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FFMD13 - Scouting Reports
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MARGUS HUNT-6'8" 275 Southern Methodist DL

Hunt is often compared to Ziggy Ansah based off how both are about as raw as can be but have the measureables to have huge potential. Hunt just started playing the game of American football in 2009. He is a gold medal winning track and field athlete for both shotput and discus for his native country of Estonia. SMU had a top notch track and field coach so Hunt moved to Dallas just in time for that program to drop track and field. So Hunt tried his luck in football.

In 2009 Hunt struggled like anyone in their first year, with just 8 total tackles. He did more than double the school's record in blocked kicks with 7 that year tho so he is a Margus of all trades. Hunt blocked three more kicks in 2010 and saw his production jump in every other category, as well, notching 45 tackles, including 6.5 tackles for loss and three sacks in his second year of playing. Though Hunt's stops behind the line of scrimmage would rise as a junior (7.5, including 3.0 sacks) and senior (11.5 including 8.0 sacks), Hunt's ascent hasn't been as consistent as scouts might have envisioned after his first two years.

Hunt certainly looks the part. Possesses a long, tapered build with room for additional muscle mass. Boasts a surprisingly quick first step and gains ground efficiently due to his long strides. Closes quickly on the ballcarrier due and can provide a thump on arrival. Has a tendency to make a splashy play and then disappear for long periods of the game. Struggles with pad level and can get blown off the ball against the run because he loses the leverage battle. Like a lot of taller defensive ends, Hunt is stiff in his upper body and he struggles to re-direct when attempting to break down and tackle agile ball-carriers. Can be eluded and has a tendency to lunge at ball-carriers as a result, leading to some ugly whiffs. Doesn't get his hands into passing windows as much as he should considering his height and kick-blocking prowess. Has only seven passes defended in 53 games. Inconsistent effort in downfield pursuit. While the concern with Hunt lies with his relative inexperience and inconsistency, the team that gambles on Hunt could be similarly rewarded with a future standout.

Cornelius "Tank" Carradine-6'4" 265 Florida State Seminoles

It should be noted that in my opinion and in many others, before Tank (awesome name I know), that before his torn ACl injury he was looked at as a top 20 player and a premier pass rusher. Even thought of more highly than Werener from the same team.

Although he entered the 2012 season as a reserve, he quickly made an impact as a starter when senior Brandon Jenkins was lost for the year with a Lisfranc injury(the same type Barrett Jones muscled through, ROLL TIDE!), giving Carradine the opportunity to shine. In 2012 he recorded 11.0 sacks and 13.0 tackles for loss through 12 games in 2012. Every player responds differently to knee injuries and scouts are hopeful he will return healthy at some point next summer or fall, but the injury will certainly hurt his draft stock with his health in question. Time will tell where he lands on draft weekend, but unfortunately for Carradine, it's fair to say his first-round hopes are now doubtful.

The Pats would not mind if he slipped to the second or third. He could be explosive across Chandler, again depending on how he looks after the knee. I have no idea if he plans on going to the combine or doing a pro day to let scouts see his stock again.

Good-looking athlete with agile feet and very good closing speed. Natural bend and flexibility around the edge with smooth lateral quickness and redirection skills. Quick in pursuit to force the issue and has the athleticism to recover from a false step.

Very good footwork to sidestep blockers to flatten and close on the pocket. Shows fluid movements and short-area burst, but also rangy. Active hands and limbs to swat and stay balanced through contact. Reliable in the open field, using his length to wrap and discipline to not sell out.Chiseled frame and looks the part.

Still growing at the position and developing his pass rush moves. Didn't become a starter until his senior season with most of his playing experience coming at the JUCO level. Needs to continue adding strength and bulk to his frame, can be overpowered at times in the trenches.

I will do a few more with rankings a little later...

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not conviced that any of the RB prospects are sure fire 1st roud talents this year. There are a number of backs that have the ability to contribute and could prove to be good to great starters.

