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KT's Cuts, Trades, Free Agency, 7 rounds and draft day trade
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would be shocked if Jonathon Martin fell past #15. I would be even more shocked if the Steelers passed at #24.
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Joined: 15 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

With all of the issues the Eagles had at linebacker they don't sign a single veteran there, but draft three players rookies to go with the 2nd and 3rd year players they have now?

Scrap it. Start over.
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Joined: 27 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

KamTrus20 wrote:
MPjeffryred wrote:
The problem with doing a seven rounder is that you must be the master of both team needs and recent trades. You blew the Saints draft in a big way. The need is mainly defense as again the Saints led the league in offense and were second in scoring. If the defense does not fold vs. the Niners, the Saints would have probably ended up in and won the Super Bowl. (They beat the Giants by 25 points and shreded their secondary)
So you have a RB in round three and a QB in round four. Did you run out of ideas, because those are pitiful, ignorant choices. In round 5, you have a raw Hicks who will not contribute early and may not make it at all. The DT is an important position and will be addressed by the Saints in the second or third round unless Free Agency intervenes.
And, genius, the Saints own Washington's sixth rounder (part of Brown trade) and Miami's (Bush trade, they swapped spots with Miami). So, how is that going to affect Washington who does not have a sixth round pick to trade?????? If one attempts such an effort (which I respect) one must be accurate with draft choices and team needs. Please do a better job for the Saints than you have done. Or, you will not have any credibility with those who are informed. They make shake their heads, laugh at you, or both.

The 6th round pick you claim to own is a conditional pick, and the conditions were not met as Brown did not go to the Pro Bowl, nor play 90% of the teams snaps.

Please do a better job with your arguments next time, or, you will have not have any credibility with those who are informed. They may shake their heads, laugh at you, or both.

I took the trades right off GBN and they do not yet have the Bush trade listed, and the only thing I can find has you being wrong again.

Says here its a swap of the 6th rounder, not 4th.

Wow. It seems you do not read well. I challenge you to research your sources. Try and then make an informed comment. This site lists draft picks by team for the upcoming draft. There is my source for my comments for anyone to read.
I did not mention a fourth round pick, but a swap of sixth round positions between the Saints and Fins. Look at my original post and you should see that.
And, with picking Mark Ingram in the late first round last year, why would they draft another running back. They have four healthy ones; Sproles, Ivory, Thomas and Ingram (returning from injury). Even if Colston gets a big pay day and leaves, the Saints have Adrian Arrington, Devery Henderson, Lance Moore and then would probably re-sign Robert Meachum. Why spend an early pick on offense?????? For goodness sakes, they have been one of the top offensive teams in the NFL for several years!
The only possible early offensive pick would be in response to losing Carl Nicks to free agency. I do like Brandon Brooks in round three if that happens. But, we don't know if Nicks will be retained at this time. Sir, your credibility is again in question. And, I would suggest you read more carefully and research multiple sources. Or, laughter will plague you.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good for the Jets but Sanu instead of Jeffrey.
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Joined: 04 Oct 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:02 pm    Post subject: Re: KT's Cuts, Trades, Free Agency, 7 rounds and draft day t Reply with quote

KamTrus20 wrote:
Marcus McNeil cut
Casey Hampton cut
Chad Ochocinco cut
Terrence Newman cut
Ben Watson cut
Scott Fujita cut

Asante Samual is restructured and traded to New England for 3rd
Osi Umenyiora is traded to Tennessee for a 2nd

Matt Flynn signs with Green Bay

Peyton Manning signs with Washington
Chad Henne signs with Denver

Mike Tolbert signs with Dallas

Mike Wallace signs tender with San Francisco(gives up 1st)
Brandon Lloyd signs with New England
Robert Meachem signs with Jacksonville
Mario Manningham signs with Chicago
Chad Ochocinco signs with Buffalo
Laurent Robinson signs with Arizona
Braylon Edwards signs with Dallas

Martellus Bennett signs with Oakland
John Carlson signs with Chicago

Marcus McNeil signs with Chicago
Ben Grubbs signs with Dallas

Jason Jones signs with St. Louis
Casey Hampton signs with Oakland

Mario Williams signs with Houston
Anthony Spencer signs with New YorkJ
Dan Connor signs with New YorkG
Rocky McIntosh signs with Cleveland

