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CaTitan33 Mock Draft. Off Season.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:42 pm    Post subject: CaTitan33 Mock Draft. Off Season. Reply with quote

This is my first mock of the upcoming draft and off season. Appreciate feedback, but only if you support your comments. "Blah blah sucks pick blah blah" means nothing to me. That being said here it is.

1. Overhaul O - Better playing calling, Interior Line and Establish ground and pound run game. Put a lot of eggs in Locker and CJ basket. Establishing the line will help CJ as well as Locker. Need a back that will grind out those 3 yrd runs that beat up LB. These type of runs lead to long runs later (ex. D. Murray). Plus a better run game will do wonders for Locker. Personally I would love if Norv Turner became our OC because he fixed TA. Bud Adams cant be cheap anymore if he wants that ring. We also have the Cap space to win a bidding war.

2. Resign Cook and Reynaud. This upcoming season is a make or break for the Titans. If they do terrible they will have to completely rehaul the team. Find a new coach - a QB for him (Bridgewater!!!) - CJ, Britt, etc would likely be gone. You get the point.

3. Address D-Line and secondary via draft and FA.

4. Build around our LB core and strength up its depth. This is the core for the future. I don't know if we have to replace Gray, but the D needs to be fixed. It has to be built around the foundation of our solid young LB core.


Resign Cook. However, if he does walk I would want the Titans to acquire either Delanie Walker or Martellus Bennett. Both have shown to be effective blockers and pass catchers.
Resign Reynaud.

Reynaud. Velasco.

Kenny Phillips - When healthy his impact is shown. Just look at the Giants numbers when he has played vs. when he hasn't. Provides depth to a secondary that I am not overly confident with.

Clif Avril - Bud shells out a contract he can't refuse. Athletic specimen who's numbers have only increased. He will help the pass rush and the rotation with Wimbley and Morgan would be nice. Morgan improved his play, but the jury is still out. Wimbley underachieved and hopefully his play will improve in 2013. The Titans also pull the trigger on Avril to spark the fan base. The Titans need to get the fan base back to help regenerate the 12th man at LP field.

Sean Smith - We lose Derek Cox to the Jags, which would have been a double banger to our rival. In the end we bring in a big physical corner who didn't live up to expectations in Miami. He gives us that big corner we have been looking for and put him in his natural #2 spot. This also allows us to move Verner to the NB position where he could flourish.

K. Maiava - Increase the depth on our LB unit. Also allows us to put Ayers on the line for more snaps.

Louis Vasquez - Addressing OL in FA


1. Chance Warmack, G, Alabama
Titans address a huge need and get the best guard in the draft. He is a huge physically imposing guard. He is an absolute mauler in the run game. He also has great athleticism for his size. - showing great quickness and footwork. His great feet allow him to be a great pulling lineman as well. Also does a good job in the passing game. Not the most exciting pick, but address a HUGE need.

2. Kawann Short, DT, Purdue (Margus Hunt is other option.)
Would love to trade up and try to get B. Jones as well, but I don't see that happening. You can never have enough depth along the DL. This guy will help fill a hole in our DT unit. He is a wall and he finally tapped in and developed that relentless play this year.

3. Le'Veon Ball, RB, MSU
Our new power back. Harper never amounted to anything. Ball is a physical presence that can help CJ. We get the MSU product and drop the other.

4. Shane Skov- Blue collar player and exactly what this team needs. More depth. High IQ and a pure tackler. He is going to compete from day 1 and make CM work. (Realistically he'll be gone but oh well.)

5. Shamarko Thomas,SS, Syracuse
An athletic beast who has lined up at Safety, LB and CB. Will run in the 4.3 range. Loves to throw his body around and make the big hits...We need an imposing threat and MG33 would rather kiss ya than hit ya. This is a late rounder who could shine for us one day. He could be the presence that makes WR nervous to go across the middle. He gets out of position in coverage, but has been able to mask it with his athleticism. He is one of my favorite prospects in the draft.

7. Jasper Collins, Mount Union, WR
This kid has never drank or smoke and has dedicated his life to football. Becuase of where he grew up he was under the radar and was a DI caliber playing at the DIII level. His stats at Mount Union are outstanding 1700 yrds 22 TD. He has great quickness and speed that can help in the return game. He also has sure hands and rarely drops the ball. He has worked with Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts since he has been at Mount Union and those guys are producing highly at the NFL level.