Giovani Bernard Grade 8.00, Potential Grade 8.1, Draft in Round 1 or 2

Lead the division in rushing, scoring, all-purpose yards and punt return average. He rushed for 1,228 yards on 184 carries and scored 19 TD's.

Patient runner with game changing speed, can press the hole and bounce outside. Has make people miss ability, has tremendous hands and experience in the passing and return games. Has an injury history and is a little undersized for an every down back and will need to hit the weight room.

Eddie Lacy Grade 7.00, Potential Grade 8.0, Draft in Round 1 or 2

He finished the 2012 season with 1,322 rushing yards on 204 carries and 17 touchdowns, earning First Team All-SEC honors.

Has a burst through the hole, no dancing, and a second gear, great feet and can move laterally. Looks to deliver a blow and punish a tackler, has ok hands as a receiver, NFL ready body but durability could be a concern and seemed to get "nicked up" more that I would like.

Montee Ball Grade 6.50, Potential Grade 6.50, Draft in Round 2 or 3

Lead the NCAA in rushing 1,923 yards and is a TD machine.

Has vision but he's a long strider and runs upright with very little lean, I'm not sure he will make NFL LB's and safeties miss the way he does in college, he tends to run around would be tacklers instead of making quick cuts. He would be a back that I would use in rotation and as a closer.

Stephan Taylor Grade 6.40, Potential Grade 6.50, Draft in Round 2 or 3

He finished with at least 1,100 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns in each of the past three years.

He is a complete 3 down back that lacks a top gear he would be good in a ZBS 1 cut system, he has good pass catching ability, runs with patience and keeps his legs under him, he could slide if his 40 time comes in at 4.7 of 4.8.

Kenjon Barner Grade 6.00, Potential Grade 6.50, Draft in Round 4 or 5

Rushed for 1,767 yards with 23 touchdowns.

Has big play potential, good vision but tries to bounce every run to the outside, good hands and cut back ability, his role in the NFL will be as the change of pace back because he lacks power, I moved him up in my rankings because of his special teams ability.

Marcus Lattimore Grade 5.90, Potential Grade 7.00, Draft in Round 4 or 5

Everyone knows his story now, he has blown out both knees and will most likely have to start the year on IR. He is the top back in this weak class on talent, but the risk and injuries drops him into the 4 to 5 range for me (I also believe a team will gamble on him 2 to 3 range)
Lattimore offers speed, power and elusiveness with injury risk.

Joseph Randle Grade 5.90, Potential Grade 6.10, Draft in Round 4 or 5

Led the big 12 in rushing with 1417 yards and scored 14 TD's.

He has a thin build like receiver and can catch like one also. His role will be of a pass catching and mis-match back. He doesn't have much power and will get tackled by the first man to touch him. Has good speed and gets up to speed quickly but doesn't have a second gear to run away from people.

Jawan Jamison Grade 5.90, Potential Grade 6.10, Draft in Round 4 or 5

Rushed for 1075 yards as a soph and added 28 catches.

He's from Rutgers, he's 5' 8 and 200 lbs, but he's not Ray Rice. He runs like he is bigger than he is and has some moves but his average per carry at the college level is only 4.2 and it will only get worse in the NFL.

Andre Ellington Grade 5.90, Potential Grade 6.00, Draft in Round 4 or 5

Rushed for over a thousand yards for the 2nd straight year.

This player tries to bounce outside on every run, (it works in college) and doesn't or can't run up the gut with any effectiveness. I hear comparisons to Sproles but Andre doesn't possess that kind of quickness or pass catching ability. He should be a strong consideration as pass catching and change of pace back if he can be had late.

Mike Gillislee Grade 5.90, Potential Grade 6.00, Draft in Round 4 or 5

Rushed for 1,152 yards, 10 touchdowns

Jack of all trades master of none type, I'm ranking him as a 4 or 5 based on his skill set and skinny body type but he will be over-drafted due to the overall weakness off this draft class, I've seen him dance to much at the line to be comfortable with him.

