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The Patriots Forum Free Press: Issue III
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:32 am    Post subject: The Patriots Forum Free Press: Issue III Reply with quote

Welcome to the New England Patriots Forum third published issue of the Patriots Forums Free Press. Our objective is to bring you the comings and goings on the New England Patriots organization. We'll cover everything from rumors regarding the Patriots, to the NFL Draft, to fun and games when your head is crammed with too much information. With our third issue we have decided to add an ĎAround the NFLí section, where weíll have writers discuss anything in the NFL. Will your team be mentioned?

We have a smaller staff but mind you that it is very difficult to find a large sum of committed members to take in part in something like this.

While you will get the privilege to read articles from some of footballs futures most knowledgeable members I would like to take the time to recognize the members who work behind the scenes.

PatsDynasty21 was in charge of editing the editorial column; rabbisson's duties included being the defensive team column editor; And finally, icecoldbruschi edited the articles from our offensive team writers. redsoxsrule1437 also helped us out by making all the sigs that you see.

What will you find and where?
Page One: Offensive and opinion columns
Arrow Comparing Brady to Cassel
Arrow Offensive Changes?
Arrow Wes Welker: The little engine that could

Page Two: Defensive column
Arrow A look at Rodney Harrison and his impact with the Patriots
Arrow Defensive upbringing, Patriots should continue to go young

Page Three: Rumors and NFL Draft columns
Arrow We'll explore the stink fest in Detroit
Arrow No time to sleep
Arrow Tom Brady engaged?

Page Four: Around the NFL column
Arrow "The Final Storyline of 2008" by Deets
Arrow Cleveland/New England Swap?

Page Five: Fun and Games column
Arrow Patriots Adventures: Episode 1


Jgoldiscool on the sig
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Joined: 15 Oct 2004
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Location: LSU
PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The Natural

By: icecoldbruschi

Wes Welker (83) runs after a catch against the Dallas Cowboys

"Too small." Wes Welker has been hearing those two words for his entire life, from Pee Wee to high school to college to the pros. Welker's 5 foot 9, 185 lb frame is nothing special to look at, especially when standing next to the physically imposing Randy Moss, but Welker has defied the odds his entire life, culminating with a trip to Honolulu for the Pro Bowl in February for the first time.

Welker grew up in Oklahoma City and you wouldn't be surprised to hear that he was Mr. Oklahoma Football, as he tallied over 80 touchdowns and 22 interceptions while playing for Heritage Hall School. As a junior, Welker put forth a big game performance on the grandest stage, as he scored 3 TD's, had over 200 all-purpose yards, nabbed a pick and even kicked a 47 yard FG. However, despite the accolades, national signing day was disappointing for Welker. While thousands of football players across the nation rejoiced at the chance to not only continue their athletic careers, Welker was bypassed and received no scholarship offers, as coaches did not think his high school production would translate to the next level with his size. At the last minute, a scholarship opened up at Texas Tech. Welker did not disappoint.

Texas Tech has more recently been known for its high-powered passing attacks and over his collegiate career, Welker caught over 250 balls for 3,000 yards and 21 TD's. To this day, he still has a share of the NCAA record for career punt return touchdowns. However, despite his production, which included big game performances and great stats, come draft day, he was not selected. The reason? NFL scouts said he was too small and would not hold up in the NFL, where the players were all going to be bigger, faster and stronger.

Welker signed with the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent. He appeared in one game, but was cut shortly thereafter. The next season, Welker signed with the Miami Dolphins, quickly impressing coaches and climbing up the depth chart. His versatility was his selling point, as there was even a time when he was forced to kick field goals (note: his career long is 57 yards). It was in South Beach that Welker caught the eye of another AFC East coach. The rest is history.

When the New England Patriots signed Welker to an offer sheet, many were skeptical. We were offering a second round selection and a big money contract to a guy with only one TD in his NFL career. However, he became a fan favorite right from the get go with his ability to get the tough yards and come through in the clutch. Paired with Randy Moss and Tom Brady, Welker was a part of the highest scoring offense in NFL history, accumulating a league high 112 catches. When Tom Brady went down in week one, many were skeptical as to his production this season. Tom Brady has made David Patten, David Givens, Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney look like superstars. Was Welker just one of those guys?

109 catches later (*through 16 games)...
Without Wes Welker, it is highly unlikely that the New England Patriots are 10-5 and on the cusp of a playoff birth. Welker has made clutch catch after clutch catch and has become the premier slot receiver in the NFL. He may not have the size, the speed or the strength, but he knows how to find the holes, he knows how to give 100% every single play, he knows how to block for his teammates and he knows how to win.

Welker may not have the 40 time or the bench press totals. Heck, he might not even be the first pick in your local backyard football league. He does not have the measurables that make GM's salivate. This is why I think in the coming years, we could see a change in philosophy by coaches, with less emphasis on the combine on more emphasis on actual production. Everyone is going to be looking for the "Next Wes Welker." However, it is no coincidence that Welker is where he is right now. With hard work and determination, Welker now has the right to call himself one of the best receivers in the game today.

Wes Welker has overcome the odds at every single level of competition. Everyone said that he was too small to play in this league, but that statement definitely was not concerning the size Welker's heart. In this game of football, there are very few things that you can count on come Sundays in the fall, but Welker's production is practically undeniable week in and week out.

Patriots Past to Patriots Present

By: Wilsonhurtsu

Patriots Quarterbacks; Tom Brady (12) and Matt Cassel (16)

A comparison of Tom Brady's 2001 season matched against the 2008 campaign of Matt Cassel

Comparing Matt Cassel to Tom Bradyís first season as a starter is of great curiosity to many around the football world. Many similarities can be drawn from their seasons and the question of whose season was more impressive is not very easy to answer. Matt Casselís statistics are outstanding for a guy who hardly played a meaningful game since high school, but is his success more due to his remarkable supporting cast, one that perhaps Tom Brady did not have the luxury of?

In seeking an answer to this question, most would primarily check out the stat sheet for each player in their respective season. The following is quick list of statistics for Tom Bradyís 2001 season and Matt Casselís 2008 season (through week 16):

Matt Cassel (2008): 321/508, 63.2 cmp %, 21 TDís, 11 INT, 3615 yards, 7.12 YPA, 89.2 passer rating.

