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Lions Drafts in Review

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:45 pm    Post subject: Lions Drafts in Review Reply with quote



1st: Jeff Backus T
2nd: Dominic Raiola C
2nd: Shaun Rogers DT
5th: Scotty Anderson WR
5th: Mike McMahon QB
6th: Jason Glenn LB

Backus and Raiola were too rocks for the Lions offensive line playing over 400 combined games for the Lions. Never really spectacular they did play day in and day out. I think Backus was more appreciated than Raiola given Dominic's personality.

Shaun Rogers played from 01-07. He was a force in the middle of that line and had many good years with the Lions. He appeared to be a fan favorite in Detroit.

McMahon and Anderson played sparingly for the Lions and were gone after a few years.

Glenn never played for the Lions.


1st: Joey Harrington QB
2nd: Kalimba Edwards DE
3rd: Andre Goodman CB
4th: Johnathan Taylor DE
5th: John Owens TE
6th: Chris Cash CB
7th: Luke Staley RB
7th: Matt Murphy TE
7th: Victor Rogers T

Harrington was brought onto a bad team and had 4 rather mundane years at our "franchise" QB.

Edwards was a serviceable DE for six years. He had moments and was a decent pick. Goodman was off the team in 3 years but had some good seasons with Miami.

Owens was a roster bubble player/no impact TE. Cash played 2 seasons with the Lions.

Staley never played a down, Murphy and Rogers played in one game, and there was not much info on Taylor other than he played with the Lions in 2002.


1st: Charles Rogers WR
2nd: Boss Bailey LB
3rd: Cory Redding DE
4th: Artose Pinner RB
5th: Terrence Holt S
5th: James Davis LB
6th: David Kirkus WR
7th: Ben Johnson T
7th: Blue Adams CB

We all know the story on Rogers. A fragile player with off the field issues.

Bailey had potential but was injury prone and only played 3 years with the Lions. Pinner played 3 unspectacular years, Kirkus only got in 2 years that were even more unspectacular, Davis only played 3 years as well but 2004 was decent.

Redding played 6 years for the Lions and had some good years. Had a decent career after leaving the Lions. Holt was a decent safety in a secondary that has been legendary in lacking anything for four years.

Adams and Johnson did not play.


1st: Roy Williams WR
1st: Kevin Jones RB
2nd: Teddy Lehman LB
3rd: Keith Smith CB
5th: Alex Lewis LB
6th: Kelly Butler T

Williams had an okay career with the Lions but didn't seem invested, never lived up to his draft position, and the best thing about him is the return we got to trade him away.

Jones was just electric when he was on the field. He just couldn't stay healthy and was done with the Lions after 2007.

Lehman had a promising start to his career in 2004 but then he just disappeared with no starts after 04 and was gone after 07.

Smith was a backup in his 5 years as a Lion only starting 5 games. Lewis on only 9 starts in his 4 year Lion career. Butler played every game in 2005 but was let go after the season.


1st: Mike Williams WR
2nd: Shaun Cody DT
3rd: Stanley Wilson CB
5th: Dan Orvolosky QB
6th: Bill Swancutt DE
6th: Johnathan Goddard LB

Williams was more famous for his draft controversy than for anything he did on the field. Two poor years in Detroit and he was traded away.

Cody had four years and 11 starts of football before he left the Lions. Wilson had 3 years and 9 starts of football before he was done, Swancutt had 2 years and no starts, and Goddard never played a down.

For those keeping track that was 20 starts in a total of 10 years of draft futility.


1st: Ernie Sims LB
2nd: Daniel Bullocks S
3rd: Brian Calhoun RB
5th: Johnathan Scott T
6th: Dee McCann CB
7th: Fred Matua G
7th: Anthony Cannon LB

Sims was a fan favorite who had a decent four years with the Lions.

Bullocks had 2 uneventful years with the Lions, Calhoun had even more of a 2 year uneventful career with the Lions, Scott had 6 starts in 2 years, and Cannon was a backup for 3 years.

McCann never played and neither did Matua for the Lions (RIP)


1st: Calvin Johnson WR
2nd: Drew Stanton QB
2nd: Ikaika Alama-Francis DE
2nd: Gerald Alexander S
4th: AJ Davis CB
4th: Manny Ramirez G
5th: Johnny Baldwin LB
6th: Ramzee Robinson CB

Johnson is one of the best Lions ever.

