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Joined: 08 Feb 2010
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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 2:58 am    Post subject: A.M.F.W.A : SHOWS Reply with quote

i'll organize everyones shows here & make a directory.
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Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Posts: 19392
Location: fin-land Metaphysical & Eternal EveryoneLoveEveryone
PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 3:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I_GET_SAX's Wednesday Night Wrestling: Show 1

I_GET_SAX wrote:

JR: Good evening fans and welcome to the premiere of Wednesday Night Wrestling! My partner and I are excited to guide you through the newest and most real wrestling experience that's ever been offered!

King: I hope it lives up to the hype JR! We have a packed house here in the Georgia Dome tonight and all these fans are buzzing about what to expect.

JR: Well I'm just as curious as the next one is King but we will have to wait and let it all unfold. Looks like the roster is beginning to compile on the ramp.

King: Look at the ring JR! Looks like we are about to have someone kick us off....but who?

King: It's The Game HHH! Wonder what he'll have to say tonight!

JR: Part of playing the game is being quiet and listening to find out Jerry.

HHH: Good evening fans and WNW superstars! I am here in this ring tonight because I took the liberty of starting this promotion with a dream of bringing you the best action and entertainment while using the best wrestlers the world has to offer.

(Fans screaming in excitement and anticipation)

HHH: Now some of the ways we will keep you all entertained beyond your wildest dreams is bringing you amazing matches. Tonight we have an exceptional slate on tap. I'm going to introduce you first, to the pride and joy of WNW. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the title that all other titles are to be measured against...

HHH: The Wednesday Night Wrestling Hardcore Championship Title

JR: HHH bringing hardcore wrestling to the forefront ladies and gentlemen and we are about to hear who will be first to call the belt his own.

King: This is so exciting JR! I can't wait to see the intense competition ahead for that belt.

HHH: Our first title isn't something that can just be handed to somebody on this roster. I'm looking at all you superstars up there and I see the desire in you. We are all about to find out if you're willing to earn this title. Sweat, Bleed and possibly get injured for this title. Tonight we will kick off a tournament that will determine which six of you get the honor of putting your bodies on the line for this coveted belt in the Elimination Chamber match.

JR: By god King did you hear that?

King: Of course I did JR I'm right fricken here. The Elimination Chamber is a potential career ending match and this is how we will eventually determine our first Hardcore Champion. How fitting.

HHH: Our first matchup will start now... superstars, good luck and let's see what you all have in you.

Match 1:

JR: Well this is how you get fans excited Jerry, give the people a match they've never seen before and make sure there is championship incentive.

King: Well there is the bell and they are sizing each other up. Sami cracks first and gives Morrison a kick right to the gut...and another...

JR: Those are some rough kicks to the stomach and sternum King. Sami is really trying to capitalize, swinging Johnny into the corner turnbuckle across from them. Sami is coming in hot and seems to be looking to end this early. He is lining up the Yakuza kick and aiming to take Johnny's head off!

King: Morrison played possum and moved at the very last second causing Sami to over extend his leg to the top rope and he's in some pain. He's got a slight limp now. Johnny notices that and begins to run towards Sami and baseball slides the bad leg. When they both return to their feet, Morrison connects with the
enzuigiri. Sami is down on the mat and doesn't seem to know where he is.

JR: Johnny is headed for the corner again except this time it's on his own free will. He's climbing the ropes and sizing up Zayn one last time before...

JR and King: Starship Pain!!! That's gotta be it for the match.

JR: The ref is checking for the shoulders and it's 1-2....3! Morrison has proven to be too much for Zayn tonight and he moves on in the Hardcore Championship picture.

King: Oh man what a way to kick off the premier episode of WNW! Wonder who has to follow up that big performance by those competitors.

Match 2:

King: What a size mismatch this is JR. What do we know if this Riddle punk?

JR: A chiseled young man who has experience in mixed martial arts and has expanded his horizons to the world of professional wrestling. Has the image of a surfer boy yet the heart of a lion. Let's see what he can do against a slimmed down Show!

