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DEE RAWL's Pre-Combine Mock Off-Season

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:46 am    Post subject: DEE RAWL's Pre-Combine Mock Off-Season Reply with quote

2017 NFL Off-season

I was going to wait to do a new mock, but thatís not for another month and thereís no way Iím going to wait that long especially since my last mock didnít even last 24 hours with the performance Zay Jones had at the senior bowl. There are a few notable changes.

Cuts/Let Walk-

Kenny Britt
Brian Quick
TJ McDonald
Lance Kendricks
Tim Barnes
Case Keenum
Tre Mason
Eugene Sims
Troy Hill

Letting go of all the Fisher inconsistent players with the exception of TJ who is a solid player, but Trumaine is clearly the priority who will cost a pretty penny.


Trumaine Johnson, CB, Rams- 5 yrs/ $60 million

I anticipate that Trumaine is currently the priority of the off-season. He is slotted to get PAID which sucks because he isnít Patrick Peterson or Josh Norman, but were kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place with the secondary. I think he will do well in the new defense as I see a lot of similarities between he and Talib who did very well with Phillips in Denver as we all know.

Greg Zuerlein, K, Rams- 3 yrs/ $8 million

Not much to say here.

Benny Cunningham, RB, Rams- 3 yrs/ $5 million

An extremely underrated back to have that wonít cost much.

Dominique Easley, DT, Rams- RFA Tender

One of the few bright spots of this past off-season that should definitely be made a priority.

Free Agency-

Kevin Zeitler, G/C, Bengals- 5 yrs/ $50 million

I was surprised to hear that the Bengals are going to favor Whitworth over Zeitler in their off-season and I really hope that we make a serious push for him because while he will come at a premium, he would drastically improve the offense by both protecting Goff and open holes for Gurley.

Pierre Garcon, WR, Redskins- 3 yrs/ $27 million

Toss up between Garcon and Jackson, but I think Tavon could fill the deep threat role in McVayís offense while cooper can play the slot. Garcon is the more polished and reliable Redskin WR.

Stefen Wisniewski, C, Eagles- 3 yrs/ $12 million

ďWizĒ took a deal with the Eagles to be their backup center which is confusing because he is a quality starter. I would be willing to give him an even bigger deal, but Iím not sure how big of a market he will have. He, Zeitler, and Saffold SHOULD solidify the interior of the OL.

Sam Shields, CB, Packers- 1 yr/ $4 million

Shields comes with a history of concussions, but when hes on the field hes a top notch corner. He will likely have to take a 1 year prove-it deal and playing for Wade Phillips should entice him enough to at worst case prove he is worth a bigger deal in the future. A fairly low-risk, high-reward type signing.

Jarvis Jones, OLB, Steelers- 2 yrs/ $4 million

This is a signing that I really want to happen. Some people will label him as a colossal bust, but he has a lot of talent and I would be willing to pay to see what heís got.

John Jenkins, NT, Seahawks- 1 yr/ $1 million

I liked Jenkins coming out of Georgia, and I think he could be a solid 2 down run stuffing NT that should be inexpensive.

Kayvon Webster, CB, Broncos- 1 yr/ $1 Million

Webster comes from Denver to stay in Phillipís system and provide some quality depth at the CB position group.


Rams trade DE William Hayes & 7th round pick to Browns
Browns trade 6th round pick

Round 2 pick 5) Tim Williams, OLB, Bama

Williams is a polarizing prospect in so many ways. He is uber talented with a special ability to burst off the line and get to the quarterback. Some say he is a one trick pony, but I disagree whole heartedly as Iíve watched every single snap heís taken and he has above average functional strength to go with his exceptional hand use. Iíve seen him shed OL like its nothing, Iíve seen him drop into coverage and do just fine, but there is no doubt about it that he is a pass rushing specialist. He maybe too talented to drop into the 2nd, but I think he will because of his off the field issues and supposed failed drug tests at Alabama. He comes with some risks, but he is a special talent that plays with fire which I love and IMO is way too good to pass up should he be available.

Round 3 pick 5) Gerald Everett, TE, South Alabama

There is a slight chance Everett wonít be here with this pick, but itís more than possible. Iím pretty sure some of you arenít buying that these guys fall this far, but just consider that there are only 32 picks per round and thereís a lot of talented players, not everyone can get drafted in the first round or 2nd round, etcóthere are going to be some very talented players that fall past the consensus belief. Everett, a very talented TE who may lack ideal size at 6í3Ē 240 lbs, shows outstanding athleticism, hands, and a willingness to block would be a huge upgrade over Kendricks fitting the Jordan Reed H-back role in McVayís offense.

Round 4 pick 5) Jon Toth, C, Kentucky

Toth is becoming a standard prospect mocked around here, but Iím sticking with him because he presents good value and depth behind ďWizĒ who fits nicely in the soon-to-be PBS.

