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Mock Draft v1.0

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Joined: 04 Feb 2013
Posts: 14
PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:18 pm    Post subject: Mock Draft v1.0 Reply with quote

Hey guys. Just thought I would make another mock draft for fun. I know it is way too early and I still have no idea where we might be picking, but these are some players that we should target.

1. Brandon Coleman WR Rutgers
Total stud with a below average quarterback. I go to Georgia Tech and his situation reminds me so much of Calvin. He is big, athletic, and has great body control. Great hands as well. Depending on his combine performance he might not be available where we are picking.

2. James Hurst OT North Carolina
Now before you yell at me that he is a first rounder, hear me out. He plays for a bad team. He won't run well at the combine, not really a physical specimen. Just a solid player. We hopefully will resign Eugene, but Oher won't be back. We can have Hurst and Wagner battle it our for RT where I personally think Hurst would excel.

3. C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa
I don't think we have a shot at the top three of Seferian-Jenkins, Lyerla, or Ebron. But I think C.J. might be the best player for us. He is an exceptional blocker. He is also a huge target at 6'7". He, like Brandon, has also dealth with subpar QB play. But I think he would be a great player.

*I think we get 4 comp picks, two 4's, a 5, and a 6.

4. Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech
Stud CB for a very stout Virginia Tech Defense. His teammate Antone Exum gets more recognition but in my mind he is the better player. Solid tackler and very good coverage skills.

4. Bryan Stork C Florida State
Great center for a really good team. He provides competition at that position and he is a very intelligent players. Very comparable to Travis Frederick last year. Also is versatile in that he can play C, G, or T.

5. Max Bullough LB Michigan State
Leader of that team. Good depth and competition. I doubt we are able to resign Daryl next year.

6. Antonio Andrews RB WKU
Think of a better Rainey. Tough runner and great special teamer. We desperately need a third RB.

6. Marcus Williams CB North Dakota State
Honestly my favorite player in the draft. A GREAT player. All-American and DPOY at North Dakota State. Reminds me so much of Webb. I would be ecstatic to get him anywhere in the draft, let alone in the 6th where he is projected.

That's my draft. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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Joined: 18 Jan 2008
Posts: 10765
PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not bad. Hits needs with some value. I'm not sure about Fidorowicz that high or needing a TE in the third round though. The only other thing I have to say is that Lyerla will probably be in for quite a fall after he left the Oregon football team if the rumors for his reasoning (drug issues) are true.
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Joined: 04 Feb 2013
Posts: 14
PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

coordinator0 wrote:
Not bad. Hits needs with some value. I'm not sure about Fidorowicz that high or needing a TE in the third round though. The only other thing I have to say is that Lyerla will probably be in for quite a fall after he left the Oregon football team if the rumors for his reasoning (drug issues) are true.

Oh I had not heard about that. I'm not sure if we would go for him then even if he was available.
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Joined: 14 Mar 2005
Posts: 11658
Location: MD
PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 8:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

coordinator0 wrote:
Not bad. Hits needs with some value. I'm not sure about Fidorowicz that high or needing a TE in the third round though. The only other thing I have to say is that Lyerla will probably be in for quite a fall after he left the Oregon football team if the rumors for his reasoning (drug issues) are true.

Personally, I think a TE in the third would be a great move for this team, especially a guy who can be a + blocker and an adequate receiver to pair with Pitta. Dickson will be gone and I don't trust Furst moving into a huge role at this point.
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Mancunian Raven

Joined: 09 Oct 2012
Posts: 3324
PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I really like what I've seen of Kyle Fuller, in the couple of games I've seen. Looks like a defensive playmaker. And he's a Baltimore boy. I'd hoped that the Ravens would grab his big brother, Corey, in the draft.

If Oher doesn't re-sign, then Tackle is definitely a need, and if Hurst was still on the board in the 2nd, then I'd be very happy with that.

The thing with Brandon Coleman is, there seems to be a couple of real stud WR prospects this year, who surely won't drop in value much over the year. So he may still be around in the mid-20s.
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Joined: 02 Dec 2007
Posts: 13061
Location: Baltimore, MD
PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What I love
1. Brandon Coleman-
I love Coleman as a prospect. He's one of the few picks that I would love in round one. I also used a Calvin Johnson comparison. Both are big, athletically gifted options that can go deep, and can carry a tackler a few yards before going down. That said, I wouldn't compare Coleman to Megatron as prospects... even though the comparison is probably loose. As the one thing I don't like about Coleman is his lack of production. Because I've always felt that a an elite talent at WR should produce no matter the QB. Kenny Britt proved to dominate at Rutgers with horrid QB play. To me, that kind of production without options elsewhere shows me a receiver can beat double coverage and make a QB look better than what he is. Coleman, to this point, hasn't proven that he can do both. So I think he might be more of a guy that will need the right situation to really dominate. We have that situation with Torrey Smith across from him (as Coleman does dominate 1on1) and we have the QB that can get him the ball and has the arm/trust to target him even when he's got a man on him.

And I'm not knocking Coleman when I say he needs the right situation. By that, I just doubt his ability to ever truly be an elite, top 5 option. But I still think he's definitely got top 10 receiver potential in the NFL. He's just too good and physically gifted not to. The only receiver I might consider taking over him in this draft is Marqise Lee... might.