Ray Graham Grade 5.90, Potential Grade 7.10, Draft in Round 4 or 5
(BINKY # 1)

Rushed for 1,042 yards and 11 touchdowns

First divergence from the “experts”. Runs hard with great vision and lateral agility, runs bigger than his size and will be a starter after a year working with NFL trainers to add some bulk, has great hands and some are saying he will slide due to a knee injury in 2011, I believe he will be drafted 2 or 3, might have been ranked top 3 and 7.00 plus if he hadn't been injured.

Johnathan Franklin Grade 5.80, Potential Grade 5.80, Draft in Round 6 or 7

Rushed for 1,734 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Here is the second divergence. I see Franklin as NFL change-of-pace back, he has really good hands and posses the straight line speed to make the big play. I think he lacks the strength, burst and lateral agility to be a starter and the pass protection skills to a 3rd down back

Christine Michael Grade 5.80, Potential Grade 7.0, Draft in Round 6 or 7

Rushed for 417 yards and 12 touchdowns

1st round size and talent with a immature attitude and injury history. Runs hard, is decisive, looks to punish tacklers, if he matures and is “coached up” he could be a steal as a 2 down starter. Wasn't asked to catch the ball.

Knile Davis Grade 5.80, Potential Grade 6.50, Draft in Round 6 or 7 (Binky #2)

Rushed for 377 yards and 2 TD's

Knile looked and ran like 1st or 2nd round lock as a Sophomore when he rushed for 1322 yards and 12 TD's, He is an injury risk due to breaking his right ankle twice and his collarbone twice in his career dating to high school. He is a boom or bust pick like Lattimore but he should be available in rounds 6 or 7.

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Joined: 27 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Keenan Allen, - Cal (6'2, 206)
The smooth route runner is the best rounded receiver in his class. Had to make a living catching short wobbly passes from his brother, facing easily the worst Quarterback situation than any of the other prospects. Showed a large catching radius this year, catching a number of contested passes over the middle. He has excellent YAC, showing the vision of a running back at times - but makes inexplicable drops at others. Questions about deep speed and health of the knee will continue now until pro-day as he's skipping workouts at the Combine.

Draft stock - Top 20

Corderelle Patterson, - Tennessee (6'2, 216)
Explosive with the ball in his hands, he's an electrifying runner on end arounds as you can see from his highlight reel. He's not half as explosive when running a route and has plenty to learn in that respect as a pretty raw prospect, however - the tools are there for everyone to see. There's not a lot on his tape to suggest he'll consistently win in the air, seems slightly odd that Tennessee used him far more on gadget plays than on making use of his physicality out wide. Might not interview particularly well, interviews I've heard and read with him more than hint at some maturity issues. In terms of his current stock, I think the price is a little steep for what is a fairly raw prospect who won't have the open field space in the NFL he was was used to in College.

Draft stock - Top 15

DeAndre Hopkins - Clemson (6'1, 214)
Really attacks the ball in the air, which is not something you see with the other receiver prospects. Just came off one of the best receiving seasons in team history, despite having a much vaunted prospect in Sammy Watkins playing opposite. I don't know what his 40 time comes out as, but the guy plays quick on tape and has that ability to win on his routes early that we covet. However, might not be your guy if you want someone to stretch the field as a vertical receiver.

Draft stock - Late 1st/Top 2nd

Tavon Austin - WVU (5'8, 174)
Freakish speed and and balance with the ball in his hand, can literally cut on a dime. Turned up all over the place at WVU, as a scat back, slot receiver and a running vertical on the perimeter. Dominated some College games in a way no other prospects can lay claim to. Small in stature, you worry if he can take a hit in the way Wes Welker has been able to. Certainly doesn't appear that he's able to catch in traffic in the way Wes has. Lack of an NFL body will just raise concerns, but has all the tools to prove those doubts wrong.

