ok go26

Joined: 27 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 11:20 pm    Post subject: ok go26's Mock Off-season Comp: Voting Thread Reply with quote

EDIT: So, collecting five out of the 23 eligible votes cast, FiLLiE pHaNaTiC is the winner of this year's mock off-season competition.

I just wanted to thank everyone who put time into these mocks for competing. It's awesome how many of you guys put an entry into this, so once again, thanks for making the time I put into creating this competition worth it. Who knows, maybe this thing'll come back next year. Wink


-If you cast a vote, please post who you voted for, as well as your reasoning behind the vote. Even if youíre a visiting poster from another forum, please provide a good reason rather than just clicking a button and then leaving. Any random votes would defeat the point of this competition.
-Do not vote for yourself.
-Voting is based on not only what would leave us with the best team, but on whether the mock is realistic due to the salary cap, our position in the draft, and even on whether our front office would realistically sign or draft a certain player. Please consider all of these factors when you place your vote.


Alright. Welcome to the official voting thread for ok go26ís mock off-season competition!

The main rules for this are above, I donít think there will be any more for now because I want to avoid boring you guys to death. Besides, the less rules, the more likely people are to read them all, right? The only other thing to point out is that this will run for a week, just like the submission thread. Anyway, there are a lot of good mocks on here. Iím excited to see how the votes end up falling.

On another note, the submission thread has now become the discussion thread. This thread will be primarily for voting. Also, all of the names of the posters who submitted mocks here are freakiní huge and bright orange, to facilitate navigation, as all you have to do to go from mock to mock is look for the orange thing (orange the color because most other colors were already used by mockers).

Have fun with this, guys, and good luck!


Projected Retirements:
Mike Bartrum - He had a great career as a TE/LS and I would love to see him stay, but unfortunately, injuries are tough and it's going to force him to retire.

Free Agent Signings
Of the UFA's, the Eagles will sign back...
-Donte Stallworth Dynamic receiver who could do wonders if McNabb and him are both healthy. Wants to be back, even for less $$$.
-Will James - Tallest corner, good for nickel package.
-Quintin Mikell - Good Special teams leader and player.
-Jeff Garcia - Wants to be back, great backup.

Other Free Agent Signings
-Terdell Sands - Monsterous size and hole clogging ability exactly what the Eagles are missing.

Round One
Michael Griffin - S - Top 3 Safetys in the Draft, great ability, speed, potential, and has a nose for the football.
Round Two *trade up with Walker/Jones to get a higher 2nd round pick.
Timmons -LB- Like what I see from him, great at the point of attack.

Round Two *trade to get a mid 2nd round draft pick
Brian Leonard - RB - Big back compliment to Westbrook.

Round Three *lost due to resigning of Stallworth, but trade for a mid 3rd round pick
Buster Davis - LB - Would be great if we got him here. Physical at the point of attack, exactly what is missing right now from our "D".

Round Four
Tim Crowder - DE - Big, Strong, fast. Force at the end.

Round Five
Syvelle Newton - WR - Played QB all through college at South Carolina, could be our wild card. He is a Antwaan Randel El kind of player, it would be nice to see some trickery in Philly!

Round Six
Markeece Preston - OL - The future Lineman we usually pick up.

Round Seven
Sam Olajubutu - DE - Sleeper Dlinemen, could play tackle.

Depth Chart

QB - McNabb, Garcia, Feeley
HB - Westbrook, Moats
FB - Leonard
WR - Stallworth, Brown, Baskett, Lewis, Avant, Bloom
TE - Smith, Shobel, Trannon
OT - Thomas, Runyan, Justice, McCoy
OG - Andrews, Hermanns, Gean-Jiles, Young
C - Jackson, Cole

DE - Kearse, Howard, Cole, Spencer, Crowder
DT - Patterson, Bunkley, Sands
WLB - Gaither, McCoy
MLB - Trotter, Davis
SLB - Timmons, Gocong
CB - Sheppard, Brown, James, Hanson
FS - Dawkins, Mikell
SS - Griffin, Considine

K - Akers
P - Rocca
KR/PR - Bloom

Anyways, this is what I have as being a (near) perfect off season. Laughing



The 2007 Birds Off-Season

Mike Bartrum

Donte Stallworth
Quintin Mikell
Will James
Jeff Garcia
Corell Buckhalter
Shawn Barber

Roderick Hodd
Michael Lewis
Reno Mahe Smile
Darwin Walker-Traded
Jerome McDougle-Released
Greg Lewis-Released
Juqa Thomas

Free-Agent Signings
Terrell Sands, DT, Raiders
Ike Reese, OLB, Atlanta

The 2007 NFL Draft
1. Michael Griffin, SS, Texas
2. (From Someone, Traded Up in the 2nd with Darwin Walker and our 2nd round pick for their 2nd, somewhere in the Top 10 of the 2nd round, Likely the Texans.)
-LaMarr Woodley, DE/OLB, Michigan
3. [(We'll resign Stallworth on March 1st, Smile] Tony Hunt, RB, Penn State
5. Prescott Burgess, OLB/ILB, Michigan (And I'm a Notre Dame fan, lol)
6. Tra Battle, S/CB, Georgia
6. (Trade Sam Rayburn and Our 7th) Mike Trannon, WR/TE

Depth Chart

QB: Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, AJ Feely, Chris Leak
RB:Brian Westbrook, Tony Hunt, Corell Buckhalter, Ryan Moats
FB:Thomas Tapeh, Nik Cole
WR:Donte Stallworth, Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett, Jason Avant, Mike Trannon, Jeremy Bloom
TE:LJ Smith, Matt Schobel, John Dorenbos
LT: William Thomas, Winston Justice
LG: Todd Herremans, Max Jean-Gilles
C: Jamal Jackson, Nik Cole
RG:Shawn Andrews, Scott Young
RT: Jon Runyan, Armstrong

LE:Jevon Kearse, Trent Cole
RE:Darren Howard, LaMarr Woodley
DT:Broderick Bunkley, LaJuan Ramsey
DT: Mike Patterson, Terrell Sands
WILL:Omar Gaither, Matt McCoy,
MLB:Jerimiah Trotter, Shawn Barber, Ike Reese
SAM:Chris Gocong, Dhani Jones, Prescott Burgess
CB:Lito Sheppard, Will James
CB:Sheldon Brown, Joselio Hanson
FS:Brian Dawkins, Quintin Mikell, Tra Battle
SS:Michael Griffin, Sean Considine

K: David Akers
P: Rocco
KR/PR: Jeremy Bloom

Another note: Workout an extension with LJ.

Note: This is the roster going into Training Camp not Opening day.[/quote]


Mike Bartrum LS

Juqua Thomas DE
Quinten Mikell S
Will James CB
Shawn Barber OLB
Koy Detmer QB/H

Dhani Jones OLB
Donte Stallworth WR
Jeff Garcia QB
Reno Mahe RB/KR
Roderick Hood CB
Correl Buckhalter RB
Micheal Lewis SS


Ian Scott DT 6'3 302 lbs
(Would contribute to our rotation, Plays bigger than what he really is, Good strength)
Strengths:Has great size and strength. A two-gap type. Has a quick first step and will penetrate at times. Will bull rush and drive his blocker back at times.
Weakness:Technically raw, with no real pass rush technique. Has battled with asthma and will wear down. Has limited range.

