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Objectivity welcomed: What our this teams true needs?

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:03 pm    Post subject: Objectivity welcomed: What our this teams true needs? Reply with quote

I eventually would like to make a mock draft but I want to gauge opinion of the true needs of this football team.
What I mean by that Is I see opinions stating that this team needs a 3rd wr, but I truly don't get why that's the case when the qb never had time to go through his progressions. I find it hard to believe that Fowler, Taylor, Latimer can't fill this role given an improved o line am I off base? Maybe I am Marlon Brown was signed so maybe Elway isn't confident in this department.

if I had to rate our needs it would be as followed.

1) Offensive tackle we need two as it seems like Okung won't restructure I think we sign 1 in free agency 2 would be a stretch. This has our first round pick written all over it. I hate to pigeon hole ourselves because there are some tight ends with tremendous talent with a first round grade, or the linebacker from temple but a guy like Bolles seems like a plug and play despite age.

2) Guard this is a deep class and we have needs there round 2 seems like a good landing spot for a plug and play guard and there are some decent options in free agency. I could see us going heavy at guard in free agency to keep our draft options open. I wouldn't be opposed to a first round guard if he is indeed the best player available we could go guard and than the tackle from troy who has the measurables but needs to add strength amd weight to his frame. I definitely could see us go this route Elway has in the past with the drafting of Sambrillo hopefully this guy wouldn't be a bust. And could start at right tackle until he adds bulk to his frame.

3) Swiss army knife) A kick returner, punt returner, 3rd down back, slot player in the mold of a D. Lewis or T.hill can do it all McCaffrey is the sexy pick but the guy from Ohio state seems more reasonable like you're getting a bigger bang for your buck.

4) Nt) on the cheap I don't see us spending huge money on this position but we can use one. Poe seems too expensive, Brandon williams might be also, I'm not sure what options arein the draft.

5) linebacker) Todd Davis has proven to only be a fill in I'm not sure the options in the draft are great I could see this as a pure free agent signing there are first round options in the draft see the guy from temple but is a first round pick worth the number5 need maybe if the options later or in free agency aren't sufficient .

6) Corner) with us trying to resign webster this shows this need isn't huge but this is such a deep corner draft. And we do so well drafting corner if our board falls this way im not opposed to getting a corner from round 3 on hell even round 2 on. With Chris Harris being the most successful broncos get in elways years here. Im not opposed for Denver going corner in any round.
Props to Deadpulse for the Sig:

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quite a few needs and areas to update talent IMO:

Offensive Line- I think every single position, including center, needs to be looked at. Paradis is a very good player, but just had surgery on both hips. It's not a small concern. We have players who may do okay in a hybrid scheme, and they may be fine as a one year stopgap, but primarily they are all backups. Schofield, Garcia, etc..., these guys might be good backups, but I don't see a ton of long term starters here. I see next to no long-term starters at tackle, where we are a mess, and we also cannot effectively draft.

Defensive line- Incredibly thin here after losing some guys to FA/injury. Right now, Derek Wolfe is the only major piece on the line. We were abysmal in run defense, lack a competent nose tackle, and have no depth. Big problem for a great defense. Adam Gotsis and Jared Crick are not solutions, and Sly turned out to be average. If we get Vance Walker back that will help in the immediate term, but we need long-term talent just as bad on the DL.

Offensive weapons- I don't know if it's at RB, WR, TE, or all three, but right now Denver has no reliable offensive weapons except Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. We have no TEs who can contribute in the passing game, except maybe Derby. Our RBs are questionable at best right now. Anderson is habitually injured, Booker is probably best suited as a #2. We have ZERO receivers outside of our Top 2. Latimer is a bust. Norwood is gone, Fowler/Sunshine are #4/ST types. We need more firepower here.

Linebacker- An upgrade over the trio of Corey Nelson/Todd Davis/Zaire Anderson is needed. Especially with a poor run defense. Trevathan needed to be a cap casualty, but Davis is not the long-term answer at starter. He may not even be a near term starter.

Cornerback- A lot of this has to do with the future, but I think CB could be our first pick. Webster should be allowed to walk unless he's really cheap. If Roby is not tendered, this is a way more immediate need, but a lot of this decision really comes down to what happens with Talib long term.

Pass-rusher- They have Miller and Ray and Barrett. If the bring back Ware, it lessens the need for a year, but I suspect Denver will be looking for someone dynamic to groom into a 3rd role and let Barrett walk.

Thanks, Tzimisce
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The Helicopter

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A stadium that can host the SB because we'll win every time with our home field advantage Laughing
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, I am the model of objectivity in this forum. Let me give you my thoughts...
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