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Ravens Mock Draft (12/10/13)

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:51 am    Post subject: Ravens Mock Draft (12/10/13) Reply with quote

1. Kelvin Benjamin, WR, FSU - Huge target with good deep speed. Would be a great #2 opposite Torrey and RZ target. I would love to see us resign Jones and this move would likely push Marlon Brown to more of a slot role. Honestly, I think that this four-deep WR core would be absolutely lethal.

2. Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas - I know this is a pretty popular pick to mock here, but there's good reason for that. Swanson is a nasty competitor with good size/strength who anchored the Arkansas O-line/running game this season. Would probably be ready to start sooner rather than later. Defintiely a position of need for this team

3. Shayne Skov, LB, Stanford - Daryl Smith is likely going to leave for a bigger contract than we will be able to give him. Although there are several internal options to play alongside Brown next season, it wouldn't hurt to bring in more talent at the position as none of those guys really have the potential to be more than servicable-to-good. Skov was a Butkus award finalist.

4 (compensatory selection for Paul Kruger). Marcel Jensen, TE, Fresno State - Big target with good size/strength to contribute in the running game. He's not nearly as athletic as Dickson, but he should provide better blocking in the running game. I wouldn't mind seeing Furstenberg get an opportunity to make it as the #2/3 TE, possibly playing/active on gameday over Jensen early next season as he gets acclimated to the pro game.

4 (compensatory selection for Dannell Ellerbe). Juwuan James, OT, Tennessee - At 6'6" 332, with good power at the POA and good-not-great athleticism, James is a guy who profiles as a RT (possibly OG) at the NFL level . Played decently against Clowney (didn't look great, but who does?). He would likely compete day one with Ricky Wagner for the starting RT spot. I could see us bringing in a vet cut by another team on a 1-yr deal to hold down the spot in 2014, though, while the young guys get situated in the NFL. Morgan Moses is another guy that fits a similar profile here.

5 (compensatory selection for Cary Williams). Antone Exum, CB/S, Virginia Tech - This is probably a little lower than he should go, but he has had injury issues this season. Good size/speed combination. He would be a good fit to play S for the Ravens and help replace James Ihedigbo. He's a bit more of a SS type, but I don't think the Ravens can really be looking for a day 1 starter at FS this late in the draft.

6. DeAndre Coleman, DE/DT, California - All-Pac-12 honorable mention. Projects well to be a reserve/rotational lineman in the roster spot vacated by Art Jones with some upside for the future. He, KLM and Tyson could make a solid 2nd unit behind Ngata, Canty and Williams next season. Not quite as athletic as Jones, but seems to have a bit better size. Wasn't as productive in 2013 relative to 2012, so I could see him falling down draft boards a bit.

6 (compensatory selection for Ed Reed). Jay Prosch, FB, Auburn - Classic run-blocking FB. I could see Leach as a cap casualty this offseason, so Prosch could serve as a much cheaper alternative. With a reduced emphasis on running out of power sets by our offense, he would make a solid part-time player and ST guy.

7 (conditional pick from Miami). Dexter McDougle, CB/S, Maryland - Had a season-ending injury early in 2013. Good speed and decent size. He could possibly work himself higher with offseason activities (combine, proday, etc.), but I think this is afair spot for him now.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1. Benjamin
Not a fan of this selection for multiple reasons.
A.) He hasn't yet declared for the draft. I don't personally know him, but seems to me that he would be a fool to pass up another year with Winston to go to the NFL this early. As it stands, he's projected as a mid to late 2nd round pick in a deep WR class... which could easily see him plummet further with a less than stellar combine. So seems to me returning to play with an elite QB could boost his draft spot up to a surefire first round pick, if not a top 15 selection, in the 2015 NFL Draft. That and he gets to live it up one more year in college before having to play the sport professionally. I personally think he doesn't declare, but that's just my opinion here. But just figured I'd find a way to mention that here. Not a criticism of the pick, just mentioning my viewpoint on his declaration.

B) Benjamin only has one year of notable productivity. As a redshirt freshman with another first round prospect in Manuel, he put up less than 500 receiving yards. Obviously, he's gotten better, but there's that whole lightning in a bottle saying. I prefer a guy that's proven to be more than a one hit wonder. You never know how a guy reacts to success in terms of his training habits and maturity. Multiple seasons of productivity with a clean off the field slate, tends to give some consideration to that viewpoint.

C) This receiving class is filled with a plethora of big, fast, talented, and productive options all across the board. There are four WRs in the first round that wouldn't necessarily bother me. Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, Marqise Lee, and Jordan Matthews. Each of those guys has produced multiple 1000+ yd seasons and two of them even have multiple 10+ Td seasons to boot. Obviously we probably won't have a shot at two of those guys, but the other two should be there in Lee and Matthews.

D) I'm not even sure Benjamin is the best RS Sophomore WR. Davonte Adams reminds me of Michael Crabtree and Hakeem Nicks. He plays in an offense that's going to inflate his numbers, but his production isn't something you can take away from him. Multiple seasons as a very productive threat... and he probably is more likely to declare with his elite college QB (Carr) being a senior and entering the NFL draft. That said, I like Benjamin more than Adams, but just throwing that out there.

