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PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

KBS756 wrote:

1. Walked away from his coaching staff? Didn't see that one ?

You claimed you liked the fact he was stick with coaches after making critical mistakes. I don't recall any NFL rookie qb was being a jerk during his first start debut in NFL. During the rookie season is still a possibility.

2. Marty on the eagles at least used short passes to supplant running in the offense, but he did like taking deep shots. Deep shots only work if we can protect our QB though and our O Line struggled badly at times .... failing to even touch rushers at times that needs to be fixed.

Marty used speed for RAC. Also, this offense belonged to Andy Reid. That is why Reid and Marty went apart since Eagles dismissal. Marty wanted to call his own offense. Right now, Marty used protective offense. Kind of pistol offense to ease Smith into NFL. What we saw against Bucs is not a legitimate offense for Jets as you already know. 10-15 yards from center? Ha.

Deep pass works if you are able to move the chain with short passes. That is what WCO is all about. Smith did good job to move the chains but it was a basic offense.

3. Fumble is a fumble agreed, and Geno probably should have eaten the sack rather then try to get rid of it, but there was a lot of heat on him very quickly on that play fault the O line more then him there though he does share in the blame.

4. Dee Milliner bugged me a bit yesterday by not turning for the ball ... which i feel is a bit of lack of confidence on his part feelings he's too far behind the play to turn or something... hope he gets that fixed soon. Cromartie was a bigger problem though ... V Jackson beat him quite a lot to the inside.

5. Geno hasn't been crowned anything, but he is showing he deserves his chance to start not some inept guy who's gonna complete under 50% of his passes and compound his mistakes (at least for this week hope that remains the case going forward)

I was referring to end of the game. Smith celebrated higher than linemen. This scene looked like someone bowed before a king. lol.

I did also notice Geno has some confidence and swagger about himself, he was willing to let a couple throws rip that some rookie QBs are normally overly cautious to throw early like the one to Kerley which kerley dropped, but great anticipation on that one threw it before Kerley was open. Also he didn't let mistakes or anything get him down actually settled down and got better after them. He also actually did test Revis a couple of times (Think 4 or 5 passes thrown at Revis) so we're not playing scared either.

Timing and placement are poor when Smith challenged Revis. He finally has something to study. lol. Smith's read and react is not bad but I concern about his velocity that killed Cumberland and Kerley's head. With stronger velocity, Cumberland and Kerley would have time to protect themselves.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

QB -- B+

Geno made about 4 or 5 mistakes that I can think of. The pick, the fumble, the big sack he took after Landry's INT, and the throw to Jeff Cumberland (which was a perfectly thrown ball in between three defenders that landed in Cumberland's bread basket). He looked exceptionally poised and far more comfortable then he did in the pre-season.

RB -- D

Ivory has power, but is still a step slow. Powell is slow, indecisive, and incredibly frustrating to watch. He left a first down or two on the field because of indecisiveness. After re-watching the game, we really need a quck cut-back runner.

WR/TE -- B-

No major mistakes, a couple of tough catches, but definitely lacking in big plays.

OL -- D
I feel like I need to give different grades for Ferguson and Howard. While I thought Ferguson took his licks in the 2nd quarter, he overall played pretty well. Howard also settled down nicely after a tough start. The guard play was bad--really, really bad. Ducasse had a few shining moments, but must have allowed 5 or 6 pressures and a few hits. Colon looks like he needs to be supplanted by Winter immediately. Colon looked completely lost in pass protection most of the time. Mangold had one of the roughest first halves I can remember watching, but he settled in nicely after.

Side note: Gerald McCoy made Mangold look silly more then once in the first half.

DL -- A
They were about as perfect as perfect can get. It was hard to tell who was doing the work because they were all getting involved. Richardson's first-step is outstanding and he plays with instinct and a high motor. Snacks and Ellis rotating at nose was awesome, because they were both fresh for the entire game. Ellis made a couple of really strong plays in the 2nd and 3rd quarter that made me remember why he was looking like our starter before Snacks broke out.

LB -- A+
Biggest improvement on the team. They showed speed, aggression, instinct, and barely missed tackles. I haven't seen the linebacking corps. look like this in years. Demario Davis may be the truth.

DB -- C
Cromartie got worked, but the play calling was also pretty poor. I'm not sure what Rex was thinking trying to put a safety in man-to-man on V-Jax in the slot on that huge 3rd down in the 4th quarter. Milliner looked shaky and lacked confidence. Antonio Allen read really well.

On the whole, the most improved thing about the defense is the intelligence. They were actually reading screens properly. They were snuffing out short passes. While I thought TB's Mike Sullivan called a really poor game and basically tried to attack the Jets where they were strongest, the Jets also did a very good job even when he did try to go into more high-percentage passing plays.

Room for improvement all around and plenty of Tampa Bay sloppiness helped us get the win, but if the Jets play like this all season they'll be competitive in every game--which means every game is winnable.
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