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Preseason Week 4 GDT: Minnesota Vikings vs Houston Texans
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Texansfan713 wrote:
Adam Wexler ‏@awexler

RT @MyFoxHouston: Breaking news: HPD says they are investigating a death at Reliant Stadium. More details as soon as we get them...

Yea 610 said the guy was horseplaying on the escalator and fell all the way down
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

How the hell was that a flag? Are you freaking kidding me? Wow.

Even without that sack Bryant has been playing well tonight.
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Joined: 14 Apr 2011
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Had to work tonight, so I text my brother when I left and the first thing he says, "Keo wont make the team" ha. Ill see tomorrow when I get home.

^CalhounLambeau on the sick sig^
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Joined: 28 Jul 2011
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Butler tore his other tricep
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bunnyracin wrote:

Butler tore his other tricep

TexanNation Roast
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Couple of notes, including a note on a player I'd like to single out:

- After 5-6 BIG beers (26 oz) my Golden Tee game goes down the drain. I'm not one of those "pro" players who buy all the equipment and are Double Eagle/Eagle on every hole with 450+ yard drives and an awesome hat, but I play frequently...and I like to think of myself as a pretty good player. I usually Birdie the front nine (with an Eagle in there when I'm really dialed in) and will maybe have one bogey on the back nine (if we play a full 18 holes). Yesterday, we started playing when the game cut off, and I was fully feeling the effects of the Dos Equis; My drives and set up shots were on point, but my putting was just horrid; Shanking 'em left and right as if I was Kris Brown. Meh, it's the beer.

- So, Justin Forsett...that one is looking like quite the nab for us. I get it that he did his work against guys who aren't going to be getting NFL paychecks long, but you have to be impressed with his vision and ability to hit the hole quickly and get to the 2nd level as he hits his 2nd gear. I really feel comfortable with Forsett taking snaps away from both Ben Tate and Arian Foster - Tate isn't quite the target out of the backfield as Forsett is, and while Foster can do everything Forsett does, you don't want to be flirting with 350-400 touches for Foster anytime soon. Our RB trio is looking very nice, and the versatility that FB/TE James Casey brings to the unit is just icing on the cake.

- Maybe Kubiak and Smitty weren't so nuts with Posey in the 3rd. Well, OK...they were nuts, but still. I get it that you can't judge a player on one catch he made against nobodies, but I look at that catch and can't help but to be somewhat impressed. The actual catch wasn't too fancy, and the run after the catch was less impressive than the catch itself (that foot speed looks slow, to be brutally honest - 1st string CB/S run him down about 5 yards into his run) but what DID impress me was how he took a pretty big shot right after the catch and didn't even as much flinch. It tells me a few things about him - he's gonna be fearless when going over the middle, he's got good concentration (that pass was a pure hot read and probably came about 1-2 seconds quicker than it usually would come) and great balance. Again - guy didn't even flinch when #51 (don't know his name, and don't care either) slammed into his hip; He kept his balance and was able to continue forward. He saw the blitz, he knew the ball was coming in hot, he knew the hit was a few seconds away, but he made the play. He's a big, sturdy guy. I see shades of TJ Houshmanzadeh in him - he won't ever beat guys over the top, but IF he can become a real student of the route tree and learn how to run every route down to the inch, he can be a solid chain mover who gets solid YAC on every catch. Might be a nice option for the 2016 Texans squad, with Keshawn Martin being the over the top threat and Lestar Jean being the intermediate-deep guy.

- Alan Ball didn't screw up, which vexes me sore. They showed that Kent State guy pick up a muffed punt and run it the wrong way, so why the hell couldn't Alan Ball do something along those lines as well? Dammit. Given the lackluster showings by Roc Carmichael, Sherrick McManis and Brandon Harris, there might be JUST enough evidence to keep Alan Ball on the roster in some form...which means he will do SOMETHING bad.


- Jonathan Grimes is a tough kid, but he ain't NFL ready yet. From what I saw of him yesterday, I see a bunch of Kevan Barlow in him - big, strong guy who has some speed, but about as blind as a bat. Either the holes weren't there (which I doubt was the case, given how Forsett was able to hit them) or Grimes simply didn't see them, as it seemed as if he was running into the line ala Ron Dayne back in the days. I don't know if it's part of the learning curve and is something that should come in a few years, but if we had NO choice and had to run with Grimes, I would worry.

- Thanks for playing Shiloh, but you're not needed anymore. Wow, horrible isn't a word that would fully encompass how bad Keo was last night. Was exposed on the long TD pass to #17 (don't know, don't care) and just took a pathetic angle to attempt to seal the long TD run by #26 (again...don't know, don't care). When #17 turns into Reggie Wayne, and #26 turns into Chris Johnson, you better believe that mistakes like that get this team murdered. Troy Nolan didn't impress me (a long TD pass in the two minute warning is a cardinal sin for a DB at ANY level of the game) and WOULD of held this spot today, had Keo not completely pooped the bed last night. Eddie Plesant was a plesant (pun intended) surprise, and should be the guy who benefits from this poor outing from Keo.

- My goodness, these refs are worse than I had thought, and I didn't think highly of them to begin with. It's not even the actual calls, where they are below average at best; It's the presentation. On the flag that came with the Texans punt, it took 'em over five minutes to get the call right - the head ref (who looked like he could be Tiger Woods' brother) ran to the Vikings sideline, was about to make the call at the middle of the field, then jogged to the Texans sideline, then jogged to the lady ref...then jogged to the huddle of each team, then made his call, 5 yards and a re-kick. The look and demeanor of Gary Kubiak was nothing short of priceless. It's funny now, but when the games start to count and these refs need 10 minutes to make a call, I can see how a team could get VERY upset if they're prone to lose momentum due to the lack of presentation.