Tyrone Calico WR 6'4 220 lbs
(is taller, weighs more and is faster than Donte)
Strengths:Possesses an exceptional size-strength-speed combination. Has great body control and excellent straight-line speed. Can beat the jam on the line.
Weakness:Doesn't have great hands. A long strider who doesn't cut on a dime. Hesitates at times and doesn't always react quickly to the ball. Has a lot to learn about running routes.

TRADES:Darwin Walker to the Jets for their 4th Round pick

Round 1-Micheal Griffin S TEXAS 6' 205 lbs
(Possible starter at SS in his first year, and/or eventual replacement for Dawkins)

Round 2-Justin Harrell DT TENNESSEE 6'4 300 lbs
(Will need to Bulk up to be the runstopper we want)

Round 3-Tim Crowder DE TEXAS 6'4 270 lbs
(Bolsters depth at DE, adds youth, a good runstopper at DE, should be a steal in the 2nd)

Round 4-(From the Jets) Desmond Bishop MLB CAL 6'2 243 lbs
(Sleeper, could be the eventual replacement of Trotter)

Round 5-Matt Trannon TE/WR MICH. STATE 6'6 235 lbs
(Sleeper, Huge vertical, Will have to pack on weight for TE, will need to slim down for WR)

Round 6-James Marten OT BOSTON COLLEGE 6'8 307 lbs
(Could and should push for a #2 T spot, could be the eventual starter at either T, needs to bulk up for the next level)

Round 7-Nate Ilaoa RB 5-9 246 lbs HAWAII
(Big Back that everyone wants, Fast for a Guy his size, Good hands)

TRAINING CAMP DEPTH CHART(keep in mind this is the Training camp depth chart, and that during Training camp you can have as many players on roster as you want)







Players whose name look like this are rookies



Retiring: Mike Bartrum-TE/LS. I like him, but everyones career has to end sometime or another.

Players Re-signed:
Donte Stallworth-WR. When D-Mac was healthy, Stallworth was his favorite target. I can't see the Front Office upsetting Donovan by letting his go-to guy catch passes somewhere else. They re-sign him, and forfeit their 3rd round pick.
Quinten Mikell-S. Unbelievable skills on special teams and run coverage...enough said.
William James-CB. Proved this year that he's worth keeping around to play the nickelback position.
Koy Detmer-Holder/QB. He'll be back as a holder first, QB second.
Correll Buckhalter-RB. I think Correll owes it to the team to stick around, after they stuck with him through so many injuries.

Players Not Re-signed:
Juqua Thomas-DE. Wants starters money, and he'll get it, but not in Philly.
Shawn Barber-LB. He's a good player, just not the kind the Eagles want for now.
Jeff Garcia-QB. The Birds can't afford to pay a backup QB, starter's money. He's going to get a nice contract somewhere else.
Michael Lewis-S. He was a good player for a year or two. But he's done nothing to prove to the Eagles that he is worth keeping around.
Reno Mahe-KR/RB. Can't leave quick enough. I'm glad he's gone. Applause
Rod Hood-CB. Someone will pay him #2 CB money. However, it won't be the Eagles.

Dhani Jones-LB. THANK GOD! Dancing
Jerome McDougle-DE. I think he could of been good if his luck were better, but for now he's just taking up roster space. I can't see him being around for another season.

Free Agents Signed:
Saverio Rocca-P from Australia. He kicks bombs!
Terdell Sands-DT(OAK). He's the enormous monster we need in run-stopping situations.
Donnie Edwards-OLB(SD). The Chargers are expected to release Edward to make room for their younger, up and coming linebackers. He's the perfect fit for the Eagles, and he is a tackling machine. He led the Chargers with 142 tackles last season. Although he is old, he's got another year or two in him.
The Draft:
-Round 1: Michael Griffin-S(TEX) 6'0; 205 lbs. He's the perfect fit for the Eagles secondary. He can protect against the long ball, and come up and help the run. Let's hope he's there when the Eagles are on the clock.
-Round 2: Trade Darwin Walker and 4th Round pick to Arizona for their 2nd round pick
Lawerence Timmons-OLB(FSU) 6'3; 230 lbs. An absolute play-making animal. He'll be a star quick in the NFL.
-Round 2: Adam Carriker-DE(NEB)6'6; 295 lbs. Has proven he can carry his large frame very well. He's shooting up draft boards. He'll be competing for sigificant playing time in his rookie season.
-Round 3: Re-Sign Donte Stallworth.
-Round 5: Kenny Scott-CB(GT) 6'0.6''; 190 lbs. Runs a 4.4 in the 40. Has the size and speed to help contain Plaxico. If he proves himself in camp, he could be given a shot against him at some point during the season. Fundamentals do need work though.
-Round 6: Germaine Race-HB(PITT ST) 5'11; 225 lbs. Is a pure inside runner who accumulated 1,944 yards in DII this season, along with 31 TD. Although he is untested as far as competition goes, he is willing to run right at the line of scrimmage. He could be the short yardage guy the Eagles need.
-Round 7: Ben Patrick-TE(Delaware) 6'5; 270 lbs. Is not tremendously fast, but for a TE, and at 270, he runs very well. 4.85 in the 40. Great hands, never fumbled in his 4 years split between Duke and Delaware. Was a DII first team All-American. A great Special teamer in college aswell. He'll find a way to get on an NFL roster.

Depth Chart:

QB- McNabb, Feeley, Detmer
HB- Westbrook, Buckhalter, Moats, Race(R)
FB- Tapeh
WR- Stallworth, Brown, Baskett, Avant, Lewis, Bloom
TE- Smith, Schoebel, Patrick(R)
LT- Thomas, Justice
LG- Herremans, Jean-Gilles
C- Jackson, Cole
RG- Andrews, Young
RT- Runyan, McCoy

DE- Kearse, Howard, Cole, Carriker(R)
DT- Patterson, Bunkley, Sands, Rayburn, Ramsey
OLB- Gaither, Edwards,Timmons(R), Gocong, McCoy
MLB- Trotter, Gaither
CB- Sheppard, Brown, James, Hansen, Scott(R)
FS- Dawkins, Considine
SS- Griffin(R), Considine, Mikell

K- Akers
P- Rocca(R)...kind of
KR/PR- Bloom

*Players in Green are starters*

*****27 Offense+24 Defense+1K+1P= 53 players


***FiLLiE pHaNaTiC***

Retirement: Mike Bartrum


1.Donte Stallworth - completes the offense, and gives our team a certain dynamic that we've never had before: a speed demon who can actually catch the ball. Stallworth draws double coverage on deep routes, leaving all of the underneath stuff open for Reggie Brown, L.J., Westbrook, among others. The move to resign Stallworth won't allow the team to make many more free agent acquisitions though.

2. After everything Correll Buckhalter went through the past few seasons with knee injuries, it would be very easy to let him go. But, he proved that he can last a full season, (playing in all 16 games), and proved that when given the chance, him and Westbrook form a very capable one-two punch, (as evidenced in the game against the Giants at the Meadowlands).

3. I say resign Koy Detmer and bring him back to camp, especially since Garcia isn't retained. He can be our #3 QB, (really #2 because he has to hold, but incase McNabb goes down again, Feeley jumps right ahead of Koy and gets the start). As an added bonus, Akers kicks much better with him as our holder.

