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Draft Needs

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:44 pm    Post subject: Draft Needs Reply with quote


In the process of preparing my mock drafts for the next six weeks. What would you say are the three or four most pressing needs for your team ranked in order of most to least?


bossvegas wrote:
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1. QB - We have no starting QB right now
2. OT - Derek Newton may never come back from his injury. Need a RT to replace him right now, and if the kid can eventually take over at LT that would be even better as Brown is not getting younger.

Those are the obvious and very top needs. After this, the needs are more debatable in terms of order.

3. SOLB - We just lost our starter here. Looking for a LB (rather than a true edge player) that can cover, set the edge, and occasionally blitz
4. DT/NT - Wilfork is likely retiring so need some depth here.
5. S - Another position where we lost a starter. Probably aiming at a cover guy over a box guy here.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:22 pm    Post subject: Re: Draft Needs Reply with quote

Maverick41 wrote:

In the process of preparing my mock drafts for the next six weeks. What would you say are the three or four most pressing needs for your team ranked in order of most to least?


With the way our organization is ran our stupid management makes this team have several needs. Putting 4 is generous.



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Pastor Dillon

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

McShay has us taking Trubisky in the 1st round.

With the way things have played out, we might be able to get one of Watson, Trubisky or Kiser in round 1 if we want.

looking at teams that came in needing a QB round 1 and you have

Cleveland who has pick 1 and 12 so odds are they go Garrett and perhaps a QB at 12

the 49er can take one at #2, but no QB really fits there and they did sign Barkley and Hoyer in the off season

Bears at #3 no longer makes sense after they went out and got Glennon

The Jets at #6 are a threat to take one, but they did use a 2nd round pick on Hackenberg last season and havent given him a shot yet.

The bills resigned Taylor, probably taking QB off the 1st round list

The Saints could always grab a QB at 11, but have many other needs

same is true of the Cards at 13

Once you get to #14, there are no teams without a set starter for next season. This would be the area that a team like the Browns might try to trade back into the first and grab a QB. They have the ammo to do it if they want. a 2018 1st and 2nd plus a 2nd and 3rd this year would get the job done probably. They have more picks than they need.

but if the Browns were to make a deal for Jimmy G then its possible with the talent level down at the QB position that the Texans could have free choice of QBs in round 1.

my gut tells me that I would love Watson, but my mind says BOB would take Trubisky or Kiser

^S/o to El Ramster for the amazing sig
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Apollo Stallion

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Amazing how "great" the QB list looks each April vs. the next April. Paxton Lynch was taken at 26 last year and not only was beaten out by 7th rounder Siemian, but it's as if his presence on the roster is completely ignored by everyone penciling Romo in out there.

Reality is that each draft class produces maybe 1 or 2 legit starters, so having Kizer, Mahomes, Trubisky, and Watson all go early smacks of desperation from poorly run franchises.

* Hackenburg was 4th Qb taken last year and was such a hype driven reach, the Jets had to carry an unprecedented 4 QBs.

* 4th taken in 2015 was Sean Mannion who had so little potential the Rams had to go back and draft a crap QB like Goff #1 overall last year.

* #4 off the board in 2014 was Derek Carr and um, well if the Johnny Hype train hadn't bumped him to 2nd he'd be a better example (or if lil Ricky didn't think a swinging gate guard like XSF was more vital we wouldn't be having this discussion)

* 4th in 2013 was Matt Barkely who has been laughable in his few starts.

* 4th in 2012 was our own Brandon Weeden who became the worlds oldest career 3rd stringer in about a year - followed of course by Brock Oswieler taken 5th.

* Christian Ponder was 4th in 2011 which was a draft that reminds me alot of this one with crap teams all just "inserting QB here" with Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder all 3rd/4th round quality bumped into the top 12.

"but Dak Prescott..." is going to be the answer to the QB overdraft conundrum forever now, just like Tom Brady was for the Pats, but those were Super Bowl ready offenses who's QB got injured and a young QB was put in to replace stars with limited expectations.

Simple fact is that none - zero - zilch draft classes in at least the last decade have delivered 4 long-term NFL starters, so it is FAR more likely that Mitch Trubisky is just a weak armed Cody Kessler time waster and Kizer strikes me as a Brett Hundley tease with even less impressive college results. I don't see Watson falling, nor do I see O'Brien having any clue of what to do with a player like him.

Gotta admit that Mahomes has intrigued me all along (altho he was projected as a 4th-6th rounder at the time), but the hype train has definitely caught up to him and his top end is Flacco-esque, altho we'd settle for that just fine. I just wonder how the "kill the QB" fan mentality is going to handle a QB that is going to fire a crap load of interceptions and take a crap ton of sacks while he learns the position and some will be UUUggly. O'Brien QBs have been more known for not bringing enough to win, rather than absolutely throwing away games like latter-day
Schaub and Mahomes is going to flat out LOSE a few games with dumb decisions. For whatever reason, however, Texan fans seem to give the homegrown guys a longer leash (hell, people still love to cheer Bluuuue who's usually fallen into the pile before the sound hits the field), so maybe he'll get a few extra weeks before the chants for Tom Savage begin just to get concussed putting his helmet on in the huddle.

Point is that out of these 4 "franchise saviors" maybe 1 or 2 actually pans out. As much as I think Mahomes has potential, it's his arm strength that most are in love with and he doesn't come close to Osweiler or Mallett with that and we know how that turned out. The toughest part is that while each of the 4 guys strikes me as having considerable bust potential, I want absolutely no part of Webb or Kaaya who are 6th round projects at best who are just name guys with a few tools that never did anything with them in colllege and will stumble around on some practice squads. Honestly, Peterman from Pitt strikes me as a better guy to have as a backup as I think he could step in and actually be competent, while the other 2 will just take up space for a year or two. If we actually sign Romo, I think Peterman would be a solid value pick in the 4th-5th who will have a better career than 3 or 4 guys taken ahead of him do. We gotta replace Savage and Weeden next year anyway and I don't see much purpose to a 33 year old low ceiling guy like Weedon as a #3 anyway.

Recovering Texans Season Ticket Holder
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