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Horton Working To Be Less Predictable....
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's an interesting self assessment indeed. You can learn the - LeBeau scheme and bring it over with you, but no one has his method of madness or unpredictability.

Hopefully Horton can fine tune it.

I would of expected him to treat every game differently and game plan more effectively over 4 quarters. Not any of this weaker 1st half, aggressive 2nd half talk.

Against Brady or Rodgers, I can understand a little less blitzing or pressure. I would expect a bit more even keeled to slightly higher aggressiveness against other quarterbacks throughout both halves of the game.

stchamp98 wrote:
khodder wrote:
stchamp98 wrote:
I would expect our front 7 to not be less aggressive in 1 half than they are in another. We brought Ray Horton here to be aggressive for 60 minutes, not 30. If that's not the case, we could have just rode out Clancy Pendergast and for a lot less salary too.

LOL, and I certainly expect a better excuse then "I'm less aggressive in the 1st half because we're playing field position and protecting leads". I mean seriously, gimme a break Ray. That doesn't make sense on any level.

1 - Are you talking the players themselves or are you talking the playcalling. Playcalling on defense is about confusion and deception as soon as you become overly aggressive you become predictable and you become easy to attack. Playcalling needs to be balanced to be successful. That includes balance in halves as well as between halves.

Now if the players are not playing with the same intensity and aggression early in games as they do late in games then it could be an issue, and then you need to refer back to if this comes from the players being tentative or the coach asking them to keep things in front of them.

From what I got from Horton (And what I have seen backs this up) is that we blitz a lot more later in games and closer to the endzone.

2 - Agreed.

Ya that's the problem though, as Horton is literally saying he's much more aggressive in the 2nd half of games. That's not deceptive. Coaches pick up on that and they strike. If they can strike 3-4 times in that 1st half, with our offense, the game's over (Despite the claim that our 1st half play is to protect a lead). Who cares what we do in the 2nd half then? The opposing teams definitely doesn't, they're sporting a W either way. Horton needs to be aggressive start to finish. Obviously I don't mean every single play, that'd be silly but to say we're going to "play field position" in each first half and be aggressive in each 2nd half is nuts to me.
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