Cortland Finnegan signs with St. Louis
Terrence Newman signs with Tennessee
Terrel Thomas signs with Oakland
Carlos Rogers signs with Jacksonville

Miami trades #9, #40, 4th and 2013 1st and 4th to St. Louis for #2
Washington trades #6 and #70 to Minnesota for #3
Cincinnati trades #17 and #85 to Kansas City for #12
Baltimore trades #29 and #93 to Detroit for #23
Washington trades #39 and 2013 2nd to New England for #27

Round 1 ----->
1. Indianapolis :: Andrew Luck QB Stanford
-The must get a new leader to start the rebuild process

2. Miami(St. Louis) :: Robert Griffin QB Baylor
-Miami wins the race to land Griffin

3. Washington(Minnesota) :: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State
-They lose out on Griffin so trade up to ensure they don't miss the best WR too.

4. Cleveland :: Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
-They kind of chuckle as they were going to draft Floyd anyway, and now they don't have to listen to complaining fans.

5. Tampa Bay :: Morris Claiborne CB LSU
-Sweeting bullets as they thought Claiborne was going to Cleveland. He can help improve a horrible pass defense.

6. Minnesota(Washington) :: Matt Kalil LT USC
-They get an unexpected trade down offer and still land their target.

7. Jacksonville :: Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama
-I don't want to here about clean Gene. You may be right, but for the purpose of this mock I'm actually trying to make the Jaguars a better team. Have you ever thought Gene and his refusing to draft talented players with minor personallity flaws is the reason why the Jags suck?

8. Carolina :: Michael Brockers DT LSU
-They go with Brockers over Still due to higher upside. He will struggle to adopt to the NFL game his first year and be out played by Devon Still, but he has the physical tools to be better in the long run.

9. St. Louis(Miami) :: Riley Reiff LT Iowa
-They knew they would have a shot at one of either of the top 2 WRs or LT and take the BPA of the four when the time came.

10. Buffalo :: Quinton Coples DE North Carolina
-The switch to the 43 is going to need pass rushers and they are the team that bits on Coples great talent and possible lack of effort once he gets paid. If he didn't come off with an attitude like he does he would have gone Top 5.

11. Seattle :: Nick Perry DE USC
-Pete Carrol lands an ex trojan of his to put into his LEO position on defense, and a pass rusher like Perry can take his defense to a new level.

12. Cincinnati(Kansas City) :: Trent Richardson RB Alabama
-Kansas City wants to trade down bad, but will take Richardson if they can't so they call Cincinnati and say if you want him its going to take a 3rd. Cincinnati offers up the 3rd and land their future stud back.

13. Arizona :: Mike Adams OT Ohio State
-Even if the team keeps Levi Brown they will need a better OT and Adams has the ability to play left or right side.

14. Dallas :: Courtney Upshaw DE/LB Alabama
-Stealing Ben Grubbs away in free agency was huge, but they have to fill the void left by Spencer leaving opposite Ware. Upshaw is the perfect fit as he can shut down the run game better than Spencer while still offering up a pass rush.

15. Philadelphia :: Kendall Wright WR Baylor
-They love DeSean Jackson's ability on the field, but are turned off by his effort and premadona attitude. The answer is Kendall Wright who can be close to as effective on the field but moreso because he won't quit on the team or take plays off.

16. New YorkJ :: Alshon Jeffrey WR South Carolina
-The elite pass rushers, tackles and wideouts all went before they could pick, but they know Sanchez is going to need a big body he can just play toss up with if he's ever going to succeed. They would have liked Michael Floyd, but he'll never see #16.

17. Kansas City(Cin via Oak) :: David DeCastro OG Stanford
-They played their cards right when dealing with Cincinnati because they get their trade back, an extra 3rd, and they land their #1 target.

18. San Diego :: Devon Still DT/DE Penn State
-Mario Was a huge signing in free agency, but the front 7 still needs more of an overahaul. Luiget, Still and Williams are going to make them forget about the days of Olshansky, Castillo and Merriman.

19. Chicago :: Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois
-No elite tackle or WR fall to them, but they do fill a need opposite Peppers with in-state prospect Mercilus. He could be a threat for DROY playing across Peppers as all the focus will be on the other side of the field forgetting all about a very talented rookie.

20. Tennessee :: Peter Konz OC Wisconsin
-They still haven't replaced Mawae and CJ needs a better interior line if he's going to get back to his old form, so they take one of the better centers in a long time.

