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Lacydog's 2007 off-season mock (Updated!)

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Joined: 30 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 12:29 pm    Post subject: Lacydog's 2007 off-season mock (Updated!) Reply with quote

Re-Signings and Releasings

Ralph Brown: Released
Why: Ralph Brown is decent in coverage. He can stay close to a WR and keep passes from being caught. What Ralph Brown can't do is catch a freaking ball. I swear, I've seen him drop 10 interceptions this year. He's decent enough in coverage, but he just doesn't have enough upside to be kept.

Kelly Butler: Re-signed (RFA)
Why: Butler will provide decent depth at tackle, which isn't a bad thing. We should tenure him a low-round pick. If someone really wants him, we'll get a pick out of it, so it's win-win.

Cosey Coleman: Released
Why: Coleman should no longer be a starter, and he will want more than backup money. We should clear the cap room and roster space for better guards.

Nat Dorsey: Released
Why: He proved against Oakland that he isn't going to be a starting OT in this league. He's gone, no question.

Nick Eason: Released
Why: The Browns should focus on re-tooling both lines. Eason will be expendable, and shouldn't be kept.

Hank Fraley: Re-signed
Why: If Bentley doesn't come back, it's nice to know we've got a solid veteran at center.

Simon Fraser: Re-signed
Why: He's played well enough to warrant a shot to make the roster.

Lennie Friedman: Re-signed
Why: He's a versatile offensive lineman. He can play guard or center, and we need depth at both positions. He's already out-performed Andruzzi.

Mike Hawkins: Released
Why: Why not?

Andrew Hoffman: Released
Why: He's never made an impact, and probably never will. Savage might want him on the PS, but he shouldn't even be playing there.

Ethan Kelley: Released
Why: See Nick Eason

Alvin McKinley: Released
Why: McKinley shouldn't be starting, and probably will want too much cash for a backup. He's certainly not getting any younger. He's replaceable.

Dennis Northcutt: AXED
Why: This one's pretty obvious

Brian Russell: Re-signed
Why: He'll push Brodney Pool for the safety job, and either way, we'll have great depth at safety. In Cleveland, there's no such thing as too much of a good thing.

Mason Unck: Re-signed
Why: He's a special teams beast. As a RFA, we could tenure him a 5th rounder, and I doubt people would be biting, and even if they did, we'd get a 5th rounder out of it.

Free Agency:

Eric Steinbach, G
Why: He's just too good to pass up. He's a pro-bowl alternate at a position of need. What more could you ask for?
Other Options: Derrick Dockery, Floyd Womack

Tim Rattay, QB
Why: We need a veteran QB, and Rattay has started at QB for 2 teams. He's a journeyman who might be able to start in some places. He'll be able to provide quality depth at QB, and provide sage advice for the younger Frye.
Other options: Damon Huard, Anthony Wright, Rohan Davey

Najeh Davenport, RB
Why: He's a big, bruising runner who will compliment perfectly the faster and younger Wright at RB.
Other Options: Chris Brown, Maurice Hicks, Nick Goings

Asante Samuels, CB
Why: He'll be an instant upgrade at CB, and will allow McCutcheon to either be traded or given nickle assignments.
Other options: Nate Clements, David Macklin, Nick Harper

Corey Redding, DE
Why: People here seem to think he's an ideal fit for the 3-4 DE slot. Looking at his size and playing style, I agree. Chad Lavalais could also fit this mould.
Other Options: Chad Lavalais, Edward Jasper

Drew Bennet, WR
Why: With Braylon faltering somewhat, and our lack of depth anyway, we could use another starting-caliber WR in case someone gets hurt or Braylon continues to stink.
Other options: Keenan McCardell, Samie Parker, Andre' Davis

Other moves
The following players will be released or traded for a low-round draft pick (5th or 6th round)

Ken Dorsey, QB
Reuben Droughns, RB
Joe Andruzzi, OG
J'Vonne Parker, NT
Orpheus Roye, DE

2007 NFL Draft

1st Round: Alan Branch, DL, Michigan
Why: Branch can play any position on the 3-4 defensive line. He'll be able to spell Ted Washington when need be, while providing a force at DE.
Other Options: Peterson, Joe Thomas