2. CJ Fiedorowicz-
LOVE this guy. Arthur Lynch is a very good blocking TE, ASJ is a very good blocking TE... but CJ just might be the best blocking TE in this draft and this is one of the best drafts for blocking TEs I've ever scouted. CJF is just nasty as a blocker. Really gets after it. And combine that with his profile... and quite honestly, he'd be a 3rd round steal. I'd definitely love that selection. He's not a perfect compliment to Pitta simply because they both tend to operate on the same level, but we should be able to make it work. CJF would provide a great redzone option to this offense and that's something that we've sorely been lacking- a big guy that you can just toss it up to in the redzone to cap off your drive. Add Coleman AND CJ... and that's a HUGE upgrade to one of our weakest points as an offense... the size to finish with TDs as opposed to settling for FGs.

1. James Hurst-
Meh... don't confuse my lukewarmness over Hurst as being a sign of not liking him as a prospect, in fact, I was very tempted to say that I love the pick... however selecting Hurst in the 2nd means passing up on a center prospect there (though more on that later) and I'm not a fan of going that route. I think this is a deep OT class. It's probably the strength of the draft, in fact.

So I'd be much more inclined to pass up on Hurst knowing that behind him there would still be a good 5-7 OTs available. It's also much easier to find a quality veteran RT replacement along the line. So even if Oher doesn't return I don't view RT as a prime needed position.. which is to say it wouldn't make my top 3 needs. Obviously talent trumps need in many cases, but here I'm still not sure Hurst would be the most talented OL that might be on the board. So, for those reasons I don't "love" this pick.

2. Kyle Fuller-
I'll need to watch more on Fuller. I have nothing against this pick. His 2012 tape showed a quality corner option... but I didn't see a stud. Though I understand he was also playing through nagging injuries in 2012, so assuming he looks better in 2013 than I could definitely be a fan. But as of now, going off 2012 tape... I have no complaints, but I also wouldn't be ecstatic as 2012 Fuller looks a lot like what we already have in Chykie Brown and Asa Jackson.

1. Antonio Andrews-
I mean, it's hard to screw up a 6th round selection and I definitely don't think this is the exception to that rule. However, I'm just not that big a fan of Andrews. Perhaps he's a better college runner than Rainey, but Rainey was a very good receiver and looks quicker at the NFL level. I wasn't impressed with Andrews COD skills on tape, I didn't think he displayed an ability to finish with power on runs, but most importantly I wasn't a fan of his RB vision. Too many times he just ran into the back of his OL, completely missing out on the cutback lanes that were presenting themselves and thus finishing with maybe a 2-4 yard gain. I also didn't find him to possess a very SP teams like structure. And as a 6th rounder, special teams and being a standout would be a must and I'm just not sure he would bring that ability to the table.

Not a fan
1. Bryan Stork-
First off, as mentioned earlier, I think we should've gone center 2nd round of this draft. I just don't find this center draft to be NEARLY as deep as the OT class. And really, I see two stud center options at the top of this draft in Swanson and Grasu and then everyone else is just there (though tbf I haven't seen tape on Larsen or Richburg).

I just wasn't impressed with Stork's mentality as a center. I did see nice athleticism. His athleticism and stature looks very comparable to Swanson. But that's where the comparisons end. I thought Stork had the athleticism to get himself in quality position for blocks but it didn't always work like that. He seemed to have trouble locating targets at the second level to hit, which essentially almost wastes his athleticism as he's not doing anything with it. Stork also doesn't prove to be very stout at the POA. He works in tandem with his guards well enough on double team blocks, but when asked to handle his man 1on1, he gets shredded pretty consistently in pass pro. When run blocking 1on1, he gets a nice initial launch off the LOS, but doesn't execute his block at a good angle. For a guy whose started for as long as he has on the OL, you also have to wonder how much more coaching up he can receive to truly improve on some of these areas.

When I see Stork on tape, he reminds me of Chris Chester, a quality backup option, but probably a level below "solid starter".

And really out of Stork, Stone, and Ikard... I didn't think any proved themselves to be a really nice starting option at the next level. And of those three Stone appeared to look the best of the bunch. He could actually maintain his blocks 1on1. He actually fits solid starter level, I'm just not impressed enough with his athleticism to call him a fit in our ZBS.

And it's for the lack of top centers in this draft that I think we shouldn't exit round two without looking at one of those center options unless both have already found themselves off the board. Especially since I value center as both a higher need and a more valuable position along the OL than RT.

2. Max Bullough-
Tbqh I'm not sure what I'm supposed to like about him as a player. I didn't see a guy who had plus athleticism as a backer and his coverage instincts left much to be desired as well. So I just wasn't very impressed with him in coverage. And I also didn't see incredible explosive ability, let alone flat out speed to really be an impact LBer. He's not a sideline to sideline guy. I thought he looked like a thumper. But as a thumper I didn't really see enough strength from him to really dominate lead blocks to leave his other LBer effective. I just didn't see anything in him as a player that I think would upgrade our ILB core. I think Chris Borland a round earlier would make for a better pick... as he actually looked like he could offer a skillset to the table that included some sort of NFL level talent.

No idea
1. Marcus Williams-
If this guy is as good as you say he is, then I would prefer we pass up on Fuller in the 4th and target a safety in that round, especially since I can't see us being able to fit two new corners into our secondary. We'll lose Graham, but unless we're projecting to cut ties with Asa Jackson, then I'm not sure I much like the notion of double dipping at the position.

But I honestly know next to nothing on this guy. So I can't really offer much opinion about the pick, I'll have to simply differ to yours. And from what you've stated, that seems like excellent value there.

EDIT: I also voted "great", if only because I like the idea of bringing in two guys that are 6'5"+ as receiver options to really upgrade our redzone efficiency. And my concerns with this draft are moreso preference than anything.
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