Tom Brady (2001): 264/413, 63.9 cmp %, 18 TD, 12 INT, 2843 yards, 6.9 YPA, 86.5 passer rating

Clearly, Cassel beats Brady in many categories statistically. Keep in mind that Brady only played a few series in Week 2 of the 2001 season, Cassel was already starting before half time of Week 1. So Cassel has played more and still has another game to go in his season.

Another category to look at as well is how many times each were sacked. Brady was sacked 41 times in the 2001 regular season. Matt Cassel has been sacked 46 times with a game to go. This looks pretty even considering Brady played less than Cassel has and thus had less opportunities to get sacked. One of the annoying habits of Casselís earlier this season was his reluctance to get rid of the ball when he was under pressure. On many occasions, he took too much time in the pocket, which resulted in a large number of sacks, especially compared to last year's total. Overall, the sack statistic shows that they have been fairly even and though Casselís offensive line hasnít been as dominant as it was a year ago for Brady, many sacks can be blamed on Cassel for holding on to the ball for too long.

There is no doubt that statistically Cassel beats out Brady in almost every single category. But how much of that has to do with his supporting cast? A LOT.

Lets take a look at each playerís supporting cast from 2001 and 2008:

Tom Bradyís favorite targets in 2001:

Troy Brown (100 + catches and pro bowler)

David Patten (Solid #2 receiver)

Jermaine Wiggins (His #1 tight end, again a solid player but not pro bowl caliber)

Antowain Smith (Bradyís top running back had his best season, accumulating over 1,000 yards on the ground)

Kevin Faulk (A good receiving back, but not near as valuable as he is today)

Matt Casselís 2008 targets:

Randy Moss (is there anything more that needs to be said of Randy Moss? One of the greatest receivers of all time)

Wes Welker (a tough, elusive, slot machine who has totaled over 200 catches in just two seasons in a Pats uniform)

Jabar Gaffney (a solid #3 receiver who tends to drop the ball a little too much, but none the less is productive)

Kevin Faulk (one of the more underrated players in the NFL. Even through he is aging, he has proven to be one of the most valuable players on the Patriots offense)

Ben Watson (solid but often times a disappointment)

It is impossible to argue against the fact that Cassel had by far a better supporting cast than Brady did. Moss and Welker are two of the best receivers in the NFL (with seven Pro Bowl bids to their names) and with several other productive and reliable targets, it is almost impossible not to succeed as long as you can find an open receiver and throw the ball. On the other hand, Brady could not just chuck the ball up to Randy Moss or find his safety valve Welker over the middle for a quick and easy first down. Tom Brady's weapons on offense had a combined one Pro Bowl appearance (Troy Brown) and made due with what he had. Brady did a terrific job with the lack of talent on his offense and showed that even with a decent supporting cast he could do well (note how he did in 2006 with Caldwell as his #1 receiver).

Finally you have to look at how they led their team in each season. Both guys faced a lot of adversity. Brady was thrown into the spot light in only his second season in the NFL and was inheriting a team that had gone 5-11 the year before and were 0-2 going into Brady's first start. He threw just a few passes prior to becoming the starter after Bledsoe went down. While Cassel almost never played at USC, he did get several chances in regular season games over the past 3 years to game some experience in the regular season.

We all know the story of the 2001 Patriots. Brady led them in clutch fashion through classic playoff games against Oakland and Pittsburgh and finished with a legendary drive to set up an Adam Vinatieri game winning field goal in Super Bowl XXXVI in which the Rams were favored by 14 points.

Matt Cassel has brought a severely injury riddled team to a 10-5 record and looking for a potential playoff birth. The team rallied around Cassel as their leader and put faith into him and he has delivered. Regardless of whether or not the Patriots make the playoffs, the 2008 season will be stamped as a success for both Cassel and the Patriots. If he does get into the playoffs and maybe even win a few games there, then he is sure to make a heck of a lot of money in the offseason.

So was Tom Brady in 2001 or Matt Cassel in 2008 the better player? Matt Cassel improved magnificently. A guy who many fans wanted to release in the preseason is now developing into a quality quarterback. Taking all things into consideration, Tom Brady completed one of the most improbable come back seasons in NFL history in 2001 and edges out Matt Casselís 2008 season. Tom Brady's 2001 season ended with a Super Bowl victory and despite all the numbers, he proved that year to be a pure winner in this league.

The Patriots Offense - Changing Ways?

By: tomski_29

The Patriots offense lines up against the San Diego Chargers last season

Since Josh McDaniels took over as offensive coordinator and helped orchestrate one of the greatest offensive seasons ever in 2007, the general feeling is that the offense has dramatically shifted in philosophy from when Charlie Weis was in charge. The misconception is that Josh McDaniels has turned us from a power running team into a spread offense, pass heavy team. And on first glance, it would appear that way. However, when you break the statistics down, the similarities between the two ďregimesĒ are quite apparent.


Passing Attempts - 482
Rushing Attempts - 473
Run/Pass % - 49.5


Passing Attempts - 605
Rushing Attempts - 395
Run/Pass % - 39.5


Passing Attempts - 537
Rushing Attempts - 473
Run/Pass % - 46.8


Passing Attempts - 485
Rushing Attempts - 524
Run/Pass % - 51.9


Passing Attempts - 564
Rushing Attempts - 439
Run/Pass % - 43.7


Passing Attempts - 527
Rushing Attempts - 499
Run/Pass % - 48.6


Passing Attempts - 586
Rushing Attempts - 451
Run/Pass % - 43.5


Passing Attempts - 521*
Rushing Attempts - 453* * = 16 game season total using average attempts per game.
Run/Pass % - 46.5

Just using the most basic of stats we can see that the Patriots as a team have always been a pass happy team, the only exception being 2004, when Corey Dillon arrived as a Free Agent and became a true feature back for the Patriots, running for a franchise record 1,635 yards that year.

It is true though, that since 2005, when McDaniels supposedly took over play calling duties, more passes have been called for. However, the way the Patriots went about increasing the number of passes was not new, the 4WR 1RB set from the shotgun formation, used so predominately in the record breaking 2007 season was actually used a lot under Charlie Weiss. The biggest change in the play calling in the passing game is the increased use of screens, specifically WR screens, but, with weaponís like Wes Welker (among the league leaders in YAC) and Randy Moss, who could blame him?