Ramirez established a nice career. Played 5 years for the Lions with 22 starts but was a full time starter for the Broncos.

Stanton had four years and 4 starts. Was able to be a backup until 2016.
IAF had 2 starts in 2 years, Robinson had no starts in 2 years, Alexandar was a starter his rookie year but was done with the Lions after 2008, Baldwin played in 3 games, and Davis never played.


1st: Gosder Cherilus T
2nd: Jordon Dizon LB
3rd: Kevin Smith RB
3rd: Andre Fluellen DL
3rd: Cliff Avril DE
5th: Kenneth Moore WR
5th: Jerome Felton FB
7th: Landen Cohen DT
7th: Caleb Campbell LB

Avril was the gem of the draft was was a good player for the Lions until 2012. He has established himself in Seattle.

Cherilus was a full time starter in Detroit. I would put his play as above average in his 5 years in Detroit.

Smith had a solid rookie year but was just not a feature back and only had 19 starts in the 4 years after that.

Fluellen had 7 starts in 8 years but provided adequate depth. Felton was an okay player at a dying position.

Dizon had 2 years and no starts, Cohen had 4 starts in 2 years, Campbell only played in 3 games, and Moore never played for the Lions.


Total players picked: 60

Pro Bowls: 9 (Shaun Rogers twice, C. Johnson 6, Roy Williams)

Players lasting over 4 years on the Lions: Backus, Raiola, S. Rogers, Redding, Kevin Smith, Ramirez, Keith Smith, Fluellen, C. Avril, C. Johnson

Drafts 2002-2006: YIKES.

Common theme: Out of the League

Martin Mayhew


1st: Matt Stafford QB
1st: Brandon Pettigrew TE
2nd: Louis Delmas S
3rd: DeAndre Levy
3rd: Derrick Williams WR
4th: Sammie Hill DT
6th: Aaron Brown RB
7th: Lyndon Murtha T
7th: Zack Follett
7th: Dan Gronkowski

Stafford has established himself as probably the best QB the Lions have ever had. Pettigrew has a contentious career given his draft position and production but overall he has been one of Detroits more productive receivers in their history.

DeAndre Levy was a big question mark at his draft but has established himself as a productive LB. His real mark on this team remains based on his injuries and if he can recover.

Hill played for four years in Detroit was a good rotational piece.

Williams was used mainly as a returner and was uninspiring, Brown was 3rd on the depth chart and out of the league in three years, Murtha was a practice squad guy, Gronkowski played for a year and made a catch.

Follett was a fan favorite but his career ended on a devastating injury.


1st: Ndamokung Suh DT
1st: Javhid Best RB
3rd: Amari Spievey CB
4th: Jason Fox T
7th: Willie Young DE
7th: Tim Toone WR

Suh was a dominant yet controversial figure in Detroit. Easily one of the best Lions to step on the field. However, he chased a big contract in Miami after his time in Detroit.

Young was the second best pick of the draft but only benefited the Bears. Once he gained the experience in Detroit he moved onto a productive career with Chicago.

Best was full of potential but was never able to rebound from a terrible injury at Cal. Major red flags in drafting him and he was out of the league in two years.

Spievey played for three years in Detriot and then he was out of the league-he wasn't terrible but he wasn't starter material. Fox was a guy who was supposed to be taken under the wing of Backus but his career was derailed to injuries and only started 3 games in four years. Toone was that silly white guy with dreadlocks who never played for the Lions.


1st: Nick Fairley DT
2nd: Titus Young WR
2nd: Mikel LeShoure RB
5th: Doug Hogue LB
7th: Johnny Culbreath T

Fairley is still in the league and is still having a somewhat productive career. Not a first rounder expected career nor the one two punch expected next to Suh but he is still around. Motivation and weight concerns have dogged him throughout his career.

The rest of this draft is a mess. Hogue was completely forgettable. LeShoure had an okay rookie season but then completely disappeared, Culbreath never played a down, and Young has had more felonies than years played in the NFL.


1st: Reilly Reiff T
2nd: Ryan Broyles WR
3rd: Dwight Bentley CB
4th: Ronnell Lewis LB
5th: Tahir Whitehead LB
5th: Chris Greenwood CB
6th: Jonte Green CB
7th: Travis Lewis LB

Reilly Reiff never really turned into the LT of the future but he has established himself as a strong RT for the Lions. Currently a FA, he may come back and solidify the line or he may test FA and go where the most money is offered and a possible LT job.

