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Way too early 2014 Mock

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:56 pm    Post subject: Way too early 2014 Mock Reply with quote

Since its quiet around the forum around this time, I figured I'd do something for fun. I made a quick three round mock draft but first, I laid out each position and gave a prediction for the upcoming season for each. I didn't go as far to make numbers because that's always anyone's guess anyways. Then I created a list of needs based off of the predictions and created a mock to go with it. It may be a bit of a read, but I hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think.

QB: Bradford takes huge strides with upgraded protection and weapons. Has taken the next step to really come into his own, and become a very good, but not elite, quarterback.

HB: The trio makes a formidable and respectable running game at first, but Stacy pulls away and becomes the number 1 back. Pead puts it together and becomes the change of pace back for Stacy that he was meant to be for Jackson. Richardson is solid but doesn’t really progress much from last season. He’s good for a few big runs every so often, but that’s pretty much it. It appears his potential is just about maxed out. It does not appear that we need to upgrade our running back position.

WR: Things click for Quick. He doesn’t quite have a breakout year but it’s evident that he’s bound to have one sooner rather than later and that the talent is clearly there. Givens remains the dangerous deep threat that he was, but also progresses as a true wideout. Austin is everything we dreamed of. He comes in and displays his explosiveness and big play ability right away and shows to be a true homerun threat any time he touches the ball. Bailey splits time with Quick for the wideout spot opposite of Givens. He proves that he is capable of playing the position at a high level in the NFL. Pettis is solid when needed but remains unspectacular due to his underwhelming physical tools. He still comes up with some clutch catches though, along with some red zone grabs. For the first time in a long time, we appear to be set at WR.

TE: Cook, while he doesn’t prove to be worth the massive contract we gave him, taps into that crazy potential of his and quickly becomes a favorite target of Bradford’s being both a safety blanket and a big play threat. He appears to be a perfect match with the Rams. Kendricks remains a great blocking TE and continues to improve as a receiver now that the pressure is off with him being the number 2 TE. We use a lot of two TE sets throughout the season and it proves to be very effective.

LT: Long isn’t quite his old dominant self at first, but as the season progresses, he gels with the rest of the line and regains his monster form. Not a top 3 LT, but easily top 10 and maybe even top 5. Bradford is worry free about his blindside.

LG: Chris Williams starts the season off at this spot and is decent but doesn’t offer much in the run game and isn’t dominant in pass protection. Watkins comes in and shows he has potential to be a beast, especially in the run game but is inconsistent in pass protection. The two go back and forth at this spot due to some shifting of the RG spot. Williams appears to be a solid back up but nothing more. Shelley Smith and Barrett Jones both get some playing time here as well, but Smith is clearly a back up and Jones doesn’t seem to possess the strength necessary to play guard at a high level.

C: Wells continues to struggle with injury and is satisfactory at best when he does play. This will be his last season as a Ram. Jones is plugged in and shows that center is his best position. He finishes the season as the starter and he is expected to stay that way for quite some while.

RG: Dahl plays good but it’s clear he isn’t what he used to be and isn’t worth the money he’s getting. He also misses a few games due to injury. This is last season with us as well. Watkins is plugged in here the games in which Dahl is injured. RG seems to fit Rok’s skillset better than
LG. And while, his pass protection is still inconsistent, he appears to be the future at the position. At least for the following season to allow him to prove himself. We need to find an upgrade for the left guard spot though.

RT: Saffold shows to be capable and willing to play RT throughout the season. He plays at a high level and has a great team attitude. But he hits free agency and looks to go elsewhere to get a chance to play LT again. There is no bad blood between us and him. But now it is clear we need to get a viable replacement for him if we want to continue

LE: Long continues to be a beast and has another double-digit sack season. He will be a strong piece for our defense for years to come. Hayes shows he is a highly valuable piece to the team as well, being a great rotational pass rusher for us again.

RE: Quinn becomes a more consistent pass rusher, also having another double-digit sack season, in which it increases from last season. But he shows that he still needs improvement against the run. Sims continues to be a very solid role player for us. We are set at DE for quite a while.

DT: Brockers becomes dominant. He shows to be an elite run stopper and a feared interior pass rusher. Langford isn’t bad, but he is disappointing. Unless he agrees to a smaller contract, this is his last season with us.

OLB: Ogeltree and Dunbar form a great pair of OLB’s. With the two being interchangeable rather than a WLB and a SLB, it proves effective for both. Dunbar has another great season with us and re-signs to a new deal. Ogeltree proves to be a perfect fit and a great addition to the team. Great pass defender and keeps mobile QB’s in check.

MLB: Laurinaitis is his usual self. Leads team in tackles and is an unquestioned leader but doesn’t rack up too many game-changing plays. We are set at LB for a long time.