How about the running game then? A number of fans have been visibly frustrated and bewildered by McDaniels' sometimes laissez-faire attitude towards the running game. However, one should look at the bigger picture, in a season when our starter Laurence Maroney was placed on IR early in the season, and both Morris and Jordan have missed time due to injury, he has engineered a rather remarkable running game, with the team projected to go over 2,000 yards. Only in the 2004 season did the Patriots also break the 2,000 yard barrier in the Tom Brady era. The noticeable change in the way McDaniels runís the running game is the increased use of draws. With such a star cast of receivers and limited talent to work with in the backfield, the Patriots pass to set up the run, allowing simple draw plays to be incredibly effective.

So, how should the offense evolve next year, especially should McDaniels bolt for a head coaching gig? With uncertainty surrounding Tom Bradyís knee, and a likely unwillingness to thrust him back into a pass orientated offence, expect a resurgence in the running game, similar to the 2004 season. Laurence Maroney, being fully healthy, should lead a potent running game if he can live up to his potential, and if Morris can continue to be a hard nosed runner, along with Mr. Reliable Kevin Faulk. I am certain we will still see plenty of long bombs to Randy Moss, and Wes Welker will always be a safety net, so I expect another productive year for the passing game as well. In general, we should be much more balanced as we work Tom Brady back into his record breaking form, which should help us in the playoffs as well.

Josh McDaniels inherited a stellar team with excellent skill players and a steady core of role players, and his best ability, just like Weis, is to utilize his talent efficiently and smartly. It is this ability which makes him one of the better coordinators in the league. As he continues to leave his imprint on the offensive philosophy, he can only improve, we can only hope he is still on the team when he hits his peak.

The Quarterback Problem

By: SoxNats07

Patriots quarterbacks, Matt Cassel (16), Tom Brady (12), and Matt Gutierrez

Boy, has it been a crazy season all around. Odds are weíre going to have an 11-5 team miss the playoffs. The team I called the worst franchise in sports last year after the Michael Vick saga is going to make the playoffs. There is going to be at least one 8-8 team winning their division, maybe two. But the craziest team of all may be the New England Patriots.

As we all know, Tom Brady tore up his knee in Week 1 against the Chiefs, bringing Matt Cassel, the backup quarterback, into the game. Cassel played well enough, but everyone thought ďGood, heís keeping the spot warm for Tom.Ē After all, Brady did manage to walk off the field, and while we assumed the best on the exterior, we had a bad feeling. Then the news came: Brady was out for the season. Suddenly, Matt Cassel was the starter. The last time he had been the starter? His senior year of high school. Of course, many reporters were skeptical. After all, many assumed he would be cut over Matt Gutierrez at the end of the preseason, myself included.

In his first few starts, he played well enough, but there were a lot of complaints: He couldnít throw the deep ball. He stood too long in the pocket. He tucked the ball too early and ended up getting sacked. You could say, the Patriots won despite Matt Cassel. We saw what he was capable of in a Week 7 blowout against the Broncos, throwing three touchdowns. But we didnít see his ultimate potential until a game New England ultimately lost: the Thursday night Week 11 game against the Jets. With the Patriots down a touchdown, Matt Cassel led the Patriots down the field and connected with Randy Moss for a touchdown with 1 second left on the clock. Not only that, but he threw for 400 yards, and rushed for 60. From there on out, the Patriots have been winning because of Matt Cassel, not in spite of him.

And now weíre here. Even if the Patriots donít make the playoffs, it would be hard to say that it was because of Matt Cassel. But now we arrive at the crux of the problem. Tom Brady is returning next year. Matt Cassel is on a one year deal. Kevin OíConnell, the rookie 3rd round pick, waits in the wings. The Patriots have three options: Resign Cassel, allow him to go to free agency, or place the franchise tag on him.

The first is unlikely, because Cassel would have to be crazy to accept a deal to be a backup when he could be a starter for numerous teams. The second is quite possible, and many consider it to make the most sense. There is the least risk involved, and the Patriots would in all likelihood receive a 2010 compensatory 3rd round pick. And the last option is to place the franchise tag on him. Although this would call for Cassel to make 14 million dollars, it makes the most sense. With the tag placed on him, they can simply tell teams that the highest bidder wins (with a pick greater in value than a 2010 3rd). There is some risk involved in this, though. Cassel could immediately sign the tender, which would cause problems in the Patriots finding prospective bidders. If Cassel didnít want to play for that team, then they would be stuck with a 14 million dollar quarterback who would bolt for free agency the year after. Therefore, they would want to reach a long term deal with him first. Such an agreement would only hinder the Patriotsí effort. Then again, they could always remove the franchise designation, allowing him to become a free agent. But there is a fourth option Ė they could franchise tag him, and keep him. Why? Should Brady be behind in his rehab schedule, and be on pace to miss a portion of the season, it may be in the Patriots best interests to keep him.

It will probably come down to the last two options. Do the Patriots want to play it safe, or do they want to gamble here? It would be in their best interests to tag and trade him a la Jared Allen, although it would surprise very few should Belichick and Co. allow Cassel to go to free agency. This should be the hot topic of this offseason, and we are all anxiously awaiting the results.

The Epic Question: Tom Brady vs Matt Cassel

By: chauboy

Patriots quarterbacks, Matt Cassel (16) and Tom Brady (12)

Aside from the obvious different physical looks, talking strictly football, NFL fans across the world are second guessing Tom Bradyís greatness. Premature you might say, but there have been an increasing amount of fans who believe that Matt Cassel should be the quarterback for the Patriots in 2009.

Now, in my opinion, Tom Brady blows Matt Cassel out of the water. The easy, telling facts are that in 2007, the Tom Brady led Patriots went 16-0. In 2008, the Matt Cassel led Patriots went 11-5. Tom Brady threw for 50 TDs and ran for 2 TDs. Matt Cassel threw for 20 TDs, and ran for 2 TDs as well. In 2007, the Patriots were clearly the class of the league. They were the boss. The Patriots set records, and were feared by everyone else in the league. Being able to put 40 points on the board any game, opposing defensive coordinators had nightmares facing the red white and blue. In 2008, the Patriot offense hardly scared anyone. Now, the offense did pick up in the latter part of the season, but most of everything was off of screens and the style of ďdink and dunkingĒ.