4. William James- won't cost much, and will become nickle back replacement for Rod Hood.

5. Quintin Mikell- very valuable special teamer, (ST captain), and is a capable fill-in at the safety position, and the only current backup safety on the roster.

Players Not Resigned

1. Michael Lewis- wants starters money and a starting job.. won't get either of that here.

2. Rod Hood- very good and valuable player, but he'll get a starting job, which he deserves, from another organization.

3. Juqua Thomas- is the hard one, since our organization values "the lines" very highly, but with a lot of money already digested in the defensive end position with Kearse, Howard, and Cole, there isn't enough money to pay Thomas.

4. Jeff Garcia- some team, possibly Minnesota, among others, will offer him a starting gig and a bigger contract than Philly. As much as he wants to return, with his mentality, I don't think he'd be able to pass up a starting gig, since he believes he's still a starter in this league, (which he is).

5. Reno Mahe- just doesn't cut it as a return man here anymore, especially with a healthy Jeremy Bloom.

6. Shawn Barber- Love him as a player, but he was nicked up way too much for my liking this past season, and I don't think our Eagles organization will let Barber take up a key roster spot with his age and health issues.

Players Traded:

1. Darwin Walker- Traded, along with our 7th Round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, for a 3rd Round Pick in the 2007 NFL Draft

2. Dhani Jones- Traded along with our 4th Round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft to move up to get a higher 4th Round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft

3. Sam Rayburn- Traded along with our 6th Round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft to move up to get a higher 6th Round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft

4. Jerome McDougle- Either traded for a 2008 NFL Draft pick in the 6th or 7th round, or flat out cut.

Players Released:

1. Dirk Johnson- Too inconsistent, Rocca out-kicks him in mini-camps and earns the punter job.

Free Agent Additions:

1. Rob Morris- Won't cost the Eagles much, is from BYU, (an AR favorite), can help teach Gocong the position and start if Gocong isn't ready. If Gocong is ready, he adds great depth to the SLB and MLB positions. Also, with Gocong being drafted in the 3rd round, and Matt McCoy in the 2nd round, the Eagles WILL NOT draft a LB, so this is the only move I can possibly see happening at the LB position.

2. Ian Scott- This signing gives the Eagles another good, young defensive tackle. He has a role on this team, especially with the deapartures of Walker and Rayburn. Even though he's only about 305 pounds, he plays aggressive for his weight, and is pretty good against the run. The additions of him and Soliai provides the Eagles with a better mix of DT's on their roster, as opposed to all small, pass rushers at the position.

3. Saverio Rocca- If he's anything like his other Aussie's, which I've heard he's just as good as, than he should be able to beat out a very inconsistent Dirk Johnson.

2007 NFL Draft:

1st Round: Adam Carriker DE, Nebraska (6'6", 295, 4.85)- With both Howard and Kearse over the age of 30, and Juqua Thomas not resigned, the DE position becomes a priority. If not so much for this year, but definitely for the future. Carriker and Cole will be a great duo for the future. Also, Mike Mayock annoucned that his stock has risen, so he will be a 1st round selection, and also that Carriker proved that he can play DE in a 3-4, 4-3, or even some DT in a 4-3. So there shouldn't be any doubts about this pick anymore, telling me he can only play in a 3-4 defense.

Note- If Michael Griffin is on the board, he's the pick with out a doubt, but I doubt he falls to #26.

2nd Round: Aaron Rouse, SS, Virginia Tech (6'4, 221, 4.50)- With Michael Lewis gone and Brian Dawkins aging, Rouse is a perfect fit for our defense. He's a HUGE kid, with excellent upside, and will supplant Considine halfway through the year as the starting SS. Our future pair of safety's will be Rouse at SS and Considine at his natural position of FS, once Dawkins hangs em up.

3rd Round (via D. Walker and our 7th): Fred Bennett, CB, South Carolina (6'1", 198, 4.45)- Big, fast corner who adds depth to the Eagles secondary, with the loss of Rod Hood. Can become the nickel CB incase Will James gets injured or Hanson doesn't take the next step.

4th Round (via trade up of D. Jones and our 4th): Clark Harris, TE, Rutgers (6'6", 260, 4.80)- With the retirement of Mike Bartrum, the Eagles need a 3rd tight end. Also adds some insurance incase L.J. Smith isn't resigned by next season, (coming from L.J.'s alma mater). Harris can also long-snap, a definite need.

5th Round: Paul Soliai, DT, Utah (6'4", 334, 5.05)- With the addition of Soliai and Ian Scott, the Eagles have some young run-stuffers, to go along with Bunkley, Patterson, and Ramsey

6th Round(via trade up of S. Rayburn and our 6th): Nate Ilaoa, RB, Hawaii (5'9", 248, 4.70)- Here's the "big back" all of the Eagles fans have been looking for. For a man his size, he also has great hands, a must in Andy Reid's offense. Ilaoa adds something the Eagles offense lacks, while fitting the system perfectly. (67 catches, 837 yards, 5 TD's) for a man that size! Also, Ilaoa is a value pick at this point in the draft, since he can possibly fill a need, so if he doesn't pan out, it's not a big worry.

Depth Chart:

QB: 1. Donovan McNabb 2. A.J. Feeley 3. Koy Detmer

RB: 1. Brian Westbrook 2. Correll Buckhalter 3.Nate Ilaoa 4. Ryan Moats

FB: 1. Thomas Tapeh

WR: 1. Donte Stallworth 2. Reggie Brown 3. Hank Baskett 4. Jason Avant 5. Greg Lewis 6. Jeremy Bloom

TE: 1. L.J. Smith 2. Matt Schobel 3. Clark Harris

OG: 1. Shawn Andrews 2. Todd Herremans 3. Scott Young 4. Max Jean-Gilles

C: 1. Jamaal Jackson 2. Nick Cole

OT: 1. William Thomas 2. Jon Runyan 3. Winston Justice 4. Pat McCoy

Total for Offense = 27 Players

DE: 1. Jevon Kearse 2. Darren Howard 3. Trent Cole 4. Adam Carriker

DT: 1. Mike Patterson 2. Broderick Bunkley 3. Ian Scott 4. Paul Soliai 5. Lajuan Ramsey

LB: 1. Jeremiah Trotter 2. Omar Gaither 3. Rob Morris 4. Matt McCoy 5. Chris Gocong 6. "Tank" Daniels

CB: 1. Lito Sheppard 2. Sheldon Brown 3. William James 4. Joselio Hanson 5. Fred Bennett

S: 1. Brian Dawkins 2. Sean Considine 3. Quintin Mikell 4. Aaron Rouse

Total for Defense = 24 Players

K: David Akers

P: Saverio Rocca

LS: Clark Harris

KR: Jeremy Bloom

PR: Jeremy Bloom

Total for Special Teams = 2 Players

Offense (27) + Defense (24) + Special Teams (2) = 53

P.S.- With the criteria and what we're supposed to be graded on, I think this is a very strong offseason. Take into account, that the grades are supposed to be based on if the mock is a) realistic and b) beneficial for our team.

The players, and the amount of players, resigned is very realistic, and they all have their benefits. The players I have leaving are for good reason, and even though I HATE not resigning J.Thomas, it wouldn't be realistic to resign both him and Stallworth.