21. Cincinnati :: Cordy Glenn OG Georgia
-Their A+ draft was to get out of the 1st with Richardson and DeCastro, but A+ like that never happen and it didn't here either. They go with the next best option in Glenn who along with Richardson are going to be a nightmare rushing attack for NFL defenses.

22. Cleveland(Atlanta) :: Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama
-They had a higher grade on Claiborne than 1st pick Floyd, but chose to go with Floyd. It wasn't their lack of offense, but rather knowing they would have a better shot at a more talented corner than wideout later in the draft and they got exactly what they wanted in Jenkins who is a top flight caliber corner.

23. Baltimore(Detroit) :: Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama
-Ray has been declining for longer than Raven fans or causal fans would like to make you believe. He is effective at times and others looks like a 36 year old over the hill linebacker. He is helped by a great supporting cast that makes him look great, but Ozzie is a smart guy who knows the truth. He trades up to get ahead of division rival and land the guy he believes can be as good as Lewis.

24. Pittsburgh :: Dontari Poe DT Memphis
-Hoke already retired, and Hampton is declining too. I actually envision them cutting Hampton to save some cap money as they are over the cap already. They were stunned when Hightower went right before their pick. They look at Poe as the future at NT to complete a young talented DLine of Hood, Poe and Heyward.

25. Denver :: Lamar Miller RB Miami(Fla)
-Moreno and McGahee aren't going to cut it if they want to keep pounding the ball and limiting Tebow as a passer all game. Big plays have to come from someone and you need speed at RB if you want backs to make those big plays. Miller can be that guy.

26. Houston :: Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
-Johnson is great down the field and pretty much everywhere else, but they don't have a second option to take pressure off and IMO a guy who can move the chains is the best kind of complement to Johnson.

27. Washington(NE via NO) :: Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
-New England is always looking to sell higher picks for next years draft picks and Washington bites as they want a franchise QB and missed out on Griffin.

28. Green Bay :: Fletcher Cox DE Mississippi State
-I think they actually need a saftey as Nick Collins may never play again and the defense suffered big without him, however, no one is worth the pick here so they try to beef up the front 7.

29. Detroit(Baltimore) :: Jonathan Martin OT Stanford
-IMO this years early Top 10 lock who takes a bigger fall than though is Jonathan Martin, but Detroit needs a future LT and his fall ends right here.

30. Pittsburgh(San Francisco) :: Luke Kuechley ILB Boston College
-They completed the youth movement on the Dline and look for a Farrior replacement in Kuckley to give them Worlids, Kueckley, Timmons and Woodley to complete the backers. They never seem to lose talent in the front 7 do they?

31. New England :: Melvin Ingram DE/LB South Carolina
-Carter and Ninkovich were their best pass rushers nuff said.

32. New YorkG :: Dwayne Allen TE Clemson
-Jake Ballard played well for them, but we all so what happened in the super bowl. He also happens to BPA a Giants way of draft life.

Round 2 ----->

Detroit trades #87 and #93 to Baltimore for #61

33. St. Louis :: Zach Brown OLB North Carolina
-They got a corner, D-tackle in free agency with Reiff to fix the OT problem now its WR or BPA and Brown is too good to pass up for the WR left on the board.

34. Indianapolis :: Coby Fleener TE Stanford
-Andrew Luck is going to need help in the rebuild. Garcon is nice, but drops too many passes and Reggie Wayne is on the old side so he won't be around long. A TE is always a rookie QBs best friend so why not one with upside and a guy Luck already has chemistry with?

35. Minnesota :: Chase Minnifield CB Virginia
-This team could go about any direction with this pick, but corner is one of those hard to fill positions and they had some injuries/poor play last year. Minnifield is as solid as they come. He may not blow up into a star, but he's never going to bust on you either.

36. Tampa Bay :: Doug Martin RB Boise State
-Blount is nice, but IMO not an every down game changer. Doug Martin's stock is soaring and a team like Tampa could be just the spot as a strong ground attack could get Freeman back to 2010 form.

37. Cleveland :: Chandler Jones DE Syracuse
-Some are going to call this a reach, but after the combine this may not be high enough to land this kid. Jones could come in and be effective as a pass rusher oppoiste Sheard right away.

