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Antrel Rolle CB Miami 6'1 202
By: Robert Davis

Antrel Rolle has always been a highly touted athlete. He was a star recruit out of high school, and he's now one of the elite prospects for the 2005 NFL Draft. He became a household name after shutting down star receiver, and eventual #3 overall pick Larry Fitzgerald in their head to head match up last year. Over the past two seasons Rolle has made his presence felt all over the field. His two-year totals include 117 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 3 INT, and 1 touchdown on defense, with a 15.6 punt return average, with one touchdown on special teams.

When you picture the ideal cornerback physically, you'll likely see the image of Rolle. He has excellent athleticism, very good speed, is tall, and very strong. Physically, there isn't anything he is lacking. He does a very good job of taking receivers out at the line of scrimmage in press coverage, but he also possesses the athleticism and speed to turn and run with them. Rolle also brings the ability to be a dangerous return man for whatever team he plays for.

There aren't a whole lot of negatives with Rolle, but he does have some things to work on. Despite being big, strong, and physical at the line, he isn't quite the hitter or tackler you would expect. He does not always finish off tackles, and with players in the NFL being bigger and stronger, that is going to be something he needs to concentrate on. Also, even though he is a shutdown type of corner, he doesn't make too many plays on the ball. Rolle also had an incident with the law that will draw a lot of attention from NFL teams as the draft approaches. Rolle was arrested during the summer before his senior season after a run in with police, but charges were never filed.

Antrel Rolle is a great talent. He looks like he is going to be a great NFL player, and reminds me of Chris McAllister of the Ravens. I expect Rolle to be the first corner taken, with a great shot at going in the Top 10.

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