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Seahawks (11-2) @ Giants (5-8): Final road game till the SB?
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TheoryofSeahawk wrote:
Defense looked savage yesterday, but let's face it, the Giants O-line is dreadful. They have 5 guys who look like JR Sweezy out there. Eli is probably in legitimate fear for his life or at the least his post career brain scans.

Agreed. The other problem was that the Giants really didn't stick to the run. I know the Seahawks did well defending the run, but I think the Giants could have stuck with it a little more. I think they threw it a little too much and that's perfect for this Seahawk defense.

The secondary, to a man, was in lockdown mode all day. Jeremy Lane was the standout for me, but a lot of that has to do with his special teams play. He was absolutely relentless.

Both he and Maxwell stood out for me. Lane's getting up to the line quickly and making tackles also impressed me.

On the flip side, offense was very mediocre. O-line was weak early on. McQuistan and Sweezy were turnstiles...again. I thought the offense did make a least one nice adjustment when they started attacking the middle of the field in the pass game, that's about it though.

You mean, going to more spread/empty back sets? I would agree. A part of me feels they went to this a little late.

Also, a part of me feels like they need more plays where the get the ball out in a hurry--e.g., wide-receiver screens, slants, etc.--in spread formations--particularly when the OL has pass-protection problems.

Russell was above average but certainly not great yesterday. His INT throw was not only a bad throw but a bad decision. He doesn't make a ton of them, but he does do it once in a while. Maybe Eli rubbed off on him a little.

Agreed--although I think the scales tip slightly towards a bad game. That INT was not good. His inaccurate throw to Miller in the end zone also cost them a TD in my opinion. (And he has one pass that went in the ground to Tate; and a deep pass that went over the head of Baldwin, with Baldwin stopping for a short route--not sure whose fault that was, though.)

He was a shaky on his accuracy, but he also more pressure/hits than I've seen since the starters came back. (This doesn't bode so well, as the Giants didn't have JPP.) The pressure could have been affecting his throws. I also wondered if the weather had anything to do with it, specifically with him gripping the ball, because he just dropped the ball a scramble/run in the red zone. If either are the cause, it doesn't bode so well.

Having said that, I do think some of the shaky play has to be tempered with some of the positives. He handled the pressure fairly well, not making any really disastrous throws/decisions; and he did make some nice plays (one scramble play where he dumped off to Lynch for a good gain, a flip pass to Lynch, I think, etc.)

Overall, I thought this was a good game. Certainly I wish the offense would have been a bit more productive, but the D showed up big time and the offense did more than enough to make this game un-competitive. Special teams was really good as well.

I think the game is a little more worrisome to me. The Giants offense wasn't very good. If they were, the 'Hawks could have easily lost the game. And it's likely that the offense they fact in the post-season will be better.

Now this team gets to come home for at least a month, if not a little longer if they can handle their business throughout the playoffs.

In response to a question that was posed in another thread about which teams scare us in the playoffs. I would answer that they all do. This is the playoffs, every team that makes it has a chance to do damage and they all have strengths they can exploit. That said, I feel really good about this team when they're at home and they've proven that they are the best team in the NFC through their consistent effort and results. If they handle their business and get home field advantage they are going to be a scary team to face.

I agree that all teams have the potential to win. But the teams that can effectively pressure the QB with four lineman and will patiently stick to the run game scare me the most. If Seattle also has a lot of penalties (especially on offense) and fails on explosive plays (like they did yesterday), they can easily lose.
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