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Fantasy Offseason - no way this happens

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:06 pm    Post subject: Fantasy Offseason - no way this happens Reply with quote

Below is the most unrealistic fantasy offseason ever. So, comment on the realism if you want, but it won’t do much for me…..
A couple of things:

1. All of the trades after the first big one are fair, that is, I used the draft value chart. That does not mean any team would do the trade, that’s not the point of this. Indeed, in most, I have the Vikes paying too many points, just to make it almost realistic…..
2. This is a fantasy, it could never happen. But I wanted to see how many early draft picks this team could accrue in one offseason.
3. I am also setting them up for 2014, just in case one position does not work this year…..
4. The first big trade and the off-field transaction are pure fantasy, I don’t think either would happen, but they do trigger future events.
5. I hope people talk about this in the fun manner it is meant. If you want a real offseason, well, that might come later.

First, a bunch of wealthy Minnesotans approach the leaders that be, and donate $300million dollars to have the new stadium over by the Twins’ stadium. This frees up the Vikings from cash-flow concerns from being in the Bank, and Zigy says to Rick that he expects at least one legit FA signing with the money…..just one, not to build the base of the team that way, but to fill in holes. Oh, and he just gave Frazier an extension, and would like not to have a repeat of the last extension, so maybe at least 1 FA would help with that.

MN needs:
1 WR, DT (run stuffing variety), 2 LBers, 1 S, 1 CB, 1-2 OGs, backup QB with experience, 1 TE.

Next, KC loses Dwayne Bowe in FA, and the leadership there is convinced that they have a very good team, that was just unlucky and badly coached last year. They acquire Alex Smith to be their QB….

Vikings trade Percy Harvin (this pains me greatly, btw), Kevin Williams, Josh Robinson, and Brian Robison to KC for their first and second round picks. Yes, I know, this is not going to happen……

Everson Griffen is extended, and is the starting LDE. The Vikes also re-do Allen’s deal. MN cuts Carlson, not for the salary cap savings, but the cash savings. Or maybe he just takes a lot less money to stay on the roster, not sure.

MN re-signs Schwartz and makes him a starter. Fusco is a backup. MN re-signs Loadholt. MN re-signs AJ Jefferson. There is not money for two big time FAs….MN signs Greg Jennings (who, btw, did not want to play outside, but now the Vikes will not be at the Bank…..), Glenn Dorsey (replaces KWill), and some random LBer or OG or CB. If there is money for another player, I think it will be a CB or OG.

MN needs: unchanged from before FA, but they are younger at DT, and older at WR. I’m not sure, but it is possible they could sign one more FA starter, but I don’t see that happening. Oh, they need a backup DE now.

Vikings deal the first pick to Philly for their first and second round picks. MN throws in a 6th….Yes, I know, the Eagles come out ahead in the points, but I’m trying to almost be realistic. Philly takes either Luke Joeckel or Star Lotulelei. MN has picks 4, 23, 34, and 35.

Vikings consider a DE or Milliner here, but choose to deal Philly’s pick to the Bills for their first and second round picks. They want to get in front of AZ to take a QB. MN throws in a one of their starting LBers from last year, and a 5th round pick. MN has picks 8, 23, 34, 35, 42

Vikings consider taking a DE or Milliner hear, but while Milliner is the best CB, he’s not as elite as some, so they pass. They also consider Ogletree, but roll the dice on getting him later.

On the other hand, Tampa really wants Milliner, and with the Jets having traded Revis, they don’t think he’ll make it 1 more pick….so MN deals the pick, along with a 3rd next year to TB for their first this year and first next year. TB expects to make the playoffs, and with the future year discount and the future 3rd round pick, the points work out.…..MN has picks 13, 23, 34, 35, 42 and a future first.

MN is really tempted now. There is at least one WR and one DT they want here. Te’o is also there….and let’s face it, they really need 1-2 LBers and 1 more WR, and a run stopper…..