With the draft, you know that the Eagles will be looking for a DE prospect to team with Cole for our future. We need a SS to replace the departure of Lewis, and one to play SS once Dawkins retires, turning Considine back into his better fit at FS. The Eagles value CB highly, and Fred Bennett is from SC, same school as Sheldon Brown, and provides the size that we desperately need. Harris fills the 3rd TE spot, and also is insurance incase L.J. doesn't get resigned. He can also long-snap. Soliai fills a big need in which he can actually stop the run. Iloao is the "big back" we need, and it's a very reasonable spot, since the Eagles FO doesn't generally use a high pick on the RB position, especially with all of the defensive needs that they have.

One last thing. With my trades of some of our players, that is actually very realistic. The Eagles FO has a knack for trading players in order to move up if they really like some players, (i.e. Hollis Thomas, Artis Hicks).

Good luck to all, and remember to vote on realism and how beneficial the mock off-seasons are to our team, (i.e., not only for this season, but with how much cap room you assume we'd have for the upcoming season as well).



Mike Bartrum - Dorenbos did well this year, and Mike leaves with class after a great NFL career.

FA: Let Go/Release
Shawn Barber - Solid in coverage, but with all of the young guys on our roster he is let go to make more room.
Koy Detmer - We only brought him back for the playoffs, so Koy goes unfortunately.
Roderick Hood - Hood will get a large contract from a struggling team and become a starter like he deserves. This guy has worked hard to get himself into this position and deserves it, especially after going undrafted.
William James - Was solid, but did not make enough plays to warrant a new deal.
Michael Lewis - All but out of the nest.
Rerno Mahe - One of Reid's favorites, but it's difficult to imagine us resigning him and having him take up a roster spot again.
Quintin Mikell - Money is the issue here. The Eagles will pay him, but they won't give him a starter's salary. Mikell not only wants a starters salary, but a starting job. Both are something the Eagles can't offer him, so he leaves and competes for a starting spot somewhere else.
Donte Stallworth - This one kills me, but we have to look at the facts. In a weak crop of WRs in the FA pool, Stallworth has the opportunity to make some big bucks this offseason. While the Eagles obviously saw something in him to make the trade, especially since this team treats draft picks like gold, they have to let him go because of the money. We still have Reggie (who the Birds still think can be a legit #1), Baskett, Greg Lewis, and Jason Avant, plus another roster spot for Jeremy Bloom. Thats 5 WRs already, and with LJ Smith's contract negotiations approaching, Stallworth won't be able to get the deal he wants from the Eagles. I predict Stallworth landing in a place like San Francisco, where they need a speedy WR to stretch the field. He gets a 4-5 year deal from them that will give him $5+ million a year (he will be overpaid) so that defensive guru Mike Nolan can draft defense with his first 2 picks.
Darren Howard - The guy completely disappeared the last half of the season. His upside is gone, he hasn't produced the past 2 season, he has an injury history, he's getting older and is on the decline. The Eagles brought him in to see if he could revitalize his career and he proved this season that he's only a backup at this point. He's a very expensive backup for us, so we let him go to free up some cap room.
Jerome McDougle - Has not produced at all and is just taking up a roster spot. The team has been patient with him, but in a 'what have you done for me lately' league, McDougle has not produced in the opportunities he's had. The Eagles release him after resigning Thomas.

FA: Resign
Jeff Garcia - Signs a 2 year deal with an option for a 3rd to remain in an Eagles uniform; he will retire as an Eagle.
Correll Buckhalter - The coaching staff has shown a lot of loyalty to him in the past, and I doubt that will change after a great season by him. He will play thunder to Westbrook's lighting for another 2 years.
Juqua Thomas - He has outperformed guys like Howard and McDougle, and still has a little upside. He warrants a new deal even if he doesn't start because of the edge he brings to the DE rotation off the bench. We sign him to a 3-4 year deal.

Sign - One or two anonymous FA, one at DT and one at CB. Terdell Sands could resign with the Raiders, but if he doesn't its going to be because he wants a job as a full time starter, something the Eagles can't promise him. Another big body is Robaire Smith from Tennessee but they had serious troubles vs the run this season and he didn't help their defense too much in that regard, which is something we would need from him. I believe the Eagles play it safe this offseason and sign career backups on defense for depth purposes. i'm not trying to be negative here, just realistic. We only have $12 million in cap room, and if the Eagles don't do much with $24 million, imagine how inert they're gonna be with 12...


1. Michael Griffin, S Texas
Not an unrealistic possibility. Safeties don't usually fare well in the draft, since premium players on offense and defense (QB, WR, OT, DE, DT, 3-4 OLBs, CB) dominate the first round. Especially with Landry and Nelson in this same draft, the chance that 3 safeties are picked with the first 25 picks is very unlikely, especially since you expect at least 3-4 players to shoot up draft boards at the skill positions after the combine. It might not be Griffin, but one of the top 3 safeties in this draft IS going to fall to us, the question is, who? Either way we lock up S for years with whoever we choose. I would prefer Griffin, but you never know.

2. Tony Taylor, OLB Georgia
As much as it pains me to say it being a Yellow Jacket, we should draft this Georgia Bulldog. When I've seen UGA play down here, he's been a solid player, but you always got the feeling that with a little extra coaching and without that big injury he suffered he would be a real force. He's yet another one of those athletic SEC LBs and I'd compare him favorably to Odell Thurman (Thurman was more of a big-hitting loose cannon, but both play bigger than they are and play the run/pass equally well). He's 6'1" 240ish, but he plays bigger than that, and although he played WILL in college, I think he could project nicely to SAM LB. The only thing that has held him back is that knee IMO. At the very least he'll give Gocong one hell of a competition. While you would like to have a sure thing at LB to start the season, this way we'll have Gocong/Taylor at SAM, Trotter/Gaither at MLB, and Gaither/McCoy all battling it out in training camp. That's alot of young promise.

3. Tim Crowder, DE Texas
Bring another longhorn into the fold. He's solid against the run, has good size for a DE, and has proven that he can also rush the passer this season. He will backup Howard at left DE, while Kearse splits time (still recovering from injury) with Cole on the other side.

4. To Saints

5. DeAndre Jackson CB, Iowa State
Have not seem him play much, but the guy has good measurables and solid speed. At this spot I think we'll draft a larger CB to match up against WRs like Plexiglass etc.

6. Stanley Doughty, DT South Carolina
Big run stuffer who has had weight problems. At 6'1" and 331 however, he could be a great fireplug for us if he is fired up and coached up.

7. Nate Ilaoa, RB Hawaii
Whenever Hawaii plays on national TV I love watching this guy because he's a big guy with such quick little feet. He will never be a starter because of his lack of speed, and he doesn't break as many tackles as you'd like, but he will be a big body for us near the goalline.