Now to the deeper evidence:

Tom Brady: The man took over a 5-11 team in 2000, and a 0-2 team to start 2001. He only had 1 season to mature in the Patriots system. He also wasnít learning off of a future Hall of Fame quarterback. In 2001, Tom Brady was fifth in the league in passer rating with 86.5 throwing to Troy Brown, David Patten, and Jermaine Wiggins . Compare that to Matt Cassel, who is tenth in the league in passer rating with a 89.4 rating. Brady did not inherit a single pro bowler on his team, on offense or defense.

Matt Cassel: The man took over a 16-0 team in 2007. He had 3 years to learn off arguably one of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen. Cassel took over a team that had two pro bowl receivers, and perhaps the best Z receiver in the league when utilized correctly, and the best slot receiver, Wes Welker. Cassel inherited an offensive line that before the Superbowl, was touted as being the best passing offensive line the league. The two games where Cassel faced top 11 defenses this year against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Indianapolis Colts, the Patriots averaged 12.5 points, and lost both games. Now in 2001, Brady had to face a top 11 defense 5 times. In those 5 games, the Patriots averaged 19.2 points a game, and went 2-3 win/loss.

Cassel has struggled throwing the deep ball all year; any throw beyond 20 yards. Randy Moss saw his production drop from 1,493 yards to 1,008 yards, and 23 TDs to 11 TDs. Randy Moss had 9 catches for over 40 yards in 2007, but only 3 for over 40 yards in 2008. In 2008, the offensive red zone efficiency for the Patriots was merely average. Their score percentage was .902 and their TD percentage while in the red zone was .525. Compare that with 2007, the Patriots score percentage was .944, and their TD percentage was .694. The Patriots went from scoring 36.8 Points per game in 2007, to 26.5 points per game in 2008. The patriots scored 23.2 points per game in 2001, and considering the offensive talent, is pretty impressive compared to this 2008 year. The Patriots had 57 plays of 20 yards or more through the air in the passing game in 2007, but only 38 plays of 20 yards or more in 2008. In 2007, the Patriots were seventh in the NFL with 1780 yards after the catch as a team. In 2008, the Patriots are third the NFL with 2108 yards after the catch as a team.

Brady also has much better pocket presence than Cassel. Brady was sacked 21 times in 2007, or about once every 28 drop-backs, while Cassel was sacked 48 times in 2008, or about once every 11 drop-backs.

I think itís clear that Brady is better than Cassel. Not to say Cassel canít become a great QB, but Brady is clearly on top, and has a better chance of brining the Patriots the fourth Lombardi trophy. Goldenboy Tom, Mr. Cool, Tom Brady, whatever you call him, he is the man, and the Patriots franchise QB until he retires.

And I mean címon Tom Bradyís fiancťe totally blows Matt Casselís wife out of the water.

Jgoldiscool on the sig

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Rodney Harrison = Impact Player

By: Billy Spikes

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and safety Rodney Harrison hug each other after the the 2004 AFC Championship game

Believe it or not, there has been a season, since Tom Brady took over as a starter for the Patriots, in-which the Patriots missed the playoffs.†

That season was 2002, Brady led the league in TD passes and showed he was more than a "one year wonder", you must be thinking to yourself what went wrong. If our starting quarterback led the league in TD's and the defense is in charged by Bill Belichick and Romeo Crennel, why didn't the 2002 team make the playoffs?†

Well, the 2002 team ranked thirty-first in run defense, there were four games that season in which the defense allowed more that 220 plus yards on the ground.†

On that season the Patriots starting safeties were Tebucky Jones, a former first round bust who played running-back in college and was moved to safety. He never learned how to tackle and had seven interceptions in 109 games.†

On the other side of Jones stood four time pro-bowl strong-safety Lawyer Milloy, who at the time was a Patriots great, a leader of the defense and a respected player around the league.†

After the 9-7 record in 2002, the Patriots entered the offseason looking to upgrade their team all around.†

The team started its Free-Agent signing with guys such as veteran fullback Larry Centers, tackle Brandon Gorin and C/G Russ Hochstein. But of course it wasn't the tenth ranked offense that needed the most help, it was the defense.†

OLB Rosevelt Colvin was the big free-agent coming in, followed that with CB Tyrone Poole and finally safety Rodney Harrison.†

---Coming to New England----

It was a slow Free-agent period for Rodney Harrison who was 30 at the time, he didn't spark a lot of interest, Harrison who played for the San-Diego Chargers for the previous nine years was hurt in 2002 and missed three games. During the off-season Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer released Harrison and publicly said Harrison is hurt and that he couldn't play anymore.

The Patriots ended up calling Harrison and the safety flew to New England, Belichick and Rodney met in a restaurant called the "Ground Round,Ē all it took was a few looks to one another and one sentence from Belichick: "We want You".†

It all Harrison needed to hear, he called his agent and told him to workout the numbers, it was the place for him.†

After getting signed, the Patriots felt they could ask their other safety, Lawyer Milloy for a pay-cut, Milloy was entering year four of his seven year 35 million dollar contract he signed back in2000. They felt after he produced no Int's, Sacks, FF or FR in 2002 and with the signing of veteran Harrison they got leverage and that he should take a pay-cut.†

The situation didn't end well when he refused to take the pay-cut, he was cut just five days before the season started, and worse he signed with AFC East rival the Buffalo Bills. Harrison didn't want that to happen or knew it would happen, actually one of the reasons he choose to sign with the Patriots was him getting to play with Milloy.†

---Immediate Impact on teammates---

Rodney Harrison wasn't a no-name player when he came to New England, he had a reputation... "Hard-Hitting Safety","Over-Aggressive", "Vocal" but more than anything "Dirty".†

In San-Diego Harrison's illegal hits cost him over 200,000 thousand dollars in fines, he was the type of player you hate to play against, but loved to have as a teammate.†

