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Forum Rules And A Helpful Guide for New Posters

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 1:44 am    Post subject: Forum Rules And A Helpful Guide for New Posters Reply with quote

Forum Rules Here: Please Read

nickdawg's Helpful Guide for New Posters in the Oakland Forum

With the draft quickly approaching, the entire site is getting more and more posters every day, and the Raider forum has seen alot of new guys as well. While we love having all of the new posters come in, I'd like to give you a few tips to keep the Raider forum to the highest quality and help new guys avoid making some of the mistakes us veterans may have when we were new.

BTW, these tips are credited to titanrick and NC SacKing. This is mostly titanrick's work, but he's cool with letting others use it. NC SacKing added a good bit to it as well.

When posting on the forums please take the following into consideration.

1. Check for duplicates. Try to add your comments to an existing topic if possible. While everyone here is interested in the draft and Free Agency, we have already had many discussions on who to cut, who we should resign, and who we should draft at 1. While I like to try and comment on as many subjects as possible, it can get boring to keep replying to the same topics. So please look on the first page to see if we already have a topic similar to the one you wanted to start, and add your ideas/comments to that.

2.Please keep the posts on topic. This is the Oakland Raider forum. Unless your posts are related to the Raiders in some way, please don't post it in here. The best example of this is Free Agency. For instance, say you want to know how we would feel about trading for Kellen Winslow II. Instead of just making a topic asking "Do you like him?", try to make it involved with the Raiders, perhaps by asking "We know Oakland needs a legitimate TE. Do you think Winslow would be a good fit for us? He seems to have worn out his welcome a bit and I think we could offer CLE a player and a draft pick for him. What do you guys think?" See the difference there. One is ambigous and hard to really discuss. The other is clear to understand, original, and sparks good discussion. The latter is what members are interested in discussing and help make Football's Future the best draft site around.

3. Strive for quality. Avoid starting a topic just to ask a question or something that can be looked up on Google in a few mins. This is an important one if we want this site to be the best on the web. No one here knows everything so don't feel embarassed about that. But rather than asking questions like "Who did Oakland pick in the 2001 draft?" or "How old is LaMont Jordan?", take some time to research it on the web and find your answer. Then, your post will be more insightful rather than asking questions which could be answered yourself.

4. Proof read your post. Everyone makes typos and misspell words. But take a minute to proof read and make sure your post makes sense. One of the most annoying things is reading a topic with grammer such as "Yo i HeAr dat wez gunna cut Jurry Pohrtah. Wut up wit dat man? Iz mad stoopid cuz walthaz sux". The more effort you put in your posts, the more effort others will take to reply and the more they will respect you. It's hard to make a valid point when we can't understand what you write, so please do your best to have correct spelling and grammer.

5. Give your topic a descriptive subject which lets members know what they can expect in the post. Most people only read and post on topics that interest them. If you post a topic that says "What should we do?" or "OLBs", it's very vague and will not likely capture any attention. This is the case especially to non Raier fans who start a topic in here. A topic that just says "Jordan" will get less looks and responses than one that says "Are the Raiders going to cut Jordan? Why?" Be specific with what you are asking or discussing, it also helps to rid of duplicate threads as well.

Finally, a few extra pieces of advice

Arrow We're all here to have fun and talk Oakland Raider football. The main goal of these forums are to be able to talk about the Raiders in a friendly environment. If you disagree with someone's views, that's fine. Everyone is welcome to their opinion. But never take it to a personal level. Respect your fellow Raider fan. If someone *DOES* end up with "keyboard diarrhea," DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, retailate in any way. PM myself, HiFi, CrapTakula one of the other Global Moderators (Vike Daddy, GrrLacher, S.A.cowboyfan, 2105 yards), or Webmaster. I cannot stress this enough: NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER respond to an attack, personal or general, in any way.

Arrow Don't be defensive If someone gives you negative feedback on your draft or idea, don't get defensive. No one around here is 100% correct about the Raiders, myself included. Take it as the person is trying to help you out to make a better draft/idea and not to cut you down.

Arrow Never hesitate to talk to either myself, HiFi, or CrapTakula. As one of the Raider moderators, it's my responsibility to keep the forum clean of problems. If you have a problem, question, or issue with ANYTHING going on here, please PM me and I will help you. I want everyone to enjoy themselves here, and will do anything to ensure that your experience here is a happy one. If you don't yet have PM priviligaes and have an issue, don't worry about it. I check these forums frequently and will see any potential problems before they get out of hand. Also, if you do have an issue, it's always better to PM me. I don't like airing "dirty laundry" out in public or seeing it: it does the forum no good. PM me and we will get things resolved quicker and much easier.

Arrow Realize that I do have to do "dirty work" sometimes. I will lock threads that are duplicates, off topics, or not in line with any of the rules. I will delete posts that are inappropriate. If you break any of the rules repeatedly, you will get a warning. I don't do these things because I enjoy them or dislike you, it's simply my duty and I take it seriously. While you will come to learn that I'm a cool guy, laid back, approachable, being a Moderator comes first. However, the Raider forum is one of the cleanest on this site, so we usually have very few problems we I need to use my "mod duties"

Arrow Please read and understand the rules

Forum Rules

Sig and Avatar rules

And please don't SPAM us. I spot it quickly, delete it quicker, and report it to the Webmaster so he can ban your account before you even get another post in. Don't waste our time or yours by spamming us.

Again, welcome everyone to the forums. I hope to see all you new posters active in here and develop into model posters like our veterans, and continuing to make the Raider forum the best forum on the site Cool

just_win_ty wrote:
How's it going Hifi and Nickdawg? I was wondering, would you guys be willing to make my Oakland Raiders Mock Draft Thread a sticky topic because it seems to be a very popular issue and I know all the Raider fans in this forum have their own opinion about how they would like this year's draft to go for us. I'd really appreciate it if you could. Thanks a lot Laughing

I know we had an official "Mock Draft" thread, and in it I said that I would sticky it if a spot became available, but upon further review (and discussion amongst the boss), it has been decided that making an offical Mock Draft thread wouldn't be in the best interest of the site. And here's why:

We try to encourage new posters to be active, and lurkers to become new posters. In an effort to stimulate forum activity, it's generally encouraged that mockers make their own individual threads, because someone new to the forum probably won't be interested in reading through the 6 or 7 + pages in an official mock draft thread. Having a new mock draft thread encourages participation from the less-active users and is therefore more beneficial to the site.

And the reason we promote the idea of multiple mock threads, and not multiple threads on the same subject is because nobody's mock will be exactly the same. Everyone has a different opinion about whom should be taken, and where. Conversely, how many different times can you post that Oakland just picked up Joe Schmo? (I hope I worded that clearly...)
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