Whitehead has established himself as a solid starter in the Lions defense. Starting 38 games in the last 3 years, he is not a Pro Bowl level player but he produces.

Broyles had an injury plagued career and was not an impact on the field. Lewis played in only 8 games, Bentley had 8 starts in 4 years (injury history), Green had 7 starts in two years, and Lewis had 4 starts in 4 years (injuries), and Greenwood has 3 games to his Lions career. Outside of Reiff and Whitehead, the injury bug derailed this draft.


1st: Ezekial Ansah DE
2nd: Darius Slay CB
3rd: Larry Warford G
4th: Devin Taylor DE
5th: Sam Martin P
6th: Corey Fuller WR
6th: Theo Riddick RB
7th: Michael Williams TE
7th: Brandon Hepburn LB

Ezekial Ansah, Darius Slay, Larry Warford, Theo Riddick, and Sam Martin. All of these players have established themselves at the best at their respective positions in a long time. Currently only Warford is a FA and it appears as if he is moving on.

I think Taylor took a step back this year in a big way. Hopefully he can gain ground and be a rotational piece in our DL.

Fuller had two starts for us and was forgettable. Williams and Hepburn never played a down.


1st: Eric Ebron TE
2nd: Kyle Van Noy LB
3rd: Travis Swanson C
4th: Nevin Lawson CB
4th: Larry Webster DE
5th: Caraun Reid DT
6th: TJ Jones WR
7th: Nate Freese K

At this point we are moving into the debate because these players may or may not be still trying to establish themselves in the league

Ebron has progressed slowly in his time in the NFL and 2016 was his best year so far. As it stands some people want to move on and others want to give him another year. His inconsistent play is frustrating for Lions fans given his draft position.

Van Noy has had more of an impact in his half season as a Patriot then he ever had as a Lion. Swanson appears to be the starting C for the Lions moving forward. Here is to hoping he takes a step forward. Lawson is a depth player at CB who still needs to develop.

TJ Jones is a deep depth guy at WR.

Reid had two years as a backup on the Lions roster.

Webster never played for the Lions. Nate Freese is not in the NFL.


1st: Laken Tomlinson G
2nd: Ameer Abdullah RB
3rd: Alex Carter DE
4th: Gabe Wright DT
5th: Michael Burton FB
6th: Quandre Diggs CB
7th: Corey Robinson T

Tomlinson and Robinson will be fighting for a starting role depending on how the offseason plays out. Abdullah is currently battling the injury bug to start his career.

Diggs played a depth role.

Burton had 4 carries in 2015 and Carter has not seen game action.

It is too early to make a judgement on this draft class but it is not looking promising.


Total Players picked: 54

Pro Bowls: Suh (4), Ansah, Stafford

Common Theme: Improvement

Its too close in time compared to draft time and the 4 year marked period for Mayhew's draft class but I think its fair to say their was marked improvement between Mayhew and Millen. The general theme between the two is competence and sound choices.

Bob Quinn

1st: Taylor Decker T
2nd: A'Shawn Robinson DT
3rd: Graham Glasgow G
4th: Miles Killbrew S
5th: Joe Dahl G
5th: Antwoine Williams LB
6th: Jake Rudock QB
6th: Anthony Zettel DL
6th: Jimmy Landes LS
7th: Dwayne Washington RB

Decker has established himself as our LT of the future. Glasgow is in position to be a good starting G for us. Killbrew made a name for himself last year and it is exptected for him to build on that success moving forward.

Dahl and Rudock have established themselves solid backups moving foward. Washington may play a depth role moving forward.

Williams and Zettel played a minor role on defense. Landes spent the year on IR

Question marks still remain about the later picks but so far we have added pieces to our DL, OL, and depth for Quinns first draft.

*To be updated.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a sad thread. Crying or Very sad
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All hail Nnivolcm.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Putting the cart before the horse here, but 2016 may rival 2013 as far as total impact goes. Really solid first draft class for Quinn imo outside of Landes.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ive always wondered where our franchise would be if Charles Rogers didn't have those back to back clavicles... Hands down the most talented of the WRs drafted by us other than Calvin. But regardless with millen steering the ship we were doomed. Rodgers was a personal favorite of mine and a self inflicted tragic story.

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