CB: Jenkins becomes elite and a shut-down corner who is always a threat to make a play on the ball. Finnegan is very good for us again and helps progress Jenkins and Johnson, but shows signs of a small decline. A replacement will be needed eventually, but that’s not until down the road. Johnson steps up and fills Fletcher’s shoes. He is physical and has great playmaking skills. His overall coverage is inconsistent but he looks shows great potential and really brings it together towards season’s end. McGee is solid and performs when needed in packages such as the Dime.

S: McDonald and Stewart make a good duo at safety but McDonald seems more suited for SS and Stewart plays inconsistent throughout the season. TJ is an in the box safety who can make a play on the ball but struggles with coverage. He is a smart player and shows he is talented but he will be a much more effective player at the SS spot. Stewart stays on the team but McDonald gets the nod as the starting SS for the next season. A new FS may be in store for us and may be the final piece to what could become an elite secondary.

-I expect the Rams to end up with a record of 9-7 and just get into the playoffs, getting knocked out in round 1. This leaves our first round pick to be in the low 20’s. I expect Washington to have a bit of a slump and give us a pick around 15.

Positions of need heading into 2014 Offseason:
LG: Watkins showed promise, but he appears to be the heir to Dahl at RG where his skills suit him better than at LG. Chris Williams and Shelley Smith are decent back-ups, but we need a viable starter at the position if we want to continue to protect Bradford.
-Prospects at this position we should target:
Gabe Jackson—Mississippi State
Cyril Richardson—Baylor
Zach Martin—Notre Dame
Anthony Steen—Alabama
David Yankey—Stanford

RT: I do believe that Saffold goes for free agency, despite not being upset about playing RT for us. Regardless of their being no hard feelings, I feel like he’ll look elsewhere for another shot to play LT.
-Prospects at this position we should target:
Jake Matthews—Texas A&M
Taylor Lewan—Michigan
Cyrus Kouanjdio—Alabama
Antonio Richardson—Tennessee
James Hurst—North Carolina

DT: Brockers is a beast but the spot next to him could use an upgrade (or replacement) over Langford.
-Prospects at this position we should target:
Anthony Johnson—LSU
Timmy Jernigan—Florida State
Will Sutton—Arizona State
Daniel McCullers—Tennessee
Ra’Shede Hageman—Minnesota

FS: Maybe McDonald and Stewart make a formidable duo, maybe they won’t. They way I see it, they both have very similar skill sets and both would benefit greatly from having someone with a complimenting skill-set on the opposite safety position. Regardless of our safety positions being interchangeable, we’re going to get burned if we continue to use two strong safeties at the same time.
Prospects at this position we should target:
Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix—Alabama
Ed Reynolds—Standford
Ty Zimmerman—Kansas State

Mock Draft:
1a) Cyrus Kouandjio—OT—Alabama
With Saffold departing, there is a gaping hole at RT. Kouandjio plays LT for Bama, but is more than capable to play on the right side—some may even argue he’s better suited for it. A big man with a great combination of strength and athleticism. The dude has huge upside but he slips to us with Lewan and Matthews ahead of him.

1b) Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix—S—Alabama
We need someone to man the free safety spot; a guy who can play centerfield and both prevent big plays from happening against us and be a playmaker in his own right. Clinton-Dix fits that to a tee. He’d be a perfect fit for us and he has great potential. We use both our first rounders on Alabama talent.

2) Gabe Jackson—OG—Mississippi State
Jackson is a road grading mauler. He would come in right away and start at the left guard spot. He’s a great run blocker and a solid pass protector and has potential to be a great pass protector. The final piece to a finally solid offensive line.

3) Ra’Shede Hageman—DT—Minnesota
I really like this guy. He’s huge at 6’6” and he has great upside. He offers a lot as a pass rusher on the inside. He had very good production last year and he may blow up this year and rise up draft boards. As of now, though he is seen as a third rounder and he could turn into a steal for us.
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The J.R.S.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I read through your narrative, and the majority of it was within reason. I'm not sure about this love for Kendrick's blocking has come from. Sure, he's a solid blocker, but I think his supporters have exaggerated the value that brings. He's a reasonable enough guy to have on an NFL roster, but that's about it.

I'm worried about Bradford. He has to learn how to handle pressure better if he's ever going to be top 5 in this league, which is still a hope I have.

Real sports fans do not condone ESPN.
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Joined: 24 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think that sounded very reasonable. No one likes a draft pick to go towards a lineman because they arent the ones that score and make big plays, but it's a huge need for us. As for drafting a safety, I also agree. I'm not too familiar wih the next class but I do think we need to address the position soon. I also don't think a veteran runningback would hurt but I actually feel comfortable with what we have.

Tavon Austin
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Joined: 22 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If the young skilled position players on offense progress like we all hope they do this year this draft would help the foundation of a great team going forward. Those are the four positions going into the season that I think will be our biggest needs next off season.
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Joined: 01 Nov 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the feedback guys. I tried to make the predictions as realistic as possible but you can't help but be a bit of a homer sometimes. JRS I don't expect Bradford to ever be top 5 in this league. If he was he wouldn't need all this help to show it but top 10 is within reason am honestly we dot need him to be a top five QB for us to be a contender
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