King: Riddle better plan on using his speed against the Big Show here tonight. As soon as Show grabs him it will be over. Riddle taking a risk and starting with some chops and ducking Shows' attempts to grab him in the early going. Big Show comes off the ropes and has his shoulder leaning in for the shorter Riddle.

JR: Did Matt Riddle just hurdle a charging Big Show? I can't believe what athleticism I just witnessed by the California kid. Riddle takes advantage and comes off the ropes with a leaping forearm.

King: Was that supposed to phase the Big Show? Hahahaha! Here we go! Get him big fella. Big Show grabs Riddle in mid air and splashes him to the ground. Show gets up and alerts the screaming fans that the end is approaching for his smaller opponent.

JR: Riddle stumbles back to his feet and rushes for the nearest turnbuckle. He climbs it and as Show comes charging at him, Riddle hits him square in the face with a perfect drop kick. Show is down! Riddle doesn't waste anytime and tries for a pin...1...2...shoulder up!

King: Riddle goes for a running senton and gives Show everything he has with that move. Goes for another quick pin attempt...1...2...Show tosses a Riddle in the air before a third count by the referee. Wow what strength.

JR: Show looks dazed and Riddle is seriously attempting a suplex right now. Big Show give Riddle an elbow to the face that must feel like a frying pan hitting you...Show raises his right arm and screams for the crowd again...Knockout Punch...Riddle is not moving on the mat. Show places his heavy boot on Riddles chest and the ref counts 1-2-3!

King: Show moves on one step closer to claiming the Hardcore Title. Who can stop a man that size?

Match 3:

King: Is Lana vying for the Hardcore title JR? Why is she strutting her beautiful self down the ramp?

Lana: I am the keeper of the beast and I am here now to unleash him and to soon win the coveted Hardcore championship!

JR: Lesnar and Big E! Two of the biggest superstars in the world and they'll collide tonight for a chance to move on for the chance at the Hardcore title. Two of the strongest performers wrestling entertainment has ever seen. Brock is staring at Big E and grinning ear to ear. Big E doesn't like that and he charges at Brock. They each throw haymakers at each other. Brock hits Big E with a ring shaking German suplex. Big E slow to get up and he blocks another suplex attempt and clotheslines Brock to the mat. Big E shakes the ropes in excitement.

King: I wouldn't get too excited yet Big E, Brock isn't easily overmatched like this for long. Brock stumbles towards Big E and ducks under a vicious looking eauropean uppercut. Big E is facing the wrong way and...Suplex. Another one oh my god he is a suplex machine! After back to back suplexes Brock gets in position for his finisher and beckons Big E to stand up and come back for more. Big E falls right into the F-5! Brock quickly on for the pin and 1....2....3!

JR: So folks that is half of the entrants already for the Elimination Chamber match. So far we have Johnny Morrison, Big Show and now the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar and his manager Lana, the self proclaimed, keeper of the Beast! What an exciting evening this has been so far. Let's keep this train rolling with...

King: Who and what was that? A mysterious video just showed on the titantron of a group that seems to be called Sanity. They look like the kind to start trouble. No wrestlers coming down the ramp so it looks like it was just a video to freak us out.

Match 4:

JR: Hideo Itami ladies and gentlemen, a true warrior who trained as a kickboxer. When he kicks you it feels like a car crash. He will take those same shots back and keep attacking you. A great fit for a qualifying match that's end goal is the Hardcore Championship. Who will he be taking on?

JR: Sheamus the Celtic Warrior! He stakes his claim on retiring the man that runs Wednesday Night Wrestling, HHH. He won't wrestle you. He's coming for a fight.

King: Sheamus comes in hot with a heavy clothesline attempt but Itami evades it with his speed. Itami winds up and chops at Sheamus' tree trunk like legs with devastating kicks. You can hear the massive pale warrior is hurting from those wisely placed kicks. Itami smothers him with some chops and blows to the head with his forearm. Sheamus shows his brute strength in shoving Itami off him and onto the ground. Sheamus uses the ropes to build momentum and crushes the neck and sternum of Itami with a clothesline that doesn't miss this time.

