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OL Film Breakdown: Carimi at OG
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ak06max wrote:
ChicagoAl wrote:
ak06max wrote:
ChicagoAl wrote:
bearsaddict wrote:
ChicagoAl wrote:
bearsaddict wrote:
I think that if anything this speaks ill of Tice's ability in lineman evaluation. Carimi has been so very very bad, and Scott was clearly a lot better. Our Oline has continued to play poorly for way way too long, especially given the fact that when they are forced into personnel changes by injuries we see other guys or guys at other positions playing much better. That coupled with Tice's playcalling woes make me really question Tice on the staff period.
This says nothing about Tice's abilities or inabilities. EVERYONE was in favor of putting Carimi at RT (other than those wanting him at Left Tackle). Scott may not have been better in any way in practice for all you know. We needed to return our first rounder into the lineup for no other reason than to see what we have in him. Scott was just a body.

Isn't it INCREDIBLE how easy it is to second guess?
Uh, it says everything. He shouldn't be in the lineup PERIOD doing as badly as he was. I don't have to second guess. I have this entire season basically to see how bad he has been.
You seem to believe that one makes changes when there is no evidence the change will be positive. It isn't as if practice nowadays shows anything about comparative abilities or even the ability to play in a game. They do very little which would do that.

Players have to have a chance to play especially when you invest heavily in them. You are extremely optimistic if you believe we have answered our questions because of these forced moves. If only.

But this attitude is typical of the impatience of fans.

Impatience of fans. Cutlers concussions are adding up bud. Risk another one with this death trap. Are you kidding me?
Well bud I have been stating that we damn well better be looking for a young QB for that eventuality but that is a different issue. Media-driven fan impatience is mostly the basis for being hysterical about a new line being built not being perfect. With any new offense and line there are going to be problems.

Many here pointed out early on how the play calling and the refusal to use proper blocking schemes as well as Jay holding the ball too long were major contributors to our problems. Those points have been addressed and the line has played well three of the last four games even with big changes in lineup.

We have also been trying to address the line just haven't had much luck in the attempts not because of incompetence or indifference just sheer bad luck.

When we draft more new linemen they will encounter the same impatience that the old ones face. And the media will be sure to ignore the fact that there are few teams around with very good lines and that good offensive minded coaches make their offenses work in spite of the problems.

Why a new QB? Cutlers only on his 7th year, He at least has another 4-5 in the tank. We needed a new O line since 2006 that was pieced together with solid free agents not good but solid. We know how vulnerable QBs with repeated concussions are so we cannot count on Jay not getting more and having to quit we need something behind him that we can develop for that reason.

Trying is not drafting a LT with known back problems. Problems so severe that he did not miss a game in the SEC. Trying is not pushing a 7th rd pick to be your franchise LT. No one is "pushing" anything rather the guy's talent and potential has forced them to play him. No one has come close to beating Webb out.. Emery already has proven he is working on the offense the Line is the next puzzle he has to figure out. It isn't much of a puzzle but a question of having a little luck. Emery has to have better luck than Angelo.

We have much more needs than developing a back up QB. Our whole D is on there last leg. We should be focused on replacements (Urlacher,Peanut,Peppers,Briggs) for them as opposed to a QB that still has many years of good football in him. If that were true I would agree but the fact is we do not know when the next concussion will be the last. We have severe problems and limited choices.

Jerry left Emery with a whole bunch of headache. Talent evaluation miss after miss is putting us in this situation . Trying shouldn't be brought up when it comes to this mess up front.
Smith is as much OR MORE responsible for this mess because of his insane devotion to washed up bums from the Rams and complete inability to spot offensive talent.

Was there any over the hill Ram he did not bring in?

It is true that his input won't carry much weight with Emery but our problem is MUCH deeper than Angelo as much as he is hated here.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good thread. I was thinking that Carimi looked ready for the NFL for the first time in his career Sunday. He's an embarrassment at tackle.
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