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Mike Williams Traded--Could We Miss out on Watkins and Evans
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Joined: 28 May 2013
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Location: Michigan State University
PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

detfan782004 wrote:
Sllim Pickens wrote:
detfan782004 wrote:
1King wrote:
Lulz. Diggs never faced Dennard. Deon Long either. Leontte Carroo as well from Rutgers. This is their first year in Big TEn. You are reaching and with that I am done. You are literally making stuff up now.

Listing 3 guys who have not played snap in big ten. Laughing

You brought up 2015 WR, those guys are 2015 B1G WR, which is why I listed them..... I never said or implied Dennard faced them, as I said, none of my comments were focused on Gilbert or Dennard at all - my comments were strictly limited to your Big 12 WR vs. B1G WR comment.

I am reaching, says the guy who says the bottom of the Big 12 WR are better than the best of the B1G and who keeps talking about Big 12 WR and mentioning DGB who isn't a Big 12 WR. And I am the one making stuff up now. Funny guy. Evaluating WR's clearly isn't your strong point.

Those guys you mentioned are NOT big Ten players in the scope of showing who Dennard has faced. He has faced nobody. A midget UDFA from UM is his best competition outside Robinson

I mentioned Beckham because he shutdown a future top 5 pick.

I really dont care anymore. If it is Dennard I wish him the best. Fairley needs someone to compete for penalties anyhow

Still not reading that it is about your statement of conferences and not Dennard #typical

Gilbert had one game against a top WR, which he didn't shadow and still caught 4 balls for 60 yards in a winning effort. Dennard shut down multiple NFL WRs that absolutely torched other 1st round prospects like Roby. Also, plenty of good CBs played subpar competition in college since most teams lack NFL talent at WR. I mean, if we judge off that, Jason Verrett must not be any good.

Roby hasn't been first round talent in many months. Many


You are just the worst to argue with. Roby is going in the first 45 picks, probably late 1st round.

You can make lots of arguments for Gilbert over Dennard. I will side with you all day on that. But the competition argument is not a valid one. Please stop. Even if the big 12 had better receivers the difference is hardly enough to build an argument on.

AAL Golden Tate
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Joined: 01 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sllim Pickens wrote:
Calling it a homer pick is an easy way out, but fact of the matter is the top CB in the draft went to MSU, I can't help that I went there and am a fan. But it's not why he is my top CB. It's because he shut down everyone. Okie St gave up over 300 yards passing numerous times and over 400 a couple. And that was spread out amongst many WRs. So maybe gilbert played better offenses but he didn't shut anything down. He is a combine warrior, Dennard proved it on the field. Go look at those CB stats posted a while back. The only one who matched Dennard at all was Verrett. I don't care where he played, he is just the better football player. And I take that over athleticism all day.

Matter of fact ? Draft hasn't happened. No as of now MSU did not have top CB. He could go as far down as third CB taken when dust settles.

Gilbert was a top guy prior to combine it simply solidified it

Dennard will likely be skipped over depending on scheme. He is scheme specific as he needs safety help.

Gilbert could get skipped over too by Fuller

AAL- Abdullah

Tigers suck. Thanks DD for never getting bull pen
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