JR: That coukd spell the beginning of the end for Itami King! He doesn't look to be in a good place. He is wobbling and using the support of the ropes to stand up fully. Uh Oh Hideo don't turn around for the love of God! Sheamus just beheaded Itami with the brogue kick. Itami did his best to take away the powerful leg of Sheamus but after the clothesline he ended up staring at a boot to the mouth. Sheamus gets on for the pin..1...2....3!

Match 5:

King: Now that they were able to locate and reattach Itami's head to his body, let's start the next contest...

JR: Cesaro. The Swiss Army Knife. The Swiss Superman. He looks extra confident on his way to the ring.

King: Will you look at this mountain of a man, Braun Strowman! He looks like a starving Bear ready to hunt.

JR: Cesaro starts at a run and throws a couple eauropean uppercuts around the neck and jaw of Strowman. That can't be good. Strowman grabs Cesaros arm on the third uppercut attempt and he pulled Cesaro in for a bear hug. He's squeezing the life out of Cesaro right now. Cesaro tries helplessly elbowing Braun's head but Strowman just readjusts and tightens his grip until he knows there's no movement coming from Cesaro. He flips around the limp body of Cesaro and sets up for his signature running power slam. Cesaro is down for the count. 1....2....3!

Match 6:

King: Well here we are JR! One a slot left to grab in the Elimination Chamber qualifying matches. The members of the match so far who have battled and bruised their bodies tonight are: Johnny Morrison, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Sheamus and most recently and aggressively was Braun Strowman. Here we go....

JR: It's the Architect Seth Rollins! You know he's willing to suffer injury just to punish his opponent. I bet he thinks the Hardcore Championship was meant for him. And his opponent...

(Crowd chanting "delete" as Hardy is making way to ring)

King: Broken Matt Hardy. This is one freaky guy JR. Do you hear these fans though? What a cult following this guy has.

JR: Seth is on the prowl and he just starts throwing lefts and rights and kicks at Hardy and backing him into a corner. Hardy rakes the eyes of Rollins and runs Rollins up for a face smashing bulldog. Hardy then climbs up to the top of the corner and flies into a diving elbow.

King: Nobody home for the elbow as Seth Rollins rolled out of the way and is on his feet again. Rollins bounces off the ropes for a sling blade. Rollins stays on him with some kicks to the body. Kicking him while he's down JR.

JR: Rollins rolls up Hardy for the pin and it's gotta be over...1...2...shoulder is up. Matt Hardy's chances are not broken yet. He rises up and is able to get Rollins up for the Side Effect! What impact on that. That lunatic is headed back for the top rope and he's leading another delete chant!

King: Hardy flies down for a leg drop and again Rollins is able to evade the super impact and it's a race to their feet. Rollins backs up, lines up Hardy as Hardy is on all fours. Seth is running in and...

JR: By god it's a curb stomp on the head of Broken Matt Hardy. He lifts up the nearly lifeless body and drills Hardy with a pedigree. The pin attempt and 1...2...3!

King: There you have it folks. The stage is set for the Elimination Chamber match for the Hardcore Championship! Goodnight and thanks for tuning in.
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Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Posts: 19392
Location: fin-land Metaphysical & Eternal EveryoneLoveEveryone
PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 3:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bcb1213's Saturday Night Slam!: Show 1

bcb1213 wrote:
As we enter the arena, we see Daniel Bryan in the center of the ring

Welcome to Saturday Night Slam! We here at BCW have strived to put together the best wrestler on the planet. Our women are the best in the world and our whole division will be on display tonight as the great Charlotte Flair teams with the spitfire Becky Lynch and the underrated Jade to face off against the female wrecking ball Nia Jaxx, wily veteran Gail Kim, and the gorgeous Maria Kanellis.

But what is an organization without an ultimate champion. Thus, we will be starting a tournament to find the New Ultimate Champion. This will be a 5 week tournament with the champion being crowned at our Inaugural PPV which you can watch on our network for 8.99.
The matches you will see tonight include Japanese star Kazuchika Okada vs a mystery opponent, the lone wolf Baron Corbin vs former TNA star EC3, Dean Ambrose vs the perfect 10 Tye….

And without being able to complete Dillinger's name, the lights in the arena go dark and a familiar tune plays throughout the sold out building. Suddenly, the crowd put on their flashlights as a figure steps out from behind the curtain.