E) The Ravens don't have a history of going with the Benjamin like prospects to make me think this is a realistic selection. Not overly productive to this point. Not overly refined to this point. Just doesn't fit the bill of a normal Ravens pick that I can really recall. Which isn't to say it can't happen, only that there isn't much of a precedence for it happening.

2. Travis Swanson
Obviously I'm a big fan of the Swanson pick, assuming he's there. With Hroniss Grasu staying in school, Swanson and Larsen are the only notable centers I'd consider. That said, it's looking more and more like Swanson won't be there come our 2nd round pick... both because we're in playoff position now, because he's been rising, and because the elimination of a quality center prospect for some teams to potentially fall back on after the selection of Swanson in Grasu and Larsen. I'm thinking Swanson goes early 2nd round.

3. Shayne Skov
Another pick I'm a fan of. Skov is a quality player when healthy. He's not quite as athletic as he used to be, but he's definitely a playmaker. My only real concern here, is that he has proven to be injury prone. He's blown out both his ACLs and that's not good. He could just be unlucky, but the chances of that being the most likely possibility probably isn't the best. My minor concern is that he's had some issues getting off blocks... and playing next to Arthur Brown, he's going to be the more thumper type of ILB.. and that's something that I find troubling. I don't see that base strength when taking on blocks that I'd like to see from a thumper tye at the next level.

4. Marcel Jensen
At that juncture, he's probably the best TE we could look to find. He's bigger than Dickson and can look to break some tackles.

4. Juwuan James
I'm not sure James is athletic enough to play RT in a ZBS... I honestly think Oher is probably a more athletic player. And athleticism can be overcome, but I also didn't see James as a technician type. He excelled because of his power and size. I think his athleticism would be similar, though probably worse than Kelechi Osemele's on the outside. If we're reverting to a power MBS than I like James fit. But outside of that, he doesn't necessarily intrigue me for us.

5. Antone Exum
Quality selection. He might not be a true FS. But having played corner and with his size, you'd have to like his chances of being able to matchup with TEs and that added dimension of size and cover ability should aid our secondary. Transitioning to FS could be something he has to get used to, but we've got some guys on our bench with plenty of experience that could get a shot early like Anthony Levine and Omar Brown... assuming Exum can't hit the ground running.

6. DeAndre Coleman
Coleman is a guy I was looking into. He's very athletic and gifted. For some reason, I believe I heard it said that either Coleman played better or prefers to play in the new 43 defense that CAL is running vs the 34 defense. Not sure, where I read it (draft forum?) but I noted it. But Coleman is definitely a physical specimen that could be a late round gem/sleeper candidate.

7. Dexter McDougle
I guess it's possible for McDougle to fall that far. But I just don't think it's likely. Especially with him likely to beast out the combine. Believe he ran a low 4.4 going IN to Maryland.. and that program has been one that seems to always produce some incredible combine numbers out of it's athletes. So it honestly wouldn't surprise me to see McDougle run a high 4.2 or low 4.3 and astound people with his speed. Either way, with his play from earlier this season, if he just runs a low 4.4, I think he's got a strong shot of at least the late 6th round.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Swanson - Not much to say here. Gradkowski is terrible and Swanson is the best center in the draft. I just hope Baltimore has a shot at him. I've got this sinking feeling they're going to let Gradkowski, Shipley, and Jensen battle it out again though.

Exum - Good gamble here. I'd be okay taking him as a CB or a potential S.


Benjamin - Like I stated in the other thread I don't want a one-year wonder type as a high pick at WR. Benjamin didn't have a terrible year as a redshirt freshman but it was far from notable even with a first round QB and no other quality NFL talent at WR competing with him. It's just riskier than some the other prospects in my opinion.

Skov - I have the same concerns as db424. His durability is a huge concern for me and he's a fairly limited player athletically. I love his instincts and he would compliment Brown's strengths pretty well but I want to get away from the one rangy/one thumper type of duo at LB. Especially when the team likes to have two of them on the field in just about any situation.

Prosch - This one is barely on the list and only because I think Juszczyk will get a much bigger role in the offense next year as the starting fullback. I don't think they will carry two of them again. I'm also assuming Leach gets cut after this season.

I'm not familiar enough with the other picks. Overall I'd probably be less than enthused with it but that's not a bad mock.
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Joined: 02 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yea forgot to comment about the FB... I didn't like that selection. Felt it didn't make sense factoring in we just took a FB this past draft in the 4th round. You'd have to figure they would at least give Jusczcyk a shot before moving onto another FB option that could supplant some of his already likely reduced minutes. And I too find Leach isn't well for Baltimore next season.

But yeah, I'd probably grade this draft about a C+... felt we reached with Benjamin but that could end up being a Josh Gordon type boom pick (B-), got a nice center (A) late in the 2nd, got an injury prone but playmaking thumper in Skov (B-), Marcel Jensen was a quality selection (B), a poor scheme fit at RT in James (C+), an athletic hybrid (B+) late in the draft, Coleman is an athletic DL talent but still quite raw (C+), an unneeded FB (D+), and a athletic corner (B+).
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