2nd Round: Doug Free, OT, NIU
Why: Doug Free is athletic, and a great pass blocker. He protects his QB. He also is a solid run blocker, fast enough to block for Michael Turner and Garret Wolfe on the outside, but strong enough to open holes in the middle.
Other options: Mike Otto (OT, Purdue), Levi Jones (OT, PSU), Jared Gaither (OT, probably not available here), Amobi Okoye (DL, Louisville), Quinn Pitcock (DL, OSU)

3rd Round: Samson Satele, OG, Hawaii
Why: Satele is the latest NFL guard prospect out of Hawaii. He's physical, athletic, massive and versatile. Because of Hawaii's offense, you know 2 things: 1) He'll be a great pass-blocker and 2) He'll need some seasoning to get used to the NFL. He'll be starting for us in two years, just like Manuwai and Forney.
Other options: Doug Free, Mike Otto, Quinn Pitcock, Tim Duckworth (OG, Auburn) and Manuel Ramirez (OG, TTech)

4th Round: Tim Duckworth, OG, Auburn
Why: Duckworth and Satele could even be flipped around here, but Duckworth isn't as highly touted, due to the fact that he plays on the same line as Ben Grubbs at Auburn. His only real flaws can be fixed with coaching, and he could be a starter around the same time as Satele.
Other options: Manuel Ramirez, Courtney Taylor (WR, Auburn), Germaine Race (RB, Hampton)

5th Round: Ryan Moore, WR, Miami FL
Why: He hasn't got the chance to shine at Miami, but many think he could be very good if he gets the chance. He's worth a late round pick, because he's got good upside.
Other options: Courtney Taylor, Kenny Scott (CB, G. Tech), Ryan Robinson

Traded-for pick (5th or 6th): Ryan Robinson, WR/PR/KR, Miami OH
Why: Ryan will be a great returner to replace Dropcutt. He's one of the elite returners in the NCAA. He doesn't have the size to be much more than that, but he's definately worth a late-round pick
Other options: Courtney Taylor, Kenny Scott

6th Round: Kelly Talavou, DL, Utah
Why: Talavou can play NT or DE effectively, as he has at Utah. He's got size, strength and intelligence. He could provide good depth for us in the future.
Other options: Paul Soliai, NT, Utah

7th Round: Paul Soliai, NT, Utah
Why: Soliai and Talavou could be flipped, but because of Soliai's lack of experience, he'll probably drop a little lower. Soliai has great size and strength. He moved to NT late in his college career from the o-line, but has performed well. Utah has arguably the best 3-4 defensive line in the nation, and Soliai is a big reason.

2007 Depth Chart:

QB: Frye, Rattay, Anderson
RB: Wright, Davenport, Harrison
FB: Smith, Vickers
WR: Bennet, Braylon, JJ, Cribbs, Wilson, Moore, Robinson
TE: Winslow, Heiden, Dinkins
LT: Shaffer, Free
LG: Steinbach, Satele
C: Fraley, Friedman
RG: Sowells, Duckworth
RT: Tucker, Butler

DE: Redding, Orien Harris
NT: Washington, Soliai/Talavou
DE: Branch, Fraser/Talavou
OLB:Wimbley, McMillan
ILB: A. Davis, L. Williams
ILB: D. Jackson, Thompson, Unck
OLB: Willie Mac, Thompson
CB: Samuels, Bodden, Holly, McCutcheon
S: Russell, Jones, Pool, Hamilton

K: Dawson
P: Zastudil
KR: Cribbs
PR: Robinson

Prediction: 7-9 (anywhere from 5-11 to 9-7)
With a re-vamped O-line that finally has time to gel, some better targts, and a better run game, Frye is able to really grow into the starting role. The defense is young in some spots, old in others, but is a talented group that rises to become a top 10 defense. Some rookie mistakes, along with a tough schedule and a run game that isn't phenominal keeps us just out of the playoffs, but it'll be clear we've made great strides.
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Joined: 05 Jan 2005
Posts: 8639
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 2:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

At some point people have got to explain to me why everyone seems so high on Sowells. Has he even played this year? I've seen worse, but I don't think we can actually count on Sowells to be able to man a guard position at this point. I think you're cutting people a bit too liberally.
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Joined: 18 Dec 2006
Posts: 893
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 3:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice, only two problems.

1-I think Satele or Duckworth would be starting over Sowells. Why waste a third and fourth when they won't be starting over two guys who haven't played on our team yet.