38. Jacksonville :: Vinny Curry DE Marshall
-They missed out on the top WRs in round 1 and now don't like anyone here either. They take BPA in pass rusher Curry. Poor Gabbert Sad

39. New England(Washington) :: Mark Barron SS Alabama
-The saftey play was awful in New England last year. I don't believe NE plays a true FS-SS type backfield so Barron and Chung could both play in NE.

40. St. Louis(Miami) :: Reuben Randall WR LSU
-Finally a viable weapon for Bradford. They guys they have been trying to pass off as NFL talent in St. Louis is not fair to Bradford at all, but Randall has a great set of skills and NFL caliber talent. He wasn't used properly in LSU IMO, but could become a real threat in the NFL.

41. Buffalo :: Lavonte David OLB Nebraska
-The switch to the 43 is going to take some linbackers. They already have good pair of DTs and now Coples so David fits BPA and fills a need.

42. Carolina :: Alfonso Dennard CB Nebraska
-I honestly don't know where to go here for Carolina so I went BPA.

43. Kansas City :: Alameda Ta'amu NT Washingon
-They have a good young defense, but it lacks a great NT and Ta'amu can be that guy.

44. Seattle :: Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State
-IMO a truly talented team that is very young. They could easily take the step if only they could find a QB. Weeden may or may not be that guy.

45. Dallas :: Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina
-With Upshaw and Grubbs filling big needs Jones can focus on improving the secondary.

46. Philadelphia :: Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State
-Jerely Worthy is a first round talent and has the ability to fit into the now famous wide 9 formation in Philadelphia.

47. New YorkJ :: Bobby Massie OT Mississippi
-They got Sanches his big target now they have to improve the ground game and protect him. Massie is a masive man who can be a a great run blocker and keep Sanchez upright.

48. New England(Oakland) :: Jared Crick DE Nebraska
-They could go a million different ways here, but for now I'll have them continuing to improve a leaky defense.

49. San Diego :: David Wilson RB Virginia Tech
-Wilson can completement Mathews and bring back a big play element they lost when Sproles left town.

50. Chicago :: Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech
-Hill is a tall deepthreat for Cutler who only has midgets to throw to right now.

51. Philadelphia(Arizona) :: Nigel Bradham OLB Florida State
-Braham can come in and start day 1 on the strong side for Philadelphia.

52. New YorkG(Tennessee) :: Andre Branch DE Clemson
-They gave Osi his wish, but now they need to restock the cupboards again. They wouldn't be New York if they didn't have at least 3 great pass rushers.

53. Cincinnati :: Leonard Johnson CB Iowa State
-Clements was decent last year, but they still need a younger better replacement for Johnathan Joseph.

54. Atlanta :: Cam Johnson DE Virginia
-A pass rusher here as I see them showing Abraham the door soon. This pick could also be Chris Polk as Turner is also getting old, or Orson Charles because Gonzo already said 2012 is his last year.

55. Detroit :: Brandon Washington OG Miami(Fla)
-Holly potato! Another offensive player? Well its the bad luck of the draw becaus no corner, saftey or linebacker worth a 2nd rounder made it this far. Good news is Stafford should remain healthy with Washington and Martin on board.

56. Pittsburgh :: Tommy Streeter WR Miami(Fla)
-It hurts losing a young stud WR because of a lack of money to pay the kid, so they try it again with Streeter who has big play potential.

57. Denver :: Brandon Thompson DT Clemson
-They need a DT for the middle of the defense. Bunkley played well last season, but Thompson is too good to pass up here and adds youth.

58. Houston :: Harrison Smith SS Notre Dame
-Another BPA situation as Houston doesn't have many needs and Smith is a guy scouts love. Their defense stepped it up huge with Phillips, but good players are always welcome.

59. New Orleans :: Sean Spence OLB Miami(Fla)
-IMO the best of 2nd best linebacker in the draft(Hightower) falls because of a lack of size. New Orleans don't care as they get a steal.

60. Green Bay :: Jonathan Massaqoui DE/LB Troy
-They need someone opposite Matthews Jr. if they want to stop guys like Eli Manning come playoff time.

61. Detroit(Baltimore) :: Jayron Hosley CB Virginia Tech
-Detroit trades their 3rd right back to Baltimore they got from them in the first because they saw a Top 40 talent at a position of dire need falling further and further. With a improved Oline and a hopefull new #1 corner the Lions are shapping up to become a threat real soon.

62. San Francisco :: Kelechi Osemele OG Iowa State
-Slick move stealing Mike Wallace away so Smith had someone more reliable to throw to

than Ginn, but now its time to get the running game going with a powerful guard.