QB: Donovan McNabb / Jeff Garcia / AJ Feely
RB: Brian Westbrook / Correll Buckhalter / Ryan Moats / Nate Ilaoa
FB: Thomas Tapeh
WR: Reggie Brown / Hank Baskett / Greg Lewis / Jason Avant / Jeremy Bloom
TE: LJ Smith / Matt Schobel
LT: Tra Thomas / Winston Justice
LG: Todd Heremans / Max Jean-Gilles
C: Jamal Jackson / Nick Cole
RG: Shawn Andrew / Scott Young
RT: Jon Runyan / Pat McCoy

RE: Trent Cole / Juqua Thomas
DT: Mike Patterson / Sam Rayburn / Stanley Doughty
DT: Brodrick Bunkley / Darwin Walker
LE: Jevon Kearse / Tim Crowder
WILL: Omar Gaither / Matt McCoy
MLB: Jeremiah Trotter / Omar Gaither
SAM: Chirs Gocong / Tony Taylor / Dhani Jones
CB: Lito Sheppard / Anonymous FA Backup (see above) / Joselio Hanson
CB: Sheldon Brown / DeAndre Jackson
FS: Brian Dawkins / Sean Considine
SS: Michael Griffin / Sean Considine



Mike Bartrum

Will James
Quintin Mikell
Shawn Barber
Jeff Garcia
Correll Buckhalter
Jon Dorenbos
Pat McCoy

Not Re-signed
Donte' Stallworth
Michael Lewis
Roderick Hood
Juqua Thomas
Reno Mahe
Koy Detmer

Other UFA Signings
Andre' Davis (WR... Bills)
Rob Morris (SLB... Colts)
Jarret Johnson (DE... Ravens)
Michael Lehan (CB... Dolphins)

Jerome McDougle

2007 Draft Picks

Round 1: Michael Griffin - S - Texas (6' 205 lbs)

Strengths: Intelligent with top notch on-field awareness, aggressive; flies around the field; loves to deliver the big hit; solid tackler; athletic; agile; plays the pass like a CB and can match up 1-on-1, if necessary; understands how to play the angles; very good in coverage; can make plays on the ball; superb ST; very productive college career at a big-time school

Weaknesses: Average size and speed (4.5); overall strength (which doesn't make him a powerful tackler and will cause a mismatch when he's covering a bigger, stronger TE)

Overall: Michael Griffin will be a phenomenal cover safety in the NFL and B-Dawk's eventual successor at FS. While his speed doesn't jump out at you, he plays angles and sifts through traffic so well that he actually plays faster than his timed speed might indicate. Rest assured, this kid can play and will be a Pro Bowler, IMO. But for his first year or so, he'll play ST and some situational FS, all the while learning from one of the best to ever play the position.

*Package Dhani Jones and 2nd round pick to move up in round 2*

Round 2: Brian Leonard - RB - Rutgers (6'1" 225 lbs)

Strengths: Jack-of-all-trades RB who was born to play in Andy's WCO; runs a 4.5; powerful runner; very soft hands; always keeps his legs moving; smart; selfless and 100% team-oriented; has a real love for the game; impressively agile (see: Leonard Leap) and fairly elusive for a guy his size; played FB senior year in college and is a capable blocker

Weaknesses: Every-down NFL RB or a player who will only fit in with certain packages?; takes too many hits; must play in the right system in order to showcase his wide array of talents and be productive

Overall: This is the kind of player Andy Reid has wet dreams about. He can do it all out of the backfield and is another weapon tailor-made for the Eagles' style of WCO. Think of him as a poor man's Brian Westbrook, but still a fantastic football player, nonetheless.

Round 3: Zak DeOssie - ILB - Brown (6'4" 250 lbs)

Strengths: Great size and speed (4.6 range) to play MLB; surprisingly athletic; tough and isn't afraid to play with pain; experienced; smart (duh); excellent on-field awareness; tremendous range and can go sideline-to-sideline; versatile (can play SLB and maybe even some situational DE); knows how to be the leader of the defense; absolute tackling machine; gotta like the pedigree (his dad, Steve, played in the NFL); been easily the Ivy League's best defensive player for 3 straight years

Weaknesses: Level of competition; doesn't always look fluid; coverage skills?; some injury concerns (knee, shoulder)

Overall: Trotter's successor, and he might even take over sooner than you think because I have no doubt he'll learn JJ's system very quickly. I know this is a bit of a surprising pick, but the kid's the real deal. And if you want even more of an endorsement, Bill Belichick wants this kid about as bad as he's ever wanted a player.

Round 4, pick 1: Given to Saints as part of Stallworth deal.

*Trade Sam Rayburn and 2008 5th round pick to move into Round 4*

Round 4, pick 2: Daren Stone - SS - Maine (6'3" 220 lbs, 4.5)

Round 5: Xzavie Jackson - DE - Missouri (6'4" 285 lbs, 4.81)

Round 6: Ola Dagunduro - DT - Nebraska (6'2" 300, 5.05)

Round 7: Andy Alleman - OG - Toledo (6'4" 300 lbs, 5.0)

2007 Depth Chart

QB: McNabb/Garcia/Feeley
RB: Westbrook/Leonard/Buckhalter/Moats
FB: Tapeh/Leonard
WR: R. Brown/Baskett/Davis/Avant/Lewis/Bloom
TE: Smith/Schobel/Vickers
LT: W. Thomas/Justice/P. McCoy
LG: Herremans/MJG/Alleman
C: Jackson/Cole
RG: Andrews/MJG/Alleman
RT: Runyan/Justice/P. McCoy

DE: Kearse/Cole/Howard/Jackson/Johnson
DT: Patterson/Walker/Bunkley/Dagunduro/Ramsey
SLB: Gocong/Morris/Daniels
MLB: Trotter/DeOssie/Barber
WLB: Gathier/M. McCoy/Barber
CB: Sheppard/S. Brown/James/Lehan/Hanson
FS: Dawkins/Griffin/Mikell
SS: Considine/Stone/Mikell

K: Akers
P: Johnson/Rocca
LS: Dorenbos
KR: Bloom/Davis
PR: Bloom/Westbrook
ST Captain: Mikell



Mike Bartrum LS-one of the best but injuries force an end to his career.

Donte Stallworth WR-would big andy really waste a 4th round draft pick for one year?

Will James CB-need a bigger corner to match up against NFC east WRs

Shawn Barber OLB-locker room guy, still has a litl football left in him. could be easily cut in preseason if there is no more room at LB

Koy Detmer QB/H-no dirk left to hold the ball incorrectly. akers likes koy and that means so should all of us.

Jeff Garcia QB--why have a controversy???

Reno Mahe RB/KR--i liked him better when we where calling him "underpants"

Roderick Hood CB--starter money somewhere else

Correl Buckhalter RB--hell of a warrior, but its come time to part ways. this is a business you know.

Micheal Lewis SS--im sorry to see it. he was such a promising young player(2004 probowl), but we all heard the interviews.

Juaqua Thomas--will get starter money somewhere else like hood

Quinton Mikell S--personally i really like him, but we let ike reese go and it didnt kill us

Dirk Johnson P--with rocca and koy why have a guy who cant hold and cant kick past 40 yrs?

Ken "Hammer" Hamlin S-limited cap room, perhaps, but this guy can play ball. good all round safety. will heal that wound at SS imediately.

Sav Rocca P-even though he is older now, i believe that his punts will still graze the stratesphere.

"some blocking tightend"-eagles just need a guy to come in for goal line to help out blocking, also for depth in case someone goes down.

Round 1-Micheal Griffin S TEXAS 6' 205 lbs(eventual replacement for Dawkins. great all round DB, can cover, blitz, and help in run support. needs to get bigger. Special teams specialist, will help tremenduously imediately.)