Once Harrison came to his first practice, you knew he was special. He wasted all of his energy in practice as if it was the game [in fact Belichick noted that he hasnít coached a player in his career who has practiced as hard as Rodney Harrison does.], teammate Willie McGinest said of Rodney: "His 70%-80% is like some other guy's 100%".†

Rodney was a born leader, being a real leader is not something you can just learn, itís not something you can just get by watching it is something you have and had inside of you, it didn't take long for the newcomer to be recognized as a "Team Captain" by his teammates, a great honor to any player, but itís not something you get when you just joined a team.†

Being a leader that might have been the most important function Harrison performed for the Patriots in 2004 [besides his All-Pro play]. In 2004 he held one of the best defenses of this millennium by himself, here are the players who started in superbowl 39 and every game since about week seven: undrafted rookie free agent Randall Gay [as a starter not a slot corner], on the other side was second year player and former fourth round pick Asante Samuel and the slot corner was veteran wideout Troy Brown.†

You might know these guys now, you sure know Samuel, but he wasn't the same Samuel you know today, he was almost nothing if you compare him today. Gay was an undrafted rookie who didn't even start at LSU.†

He held that team and that defense for a season with so many incapable guys playing. It was amazing to watch.†

After the release of Milloy and a trade for Jones, Harrison needed a new partner, the call came for Eugene Wilson a second round pick as a cornerback in the 2003 draft, naturally the Patriots needed to have the trusted veteran in order to put a rookie cornerback as a starting safety for the entire season.†

---Two of the best overall seasons for a safety---

Rodney Harrison, the man who was washed up in San-Diego dominated the 2003 season, he led all DB's in tackles with 126, had three sacks, three Int's, eleven pass-defended and forced and recovered one fumble. In 2004 he once again led all DB's in tackles with 138, three sacks, two Int's, eight pass-defended and three forced fumbles, he did all of that while holding the young DB's when Ty Law and Tyrone Poole went down.†

The impact was noticeable, the defense who was ranked seventeenth in 2002 was ranked number one in 2003 in points allowed, fourth against the run in 2003 after been ranked thirty-first in 2002 and went from allowing an average of 4.7 to allowing an average of 3.6 yards per run.†

He made a difference and big plays, every time it was called for a big play:†

1) Playoff 2003, first game vs the Titans and Co-MVP McNair - Picked off a pass.†

2) Playoff 2003, second game vs the Colts and Co-MVP Manning - Picked off a pass in the endzone.†

3) Playoff 2004, first game vs the Colts and MVP Manning - Picked off a pass in the endzone.†

4) Playoff 2004, second game vs the 15-1 Steelers - Picked off a pass and took it over 80+ yards for a touchdown.†

5) Playoff 2004, third game vs the Eagles in the superbowl, maybe the best game for a DB in a Superbowl - Picking off two passes [one in the redzone and one to win the game] had a sack and was responsible for a FF. [and he did that despite missing almost an entire quarter]†

*At least one pick every game in the 2004 playoff.†

6) Playoff 2007, first game vs the Jags - Picked Off a pass in the end of the game.†

*He didn't play in the 2005 and 2006 playoffs.†

That means 7 INT's, 2 sacks, responsible for a FF and a TD in 7 post-season games.

In his first two seasons with the Patriots he did something not many players can do, "setting the tone,Ē setting it on defense, what does it mean? It means you get everybody's confidence up in order for them to play well, you make a play that makes everyone say: "Hey, look what he just did... we can play with this guys, we can whip them.Ē That is what Harrison has done for the Patriots.

Another thing Harrison was is been a vocal leader, every play he would yell at the referee about something, right or wrong he would do it, just in order to get the better of the other team.

While playing with the Patriots Rodney joined the 30/30 Club and he is still the only member on it with 30.5 sacks and 33 Ints. [the 30/30 club is like the 20/20 club, the club's members are players with at least 20 {or in Rodney's 30/30 club's case, 30} Int's and at least 20 sacks.]

Harrison has made a big impact for the Patriots since he joined, he proved Belichick right for cutting Milloy and was a big part of a dynasty but never could shed his "dirty" image, as he was not selected to the pro-bowl in each of his first two seasons.

Out With The Old in With The New

By: coachconrad

Patriots youngster's, Brandon Meriweather (31), Gary Guyton (59), and Jerod Mayo (51) make a tackle in the pre-season.

Something has happened over this year that all of us have noticed. Injuries. Injuries to our leaders on this defense. First Rodney Harrison and now Tedy Bruschi, potentially Vrabel as well. Three of our key components to our team's past domination. If you look past the injuries it can be looked at in a bit of a different view as well. It's the end of an era. Bruschi and Harrison are both done next year and if Vrabel isn't he will surely have a much diminished role.

It's time for a new era for the Patriots. Not that it hadn't started last season but we were all coming off the big loss and everyone had their eyes on perhaps more of a reload than a rebuild. Now itís clear to everyone that the re-building is in progress. Starting with guys like Jerod Mayo and Garu Guyton then on to guys like Terrence Wheatley and Jonathan Wilhite this team's defense is going through a large construction process. Now, it's no telling as to how much any of these guys are going to be playing (Mayo is the obvious though) but they will all play a role on this team's defense in the team's near future. Whether it is Guyton on passing downs, Wilhite in the slot, and perhaps Wheatley taking over a number two role or even in the slot as well.

The re-building will also continue this summer whether it be through the draft or through some of Bill Belechick's and Scott Pioli's free agent finds the defense which is something that team prides itself on will once again become the defense that it was and the swagger of this team.

And while I do believe that as of right now the offensive tackle Jason Smith, of Baylor, should be the Patriots first round selection we have a guaranteed three more first day picks, possibly four with the Asante compensation and a possible 5th depending if our beloved Matt Cassel will be traded or not.

Guys I like in the draft:

SS: Patrick Chung
Why: Replacement for Rodney, can start right away or at least have some good playing time also can move Merriweather back to the FS position where he can just MAD BALL HAWK and lay the lumber all day long. Chung would solidify our S position for the next decade beside Merriweather.

MLB: Jasper Brinkley:
Why: Always room for LB's on this team. Guyton may not be an every down man but he sure has the tank too. Can either split time with Guyton or let Guyton be the passing down man and Brinkley will man the middle with Mayo and be ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. This would be the best MLB combination in the league in 5 years (wishful thinking) and also solidify the team's middle of the defense for the next decade.

