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Post Draft/FA Predictions

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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 7:14 pm    Post subject: Post Draft/FA Predictions Reply with quote

Still a little early but now we have a pretty good idea what our roster will look like. Our Offense was #4 last year. I expect about the same this year in the 3-6 range. Total Defense was 24th last year, im expecting that to rise but not as much as you'd expect. Probably the 18-21 range. As much as it pains me to say it, our defense is still a year or even two away from a playoff caliber defense. While I fully believe in all my heart Mack is the best defensive player in football (think Watt will lose a slight amount of explosiveness post injury) our front seven didn't do much to improve. If we re-sign Riley, Aldon plays, and Eddie surprises people, then our front seven could be a nice surprise. Aldon playing and Eddie playing at above average starter level his first year are both unlikely though.

Week One:

Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans

This is our third straight year playing in Tennessee and it will be the best Titan team to date. Beating any team in their place three years in a row is incredibly difficult and the Titans are an extremely hungry football team. We did very well against Mariota last season but their run game was dominant against us. I expect a similar game this time around. The Raiders and Titans is becoming an out of division rivalry, two teams that may be the Top two teams in the AFC for years to come in a couple years from now. However, Walker didn't play last year and if he did, the game could of possibly had a different result. But I think with Obi playing and Joseph having a year experience, we will have good TE coverage this season (or at least average). I'm gonna say Raiders win another against the Titans in dramatic last second fashion just like the last two games. Although I could certainly see this as a loss.

Oakland Raiders def. Tennessee Titans 20-17.


Week Two:

New York Jets vs Oakland Raiders

No doubt in my mind the Jets will be the worst team in football this season. So if we don't win this game and don't win by at least 6+ points, ill be a little worried to say the least. Carr should light them up and this will be the worst offense we play all season.

Oakland Raiders def. New York Jets 26-18.


Week Three:

Sunday Night Football
Oakland Raiders vs Washington Redskins

Redskins are a decent .500 football team and their offense could tear our defense apart, especially in Washington. It is a east coast game but the primetime slot should help with that. I think this game could go either way but at the end of the day I think Washington gets the win in a somewhat high scoring affair.

Washington Redskins def. Oakland Raiders 31-27.


Week Four:

Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos

Denver is a tough place to play but as we proved a couple years ago, we can win there with a top notch defensive performance. I think our whole division are all good football teams though and sweeping any of them is going to be very tough. I think we can absolutely win this game but we will fall just short.

Denver Broncos def. Oakland Raiders 25-24.


Week Five:

Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders

Ravens are a very tough out regardless of where we play. We've won the past two seasons but they were both last second razor sharp comebacks. They are a Top 5-6 Defense in the NFL. I think our defense will step up against their subpar offense though. Another close victory against the Ravens in a defensive struggle.

Oakland Raiders def. Baltimore Ravens 19-16.


Week Six:

Los Angeles Chargers vs Oakland Raiders

Don't be sleepin on them Chargers.. we did sweep them last year but everyone acted like it was an automatic sweep which really bothered me. Chargers played us close both games and probably improved the most of any west team this year. They are a sneaky little playoff contender. We barely beat them in Oakland the past two seasons and I expect another close game this year but with a different result.

Los Angeles Chargers def. Oakland Raiders 24-21.


Week Seven:

Thursday Night Football
Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders

I think the Chiefs will be one of the toughest teams in football this year just like the last three years. And let's face it.. they have our number. This is the only team in the league Carr regularly has trouble with as they are such a creative and versatile defense. Last years game against KC showed promise though and I think Carr would of had a much better game if he wasn't playing with a broken finger. We have to good of a football team to lose five in a row against one team. Raiders will pull this one out and to everyones surprise, it's a beatdown.

Oakland Raiders def. Kansas City Chiefs 28-17.


Week Eight:

Oakland Raiders vs Buffalo Bills

We are clearly the better team here and even though it's an east coast game I think we will dominate two games in a row. The Bills just don't have the fire power to keep up with us. Unless Shady goes off for 200 yards (possible..) I think we win this one decisively.

Oakland Raiders def. Buffalo Bills 24-13.


Week Nine:

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins

Back to back east coast games will be very very tough. Would not be surprised at all if we dropped this game. However, we are definitely the better team and have a much better roster than Miami. The only reason I feel this can go either way is because it's in Miami, back to back east coast games, and they are a decent .500 football team. I think Carr will have a solid day and keep the offense rolling but Gase and Tannehil are gonna put up some points.

Oakland Raiders def. Miami Dolphins 30-28.


Week Ten:

Bye week.

Week Eleven:

Mexico City
New England Patriots vs Oakland Raiders

I'm sure this will be a game most expect us to lose and one of the very few games we will be underdogs on the betting lines. I wish this game was in Oakland but even in neutral territory I think we can pull off a win against the Patriots. The biggest factor being we are coming off a bye week. Besides his rookie year, Bellichick has never faced Carr and I think Carr will have a solid performance and Mack will have two sacks. Also Brady hasn't exactly been the best QB playing in high altitude. Look at most of his games in Denver.