2-I don't like Wright as the STARTING RB. If we aren't going to draft one, we need to keep Droughns and Wright. By your Offseason, I'd rather take Michael Bush in Round 2, then take Free or Staley (I doubt he's there) in Rd 3, and Satele/Duckworth in 4.

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Joined: 18 Feb 2005
Posts: 2156
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 4:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm a little confused by all the overlapping picks. Satele and Duckworth, Harris and Robinson, Talavou, Soliai and Branch. I can kind of see Satele and Duckworth because Satele is a versatile guy who could play all three spots on the interior line so I guess thats ok. Harris and Robinson I see no need for two new wide recievers. We already have Braylon, JJ, Wilson and Cribbs. I would get rid of Talavou and move Soliai into the 6th as the NT. Leave Branch as a DE and then maybe find a late round corner or something. I also think Free is probably going to fall to the third or so.
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Joined: 08 Mar 2006
Posts: 1606
Location: Parma Heights, OH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 4:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Obviously I'm a fan of Peterson at the first pick over Branch, but Branch does make some sense for us (although I think he's a bit of a reach at 3), and I like what you did overall. I love the draft and you've definitely done enough to add to both lines.

My only concern with this roster moving forward would be the running game. Davenport would be a good compliment to a speed back, but so would Droughns, so I'm not sure the need for the switch. I also fear that because of how good Wright has looked in comparison to Droughns, we're overrating him. From what I can tell of Wright, he's a pretty darn average running back - a decent backup, but by no means a starter. I'd be concerned about running the same style platoon next year when I don't think it's been very effective this season.

Other than that, I like what you've done. Our WR corps would be absolutely NASTY. Cool
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Joined: 28 Oct 2006
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Location: Case...bound
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very good overall.

You kind of went overboard with o-lineman and i would rather have Staley in the 2nd or Free in the 3rd. (Free's stock has dropped some) Anyway, if you take one of those o-lineman out of day 1 we could get a RB or another D-line. I would also like to see Roye stick around.
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Joined: 22 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 6:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah, releasing McKinnley, Eason & Kelley is real smart Rolling Eyes . You do know that you still need depth in the NFL to win don't you? We might be able to find new starters in 1 season but I highly doubt we find starters and new depth in one offseason.

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Joined: 30 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 12:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part of this is that it is a "mock", in that the pre-season and training camp is also simulated. When you see, for instance, Sowells starting at guard, that's because I have assumed that he won the job in preseason over Andruzzi, Satele and Duckworth. And if someone is on that trade/release list, it's because I don't think they'd make it to the 53 man roster.

For the RBs - I'm suggesting that we go running back by comittee for next year, and find a feature back in the 08 draft. Wright or Harrison could be the faster backs, while Davenport does the heavy stuff.

For the D-line, I honestly don't think Roye has much of anything left. Eason, Kelley and J. Parker are all mediocre backups, and I think we'd be better off with the depth I've proposed.

As for going "overboard" on the O-line - I think we need to really make sure that it's addressed this year. We've never really focused on the line in previous drafts, and that needs to change. Consider this: since re-debuting in the league in 99, the Browns have spent exactly TWO first-day picks on offensive linemen. Both of those were centers. We are always forced to build our offensive line through re-treads in free agency, and that just doesn't help us long-term. It's more expensive, it invites injuries, and we're getting guys who are already past their best years. It's not a great strategy.

In the same span, we've spent 6 first-day picks on WRs (Morgan, Dropcutt, KJ, Dre Davis, Braylon, T-Wilson), 3 on QBs, 2 on d-lineman, 4 on LBs, 3 on Running Backs, and 3 on safeties. We've spent exactly zero first-day picks on guards and tackles.
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Joined: 15 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 2:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Overall it is pretty good...except as are getting rid of too much defensive line depth...dont see Roye leavin, and I think at least Kelley should and could stay...

I have trouble believing we'd bring in a guy like Bennet, not that I am against him..but I have the feeling that if a FA WR is signed, it wont be a big named guy....wouldnt mind it though

and then uh...oh yeah...we are the Browns..there is no way we adress the lines with our first four picks, no matter how much I wouldnt mind it

and seriously guys...Davenport along with the others are stop gaps...they won't be our future...our future lies in the 08 draft...nothing against AD at all but man...
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