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Braylon Edwards WR Michigan 6'3 208
By: Robert Davis

Michigan has a long line of producing excellent receivers, and Edwards is the latest. Edwards has had an excellent career at Michigan, and may end up being the best receiver stat wise the school has ever had. He's already the school's all time reception leader, and is very close to breaking the yardage and touchdown marks this year. During his true sophomore year, he hauled in 67 catches for 1,035 yards, and 9 touchdowns. He followed that up last year with even better numbers, grabbing 85 passes for 1,138 yards and 14 TD's. He was close to declaring last year, but made the wise choice of returning to school, and is having an awesome senior campaign, definitely boosting his draft stock.

Edwards has very good size, and uses it well to make catches. He can go across the middle to make the tough catch, and he can go up and get the ball in the red zone to make the play. He specializes in making the spectacular grab. He consistently makes the touch catch look easy, and has made a lot of big plays for Michigan during his career. Edwards also has solid speed, and can get deep and outrun defenders to make the big play. Physically, he's got it all - Tall, strong, and has good speed.

Edwards does have a couple traits that knock him down a bit further than his natural skill might have him going. While Edwards can make the big catch, he often drops the easy one. It has been something that has plagued him his entire career, and still as a senior it's popped up from time to time. This is something that can be worked on, but to this point, Edwards still needs work in this area. Edwards doesn't always sell his routes the way he should, and often looks to make the catch look spectacular rather than just grabbing the ball and putting it away. He'll leave the ground on some passes that he doesn't need to, to make the catch look prettier.

While watching Braylon Edwards, I can't help but get a feeling that I am watching a Michigan game from a few years ago. Wearing the #1 jersey, standing 6'3, and possessing a variety of football skill, Edwards looks a lot like former Wolverine David Terrell. Terrell hasn't quite lived up to his hype, but he has flashed potential, and Edwards has the same type of game and potential as Terrell. If he learns to stay within himself and just make the routine play when it presents himself, Edwards can become a great NFL wide receiver. I expect to see his name come off the board in the first round come April, possibly in the first 15 picks.

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