OLB: Aaron Curry:
Why: More of a pipe dream. Curry as of right now is slated as a top 10-top 15 player and is out of the Pats range. But you never know sometimes guys fall and we also have a lot of ammo to fire with a.k.a. move up in rounds with all of our extra space. Would start immediately over Vrabel but could also learn from the likes of guys like him and Thomas.

CB: Victor Harris:
Why: Good sized CB out of VTech. Produced Brandon Flowers who looks to be a potential stud with the Chiefs. We need size in the secondary and he gives you the 6í0 & 195 lbs frame. Adding a CB like him to the secondary will not only add size but also, talent, depth, and more youth. Will compete with all the other CBís like Wheatley, Hobbs, Wilhite for playing time. Suddenly this secondary might not look so bad?

Guys I like in Free Agency:

OLB: Karlos Dansby:
Why: Need help on the outside. Dansby can play inside or outside. Not much needed to say about this guy. Would be expensive though and the draft would give us more youth (not saying he is old) also at a much cheaper price.

SS: Dawan Landry:
Why: Very talented safety. Is an RFA but the Ravens have a couple guys that they will need to re-sign such as Suggs and Lewis and while letting go of Landry might still be unlikely there is always the chance. Would be able to avoid safety in the draft and focus on LB/CB/OT. Wonít go for it if we get in a bidding war which will most likely end up happening with the RFA situation.
CB: Dunta Robinson:
Why: A former 10th overall pick. Dunta has game. Injuries have severely hampered this guy in his short young career and with the emergence of Fred Bennett in Houston Robinson although not expendable might become so. Could grab him for relatively cheap. A personal favorite option for this off-season.

CB: Kelvin Hayden:
Why: Nothing like stealing some talent from our biggest rivals. They took Vinatieri and we take Hayden. Would be a good pickup. Not so sure if his style of play would translate well into our defense though.

Other CBís
ē Renaldo Hill Ė Miami
ē Bryant McFadden-Pittsburgh
ē Jabari Greer- Buffalo

I have pretty much just left out the defensive line, because, well we just donít really need help there. Three first round picks, huge bodies, and great talent in the trenches gives me an easy job in not having to worry about the line. But if extensions donít come for one or both of Seymour or Wilfork then will definitely need to start looking into replacements but for now it is all good.

Jgoldiscool on the sig

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As the season ends, the sleepers are just waking up

By: rabbisson

Wyoming running back Devin Moore is one of the biggest sleepers in the 2009 NFL Draft

Every year, most of the hype in the NFL Draft only appears when talking about the first couple of rounds. Even afterwards, when a second day pick is called, most of the hype is merely given to big name college players or slip-ups. However, the most fun I have while watching the draft is looking for measurables that could indicate a draft sleeper.

A sleeper is not a definitive term. There are sleepers on big college teams, there are sleepers who come from small schools. Some have put up major production in college, and some have not. However, all have a very good chance of succeeding in the NFL, regardless of the system and what team they are on. The following eight players are some to keep an eye on in the future, as all could break the mold and be household names by the end of next season, even though they may not be first day draft picks.

Tom Brandstater, QB, Fresno State

Looking for a viable senior QB in this draft? After the rash of declarations that could happen with underclassmen, Brandstater could find himself falling a couple of rounds. However, he is a force to be reckoned with. He has a cannon for an arm, great size, and while he had a better year as a junior than as a senior, his accuracy isnít terrible. He has very solid pocket presence as well, and knows when to throw the ball away or take a sack. Brandstater fits a vertical offense best, but could thrive in a west coast with a little vertical sprinkled in where the passes are less risky but he can still show off his big arm. Regardless, his arm should be good enough to get him drafted, and who knows what happens after that?

Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming

Last year, the NFL draft had a rash of speedy young running backs that were able to make big plays happen whenever they touched the ball out of the backfield. Steve Slaton, Matt Forte and Ray Rice all had huge seasons this year. However, donít expect that trend to continue; this draft only has a few of that similar type of runner. Devin Moore is one of them. Moore has had a huge year, racking up 1,303 yards and seven touchdowns. He has had better years catching the ball, but his hands are soft and he has good acceleration; too bad his offensive line isnít great at screens. He has great speed, probably legit 4.3-4.4, and superb vision. I can see Moore being a third round steal next year to a team that needs a young playmaker in the backfield. Heís going to be a very good player in the future.

Brooks Foster, WR, North Carolina

Now we go to my favorite player in the draft. Brooks Foster. The physical specimen that no one is talking about. Foster is 6 foot 3 and runs a 4.3 40 time. He has good hands, is extremely athletic, and runs solid routes. Unfortunately, he is overshadowed by Brandon Tate and Hakeem Nicks, two other very good wide receivers who are more explosive after the catch. Foster, however, is the most compatible wide receiver on the team in terms of translating to the NFL. Wherever he ends up, if it is not on the first day, it will be a steal. Watch for him, especially at the Combine. He could light it up with his numbers.

Bear Pascoe, TE, Fresno State

Bear is a solid 3rd round tight end who may slip later than that due to his underrated receiving skills. Primarily known as a blocker, Bear is still very capable with the ball in his hands. That completeness makes him a force to guard. Pascoe could be a very solid tight end in the NFL much in the mold of Mark Campbell and Jay Novacek. An underrated, lunchpail guy who just gets the job done, no matter how ugly it may be.

Ryan Stanchek, OG, West Virginia

Stanchek is a technician, pure and simple. He uses his hands better than any other offensive guard in the draft, and probably as good as any tackle. He is always able to get position on his blocks and help spring the running back or protect his quarterback. He also is big enough to survive on any type of offensive line, and not just a zone blocking scheme. He can start from Day 1 and out think opposing defensive tackles who are much bigger than him. Iím a huge Stanchek fan, and I know heíll succeed much like Dan Koppen does in the NFL, even though they play different positions.

