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Gtek06 Weekly power rankings Week 5
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

phieagles012 wrote:
Superman(DH23) wrote:
phieagles012 wrote:
49ersfan wrote:
phieagles012 wrote:
Gotta say i really don't understand the logic of the bears over eagles.. Or the Ravens considering we beat them but at least i consider the ravens a fairly equally talented team

FWIW, the Eagles are the only winning team with a negative point differential- its -17 so far. That is, the games they're winning are extremely close, and the loss they have was a blowout decision. Combine that with a lot of turnovers early on and people will be weary. If they can continue to protect the football and get a decisive victory or 2 they'll be held in higher regard.

I get the logic, but the eagles ALWAYS start slow the only year i can remember us getting off to a hot start was the Superbowl year (7-8 wins to start it off until we got killed by the steelers) this year we are getting off to that slow start again... but this team is so good we are winning.
I get knocking us for the browns game but that was basically our preseason game we sat players in the 3rd and 4th week of preseason and Vick played what 10 snaps?
Cardinals game there is not much to say about... Just was not our day they beat our pants off but i don't see many people killing your team for losing in similar fashion to the vikings
Now those aside we have beaten the defending Superbowl champs and a team that probably should have gone to the Superbowl last year i doubt many other teams can tout wins against opponents of that quality

Now you look at a team like the Bears who have one quasi impressive win (Romo just gives his team no chance to win sometimes, the cowboys played terribly and half the teams in the league would have trounced them monday), they also got obliterated by the packers and 2 wins against vastly inferior teams.
a) the Bears didn't get "obliterated" by the Packers.
b) I guess 20 point win and 17 point win aren't impressive anymore.

Scoring a touchdown in garbage time does not change the fact that you were down 24-3 and threw 4 ints against a defense that was considered suspect going into the week

these games happen I am not trying to discredit the bears i just don't see how they are rated higher then the Eagles, the other two games yeah you crushed the teams but with how off the cowboys were and the other game being against a team that won the #1 pick last year that should be expected
First off final score was 23-10, game was 13-3 at the start of the 4th qtr. Score was 23-3 for 5 mins when it went to 23-10 w/ 7 mins left in the game. That's not even mentioning the gifted 3 points the Packers were gifted by a terrible, terrible call, or Marshall's dropped TD. There was no garbage time in that game, even w/ the INTs. All the credit to the Packers for the win, but it wasnt an obliteration by any means.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

phieagles012 wrote:
Pats#1 wrote:
ninjapirate wrote:
Pats#1 wrote:
baconrad3 wrote:
SnA ExclusiVe wrote:
phieagles012 wrote:
Gotta say i really don't understand the logic of the bears over eagles.. Or the Ravens considering we beat them but at least i consider the ravens a fairly equally talented team

I'm pretty sure it's because there's a lot of people that considered the Eagles lucky to have 3 wins up to this point.

So beating two Superbowl contenders is just all because of luck....Got it
Rolling Eyes

I can see why people think Baltimore is better...but they're not.

While a win is a win...the eagles aren't exactly dominating their opponents, its actually the opposite. They've played very sloppy football and are turnover prone. They barely beat the currently worst ranked team in football, got blown out by the cardinals, and barely won their other games. Now i'm not saying they shouldn't be ranked high, they found a way to win and thats what matters...but lets not pretend to think that that type of play is going to get them anywhere in the playoffs.

Beating your opponents by 1 does advance you in the post season.

Seriously? That's your response?

Yes, beating an opponent by 1 does advance you....however if you weren't just trying to be a smart ### you'd realize I was mainly focusing on their sloppy play, inconsistent QB play, and prone to turnovers as their major faults.

Yes, you beat the Ravens and Giants...but while they are both known for stepping up as the season goes on, the Eagles are known for the exact opposite. I'm a fan of Vick, I'm very happy that he got his act together and is a successful QB again, but he just isn't reliable, and when it comes down to it in the playoffs, you need a reliable QB, at least as a game manager, to get you far.

IF, and that is a big if, Vick is still healthy come playoff time...I really don't think the Eagles are going to get lucky again and play an NFC powerhouse on their worst day. If they end up playing the Giants, who are known to step up big time for the big games, I don't think it will close with their pass rush, and Vick's inability to stop from turning it over.

Are the eagles a good team...absolutely...are they one of the best in the league...nope.

But thats just me....personally Im hoping the opposite, cause I'd much rather see the eagles in the superbowl than anyone else from the NFC.

... what football are you watching?

-I'm guessing you are taking a shot at the eagles NFC CG record... you know it takes some stepping up to get there, and what have the ravens done recently to not be lumped into that boat, don't have the actual numbers in front of me but id bet the house on the eagles having a top 5 amount of playoff wins over the past 10 years

-The eagles are the closest thing to SD in the NFL every year they start off slow, an arguement could be made that they are the best 2nd half team in the NFL, where you came to that conclusion that they are not i have no idea but it just simply is wrong.

-The giants almost always start off hot 6-2 4-1 etc then collapse, 2 times they have pulled it together to save the season in the last few weeks, again where you get they are notorious slow starters i do not know.. but this is again just wrong

-Look no further then last year where the eagles were losing these close games then turned into a Juggernaut at the end of the year

You do understand I was talking about the playoffs right, not just regular season. The Giants are known to be very mediocre at time throughout the season, barely make it into the playoffs, then catch fire as soon as they get there.

And as much of a fan as I am of Vick, he is not a very reliable and consistent QB. Could that change as the season goes on, of course. But as of right now he is not only injury prone but seems to love to create bad TOs for his team, which until they get that under wraps, and I don't think they will, that will be their biggest downfall.

I think the eagles are a good team, and I think they will make the playoffs. But i also think they are being a bit overrated because they have so many high profile names on their team and the entire eagles fan base seems to think they will all of sudden click and be unstoppable.

And really...a juggernaut? Out of the 4 straight games you won you beat one okay team and three sub par teams, so please.

Last 4 wins of the season...

Miami Dolphins (4-8 record at the time)
New York Jets (8-5 record at the time, much worse than their record showed too)
Dallas Cowboys (8-6 record at the time, best team on this list, and still didn't even make the playoffs)
Washington Redskins (5-10 record at the time) beat 4 non playoff teams, none of which ended up with a winning record...juggernaut, I don't think so.

WE'RE ON TO 2016
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