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Peter King if you want Milliner move to #4
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rockcity wrote:
diehardlionfan wrote:
IDOG_det wrote:
diehardlionfan wrote:
IDOG_det wrote:
diehardlionfan wrote:
Rockcity wrote:
TheROARisBACK wrote:
Lionsden5555 wrote:
After watching Millner and Rhodes run it just confirms what all the tape shows. They are both fast enough, physical, and have prototypical size for the position. Would I be OK with taking Millner at #5, yeah but at the same time if you aren't comfortable taking Rhodes at 5, then why Millner?

Scheme versatility.

That's my biggest reason, there are concerns Rhodes would be limited to, but be a very good, boundary corner at the next level.
idk how you can say that. Rhodes has manned up on alot of good wrs..from fast shifty guys from Broyles to bigger guys Floyd. whats Dee"s done?? Hes had nothing but perfect timing as far as competition goes.. imo Dee didnt fair well when ask to guard the small shifty guys with speed. i cant see either why has been talked top 5, the tape dont fit the spot.

Rhodes may have manned up against Broyles and Stills but how do you think he did?
In 2010 against Broyles he did great except for 1 play where Broyles made him look foolish with an amazing double move. Rhodes has learned since then though.

Jones was 32/42 and passed for close to 400 yards 4 TD and a 9.5 YPA that game. Broyles and Kenny both had great games with Broyles snagging 12 balls for 124 yards and one score. Rhodes had seven tackles and I don't think he was even credited for one pass defence.

The Sooners basically shredded the secondary.

I'm not certain how you could consider his performance great.
You gotta remember how young he was then and how little playing time he had.

I do remember. I asked Rockcity how he thought Rhodes did. When you suggested he did great I was merely pointing out that regardless of experience his performance couldn't be considered good let alone great.

I think Rhodes is a good prospect but Milliners stats are far better playing a superior level of competition.
I do think he did good.. lets remember oklahomas offence and how it was fit to broyles skills. wr screens and swing passes.. broyles wasnt the down field threat so much. they chose to play rhodes ten yards off of him which was a mistake but they had to try and take away the run. he also didnt man him all game long.. theres a reason broyles was ncaa leader in receptions.. screens/swings.

Dee didnt man up on anyone worth a dam imo. i mean lets look at the michigan game...they were going right at him..he got away with alot.. any good wr wouldnt be dropping them slants like the michigan guys were but they were beating him. again another stat looker..not watching with the thought of nfl talent.. we saw what rhodes has done against nfl talent. and we are also talking about a #5 pick in the draft. nothing that Dee has done does not warrent that pick for me. he played in the sec so what, the wr in his full season sucked and theres no other way to put it. best wrs in that division play on alabama..almost feel dee knew what he was doing entering a weak draft...i dont think he would have been able to hold up to the next years hype. while rhodes has atleast shown he can get better. like i said Dee wont be the best cb out of this class thats my opinion. ive seen nothing and no one has been able to change that and believe you me i want the Lions to get a great cb so theres no need for me to dog any cb to put anyone ahead of that. i just dont think Dees the guy. lol i dont in rhodes either but i see a better pro in rhodes.

You can think Rhodes will be a better pro. That's fair enough, its your opinion.

You can't change history in attempt to prove your point.

Rhodes did not do well against Broyles and Oklahoma.

Milliner's aggregate states are significantly better than Rhodes and can't simply be ignored.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trufant is going to be the better Pro just my gut feeling on it! Wink
You have to stand bye your convictions, sometimes you might stand alone does ANYONE THINK CUSTER IDEA MARCHING INTO LITTLE BIG HORN WAS A GOOD ONE?

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