“It’s the eater of worlds, Bray Wyatt. He’s gonna have something to say” says Cory Graves

Wyatt comes down and enters the ring. He blows out his lantern and the lights come on

After a short Wyatt rambling, he demands into the tournament

Bryan replies “You don’t have to demand anything, because you were already in it. I’ve found someone who says he knows everything about you and is ready to take the next step. In fact, you’re match starts...right now”

With that, some unfamiliar music plays and a familiar , well, mask, comes on the screen”

“Oh my, it is Erik Rowan, is he really going to start a family feud?”

Rowan enters the ring and takes off his mask. He turns around to put it down and he is attacked by Wyatt. Bray runs into Rowan and rams him into the turnbuckle, as he falls back, wyatt clutches him and delivers the Sister Abigail finisher minus the kiss for a quick 1-2-3.

Wyatt stands up and looks directly at Daniel Bryan, still standing on the ramp watching. Wyatt turns towards the crowd as Rowan slides under the ropes with his arms stretched out

“Follow the buzzards”

After a quick commercial break we return to Bryan joining Graves at the announce table.

“Daniel, Bray seemed to have showed you up there’
“Bray is an amazing competitor, Rowan promised me a great match, he didn’t live up to that promise.”

With that, Baron Corbin’s music hits and he comes down to the ring looking ready for a fight

That fight is coming from Ethan Carter the third as his music hits and the former TNA stud comes down the ramp and enters the ring.

The bell rings and both competitors march straight to the center of the ring and meet face to face. They size each other up and Corbin fires the first punch, Carter returns favor and they trade strikes. Finally, Corbin throws EC3 into the ropes and hits him with a thunderous shoulder block. EC3 retreats to the corner where Corbin hits a running clothesline. Carter falls to the mat and finds himself in a headlock with Baron placing all his weight on top of his fallen opponent.

EC3 starts to stir as the crowd gets behind him he manages to get to his feet and hits Corbin with some elbows. Corbin goes for another headlock but Carter slaps on his Cobra Clutch. However, Corbin is too strong to be taken down right now and rams EC3 into the corner releasing the hold. Corbin goes to throw EC3 into the opposite corner when EC3 reverses it and sends Baron towards the corner. Corbin slips under the ropes slides back in the ring and hits a tired EC3 with a clothesline.

Baron makes a gesture towards the crowd that it is over. He sends Carter into the ropes and is ready to catch him for the End of Days when Carter flies off the ropes and hits him with a forearm. Now dazed, Corbin take a few more blows to the head and is thrown into the corner. From there Carter runs at Baron and hits the EC3 splash. Corbin stumbles out of the corner and EC3 hits the one percenter. He covers Corbin and gets the three count for the victory.

Battered and bruised Carter heads up the ramp. Corbin gets up, races after EC3 and hits im with a hard lariat from behind. He then hits the end of days on the steel and walks off to a chorus of boos

When we come back from commercial break we have the six woman tag match

The six woman come out to their entrances and line up in the ring. The match starts with Gail Kim vs Jade. The two former Knockout division stars have a pretty generic back and forth with both taking turns with headlocks and clotheslines. After a dropkick by Jade, Nia gets tagged in. Jade rushes towards her opponent and finds out quickly that is a bad idea as she runs into a brick wall. Jade retreats into her corner and Becky gets tagged in.

The Irish Lass Kicker comes in like a house of fire hitting Jaxx with a barrage of forearms but the monstrous Jax does not go over. Becky hits the ropes and flings herself onto Jax who catches her in mid air and slams her to the mat. Jax goes back and tags in Maria. She takes control of lynch and throws her into the open corner. SHe rushes in and misses Becky who manages to crawl into the corner and tags in Flair. Flair comes in and takes out Kanellis with a clothesline followed quickly by another to the incoming Kim. Jade hits the ring and a double clothesline sends Jaxx to the floor. Flair turns her attention to Maria and hits her with a neck breaker, followed by natural selection for a victory for the babyface team

Our next match features Dean Ambrose vs Tye Dillinger

Quick recap for time constraints

Dillinger starts out hot but Ambrose lures him outside where he takes advantage hurling dillinger into the steps. A running bulldog and dirty deeds later and Ambrose moves on.

