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Ravens sign WR/Returner David Reed to a 2-year deal
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think really a lot of the talk about needing a "1# WR" is about as antiquated as Cam Cameron. You don't need a traditional "1st" WR anymore with the way offences are run now a days. The league has realized that it's way more effective to spread out the opposing team and create mismatches rather than relying on one guy to beat his man all day. I don't think that is really a new discovery, but teams like NE and the Saints have shown that you can achieve great success by doing so, even if you haven't necessarily got two or three pro bowl WRs. What you effectively need now a days are guys with particular skill sets that compliment each other. A guy like Torrey who is freakishly fast, a guy like Jones who is tall as well as fast and a guy who is perhaps smaller but also quicker and more agile. By effectively using these guys to their strengths you can do very well for yourself on offence as long as you have the QB who can make the right decision as well as get the ball to the guy when he needs to. We've got that guy in Flacco. But I really don't think any of this is news to you guys.

The point that I'm trying to make here is that in these sorts of modern offences you can afford to not pay $6-9m for a guy because in essence you know that more often than not said guy can be replaced. Obviously you might not always get the same level of play, but at the same time you'll probably save some money that can be allocated to other guys.

What teams like Ravens, Steelers, Packers and the like do so well is trusting in their scouts to dig up a guy with a skillset to match the role he is expected to find. A reason those teams also do well is because they trust their young guys to go be the players they were expected to be when drafted. Essentially the old next man up mantra.

A guy like Boldin is just a guy who is doing a very replaceable job at a quite high cost. By no means do I think Boldin is a poor player or anything, I actually really like the guy, but skill set and age wise he is just not a guy a smart team is going to hang on to if he expects to be paid 6-7m a season. I essence he's a fast, small TE. I think he's about as fast as Pitta is while being 3 inches smaller, and a guy like Hernandez is definitely both faster, bigger and stronger than Boldin is. As a lot of guys have said the problem with Boldin is that right now he is producing because the Ravens made an effort of getting him the ball and because Flacco had the guts and the skills to throw it up for him to make a play. Unless the opposing team played soft zone I don't actually think I've seen Boldin really get open by himself. Lets say we had less of a strong armed QB and more of typical WCO passer, how many times do you think Boldin will get the ball? I think to assume that because Boldin is not on the team anymore means that the production from the slot suddenly drops significantly is ridicules. I've got really high hopes for Doss to be a player for us this season.
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