Draft stock - Anywhere from middle of 1st to bottom of 2nd

Terrance Williams - Baylor (6'2, 208)
Again, writing this before the 40 times at the Combine (which is probably a bad idea!) - but he's the one guy in the draft who you can be fairly certain he'll make a living as a vertical receiver. Has a large frame and had no problems getting off the press in College, where he was incredibly productive. Good YAC and shows good upper body strength fending off defender. Seems a little tight hipped at times and has a fairly large turning circle, which indicates he could have a problem 'winning early' on shorter routes. Not a natural plucker of a football either, tends to prefer body catching a lot of passes - which he was able to do in College due to the separation he was able to get.

Draft stock - Late 1st/Top 2nd

Justin Hunter - Tennessee (6'4, 196)
Another receiver prospect coming off a down year after impressing in 2011, no doubt in large part to recovering from a torn ACL. Potentially he's the best athlete of the crop, with very good deep speed and can jump out of a building with his High Jump background. He can win based on his athletic ability alone. He's not a developed route runner, but shows enough short area quickness to suggest he can run shorter routes if asked. However, there are questions around his upper body strength and ability to get off press coverage. He's also showed an unwillingness to go compete for balls over the middle and has put a lot of balls on the ground this year.

Draft stock - Late 1st/Top 2nd

Robert Woods - USC (6'0, 201)
Rated as the best overall prospect heading into the season, he was passed over in favor of Marquise Lee as the #1 receiver at USC and also struggled with a troubling ankle injury. Although not known for his speed, he was a track star and heavily recruited in High School because of this. I think he'll show more at the Combine than many expect. Has a great pair of hands too, rarely putting the ball on the floor and happy catching in traffic. He made a living as a possession receiver in College and is a crisp route runner, a real technician in that department. Lack of #1 size is a knock and we'll need to find out why USC was happy to stop throwing at him this year. Possibly not a number 1 receiver, but could develop into having something like a Reggie Wayne-esque career.

Draft stock - 2nd Round - although I think evaluators will like him better than the draftniks.

Quinton Patton - Louisiana Tech (6'0, 204)
Reminds me of a more physical Brandon Lloyd. He's a savvy receiver, who caught a lot of screen passes in College due to his ability to make yards in short areas. He's another technician as a route runner and gets in and out of his breaks quickly and has strong, safe hands. He's a possession guy (probably not a burner) and another number 2 receiver in the NFL - but one that certainly wouldn't be out of place in the system we have run in recent years. Lean upper body frame is a concern when facing more physical corners.

Draft stock - 2nd Round

Marcus Wheaton - Oregon State (5'11, 189)
Looks bigger on tape than his underwhelming measurables show. He's a real burner and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him run a sub 4.4 forty at the Combine. He's a deep threat who can take the top of a defense, but also willing to catch balls over the middle and in traffic - which he had to because of poor QB play. Really good with the ball in hand and can make plays in an open field and deceptive as a runner. Lack of upper body strength is a concern, a willing blocker - but got pushed around a bit. If he was any bigger, we'd be talking about a 1st round lock in terms of talent. Could be viewed as a poor-man's Corderelle Patterson, which means his skill-set won't be as coveted.

Draft stock - 2nd Round (Rising to first with a strong combine, always a premium on speed)
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My 2 favorite WRs are Bailey and Wheaton for sure. For FFMD and for our real Patriots.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I_GET_SAX wrote:
My 2 favorite WRs are Bailey and Wheaton for sure. For FFMD and for our real Patriots.

Dexter Morgan (from big board) is the guy I keep coming back to.
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m haynes

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

T Austin and Ryan Swope runs a 4.34. Man, in the slot with that speed. Swope is killing it at the combine.

Josh Boyce will be the steal of the draft. My favorite WR in the draft. Catching machine. Who put up a 4.3 forty. Can play inside or out.
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