Okada vs Mystery opponent

The best wrestler in the world Okada is shown walking towards the entrance ramp with his music playing when he is hit from behind by a still enraged Baron Corbin. He throws Okada out onto the ramp and continues the assault. He lines up Okada for a powerbomb off the stage when EC3 shows up and saves the day knocking corbin silly with a flapjack.

They continue fighting into the back while Okada lies there in a heap.

Suddenly the lights go dark and Aleister Black makes his entrance and walks into the ring. He commands the official to start a 10 count which the ref does. Okada crawls down the ramp and just rolls into ring at nine. He gets up and promptly gets destroyed by a black mass spinning heel kick.

Black covers Okada for the 1, 2, and WAIT OKADA KICKS OUT!

Black, pissed, lifts Okada up and hits a second Black Mass kick ending the match with a definite three count as he stands victorious in the center of the ring while medical staff attend to Okada to end the show.
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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 3:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

djw4bucs's Friday Night Frenzy: Show 1

djw4bucs wrote:
William Regal walks out and welcomes everyone to Friday Night Frenzy, Announces that their will a huge main event for tonight, a fatal 4 way elimination match involving Kenny Omega, Cody, Adam Cole and Marty Scrull. And the winner of this main event will face AJ Styles next week for the PWA world title. Out comes Will Ospreay wondering why he is not in the main event tonight, then Zack Sabre Jr’s music hits and says if there is anyone who belongs in the main event it is him. William Regal says that he already has a big match planned for them at Reckoning Day, Will Ospreay with battle Zack Sabre Jr for the PWA Indy Championship, but before that can happen Zack Sabre Jr will have a 1on1 match with Cedric Alexander later tonight. and Will Osprey will face off with Christopher Daniels and that starts right now.

Will Ospreay beats Christopher Daniels in a 18 minute slug fest after he hits the shooting star press.

Back stage interview with Cody, talking about the main event later when Marty Scrull attacks him and puts him through a table.

It is announced that at Reckoning Day there will be a six pack challenge elimination match for the PWA Womens title involving Bayley, Candice LeRae, Sasha Banks, Emma, Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox. Nikki Cross comes out for her match vs Alicia Fox, Cross wins the match with the swinging fisherman neckbreaker. LeRae, Bayley, Banks and Emma were on Commentary. After the match a brawl breaks out involving all of the women in the upcoming match at Reckoning Day, Banks and Bayley Clean house.

Cedric Alexander beats Zack Sabre Jr in a 13 minute bout thanks to a distraction by Ospreay

Dalton Castle beats Kota Ibushi and Rey Mysterio and in 12 minutes in a triple threat match for the PWA TV Championship

Kurt Angle walks out with American Alpha they say that they are ready to take over PWA, and that they are the baddest team in PWA and no one can stop them. Ricochet and Matt Sydal comes out saying that they are wrong and challenges AA to match at Reckoning Day. A brawl breaks loose with Matt Sydal and Ricochet clearing the ring.

Johnny Gargano beats Doc Gallows via a roll up in a 6 minute match, Tommaso Ciampa and Karl Anderson were at ring side.

Main event time
All men are in the ring when Regal comes out saying that there will be a 5th person in Tonights main event and its John Cena, the bell rings and all men go after Cena, but he starts to fight back and takes control. Cody first eliminates Mary Scrull with the cross rhodes and gets revenge for what happened earlier, but Scrull gets pissed off and gets back in the ring and destroys Cody. Scrull hits him with Party’s Over then Adam Cole makes and cover and eliminates him. It’s down to Cena, Omega and Cole. Cena plants Cole with the AA but Cole kicks outs, Cena is looking for another AA on Cole, but a masked man appears from the stands, and he plants cena with what looks to be a backwards DDT and Omega makes the cover and now it’s down to Cole v Omega. After a good 10 minutes of back and forth action Cole is setting up for the Last Shot, but Omega reverses it into the One winged Angel. 1. 2.3 Omega wins the match, and outcomes AJ Styles and they have a stare down to end Friday Night Frenzy.
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