Connor Barwin, DE, Cincinnati

Barwin is a beast. Heís a great pass rusher who was the second best pure DE in the Big East this season (behind UCONNís Cody Brown) and led the league in sacks. Barwin is a converted tight end, so you know heís athletic. I even believe that Barwin could stand up and play rush linebacker in a 3-4 andÖdare I say itÖbe more effective. He has great hips and at 6 foot 4, 255 pounds, he has a great build. Wherever he goes, heíll be a force as a rookie and for many years after that.

DeAndre Levy, OLB, Wisconsin

Levy has heart. That cannot be denied. Heís a little bit on the short side (6í2) but heís instinctive to the max and has great lateral movement. Heís a playmaker who would be very good in a 4-3 defense somewhere. Heíll slip a bit because his measurables arenít phenomenal, but heíll make an impact somewhere in the NFL.

Joe Burnett, CB, Central Florida

For some reason, Burnett has slipped from grace. Just because Central Florida had a bad season doesnít mean Burnett has suddenly become a bad player. He received the honor of CUSA Special Teams Player of the Year as well as being named a First Team Cornerback, Punt Returner and Kickoff Returner. He can hurt teams in all three facets of the game, even coming in for some offensive snaps. He has great ball skills, can play man or zone, and is extremely instinctive. Heís one of the best cornerbacks in the draft and even reminds me of, dare I say it, Hall of Famer Darrell Green. A consummate player, Burnett will be a steal no matter where he goes and will return kicks and punts from Day 1.

Thatís all for now. Keep an eye out for more draft related posts in the Patriots forum!

An inside look at both the Lions and the #1 pick

By: Patsfan01

A Detroit Lions fan shows his disgust with the team

When people and fans think of a historical season, they think positively and they think the team is setting history by winning a bunch of games like the 2007-2008 New England Patriots did by winning all 16 regular season games. This year, that is not the case. History is being made by unfortunately losing every game (1 week left in the season). The 2008-2009 Detroit Lions have had quite the rough season as they are 0-15 going into the last week of the season. They have already wrapped up the #1 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft and with not much star power outside of Ernie Sims and Calvin Johnson, the Lions need to start over and build a solid core of players so they don't ever have to go through one of these seasons ever again.

So where do the Lions go from here? Well, nobody should expect Rod Maranelli to return next season, so a whole new change in the front office is necessary. They need to bring in a coach who can spark some fire into these professionals like Mike Smith has done to the Atlanta Falcons. In fact, the Lions should look at exactly what the Falcons have done, and try to follow the steps taken by the Dirty Birds. Last season, the Falcons just were in such a terrible position after having Michael Vick just single-handedly ruin the organization. Fans were not into the games and didn't care what happened and players weren't playing hard. After getting Smith as a coach, Smith brought all the players to training camp and gave everyone a fresh start, giving no player an automatic starting job. The Falcons went into the draft having to decide which player to take at pick #3. They went with the QB from Boston College, and they made the right decision taking Matt Ryan. After an offseason of new additions, coaches, and a new mentality, the Falcons find themselves right in the middle of a playoff race.

With a plethora of needs on both sides of the football, where should the Lions look to go with that number 1 pick? While lots of fans are going to want a trade down with a team to get more picks, that is extremely unrealistic especially this year where there really aren't any clear-cut #1 prospects. There are many great players who can turn out to be franchise stars, but no clear-cut #1 guys so if your the Lions, in need of another franchise star, why not just stay at #1 and address that bigger need of adding a franchise player. Now right now, I only see 3 possible defensive players who could be franchise guys, the linebacker out of Wake Forest, Aaron Curry, and two defensive ends, Brian Orakpo and Michael Johnson out of Texas and Georgia Tech. In the Lions situation though, I don't think just adding one star defensive player is going to make much of a difference in the Win/Loss category though so I leave out all defensive options. Then you have one WR in Michael Crabtree, who can be a franchise player, but as the Lions have learned in the past, going WR is not a safe choice. That leaves Offensive Line and Quarterback. The OL class is loaded at the top, but is an extremely deep class so I think after getting Gosder Cherilus last year, adding another OL in round 2 and in the later rounds, might be a better choice. That leaves Quarterback, a class that is rather weak this season. There are two possible franchice Quarterbacks up at the top of the draft so the Lions are in luck. Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford are two great young QB's and to be honest, the Lions would be dumb to pass them up.

So Lions fans and the Lions organization, be smart and make the right choice. Get a new coach and guys in the front office that add firepower to their players and make the right draft choice by taking a franchise QB. Build your line of scrimmage through the later rounds of the draft and through free agency, and add Stafford/Bradford. It worked for the Falcons and hopefully it works for the Lions.

Tom Brady Engaged to Gisele!

By: PatriotsWin!

Tom Brady with Giselle Bundchen

Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen are engaged according to Tom reportedly popped the question on a private jet en route to Boston. Not only is Gisele super hot, she also earns more than Brady. Score!


Cassel in, Brady Out?: No Chance

By: PatriotsWin!

Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard tackles Tom Brady

Brady is coming off of a very serious knee injury and post-surgery infections in his new ligaments which could affect his play. Cassel has also been playing great and is still young. For these reasons, and the fact he's 32, some are wondering whether the Patriots would entertain the idea of keeping Cassel and shipping Brady out. The idea sounds ridiculous but you can't forget Belichick pulled the same bold move in 2002 with Bledsoe. According to however one NFL insider is saying Brady "is in the clear to lead the team in 2009."


Pioli Heading to Cleveland?

By: PatriotsWin!

Patriots Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli

According to a league source V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli could be hired by the Browns to become thier new general manager should Savage, thier current G.M., get fired. reports that unlike seasons past, Pioli is considering other jobs outside New England.


Brady has Another Setback?

By: PatriotsWin!

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Tom Curran of reports that Tom Brady is "well behind schedule" with his recovery. Curran says looseness in the star quaterback's knee ligament could require additional surgery that could threaten his 2009 season. Brady's mobility in his knee is also being hampered by scar tissue and he might need to get this tissue removed too through surgery. Curran says this uncertainty with Tom's knee might prompt the Patriots to keep Cassel after all.