63. New England :: Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
-Again I don't know what NE could use so I went BPA.

64. New YorkG :: Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State
-The tackles in NY were awful at times this year and they are not very young to start, so Sanders is a good pick.

Round 3 ----->

New YorkJ trade #78 and 5th to Buffalo for #72
Denver trades #89 and 4th to Seattle for #75

65. Indianapolis :: Josh Robinson CB Central Florida
66. St. Louis :: Markelle Martin FS Oklahoma State
67. Minnesota :: Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State
68. Tampa Bay :: Juron Criner WR Arizona
69. Cleveland :: Joe Adams WR Arkansas
70. Minnesota(Washington) :: George Iloka FS Boise State
71. Jacksonville :: Brandon Boykin CB Georgia
72. New YorkJ(Buffalo) :: Bobby Wagner ILB Utah State
73. Chicago(Carolina) :: Ryan Steed CB Furman
74. Miami :: Malik Jackson DE Tennessee
75. Denver(Seattle) :: Brock Osweiler QB Arizona State
76. Kansas City :: Orson Charles TE Georgia
77. Philadelphia :: Trumain Johnson CB Montana
78. Bufaflo(New YorkJ) :: Michael Ignew TE Missouri
79. Oakland :: forfeitted
80. San Diego :: Coryell Judie CB Texas A&M
81. Chicago :: Matt McCants OT UAB
82. Arizona :: Ronnell Lewis DE/LB Oklahoma
83. Dallas :: Billy Winn DE Boise State
84. Tennessee :: Chris Polk RB Washington
85. Kansas City(Cincinnati) :: Brandon Mosley RT Auburn
86. Atlanta :: Mitchell Schwartz OL California
87. Baltimore(Detroit) :: Ben Jones OC Georgia
88. Pittsburgh :: Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State
89. Seattle(Denver) :: Kendall Reyes DT Connecticut
90. Houston :: Senio Kelemete OG Washington
91. New Orleans :: Dwight Jones WR North Carolina
92. Green Bay :: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati
93. Baltimore :: Nick Toon WR Wisconsin
94. San Francisco :: Shea McClellin DE/LB Boise State
95. Philadelphia(New England) :: Brian Quick WR Appalachian State
96. New YorkG :: Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina
97. Oakland(Comp1) :: Brandon Brooks OG Miami(Oh)
98. Minnesota(comp2) :: Marcus Forston DT Miami(Fla)
99. Oakland(comp3) :: Antonio Allen SS South Carolina

Round 4 ----->
100. St. Louis :: Josh Kaddu SOLB Oregon
101. Indianapolis :: Chris Givens WR Wake Forest
102. Minnesota :: Marvin Jones WR California
103. Philadelphia(Tampa Bay) :: Audie Cole ILB North Carolina State
104. Cleveland :: Andrew Datko OT Florida State
105. Jacksonville :: Bernard Pierce RB Temple
106. Washington :: James-Michael Johnson ILB Nevada
107. Carolina :: Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma
108. St. Louis(Miami) :: LaMichael James RB Oregon
109. Buffalo :: T.Y. Hilton WR Florida International
110. Kansas City :: Jamell Fleming CB Oklahoma
111. Seattle :: James Brown OT/OG Troy
112. New YorkJ :: Bruce Irvin DE/LB West Virginia
113. Washington(Oakland) :: Jeff Allen OT Illinois
114. San Diego :: Michael Brewster OC Ohio State
115. Chicago :: Kirk Courins QB Michigan State
116. Arizona :: Jarius Wright WR Arkanas
117. Dallas :: Phillip Blake OC Baylor
118. Philadelphia :: Jake Bequette DE Arkansas
119. Tennessee :: Terrell Manning OLB North Carolina State
120. Cincinnati :: Aaron Henry FS Wisconsin
121. Cleveland(Atlanta) :: Nate Potter OT Boise State
122. Detroit :: Keenan Robinson OLB Texas
123. Pittsburgh :: Robert Turbin RB Utah State
124. Seattle(Denver) :: Trevor Guyton DE California
125. Houston :: Hebron Fangupo NT BYU
126. New Orleans :: Nick Foles QB Arizona
127. Green Bay :: Dwight Bentley CB La-Lafayette
128. Buffalo(Baltimore) :: Tony Bergstrom OT Utah
129. San Francisco :: DeQuan Menzie CB Alabama
130. New England :: Shaun Prater CB Iowa
131. New YorkG :: Tramain Thomas FS Arkansas
132. Green Bay(comp4) :: Ryan Lindley QB San Diego State
133. Minneosta(comp5) :: Ladarius Green TE La-Lafayette
134. Indianapolis(Comp6) :: DaJohn Harris DT USC
135. Baltimore(comp7) :: Vick Ballard RB Mississippi State
136. Green Bay(comp8) :: Lucas Nix OG Pittsburgh
137. Dallas(comp9) :: Brian Linthicum TE Michigan State
138. Oakland(comp10) :: Cliff Harris CB Oregon