Sam Schwartzstein, C, Stanford - Slightly undersized. Blue collar. High IQ. Best friends with Andrew Luck so I wouldn't be surprised if he went to Indy.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1. I think everyone agrees that we need to overhaul the offense. I agree we need a ground and pound game but that said we need another back to be part of a smash and dash game. (You addressed in the draft I know). D Loggains in pretty much a lock to be our OC this year so the Turner hope is all but dead.

2.I want to resign both Cook and Reynauld. I'm not to sure about Bridgewater I've honestly never watched him but everything I've read about him he is legit real deal. So if we do suck it up like it is looking like we will making minimal changes to the "leaders" of the team I'm all for starting over with him IF he is what everyone says he is and a new staff. I don't think CJ would be gone though.

3. Addressing the dline and secondary is a big concern as well as our oline and lb depth.

4. Agree LB is our strength of the defense and team. I'd like to see us bring in a legit MLB to challenge McCarthy due to his injuries even if it is Te'o in the first round. I like McCarthy and all but Te'o ability and leadership would fit perfectly with Ayers and Brown.

I think Cook will resign possibly. But not sure now if Loggains is retained with the same offense from last year well likely not the same offense but who knows if Cook sees it that way. I'm not a Bennett fan he had a good year this year with New York but I'm just not a huge fan of him. I do like Walker he has good athleticism not sure of how good a blocker he is never watched him that close.

Cliff Avril- I don't see Bud shelling out the money for him after signing Wimbley last off season. I see more of a mid level depth signing. Someone like Wallace Gilberry was for cinncinati last year who I wanted to sign with us. He had a good year in a rotation there maybe him? But I just don't see him going after Avril.

I'd like Sean Smith I liked him coming out of Utah. Watching him in Hard Knocks he has the ability to be shut down he's just inconsistent but he is young. Unfortunately I don't see him leaving Miami.

I could see Vasquez not a huge name but an upgrade of what we have for sure. Rather break it and go Levitre but again I don't see us going that position.

The draft part I'm not near ready to analyzing players I do most of my homework once the senior bowl and combine season rolls around reading up on them. But Warmack I would love it and if we could get him and Jones that would be awesome haha. If Star was there at 10 I don't see us passing on him which that is who I want at this point in time but I don't see him being avaliable. As for Ball from MSU I'd rather go Eddie Lacy from Alabama I just like the way he runs. But I've heard good things on Ball so yeah.
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Joined: 07 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:52 am    Post subject: Re: CaTitan33 Mock Draft. Off Season. Reply with quote

This is the first mock I actually like more than my own. I don't know how realistic it is for the Titans to get that many free agents. Not that we don't have the space, it's just against our nature. If we want to be competitive next year we need to do more than what we did last year, and hopefully with as pathetic as we were this year that will show.

1. Overhaul O - We need an offensive mind at OC that is ahead of the trends. Something we have never had.

2. Resign Cook and Reynaud - Reynaud is agreed. Cook is 50/50 to me. Would not be disappointed if we let him walk. You mentioned it and I'm very high on him. Delanie Walker. He is a superior blocker and he should definitely be a starter in the NFL.

3. Address D-Line and secondary via draft and FA.

4. Build around our LB core - statistically the worst defense in franchise history. Please Gray be gone.


Resign Cook - Rather have Walker.

Reynaud. Velasco. - Yup

Kenny Phillips - Yes! Would be a great sign. Desperately needed.

Clif Avril - I think every Titan fan would be estatic if this happened, but I think this is out of our reach. We have never done this before and I don't see us changing now. Look for us to sign a lower end DE that is a pass rush specialist for depth.

Sean Smith - Would be outstanding. People have argued with me that we don't need another corner, but we cannot continue to get burnt up the middle. Almost never did we have good nickel play last season.

Louis Vasquez - Addressing OL in FA

On your draft, Warmack and Short are the only ones I am familiar with.. and I LOVE the picks. Warmack is a necessity and Short is not far behind. We need penetration on defense bad, and with Locker struggling we need a running game more than anything. If we can start getting a few first downs, the difference would show in our field position and make a huge impact by the end of each game. A 2nd running back is needed. CJ doesn't need to be getting every carry in the first half.

Also... Open competition between Martin and Griffin for the starting FS spot next season.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kawann Short is going to go in the first round; there is zero chance he lasts until our 2nd rounder. It wouldn't surprise me if we took him at pick 10, to be honest. His production puts him at late 1st, early 2nd, but his combine is going to move him up to at least mid 1st.

Other than that, looks pretty good; I doubt we can sign all of those FAs though. Vasquez is going to get a big starting contract; not on the level of Levitre or Davin Joseph last year, but a big one nonetheless.
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