With good picks, that’s 4-6 starters, counting their 2nd also, if they are lucky. But, Rick really wants to build through the draft, and Dallas always likes to move up. And, there is a DE end there to replace the guy they are losing, and to prep for Ware’s aging….so, MN deals the 13th pick to Dallas. MN receives Dallas pick 1 and Dallas pick 2 in 2014 and pick 2 in 2015. Rick wants all those picks. MN has picks 18, 23, 34, 35, 42 and an extra first and second in 2014 and second in 2015.

Te’o and a DT are there. But the DT group is deep. Also, one of the elite guards is there. MN does not care. Cincy makes an offer Rick cannot refuse. Cincy gives up Oakland’s second and their second. MN has picks 23, 34, 35, 37, 42, 55 (plus their own 2nd and 3rd).

Atlanta, being no stranger to trades….deals their first this year, and first next year, MN deals their first and third round picks. MN has picks 30, 34, 35, 37, 42, 54 and 55. In 2014 they have two extra first, and an extra second. They also have an extra 2nd in 2015. They still have picks later too…..

MN starting needs:
1 WR, DT (run stuffing variety), 2 LBers, 1 S, 1 CB, 1-2 OGs, backup QB with experience, 1 TE, backup DE.

With pick 30, MN selects: Kevin Minter, linebacker --- he won’t get to pick 34, immediate starter at ILB.

With pick 34, MN selects: Zach Ertz, TE---I would not take a TE here, but MN wants to run 2 at a time, I would take the best CB that falls this far…..

With pick 35 MN selects: Kawaan Short, DT, run stopper next to Dorsey. Ballard may or may not come in on passing downs for him.

With pick 37 MN selects: De’Andre Hopkins, WR, battles Wright to be on the field in 2 WR sets, probably beats him out.

With pick 42 MN selects: Matt Elam, S, starter. Vikes are now set at Safety and starting CB, but could use 1-2 more CBs for the fun of it.

With pick 54 MN selects: Arthur Brown, LB (frankly, I think he’s gone by here, but CBS has him 59th right now). If he is gone, I’d go with Barrett Jones.

With pick 55 MN selects: Trade! MN wants more than 1 more player….it would kill me to take Brown and pass on Jones (starting OG), but hey, Rick has passed on OG forever….MN deals pick 55 for Miami’s two 3rd round picks. MN throws in a pick to balance out the points.

Pick 77: David Amerson, CB (backup, and if Ponder works our, he’s probably a backup after the next draft also, with three first round picks and 2 seconds).

Pick 82: MN Trade! MN deals for the Giants 4th pick, and 3rd pick in next year’s draft.

Pick 99 (from Detroit): Justin Pugh or Brian Winters, OG

Pick 113 (from Giants): Devin Taylor (the other SC DE)

Whatever later picks are still left after this fantasy: punter (he’ll lose out), DB, LB, DB
MN signs a veteran QB also, not sure who.

QB: Ponder, veteran, DBT
RB: Peterson, Gerhardt, ?
OT, C, FB: no change
OG: Schwartz, Pugh, Fusco
TE: Rudolph, Ertz
WR: Jennings, Hopkins, Wright, Jenkins (reliable vet), ?

DE: Allen, Griffen, Taylor, ?
DT: Short, Glenn, Ballard, ?
LB: Greenway, Minter, Brown, ?
CB: Winfield, Cook, Jefferson, Amerson
S: Harrison, Elam

Rookie starters: Elam, Minter, Brown, Short, Hopkins, Pugh
New Veteran starters: Glenn, Jennings

The Vikings are set for 2014….if Ponder struggles, they can trade up no problem. If Ponder is good, they can get another starting CB, DE and whatever else they need.

odds are pretty high I goofed up on trade values by a few points here and there, and are decent I messed up on the picks at some point.....
Wins are a team stat, not a QB stat
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was only a matter of time before someone did one of these. I always enjoy reading them.

Never hurts to dream, right? Smile
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