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The Arrogance
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ChicagoAl wrote:
51to54 wrote:
ChicagoAl wrote:
Superman(DH23) wrote:
ChicagoAl wrote:
MonserinNC wrote:
I have had an issue with the arrogance ever since the Super Bowl.

Im usually on the optimistic side as a fan but that that off-season right after the Super Bowl we basically just picked up ALL luxury players and then trade Thomas Jones. You can't blame Angelo for trading Jones. He demanded a trade the year before and was promised it would be done the next year. To keep him after that would have cost way more money than they could commit at RB.

Pretty much every year since then the regime just acted like no one should question them. I said for a while that Lovie obviously had a hand in alot of Angelo's personnel moves. It was widely claimed at the time his new contract was signed and everything which has happened since confirms that was the case.

It truly is just time for a change. As far as Urlacher's comments. I didnt really care, Urlacher has never been the most diplomatic, haha.
I heard he was joining the State Department upon Retirement.
This isn't exactly true, yes after JA DRAFTED Benson, Jones wanted to be traded b/c of Benson being drafted to replace him, plus contract issues. JA could easily have gone a different route in that draft and kept Thomas Jones both. Remember the players didn't like Ced from the get go.
No one knew that would be the case.

And what I said was exactly true.

And Jones was a journeyman who had been on two other teams before coming to the Bears so they were not that committed to him being the guy any more than ANY of the teams he played for were. Drafting Benson was a No Brainer and not in the slightest controversial.

Here's one of the few times ChicagoAl and I split ways. I view the Benson draft as the great leap into stupidity that missed a golden opportunity to turn around the decline of our Oline or at least add a top four pick to ANY other position than RB and missed a golden chance to stabilize the Oline or add a several year starter at many other positions of need. The current bottom feeder status of our Oline can be traced directly back to this incredible blunder, interestingly enough, based on Turner's arrogance that he needed a Benson type for his O.

Jones stepped his game up when he hit Chicago and found a home. Regardless of how Jones may or may not have felt about staying with the Bears his production remained good and he displayed a very good all around game. RB was NOT a position of need that draft and squandering on a too immature for the NFL Benson only doubled down the stupid draft move.

And any team that adopts a policy of trading away players who don't want to be with the team will generally dissolve away.
Without using ex post facto analysis, Benson was the best player available by universal acclamation when the draft was held. He had not been in trouble in college or had given any indication that he was gonna flip. He was considered the kind of player you cannot pass on. There was no way they were going to lean totally on Jones.

You can't decide this was dumb several years down the road, the decision had to be made without knowledge of what was going to happen.

And the decisions made wrt the line were just very unlucky. Colombo was a good pick but horrible injuries ruined him for the Bears. That was a huge set back and they had to start all over again trying to find a LT. It was because of this, and worse, luck that I supported Angelo being fired.

One quibble. I declared it gigantically stupid the second the pick was announced. Our Oline was still living off it's past reputation and getting love from the media. The reality was that while it was, ironically from today's perspective, a good pass blocking unit, it was a poor run blocking unit and thus not able to let the Bears play "Bears" style football.

You note on Colombo is right on. Colombo, Williams, and now perhaps Caramini. You not only have to draft the right position, you have to draft well and have some luck. All three have started their NFL careers with major injuries.
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