Round 4 comp) Damontae Kazee, CB, SDSU

Kazee had 7 INTs this year with good reason. He is an outstanding CB who may lack ideal size or speed, but he has incredible instincts and quickness. He is also not afraid of contact. Kazee could end up as the steal of the draft for whoever takes him.

Round 5 pick 5) Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB, Tennessee

Reeves-Maybin didnít have the year he or anyone wanted him to have with a season-ending shoulder injury, but he is extremely talented. He isnít the biggest LB at about 6í 220 lbs, but he is instinctive and plays bigger than he is making plays all of the field (when heís on it). Heís a kid I would very impressed with last year and a 5th round pick is worth taking a shot on him to see what heís got.

Round 6 pick 1) Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee

Malone is stupid talented with strong hands, exceptional speed, and body control. He isnít a polished route runner coming from a spread deep-shot offense, but he would fit real well in McVayís down-the-field offense. A new favorite of mine that wouldnít surprise me if he went earlier than this.

Round 6 pick 5) Ejuan Price, OLB, Pitt

Iím not trying to claim originality for this idea as Iíve never included Price in any of my mocks and jrry has, but I did watch Price a little while back and was blown away. He is very undersized at only 6í1Ē, but where he lacks in size he makes up for with speed, quickness, and strength (sound familiar??). His motor can be a little inconsistent at times, but when he turns it on its not even fair. I hope someone gets him on the field because he can play.

Projected SLU

QB- Goff
RB- Gurley
FB- Harkey
TE- Higbee/Everett
Z- Austin
X- Garcon
SL- Cooper
LT- Robinson
LG- Saffold
C- Wisniewski
RG- Zeitler
RT- Havenstein

Will- Quinn
RE- Easley
NT- Brockers
LE- Donald
Sam- Jones vs Williams
Chase- Barron
Plug- Ogletree
RCB- Shields
LCB- Johnson
SCB- Kazee vs Gaines vs Webster
FS- Joyner
SS- Alexander
2017 Draft Priority for Pick 37

1. Corey Davis, WR, WMU
2. Forrest Lamp, G/C, WKU
3. Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss
4. JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC
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Joined: 04 Jan 2011
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A lot of things I like, and some things I disagree with. I'll lay it all out.
1. Signing Zeitler - I love this move. He gives us one of the best in the game at OG or Center.

2. Signing Garcon - I think the valuation is accurate, and I'm in agreement on this.

3. Signing Wisniewski - I think the valuation is a little off. For whatever reason, Wiz just doesn't seem to have much of a market each year. But I like the move.

4. Signing Sam Shields - He'd have to pass concussion protocol for me to sign him. His history of concussions is a really big deal.

5. Signing Jarvis Jones - I loved him as a prospect, but I'm not sure there's much untapped potential there. I think what you see is what you get. You get a SOLB who stops the run well, covers pretty well, and doesn't add much as a pass rusher. Part of me wonders how he'd do at SILB.

6. Signing John Jenkins - I don't think he fits the scheme. Wade uses disruptors at NT. Jenkins is a space-eating plodder. How about Ian Williams?(although, his injury history is a bit rough)

7. Signing Kayvon Webster - I think somebody offers him more money than that.

8. Drafting Tim Williams - The drug tests scare me away.

9. Drafting Gerald Everett - I liked the idea of him more when he was a 5th round pick. I need to see more film on him and Jonnu Smith, but I'm not sold yet that he's a better prospect than Smith.

10. Drafting Jon Toth and Damontae Kazee - I'm in favor of it.

11. Drafting Jalen Reeves-Maybin - It depends on the role. As a backup to Barron, I like it.

12. Drafting Josh Malone - He impressed me when I watched Tennessee play. I haven't sat down and evaluated him yet, but I like the move based on my initial impressions. Big, fast, and can make contested catches down the field.

13. Drafting Ejuan Price - I like the move.
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Joined: 02 Oct 2007
Posts: 6106
Location: Southern California
PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah some of the FA's I wasnt sure to give them (Webster being one of them).

Tim Williams does have red flags, but his talent would be really hard to pass up in the 2nd frame IMO.
2017 Draft Priority for Pick 37

1. Corey Davis, WR, WMU
2. Forrest Lamp, G/C, WKU
3. Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss
4. JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC
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Joined: 06 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm a pretty big fan of this. My only real reservation would be GRob still on the outside. I think that experiment is over and I'd love to see him inside. He might be a pro bowl guard, but he isn't likely to ever be even a good LT. I worry about Goff with him out there. But, you can't fix everything in one offseason, particularly with limited draft assets.

Nice job Dee
Welcome to the LA Rams
Gerald Everett, TE
Cooper Kupp, WR
John Johnson, S/CB
Josh Reynolds, WR
Samson Ebukam, Edge
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