Oakland Raiders def. New England Patriots 26-22.


Week Twelve:

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders

Not much to say here. Denver isn't good enough to sweep us and I think with their QB situation they will struggle in a hostile environment such as Oakland.

Oakland Raiders def. Denver Broncos 23-19.


Week Thirteen:

New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders

This is a very tough game I could easily see going either way. Giants are always a well coached team that thrive on the road. They will also have a high power offense and a solid defense. Giants will have to travel far and I do think we match up fairly well with them. I'm kind of expecting a sloppy football game by both teams in a close somewhat low scoring affair. Raiders pull it out and win their sixth game in a row.

Oakland Raiders def. New York Giants 24-20.

Week Fourteen:

Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

I definitely don't think we sweep the Chiefs but crazier things have happened. Their defense probably holds us at bay in Arrowhead and we somewhat struggle in this one.

Kansas City Chiefs def. Oakland Raiders 21-18.


Week Fifteen:

Sunday Night Football
Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders

This should absolutely be one of the funnest games all year. One of the best teams last season, most popular team in football, national television, etc. Plus Dallas's offense is similar to ours and they dominate with their OL. The battle of the two most dominant Offensive Lines in the league. I'm expecting a back and forth war and highly entertaining football game. Raiders win a close high scoring game.

Oakland Raiders def. Dallas Cowboys 33-28.


Week Sixteen:

Monday Night Football
Oakland Raiders vs Philadelphia Eagles

I think the Eagles are going to be way better than people expect this year and possibly a playoff team. Also expecting Wentz to make a huge jump. Just like the previous week, another high scoring game on national television that come down to the wire. Making the Raiders a national television favorite. However, I think we are on the opposite end of this one.

Philadelphia Eagles def. Oakland Raiders 36-31.


Week Seventeen:

Oakland Raiders vs Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers imo have zero chance at sweeping us. However, I do expect them to be sitting around 8-7 in this game and being very hungry. This will basically be a Raiders home game though and I think the small Stubhub arena will play into the Raiders favor. Derek Carr absolutely rips the Chargers to pieces and clinches the AFC West Championship.

Oakland Raiders def. Los Angeles Chargers 37-22.


Overall Record: 11-5
AFC West Finish: 1st
Division Record: 3-3
Conference Record: 9-3
NFC Record: 2-2
Home Record: 7-1
Road Record: 4-4
Offensive Rank: 6th
Defensive Rank: 19th
Playoff Seed: 2nd
All Pro Selections: DE/LB Khalil Mack, WR Amari Cooper, OG Kelechi Osemele, P Marquette King. (This is All Pro selections not Pro Bowl so only 2 QB slots so that's why Carr isn't on here. Pro Bowl selections is a popularity contest/tons of people pull out).
Awards: Marshawn Lynch wins comeback player of the year.
Khalil Mack Top 3 for DPOY.
Carr Top 4 for MVP.
Del Rio Top 3 for COTY.

Playoff Results:

Divisional Round:

(2) Oakland Raiders def. (3) Tenneesee Titans

Conference Championship:

(1) New England Patriots def. (2) Oakland Raiders

I don't think we're ready to beat New England in Foxborough just yet. Very good team, hostile environment, tons of playoff experience, plus tons of shady things go on in that stadium such as several teams QB's losing radio contact with their coach/coordinator. We can win.. it's just unlikely.

Overall a very good season. But our schedule is very very tough. We could be as bad as 8-8 with this schedule. Our floor is 8 wins and our ceiling is 12 wins imo. I think we most likely finish with 10-11 wins.

Feel free to post your predictions and thanks for reading.

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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 7:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A little abstract in terms of W/L, but I'm totally fine with that. I don't think Wentz is gonna be a standout qb in this league for plenty of reasons and I think we'll beat the eagles due to their inexperience on offense and subpar corner play.

I think the Chiefs will continue to own us, sadly, as even though we added talent at corner and at the tight end spot/receiver, JDR and the staff seemingly always gets outcoached by KC. Unless Pagano takes over, which could be a big improvement over KNJ, or at least has more play calling input, that could be rough.

I think that we still have the chargers and broncos' number(s). The broncos can't stop the ground and pound and could be looking at similar losses to what we did against them early last year. The Chargers have health issues and their OT situation isn't sturdy enough to handle mack/irvin, like we saw last year. They will be a threat if they stay healthy, but there are some questions about that every year.

We need to take these "gimme" games and control the clock with Lynch/the run game after putting up points like we have in the past.

Good corner play from Conley would help, especially in the redzone, as would melifonwu covering tight ends when we're up in games. We gave up way too many big plays in the pass game and they could shore up that area at least somewhat.
Danand wrote:
Carr is 22-25,no playoff games, I'd take Flacco over him.To me it seems like Flacco is just where he belongs. Behind the Brady, Roethlisberger,Rivers,Rodgers,Wilson and ahead of Carr,Tannehill,Cousins,Palmer,Dalton,Luck
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