Round 2-Brian Leonard RB Rutgers 6'2 235 lbs(awesome showing at senior bowl, can run, catch, and block very well. lost weight but will gain it back in muscle before season starts)

Round 3-Anthony Waters MLB Clemson 6'3 235 lbs(good speed and strength with lots of intangibles. has frame to get bigger, and will have plenty of time to learn the defense and recover from ACL tare on eagles roster)

Round 4-To the Saints (resign stallworth in FA)

Round 5-Jacob Ford DE Central Arkansas 6'5 240 lbs(can anyone say trent cole?)

Round 6-Daren Stone S Maine 6'3 221 lbs(big body who is decent in coverage. stands out on special teams, and could excell at stepping up in the box)

Round 7-Marquice Cole CB Northwestern 5'10 195 lbs(fast with a solid frame and is not affraid to tackle. could step up and compete for the nickel/dime spot with decent coverage skills)


TE:Smith/Schobel/some tightend





My offseason

Mike Bartrum LS

Juqua Thomas DE
Quinten Mikell S
Will James CB
Koy Detmer QB/H

Donte Stallworth WR
Jeff Garcia QB
Reno Mahe RB/KR
Roderick Hood CB
Correl Buckhalter RB
Micheal Lewis SS
Sam Rayburn DT
Shawn Barber OLB
Jerome Mcdougal DE

Seth Payne DT
Rob Morris OLB
Saverio Rocca-P
Marcel Shipp RB

Trade the 26th pick and Dhani Jones OLB to Tampa Bay for the 36th and 64th picks (draft chart value we trade about 750 points for 800). Trade because of the depth of talent in the DB and DE positions. Then Trade Darwin Walker to acquire a 3rd in 2008.

2nd Charles Johnson DE Georgia
2nd Fred Bennett CB South Carolina
2nd John Wendling S Wyoming
3rd Johnny Lee Higgins WR UTEP
4th to the saints
5th Dallas Sartz OLB USC
6th Louis Leonard DT Fresno St.
7th Zak DeOssie MLB Brown



TE Mike Bartrum - His injury will force him to retire.

Free Agents Signed:
Donte Stallworth - I think in the end. The Eagles will cut some dead weight or trade it to make up some cap room and give Donte the type of money he is looking for. There's no question he was a big part of our team and they realize this.

Will James - Losing Roderick Hood will hurt and he will be re-signed cheap to be our nickel cornerback.

Quentin Mikell - He's a great ST player for us. He provides great depth for us if he would of started a couple games last year I think he would have gotten a deal much like Marlon McCree did, but he didn't and I think teams will pass over him.

Correll Buckhalter - I think Buck will be back. He will test out the market and realize no one is going to give him big money for a injury case with 3 or 4 (I lost count) knee surgerys. He will stay with the Eagles.

Koy Detmer - Holder, knows our system cheap. Will come back

Ike Reese - We let him go and Atlanta hardly used him besides on special teams. He knows our team very well and will be a welcome addition back with us.

Tony Parrish - A veteran S who no one really wants. Eagles give him a nice one year deal

WR Greg Lewis
DE Darren Howard

2007 NFL Draft-
Round 1- LB Lawrence Timmons Florida State
I have my own feelings on this one but I think Timmons will be the pick here. He's a very athletic LB something the Eagles can really use.

Round 2- CB Fred Bennett South Carolina
A great corner that we can use. Sheldon Brown has been constantly getting torched. We need some depth there and Bennett will come in and compete with Will James for the nickel spot.

Round 3- Given to the Saints for Stallworth

Round 4- TE Ben Patrick Delaware
Had a very impressive East/West and Senior Bowl games. Stood out made catches. Can be a great young TE to develop behind LJ.

Round 5- DE Justin Hickman UCLA
Hickman had a very good East/West game and a pretty good senior season to top it off. Had 19 tackles for a loss and 12.5 sacks his senior year.

Round 6- DT Paul Soliai Utah
Big ol' buddy in the middle. I think Rayburn might be on the move and he will be our 4th DT and learn behind the guys infront of him.

Round 7- RB Nate Iloha Hawaii
Big power back, fills the need we have there.

Depth Chart
QB - McNabb, Feeley, Detmer
RB - Westbrook, Buckhalter, Iloha, Moats
FB - Tapeh
WR - Stallworth, Brown, Baskett, Avant, Bloom
TE - Smith, Schobel, Patrick
LT- Thomas, Justice
LG- Herrmans, Jean-Gilles
C- Jackson, Cole
RG- Andrews, Young
RT- Runyan, McCoy

DE- Kearse, Cole, McDougle, Hickman
DT- Patterson, Walker, Bunkley, Rayburn, Soliai
WLB- Gaither, McCoy, Reese
MLB - Trotter, Gaither
SLB- Jones, Timmons
CB- Sheppard, Brown, James, Bennett, Hanson
FS- Dawkins, Mikell
SS- Considine, Parrish

K - Akers
P - Rocca
KR/PR - Bloom[/b]


***fly eagles fly***


Mike Bartrum: He's gotten too old and now he hurt his neck. We now have two good receiving TEs and a good longsnapper in dorenbos. He knows that his odds aren't going to be that great to make a big comeback especially if his neck is bothering him.


Quintin Mikell: He's our new special teams stud and has already shown that he can play safety in the NFL and make a tackle (his big interception on Shockey in the end zone a year or two ago and his big fourth down stop on marion barber this year). He's undersized but he plays like he's much bigger than that. Willl be very useful to the team.

Koy Detmer: He needs to be our holder when we sign Rocca and Dirk Johnson leaves. Akers seems to play better when Detmer holds.

William James: With Hood departing we need a nickel corner because Hanson is not ready yet. James is our tallest corner and has experience parting for the Giants when their secondary didnt suck.


Saverio Rocca, P AFL: Australian Football Leaguer with hell of a leg. Goodbye Dirk Johnson.

Ike Reese, MLB Falcons : He was a huge locker room presence and our special teams went down hill after he left and went to the falcons. Mikell is our special teams captain now but Reese should really help out.

Terdell Sands, DT Raiders : He's a huge DT at 6'7" 335 pounds and is young at the age of 25. He's a load up the middle and can shut down the middle which we will need when we have to stop Deuce, Brandon Jacobs, Marion Barber, Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown, Shaun Alexander, Corey Dillon, and Chester Taylor next year (all of those are big backs that are going to be starting when we play them next year) and we can't stop them now

Ron Dayne, RB Texans : He's a former Heisman trophy winner and the all time leader in NCAA division 1A for rushing yards. He's load at 5'11" 245 pounds and has great speed for a guy his size (i think he ran about a 2.6) He has played well for the Texans when they let him play after a round of injuries for their running backs. Considering that the Texans will probably draft a RB in the draft, he will be expendable. He shouldn't cost that much and could do wonders for this team.