- Phillip Supernaw. I just like that name. Supernaw. Yeah!

And now, as individual thoughts on the belle of the preseason, Tiny Trindon Holliday:

- Coming into this preseason, I was basically counting down the days until this guy was on the street, looking for a job in the CFL. Oh, how a few weeks of preseason play can change my mind. Holliday didn't just make the team - he walked up to the locker room door, kicked that sucker down, shot off a bottle rocket upon entry, waved some sparklers and said "I'M HERE! LOOK AT ME!" this preseason.

- Numbers: 9 returns for 359 yards, good for 39.9 YPR, 1 TD. 10 PRs 211 yards, 21.1 YPR, 2 TDs. That is 19 total touches, 570 yards (30.0 YPR) and 3 TDs. He's had two 40+ returns in the KR category, two 40+ returns in the PR category and has had AT LEAST ONE 60+ return in each game. No matter how you want to break that down given the venues, that is downright impressive. If he could break off a 60+ yarder in 1/4th of Texans' regular season games, that is going to be MASSIVE for this team.

- Don't say it's "just the preseason" because how "vanilla" can special teams be? Sure, you have some more diverse gunner patterns on KOs, and you'll probably see more directional punting in the regular season, but for the most part, what you see in the preseason in ST is pretty much the same thing you will see in the regular season, simply for the fact that you can't really complicate things out there. You can't put in many advanced schemes, as you can with a defensive blitz package, or an exotic zone coverage scheme.

- Can't say that I'm not nervous, however. There were a few times where he muffed a punt, or fumbled a kickoff before he got going. Heck, we saw him bobble a KR attempt in the end zone. He had the mind to take a knee and not press to make something happen (more on this later) but it's a concern. We're all still raw from the last muffed punt we saw in a game that mattered, and while Jacoby Jones did more than enough to earn our venom OUTSIDE of that play, it will still harbor some bad feelings from the fanbase. If this is going to be his calling card in the NFL, he needs to dedicate this season to becoming as secure as one can in fielding kicks and punts.

- You can't help but to feel good for this underdog. I mean, dude is 5' 5" and 165, playing a game that is occupied by 6' 3" 300lb dudes all over the place. For the longest, Tiny Trindon was the butt of every joke - remember the kiddie tricycle that Jacoby Jones trotted out for him? Yeah, rookie hazing is the norm, but something tells me that the short kid on a team full of giants is probably more prone to be hazed (let alone by a moron like Jones, who talked and danced better than he footballed, and no doubt saw the small guy with world class track speed as a threat). Even on the field, guy was lambasted; John Lopez recalled an incident in a combined practice against the Saints, where Gary Kubiak singled out Holliday in front of the whole team, ripping him a new one before telling him to "GET OFF MY DAMN FIELD". Lopez said he leaned over to Mark Vandemeer and said "Yeah, Holliday isn't making this team..." so to hear Holliday after he MADE the team was refreshing; You could tell it was weighing on him, and now that he had done it, he was grateful for the chances and thankful for those who believed in him (most notably Joe Marciano, who saved him from cuts a handful of times, according to Holliday). Guy is a good guy, just looking to get a chance and make something of it (more on this right...about...)

- Talk about putting your best foot forward and answering the bell! As stated, Holliday was as close to a certain cut coming into this preseason as one can get. The margin for error was zero. The hope that he had to play NFL football hinged on this preseason; The team drafted a guy to play this role in Martin, and signed a FA to play this role in Forsett, yet the team was going to give him ONE chance. The pressure that was on Holliday's shoulders was possibly more than his 165 lb frame could handle...and he BOMBED it out of the park. Given THIS, he knew when and how to take his shots; He had his miscues, and instead of trying to press into making something happen, he took a knee, or worked the ball out of bounds. For someone who was in a now or never situation, he displayed patience and waited for the big play to come to him, which it did this preseason.

- Now, out of the final 53 who will suit up on September 9th, the one wildcard that will keep Joe Philbin and staff up the MOST is Holliday. Miami knows us well enough; We seemingly play 'em every year. They know that passes go to Andre Johnson, they know Arian Foster and Ben Tate are going to run the ball, they know Matt Schaub is going to throw, Duane Brown is going to block, Connor Barwin is gonna blitz and Jonathan Joseph is going to cover. Prep for week 1 started the very minute the schedule was released, as there are no real question marks on the Texans on both offense and defense. However, in a little less than one month's time, the Dolphins NOW have to contend with a true home run threat in the return game, someone who is going to set up a very dangerous offense in very good field position. You can mitigate the TD aspect by punting away from Holliday, but that accomplishes the same thing as a 30+ yard return - excellent field position for an offense that can throw or run very well. Can't really kick away from him in the KR game, unless you squib it once in a while, which again accomplishes great field position for this offense.

THIS right here - the development of Trindon Holliday into a potential game breaking return man - might be that one item that could be the difference between the Texans and the upper teams in the AFC, the Ravens and Patriots. We know what they have, we know the strengths and weaknesses. More or less, the Texans match up well down the line with these two units - and now being able to boast a KR/PR guy who adds ANOTHER wrinkle to the gameplan only makes the Texans that much more of a tough out for these teams.

vike daddy wrote:
EliteTexan80 wrote:
I wanna be a mod.

vastly over rated.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I said it when we drafted him and I'll say it again. Holliday is a difference maker.

Posey scored the 80 TD and the first person to meet him on the sideline......Andre Johnson.

Just a preseason game but it was entertaining. Holliday scored literally right in front of me. The sad thing is the guy that died. It makes me wonder, was this guy drunk or stupid or neither or both?? Never a good thing to hear the next day about the game you went to the night before.

Ready for week 1

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