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Vincent Jackson WR/TE Northern Colorado 6í5 241
By: Robert Davis

When you put up numbers like Jackson has, people take notice. Despite playing for D1-AA Northern Colorado, Jackson has been talked about since his awesome junior season. That year, he put up 66 catches for 1,462 yards and a school record 21 touchdowns. He was a unanimous selection for All American lists that year. It would seem difficult to put up numbers similar to that, but Jackson did just that as a senior. He hauled in 80 grabs for 1,382 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also spent time returning punts and kicks, with a career punt return average of 11.6 yards(with 2 touchdowns) and 23.8 yards per kick return. Jackson was also a wing forward on the basketball team, averaging 13.6 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game as a junior.

Jackson is an imposing figure as a receiver. He has great size, is strong, but is also a great athlete. He is a huge target for a quarterback to throw to, and he shows good hands grabbing the ball. He is also a threat downfield with his size and leaping ability. He should be a major red zone threat in the NFL. He also played on special teams in college, so he may bring value as a kick returner in the NFL.
Jackson appears to be a WR/TE tweener. Even though he had an awesome combine, he doesnít play the way he tests out. He may not have the agility or the ability to come in and out of cuts at the next level. He may be a special receiver if moved to TE, but he would have to learn how to block. Playing at a lesser level means he hasnít faced top competition and needs some refining in his overall skills.

Along with Matt Jones, Jackson may be the most intriguing player in the draft. Their measurables and natural athleticism are outstanding. Very few people have the type of athleticism that they do. But there is some doubt as to where they project at the next level. Jackson has a better shot at becoming a wide receiver in my opinion, but both players may end up at TE at the next level. Jackson solidified a day one grade with his awesome combine, but he could go anywhere from the late first round to the early third. It only takes one team to fall in love with his gifts, and I expect somebody to pull the trigger in the second round.

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