Jerome McDougle: We need room on the roster and he makes too much money for a 3rd string DE
Shawn Barber: We need room on the roster and he's the odd man out. He's the third string WILL after two young promising talents
Correll Buckhalter: Will get an opportunity somewhere else and the eagles will sign ron dayne to be the power back. good luck correll
Jeff Garcia: Somebody will pay him a lot of money to go bring their team back alive (Vikings- if they draft Dwayne Jarrett)
Rod Hood: Will get paid a lot of money to start at corner somewhere
Michael Lewis: Eagles clearly don't want him anymore despite great talent. will get paid a lot money
Mahe: With Bloom ready, the coaches (despite Andy Reid's obsession) decide to let him go
Stallworth: With a weak WR free agent class, he gets paid 8 million a year to go somewhere else and we cannot afford that much
Juqua: Gets offered money for a team with a 3-4 defense (San Diego or Baltimore) and records a lot of sacks next year


We trade our 26th pick in the nfl draft to the Buccanners for the 36th pick (2nd round) and the 100th pick (fourth round)
We trade our 58th pick and Ryan Moats to the Bills for the 44th pick of the NFL draft
our draft picks

2nd: Robert Meachem (WR, Tenn): He may be available right here and i don't see us getting stallworth back with the poor wide receiver free agents which will drive his price way up and he wont be back because as much as i and most of you like to believe it, the money is all that matters to the majority of these people. He's got great size at 6'3" 210 pounds and averages about a 4.42 in the 40. Had a breakout year this year and made the All-American team with 70 catches, 1,300 yards, and 11 TDs

2nd: Brandon Meriweather (S, Miami): He is arguably the most talented safety in the NFL draft and his draft stock will move up and we won't be able to get him with our old second round pick, and we definitely need safety help. He has the cover skills of a corner and can tackle like a safety. He's a great team leader and his teammates all like him. He's not a thug at all and the entire character issues thing is mostly false and has escalated way too much.

3rd: Anthony Waters (LB, Clemson): Trotter isn't going to have many years left and he is truly a MIKE but he can move to the strong side if he needs to if gocong doesnt play well enough. He was a preseason all-american and an early favorite for the lombardi and bednarik awards as the nations best linebacker and defensive player respectively. He ended up tearing his ACL but he is fully recovered and is an animal. He'll have a hell of a career in the nfl and will be a huge steal in the third.

4th: Dan Bazuin (DE, Central Mich): Bazuin is a great pass rusher and had 16 sacks in his junior year. He faced double teams basically the entire year and still managed 10.5 sacks and 70 tackles. His stats before he faced constant double teaming were 75 tackles, 16 sacks, 26.5 tackles for a loss. He constantly gets pressure off the corner and has good size at 6'3" 275 pounds and is also able to help stop the run. Has good speed and runs the 40 in an average time of about 4.68. Will be a good starter in the NFL for years to come and will be a good replacement for Juqua.

5th: Matt Trannon (TE, Mich State): He has great size at 6'6" but will need to put on about 10 more pounds which is possible with his height (he chose not to put on weight because he plays basketball too). He can play wide receiver as well and has the athleticism and jumping ability to prove that along with great hands. He averages about 4.65 in the 40 and if he puts on a little more weight he will become a great tight end in the league. He has the talent to be a huge threat as a receiver when he concentrates solely on football instead of footbal and basketball. He will need to work on blocking a little bit considering he played more receiver than tight end in college but that should all come naturally with work and if he puts on a little weight. A great prospect and could be a potential star in the NFL with his talent.

6th: Lorenzo Booker (RB, Florida St): He is a great running back with good speed and is a good receiver out of the backfield and our need for a power runner is gone because of Dayne. Has the ability to make a big play and with the departure of Moats and Buck we need another running back to improve our depth and have atleast three on the roster. His senior bowl may have helped his status but that would only probably be minimal and he should be available in the sixth. His main problem is his weight at 193 pounds he needs to bulk up but heís a solid runner. He was the number one recruit in the country coming out of high school so there has to be some talent in him.

7th: Dustin Fry (C, Clemson): Was a big reason that Clemson had the number three running duo in the country behind Slaton and White, and McFadden and Jones. He is a very good run blocker with great size that the Eagles love. Also a good pass blocker with a great initial first punch and great power. Always works as hard as anybody on the team. Can move to guard which could be necessary when Jean-Giles moves into the starting role so he can back him up or Jamaal Jackson if Nick Cole fails to play well.


QB: McNabb, Detmer, Feeley
RB: Westbrook, Dayne, Booker
FB: Tapeh
WR: Brown, Meachem, Baskett, Avant, Lewis, Bloom
TE: Smith, Schobel, Trannon
LT: Thomas, Justice
LG: Herremans, Jean-Giles
C: Jackson, Cole, Fry
RG: Andrews, Young Evil or Very Mad
RT: Runyan, McCoy

LE: Kearse, Bazuin
RE: Cole, Howard
DT: Patterson, Bunkley, Walker, Sands, Ramsey
WILL: Gaither, McCoy
MIKE: Trotter, Waters, Reese
SAM: Gocong, Jones
CB: Sheppard, Brown, James, Hanson
FS: Dawkins, Mikell
SS: Meriweather, Consodine

K: Akers
P: Rocca

Green denotes new player


"If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't, flaunt statistics."

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ok go26

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 11:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

***eagles for life***

Bartrum- best long-snapper in the game but we still have that magican

Re-Signed/acquired through FA

shawn barber, LB- no one goes after him in FA, so he signs the minimum deal

william James, CB- is a solid nickel CB who can line up against bigger recievers like TO, Burress,...which is very important in the east.

Donte Stallworth, WR- i believe /pray that he comes back. (during FA)

Quintin Mikell, S

Koy Detmer, QB (Holder)

Correll Buckhalter, RB- he was productive, he knows the offense and wont cost too much

Saverico Rocca- The Eagles make a big splash and sign a punter

Ian Scott, Dt
- will help to solidify the interior d-line

[b]Not Re-Signed/Cut/Traded:

Reno Mahe- big mistake by FO, they let their star KR walk...

Jeff Garcia- will start for a team like the bucs or vikings

Dhani Jones- bye, bye, bow tie

Rod Hood- starter somewhere (hope not nfc east..)

Michael Lewis- 2004 pro bowl, 2006 benched- wow

Jerome Mcdougle- i hope he finds a place somewhere, because i really like this kid

Ryan Moats- had a great year in 2005, maybe we can get some value.
Its hard to let Ryan Moats go, because he has talent.

darwin walker- traded for late first rounder

sam rayburn- traded for 6th round draft pick (2007)

Juqua Thomas, DE


1. Michael Griffin, S
- he has all the things we look for, will make life without dawkins easier

1. Charles Johnson/Lamarr Woodley/Quentin Moses, DE: whoever is available.(trade: walker-3rd rounder)

2.We trade down into the third for a fifth round pick and select:
Anthony Waters, ILB
: this guy is an absolute beast (slips because of knee injury, but incredible talent)

3. traded for late first rounder (along with darwin walker)

4. Saints

5. Lorenzo Booker(other options: Thomas Clayton and Tyrone Moss as big backs), RB
: Moats/Westbrook-replacement; i know this sounds stupid, but westbrook is already 27. If your name is not Tiki Barber, ur starting to slow down at 30. so when westbrook is slowing down we put in booker and have a very good 1-2 punch.