Round 5 ----->

Cleveland trades #175 and 2013 7th to New YorkG for #170

139. Indianapolis :: Brett Roy DT/DE Nevada
140. Denver(St. Louis) :: Mike Martin DT Michigan
141. Minnesota :: Cyrus Gray RB Texas A&M
142. Cleveland :: Demario Davis OLB Arkansas State
143. Tampa Bay :: Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt
144. Washington :: Mike Harris CB Florida State
145. Jacksonville :: Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M
146. New Orleans(Miami) :: DeAngelo Peterson TE LSU
147. Buffalo :: DeVier Posey WR Ohio State
148. Carolina :: Marvin McNutt WR Iowa
149. Seattle :: Quentin Saulsberry OC Mississipi State
150. Kansas City :: Kyle Wilber ILB Wake Forest
151. Oakland :: Janzen Jackson FS Tennessee
152. San Diego :: Eddie Whitley FS Virginia Tech
153. Chicago :: Trenton Robinson FS Michigan State
154. Arizona :: Brandon Lindsey DE/LB Pittsburgh
155. Dallas :: Donnie Fletcher CB Boston College
156. Philadelphia :: Oliver Vernon DE Miami(Fla)
157. New YorkJ :: Ronnie Hillman RB San Diego State
158. Tennessee :: Kheeston Randall DT Texas
159. Cincinnati :: Eric Page WR Toledo
160. Atlanta :: Tauren Poole RB Tennessee
161. Detroit :: Jacquies Smith DE Missouri
162. Pittsburgh :: Matt Reynolds OT BYU
163. Denver :: Jack Crawford DE Penn State
164. Houston :: David Molk OC Michigan
165. New Orleans :: Akiem Hicks DT Regina
166. Geen Bay :: Tysyn Hartman FS Kansas State
167. Baltimore :: Gerell Robinson WR Arizona State
168. San Francisco :: Josh Chapman NT Alabama
169. Cincinnati(New England) :: Emmanuel Acho OLB Texas
170. Cleveland(New YorkG) :: Miles Burris DE/LB San Diego State

Round 6 ----->
171. St. Louis :: Jason White WR Central Michigan
172. Indianapolis :: Duke Ihenacho SS San Jose State
173. Washington(Minnesota) :: Rishaw Johnson OG California(PA)
174. Tampa Bay :: Markes Zusevics OT Iowa
175. New YorkG(Cleveland) :: Jerry Franklin ILB Arkansas
176. Jacksonville :: A.J. Jenkins WR Illinois
177. Arizona(Washington) :: Mychal Kendrick ILB California
178. Buffalo :: Micah Pellerin CB Hampton
179. Carolina :: Kevin Koger TE Michigan
180. Miami :: Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
181. Kansas City :: Brandon Taylor SS LSU
182. Buffalo(Seattle) :: Tyler Nielsen OLB Iowa
183. San Diego :: Chris Rainey RB Florida
184. Chicago :: Bobby Rainey RB Western Kentucky
185. Arizona :: Derek Wolfe DT/DE Cincinnati
186. Dallas :: Justin Bethel CB Presbyterian
187. Philadelphia :: Matt Daniels SS Duke
188. New YorkJ :: Dan Herron RB Ohio State
189. Oakland :: B.J. Cunningham WR Michigan State
190. Tennessee :: Keith Tandy CB West Virginia
191. Cincinnati :: George Bryan TE North Carolina State
192. Atlanta :: Rhett Ellison TE USC
193. Detroit :: forfeitted
194. Pittsburgh :: Omar Bolden CB Arizona State
195. Cleveland(Denver) :: Brandon Bolden RB Mississippi
196. Houston :: Tom Compton OT South Dakota
197. New Orleans :: Julian Miller DE West Virginia
198. Green Bay :: Nick Provo TE Syracuse
199. Baltimore :: Derek Dennis OG Temple
200. San Francisco :: Rishard Matthews WR Nevada
201. Philadelphia(New England) :: Danny Trevathan OLB Kentucky
202. New YorkG :: Charles Brown CB North Carolina
203. New YorkG(comp11) :: T.J. Graham WR North Carolina State
204. New YorkJ(comp12) :: Damien Jackson FS Mississippi
205. Indianapolis(comp13) :: Tank Carder LB TCU
206. Cleveland(comp14) :: Marcel Jones OT Nebraska
207. New YorkJ(comp15) :: Tyrone Crawford DE Boise State
208. Cleveland(comp16) :: Anthony Miller TE California
209. Atlatna(comp17) :: Derrick Sheldby DE Utah

