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The last 16 games...
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anonymous3 wrote:
MrCincinnati wrote:
Anonymous3 wrote:
MrCincinnati wrote:
And yet all the so called experts keep saying this team is way too inconsistent still. If ending the season last year 7-1 and starting off 6-2 is inconsistent, I guess the rest of the whole NFL is just as bad then.

This team is so good, it feels like a dream. Don't wake me up....

Our consistency has improved, but a 13-3 record is no indication of very good consistency. We've been penalty prone BAD this year, and we've had inconsistent play from our secondary and, until recently, Dalton. He appears to have turned the corner, and the rest is improving, but it's not at the level we need it to be. Super Bowl teams do not commit 4-8 penalties a game and do not have a negative turnover differential.

Doesn't matter. Every team has flaws, not just the Bengals. All that matters at the end of the day is if you win or not. And the Bengals win. Yet when they rarely have lost recently, first thing I hear out of people "derp derp derp Oh they lost to the Browns, enough said they suck, derp derp derp". This team has so much talent and yet everyone wants to continue looking at the weaknesses

Hears a weakness to look at. The Bengals can't run the ball. How come nobody talks about that? Half the season is over and not one person has rushed for over 100 yards on this team. The bengals are 36-7 under marvin lewis when having a 100 yard rusher for a reason. And Currently 10-16 when having a 300 yard passer. If theres any weakness there,
its the fact that there is no confidence in the running game.

You're only as strong as you're weakest link; that's why addressing our weaknesses are so important. Can you imagine if Burfict didn't have multiple PFs every game? We'd possibly be 7-1 had Maualuga not committed a stupid penalty at the end of the Bears game. This weakness is easily fixed and could potentially save our tails at some point. I'm not a cheerleader, not everything I say has to be positive about our team. I give them credit when it's due, but you can't ignore your weaknesses just because you're really good at other spots. I haven't complained about Dalton at all, in fact I praised him continuously this week.

I agree about the running game, but I honestly think it's more scheme than anything. BJGE sucks. period. Give Gio the ball and find ways to get him in space; do not run dives and draws with him, he's hardly 200 pounds. If we would just utilize him properly and stop giving BJGE the ball so often we'd have a little more production. The offensive line has done a solid job blocking in space, Cook just cannot get any push up the middle.

Again this is what I'm talking about. Ok yeah what IF they didn't blow that game against the bears. What IF those recievers didn't drop the ball so many times against the Cowboys. What IF Dalton could of actually moved the ball against the Texans in the playoffs. They would of won.

But what about the times they got lucky against some of the other teams. What IF Dalton didn't finish that game winning drive against the Chargers. What IF Josh Brown would of missed that playoff berth winning field goal against the steelers, as well as the 2 game winning kicks that Nugent could of missed against the Bills and Lions. What if the Packers didn't fumble that ball that Newman scooped up to win the game or if they didn't get that 4th and goal TD against the Pats.

Everyone should look at some weaknesses and not just positives, its part of the game. However its when I see people naming more bad things than good things on the team is when I scratch my head. It's not you, so don't think I'm using you as an example. I just see it so many times. They win games alot and yet people still see too many problems. What more do people want?

As for the running game, BJE plays good when the OL is good. If the OL isn't playing good, then he plays horrible. Bernard still hasn't convinced people enough yet either IMO. He peaked early, but with only less reps. Now hes getting more of a workload and hes struggling. He already knows how to make plays once he catches the ball, and he can run good on the outsides, but thats about it. Still needs work on pass blocking and running up the middle.
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