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Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma 6í6 313
By: Robert Davis

Jammal Brown has lead a talented offensive line that has cleared the way for some talented rushing attacks. Brown was a big part of Quentin Griffinís 1,880+ yard season two years ago, and this seasonís freshman sensation, Adrian Petersonís coming out party. During his junior season, he only allowed one sack all year in the passing game.

Jammal Brown is a talented, all around tackle. Oklahoma has a balanced offense, and it has allowed him to develop himself in both run and pass blocking. As a pass blocker, he shows good agility, and has long arms to keep the defender away from his chest. Physically, Brown is a very good athlete, with very good lateral agility. His long arms allow him to keep the defender off his chest. Brown plays right tackle, but his athletic skills should allow him to move over to the left side in the NFL.

While Brown is a good all around tackle, run blocking is an area he can work on. He needs to get stronger and more physical in this aspect. He can run block, but he doesnít play with a great deal of power and doesn't dominates at the point. There is the ongoing question of if he can play left tackle in the NFL as well. Since heís played RT for his entire career, it brings about the question of how well he would translate to the other side.

I think Brown is a very good offensive tackle prospect. I think he is a safer pick than Alex Barron, but doesn't have the upside Barron has. He looks solid as a first round pick, just how high will depend on how well he performs on the workout circuit. I think he is better suited to play LT in the NFL than RT, but he brings the versatility to play both sides, and that adds to his value.

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