Round 7 ----->
210. Indianapolis :: Nicolas Jean Baptiste NT Baylor
211. St. Louis :: Terranace Ganaway FB Baylor
212. Minnesota :: Jerrell Young FS South Florida
213. Minnesota(Cleveland) :: Chad Diehl FB Clemson
214. Tampa Bay :: Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma State
215. Washington :: Adrien Cole ILB Louisiana Tech
216. New YorkJ(Jacksonville) :: Marquis Maze WR Alabama
217. Carolina :: Blair Walsh K Georgia
218. Miami :: Lamar Holmes OT Southern Mississippi
219. Buffalo :: Shawn Loiseau ILB Merrimack
220. Detroit(Seattle) :: Adrian Robinson OLB Temple
221. Kansas City :: Lance Lewis WR East Carolina
222. Chicago :: Chandler Harnish QB Northen Illinois
223. Arizona :: Bryan Anger P California
224. Dallas :: Taylor Thompson DE/LB Southern Methodist
225. Minnesota(NE via Philly) :: LaVon Brazill WR Ohio
226. New YorkJ :: Eddie Pleasant SS Oregon
227. Seattle(Oakland) :: Scott Soloman DE Rice
228. San Diego :: Christian Thompson FS South Carolina State
229. Tennessee :: Kelvin Beachum OG Southern Methodist
230. Cincinnati :: Quenton Washington CB South Florida
231. Atlanta :: Landon Walker OT Clemson
232. Detroit :: Kelcie McCray SS Arkansas State
233. Pittsburgh :: Sean Richardson SS Vanderbilt
234. Denver :: William Vlachos OG Alabama
235. Houston :: Jeff Adams OT Columbia
236. New Orleans :: Jeris Pendleton DT Ashland University
237. Green Bay :: Frank Alexander DE/LB Oklahoma
238. Baltimore :: Chris Marve ILB Vanderbilt
239. San Francisco :: Cordo Law DE/LB Southern Mississippi
240. Kansas City(New England) :: Kellen Moore QB Boise State
241. New YorkG :: Johnnie Troutman OG Penn State
242. New YorkJ(comp18) :: Davin Meggett RB Maryland
243. Carolina(comp19) :: Greg Childs WR Arkansas
244. Pittsburgh(comp20) :: Ryan Van Bergen DE Michigan
245. New YorkG(comp21 :: Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin
246. Green Bay(comp22) :: Josh Oglesby OT Wisconsin
247. Cleveland(comp23) :: Josh Harris LS Auburn
248. Green Bay(Comp24) :: Sammy Brown OLB Houston
249. Pittsburgh(comp25) :: Lavasier Tuiei WR Oregon
250. New YorkJ(comp26) :: B.J. Coleman QB Chattanooga
251. Cleveland(comp27) :: Renard Williams DT Eastern Washington
248. St. Louis(comp28) :: Alex Hoffman-Ellis OLB Washington State
249. Indianapolis(comp29) :: Donte Paige Moss DE North Carolina
250. Minnesota(comp30) :: Tashaun Gibson CB Wyoming
251. Tampa Bay(comp31) :: Chris Greenwood CB Albion
252. Cleveland(comp32) :: Zach Nash DE Sacramento State

Why in the hell would Matt Flynn resign with GB to be a back-up! There are going to be teams throwing money at him to start! Shocked
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kendall Wright is not worth a first round pick. He played with Robert Griffin who made him. He also played in the Big XII where they don't play defense.
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. Forum Index -> 2017 NFL Mock Draft All times are GMT - 4 Hours
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