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Thomas Davis S Georgia 6í1 230 Jr.
By: Robert Davis

Thomas Davis has bounced around between safety and linebacker at Georgia, but heís been a playmaker no matter where he lines up. As a sophomore, Davis had a huge season. He ended the season with 138 tackles, 8 for loss, and 4.5 sacks. He was named to various All-American teams for that season. He didnít put up numbers quite as big as a junior, but he still was a force in the secondary with 73 tackles, 2 for loss, 1 sack, and 1 interception.

You donít generally find too many players that can bounce from linebacker to free safety, but Davis has that type of versatility. He has the size and strength to line up in the front 7 and be a force, but the athleticism to play deep in coverage. He is very aggressive and physical when attacking the line of scrimmage.

Even though he has played free safety in college, Davis projects to strong safety in the NFL. He doesnít have the pure foot speed to play free safety. Other than that, experience is really all he lacks. Since heís spent so much time switching from linebacker to safety, he hasnít had the time at one spot to fully understand one position.

Thomas Davis is an awesome safety prospect. He looks a lot like Roy Williams physically, and he could have that type of impact in the league with the right coaching to teach him the safety position. If Davis declares, he will be the first safety selected, and is a first round lock. Good workouts should propel him into the Top 20. For a safety to be considered in the Top 20, he has to be special, and Davis has an excellent chance to be taken that high this year.

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