5.(acquired in trade) Tarrell Brown

6. i cant remember his name-Paul Soliali,or smth. like that, he is a big DT

7. Isiah Stanback, QB- extremely good athlete, but needs alot of coaching

7. Traded for 2008 6th round pick

Since we dont have a holder we bring back Koy Detmer.
We will sign a third-string no-name tight-end

Depth Chart:


QB: Donovan McNabb, Koy Detmer, AJ Feely, Isiah Stanback, (4)
RB: Brian Westbrook, Correll Buckhalter, Lorenzo Booker (3)
OT: William Thomas, Jon Runyan, Winston Justice, Pat McCoy (4)
OG: Shawn Andrews, Todd Herremans, Max Jean-Gilles, Scott Young (4)
C: Jamaal Jackson, Nick Cole (2)
WR: Donte Stallworth, Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett, Jason Avant, Greg Lewis (5)
FB: Thomas Tapeh (1)
TE: LJ Smith, Matt Schobel, No-Name UFA-guy (3)

Total: 25


DT: Brodrick Bunkley, Mike Patterson, Ian Scott, Paul Soliai, LaJuan Ramsey (5)
DE: Jevon Kearse, Trent Cole, Darren Howard, Lamarr Woodley (or CJ, moses) (4)
OLB: Chris Gocong, Omar Gaither, Matt McCoy,Torrance "Tank" Daniels, Shawn Barber(backs up Gocong, because he can play all three LB positions) (4)
MLB: Jeremiah Trotter, Anthony Waters (2)
CB: Lito Sheppard, Sheldon Brown, William James, Tarrell Brown(or Joselio Hanson) (4)
S: Brian Dawkins, Michael Griffin, Quintin Mikell, Sean Considine (4)

Total: 24

Special Teams:
K: David Akers
P: Saverico Rocca
KR/PR: Jeremy Bloom
LS: Jon Dorenbos

and finally:



"If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't, flaunt statistics."
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I voted for BirdsFan06050 because...
well first of all I looked down the list, and it killed me not being able to vote myself but I looked down and looked for the resigning of Stallworth, Garcia, and the aquiring of Sands. I liked his draft, although it is very optimistic, I think you did a good job birdsfan06050. Applause
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I voted for Birds_I_View. I voted for him because it seemed to me that he just knew a little bit more than everyone else...except me Very Happy . He really got into some names that noone else even mentioned. I also liked his draft. Great Job Mr. Green

Sig made by epackfan.
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fly eagles fly

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i voted for eagles for life
i had already told him that i liked him and he made a few minor changes
i think his is the best with stallworth, mikell, james, koy, rocca, and scott

i dont see mcdougle, thomas, garcia coming back and maybe not moats
i just dont see darwin and dhani leaving (maybe, maybe darwin)

i like the griffin pick and the DE
i want anthony waters
i really want booker
stanback isn't bad
want reese back
Win it for Jim
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fly eagles fly

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 12:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

who voted for eaglesfan5

please dont tell me that he voted for himself
Win it for Jim
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fly eagles fly wrote:
who voted for eaglesfan5

please dont tell me that he voted for himself

LOL I was going to ask that too, but I didn't want to make assumptions. So who did vote for him????
He best not have voted for himself, although I can see why he might Rolling Eyes
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EDIT: My bad... Embarassed

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I voted for riddles29. He has the same players resigned as I do, and the same players leaving that I have leaving. He has D. Jones and J. McDougle getting released, and I have them being traded away or released as well.

I originally had us signing Sands, but figured that wouldn't be realistic, since he's so big and young, he's definately going to go somewhere as a starter, but I'll let him slide with that one. His signing of Donnie Edwards is like my signing of Rob Morris.

His draft is a little wishful thinking, but I wouldn't mind it at all. Griffin in the 1st, it's a reach whether he'll be there or not, IMO we'll have to trade up. Not a fan of the Timmons pick, especially after signing a FA LB. Carriker is very wishful thinking in the 2nd as well, especially since Mayock said his stock was one of the ones that rose the most during the Senior Bowl week. Love the rest of his picks the way out though.

Overall, a very good mock off-season that I'd be thrilled to have.

... but remember, no more votes for him, vote for FiLLiE pHaNaTiC Wink

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

According to the rules, as of right now, BirdsFan06050 should only have 1 vote, not 2, since their is only 1 explanation for his mock off-season and Eagles1Fan5 shouldn't have any votes.

Correct me if I'm wrong...

EDIT: Now ibleedgreen has a vote but no explanation. C'mon guys, whoever's doing the voting, give an explanation as to why, like the rest of the posters have been doing...
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eagles for life

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 5:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

FiLLiE pHaNaTiC wrote:
fly eagles fly wrote:
i voted for eagles for life
i had already told him that i liked him and he made a few minor changes
i think his is the best with stallworth, mikell, james, koy, rocca, and scott

i dont see mcdougle, thomas, garcia coming back and maybe not moats
i just dont see darwin and dhani leaving (maybe, maybe darwin)

i like the griffin pick and the DE
i want anthony waters
i really want booker
stanback isn't bad
want reese back

Just remember part of the vote is supposed to be on how realistic it is. He has us trading DARWIN WALKER for a LATE 1ST ROUNDER dude.. the Eagles would NEVER be able to pull that one off...

Hey,Fillie phanatic, i would suggest that you should better read carefully before you judge my offseason:

Darwin Walker: traded for late first rounder
3rd round pick: traded for late first rounder (along with Darwin Walker)

Thats a very realistic trade imo.

By the way, i voted for your offseason(after i read carefully) because:
1. i your re-signings are realistic and good.
2. ur FA- signings are similar to mine and improve the teaam
3. Adam Carriker is a very good DE and can stop the run
4. Aaron Rouse impressed me at the senior bowl
5. Fred Benett is a good nickel corner
6. i like darren stone more than i like considine
7. u get us a big back in ilaoa

i dont like the TE in the 4th though.
im not as thrilled with rob morris than everybody else.

Rams vs. Patriots 17-20*; Panthers-Patriots, 29-32*, Eagles-Patriots 21-24*

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 6:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

well thanks for assuming that I voted for myself guys and making me look bad. Very mature of my fellow fans to do that Rolling Eyes

I haven't even voted yet and will do so later as I just checked this thread.

Once again thanks for assuming and making me look bad. REALLY appreciate it guys Mad

heres a screen capture to prove I haven't voted yet
Second Mock of 2011

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ok go26

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 6:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eagles1fan5 wrote:
well thanks for assuming that I voted for myself guys and making me look bad. Very mature of my fellow fans to do that Rolling Eyes

I haven't even voted yet and will do so later as I just checked this thread.

Once again thanks for assuming and making me look bad. REALLY appreciate it guys Mad

I wouldn't take anything from it, it's just a logical mental progression that if there's a vote unaccounted for, for a person unaccounted for, that the person may have voted for themself. Thanks for coming in and justifying that, though. I mean, I'm going to take your word for it, I'm sure everybody else here will do the same.

"If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't, flaunt statistics."
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 6:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ok go26 wrote:
Eagles1fan5 wrote:
well thanks for assuming that I voted for myself guys and making me look bad. Very mature of my fellow fans to do that Rolling Eyes

I haven't even voted yet and will do so later as I just checked this thread.

Once again thanks for assuming and making me look bad. REALLY appreciate it guys Mad

I wouldn't take anything from it, it's just a logical mental progression that if there's a vote unaccounted for, for a person unaccounted for, that the person may have voted for themself. Thanks for coming in and justifying that, though. I mean, I'm going to take your word for it, I'm sure everybody else here will do the same.

yeah updated my post as well ok go
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ok go26

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 6:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

How do you get those, lol? That's really cool, the screen capture...

Anyway, nobody's holding anything against you, man. I'm looking forward to our actual vote.

"If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't, flaunt statistics."
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