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The Final Storyline of 2008

By: Deets

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Giants quarterback Eli Manning

It seems that each time a season ends the media reflects back on the fact that it was the year with the most storylines that they can remember. Well, Iíll concede to the fact that this season was particularly power packed. But what is most interesting is that the storyline that will have the greatest impact wonít reveal itself until near the end. Yes, the 2008 season will be known as the year of the Manning. It has been a long time since the Colts snuck up on anyone, but injuries have allowed them to become overlooked. Sure the Titans are the ones sitting on home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but if we did a do-over the early part of the season it would be Indianapolis in their shoes. Itís a different route to the post season from their normal way of pumping out a string of wins right out of the gate and I think theyíre better for it. This is a more tenacious Colts team then Iíve seen in the past. Iíd compare the past Colts to a team more like the current Cardinals. This one is more like the Patriots teams they fell to in previous years. Theyíre not flashy but theyíve got more guts then the team that won the Super Bowl two years ago. Since Week 9 they havenít lost and in that stretch theyíve beaten the usual suspects (Patriots, Chargers, Steelers). Mark it, the Colts represent the AFC.

On the other side of the coin is Eli Manning. The Giants have dominated all season long and unlike Pittsburgh and Tennessee I feel that theyíll continue their strong play in the playoffs. Unlike the AFC which is a rather strong field regardless of how the final week plays out, the NFC has only two teams worth attention in my mind. Those are Carolina and New York. All the other teams have the traits of teams that wonít hold up past the first round. Dallas and Tampa are too inconsistent. Atlanta is too young. The playoff experience will be awesome for Matt Ryan, but a rookie wonít be able to last long in this kind of situation (prodigy or not). Arizona is dead once it goes on the road and the NFC North teams are just flat out mediocre. None of these teams are winning in Carolina or New York. Between Carolina and New York it is close to a toss-up, one Iím giving to the Giants because of home field.

To conclude, Iíll comment on the irony of a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl. It wonít be a passing clinic; it would be a defensive game. The twist is that I donít think either team is going to be in the Super Bowl because of their quarterbacks. Both the Giants and Colts have faced difficulties and managed to overcome them as a team. The level of team chemistry is why these will be the teams facing off in the Super Bowl. Of course in the two weeks leading up we wonít hear about any of that. Footballís Future is generally a bad sample size since we have a disproportionate number of informed, intelligent football fans; we can appreciate good football without needing storylines involved. Iíd certainly enjoy seeing brother vs. brother in a Super Bowl, but it is a shame that the level of hype would detract from the experience and most of all the football itself. Fittingly, my final prediction is the Colts winning a close one with a defensive player deserving the MVP but it going to Peyton anyways.

Brown In The Face

By: hollywood14

Browns head coach Romeo Crennel and former general manage Phil Savage

It did not take long for the Cleveland Browns to show Phil Savage the door. Savage, who has made his fair share of questionable decisions, one being his signing of current head coach Romeo Crennel, was fired after spending 17 years in the Browns organization. Crennel, on the other hand, was hired from the New England Patriots but has failed to produce winning just 24 games out of the 40 that he coached in.

Both Savage and Crennel have some association with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and ironically enough, the Browns could sign another member of the Patriots front office. Scott Pioli, the Vice President of player personel, has already been rumored as the guy that the Browns are trying to sign as their new general manager. Even more so ironic, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could find himself working with Pioli once more. If Pioli does indeed join the Browns staff, it would be an after thought that McDaniels would too join and become the Browns head coach. That would leave the Patriots with two huge holes to fill, but with Crennel's failure as a coach it is highly unlikely that he will receive any head coaching offers.


Patriots secondary coach Dom Capers hasn't been as advertised and Dean Pees, the current defensive coordinator, had much greater success as the defensive back coach more so then he has had being the defensive coordinator. Could we Browns and Patriots swap? Out goes Pioli and McDaniels and in comes Crennel? It certainly seems realistic.

Doesn't it.

Oh, and let's not get started on Matt Cassel. Brady Quinn is the guy for Cleveland. Oh wait, that's what Crennel said.

What would Cassel's offensive coordinator and close friend McDaniels say?

Pay close attention to the rumblings in Cleveland this off-season.

Jgoldiscool on the sig

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By: Deets

Patriots Trivia

Courtesy of People Quiz

Question 1: In what stadium did the New England Patriots play in from 1971-2001?
A.) Foxboro Stadium
B.) Gillette Stadium
C.) Harvard Stadium
D.) Alumni Stadium

Question 2: In 1988, the Sullivan family sold the Patriots to whom?
A.) Robert Kraft
B.) James Orthwein
C.) Victor Kiam
D.) Stanley Morgan

Question 3: In what year did the Patriots introduce a new logo and change their team colors from red and white to blue and silver?
A.) 1989
B.) 1990
C.) 1992
D.) 1993

Question 4: The Patriots played in Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 and lost to the Green Bay Packers by what score?
A.) 31-21
B.) 35-21
C.) 35-24
D.) 39-24

Question 5: Who scored the Patriots only rushing touchdown in Super Bowl XXXI?
A.) Drew Bledsoe
B.) Curtis Martin
C.) Terry Glenn
D.) Keith Byars

Previous Issues
Issue I (June 30th, 2008)
Issue II (July 27th, 2008)

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All set.. comment away.

Good job Pats forum .. and Deets (damn Dolphins fan)

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Is the Harrison article that one from a while back? Just curious, I remember him writing one.

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My English is terrible compared to the other writers in the Patriots community!!

Good reads, and a lot of Brady, Brady, Brady.
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Billy Spikes

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SoxNats07 wrote:
Is the Harrison article that one from a while back? Just curious, I remember him writing one.

Yeah it was meant for the third edition of the paper anyway but it was either canceled or delayed at the time... so i posted as a thread.

I went over it again and change a couple of things but its basically it.
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SoxNats07 wrote:
Is the Harrison article that one from a while back? Just curious, I remember him writing one.

Yes, we decided that it'd be best for him to recycle it.

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Good job everyone. I really like coachconrad's and rab's articles. Very insightful.

I just noticed a mistake in my Welker article, it should say through Week 16, not 16 games, so just ignore that Embarassed
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Billy Spikes

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Everyone very nice job, thanks for contributing.
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lmao love the comic good job guys all around
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I really enjoyed ICB's article. Good stuff bro.

Good work everyone, sorry I couldn't contribute with an article. Maybe in the next one.
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