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State of the Panther Union

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:03 am    Post subject: State of the Panther Union Reply with quote

Guys, I love the direction our team is headed. Honestly I think we are very well equipped to be an elite franchise for many years in the future....loaded with young talent via intelligent draft/FA acquisitions & decent depth everywhere for the most part.


Cam leads a lighting offensive (with tons of weapons) that may very well evolve into the most explosive offensive in the NFL. Our bullish stable of pro bowl backs, in the prime of their careers with Jonathan Stewart & DeAngelo Williams. Even the addition of a stout power FB in Mike Tolbert (who will be the best in panthers history....ya I loooved me some Hooover but lets be honest this SD tank is way more legit, M.Turnerish). Tolbert also sheds some of the load from J-Stew at RB decreasing injury chance & keeping all the legs fresh. "Tripple Trouble" looks dangerous.

WR * the most interesting preseason battle *

Steve Smith.....still a stud (this ridiculous notion that he's aging and not elite...Speak to the hand w/cam he is still arguably the top small/speed WR in the league...& even a top10 WR overall).
Brandon Lafell is a great young WR. I have followed him since HS & throughout his time at LSU. He is poised to have a breakout campaign in 2012. He is our top young talent here and a solid #2 WR for any team. He has much better game awareness, hands, & blocking ability than Gettis. Opens the field....creates room for S.Smith to operate. He's a sure handed reliable possession guy with sneaky speed. Really reminds me of young Anquan Boldin when he came out of FSU. He is our #1 WR for the future.

Now few will agree with this, but quite honestly I think @ the slot, rookie Joe Adams wins the job easily, as he has the most speed & lightning game-breaking ability on this team not named Smith or DeAngelo. I know he's young but he played in a pro offense @Arkansas almost identical to ours, the learning curve will be slight and he will be able to make a strong impact in the preseason games & solidify his role early. (learn the playbook please dont pull a.....cough cough.....dare I say it Dwayne Jarrett Rolling Eyes) No...he's a profesional he'll be ready. Keep in mind losing Shockey as a solid #2 TE will force us to run more 4WR sets this believe me we'll see alot from Adams & Gettis, both can really ball.

And ahh... David Gettis, blazing speed & swift route running skills....returning from torn ACL yes some think he's a better fit than lafell, but with losing this past year of experience...Lafell has devloped into more of a complete where Gettis is still a little raw. But what I do know is now fellow panthers....we're going into a season knowing that we have an elite QB that can sling it all over the field. When have we ever said that before....never Shocked In this offense all of these top 4 WR's will get a lot of action and all will make a decent impact...Gettis especially. 1-4 it really doesn't matter, they all will make their mark in 2012.

WR5/Practice Squad: Pilares/Armanti/R.Wallace/B.Bersin/D.Green
1 Makes it on special teams....2 on the practice squad

TE- Greg gonna be stud too. Shhh don't tell anyone.

OFFENSIVE LINE (playoffs depend on them)

This unit determines our overall success as an offense. We need to be physically ready & mentally ready for a 16+ game season this year.

that entails...
Be Mean/Strong/Athletic
Learn the damn snap counts
No in shape...(ALL YEAR)
Protect Cam!!!!!!!! Pray
pleeeeeease lord stay healthy!!!!! Pray

oh ya that one time

ya mean this crap Rolling Eyes


TD & Beason

LB Jon Beason
LB James Anderson
LB Luke Kuechly
LB Thomas Davis (knees) Pray

If this is the unit that starts together for the majority of the season (baring injuries) the Carolina Panthers will be a top 10 team. This unit fuels this team...mainly w/leader Jon Beason. Not having our coach on the field & most talented def player last year was humiliating. We were absolutely toasted in the run game...we couldn't stop a mouse, nice effort though Jordan Senn & Fua/McClain Rolling Eyes . Gentlemen.... I go to the University of Alabama & this is the realest thing you'll ever hear....& (scariest---for the quantum leap of improvement we are going to have on D this year). The Crimson Tide front 7 had more talent than our beloved NFL franchise in 2012. It's not biased, it's just fact....and its embarrassing that a college team could be better on def than an NFL's (yes decimated by injury but still we should have had better depth). That changes this year.
Beason & James Anderson will roam the outside both excellent in coverage & tackling in space. Two of the most athletic & gifted young LB's in the game.

In the middle BC rookie Luke Kuechly looks the part of a special player....a dominate tackler...incredible game intelligence.... a leader & a star.....not an ("average"..... Dan Connor). He's a panther Posluszny skill level already just as a rook....ultimately I see some Brooking/Zach Thomas.... Scary potential.

Praying Thomas Davis can atleast come back in be a solid rotational guy....or I guess just not blow out a knee. Always will be a favorite panther hope he can come back strong & as quick making a legit impact... but I'm not expecting him to do so. If we can avoid injury, we have 3 legit all pro caliber LB's. This is the strongest unit on our team & maybe even in the entire NFL.


Charles Johnson DE

Relax I got dis [inappropriate/removed]....with bigger bodies soon to be beside him (R.Edwards/G.Hardy), Charles will face much less double teams this season. In addition... Beason, Anderson, TD, & Kuechly will be roaming behind them(Rivera loves blitzing LB's...and we have great ones). Charles will have the chance for more one on one rushes to his target. He will post double digit sacks this well invested.

DE Charles Johnson, Frank Alexander
DT Ron Edwards, A.Neblett, S.Fua
DT Greg Hardy, T.McClain, F.Kearse
DE Antwan Applewhite, Thomas Keiser, Ryan Van Bergen

Notable Cuts: DE's Eric Norwood, Jyles Tucker & DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good writeup.
Adams will be the 4th WR, coming in on special packages.
Gettis/LaFell will be 2/3.

JF16 Forever
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Adams will not be in the slot. Smith will be in the slot with Gettis on his side, LaFell on the other. That's what the Panthers were doing last summer before Gettis went down.
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