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Aaron Rodgers QB Cal Jr. 6’2 220
By: Robert Davis

Aaron Rodgers seemingly came out of nowhere last year to become one of college football’s best quarterbacks. Rodgers took over in Cal’s 5th game of the year last year, and ended up completing 61.9% of his passes for 2,903 yards, 19 touchdowns to 5 interceptions, and also ran for 5 touchdowns. The year before at Butte(CA) College, Rodgers completed 61.9% of his passes for 2,408 yards, a 28-4 TD/INT ratio, and ran for 7 more touchdowns. Cal stumbled upon Rodgers while they were recruiting current Cal TE Garrett Cross at Butte, and they have taken off since. The most impressive thing about Rodgers is that he is currently only 20 years old, and will not turn 21 until December 2nd. If he were to declare this year, he will be 21 years old during his rookie season.

Rodgers is an awesome quarterback prospect. He has a strong, accurate throwing arm and is capable of making all the throws. Rodgers shows good mobility to elude the rush in the pocket, and can make some plays with his feet outside it. What I believe pushes Rodgers to the top of the QB class, along with Matt Leinart, are the intangibles he possesses. Rodgers is tough, and will stand in the pocket to deliver the ball. He rarely forces the ball into coverage, and does a great job of taking what the defense gives him underneath. He’ll kill you underneath, and then when you slip up deep, he’ll beat you there too. He was named a team captain during his first year at Cal as a 19 year old, so it shows you the type of leadership ability he brings to the table.

Rodgers has very few weaknesses. His biggest weakness has nothing to do with his football skill, and that is his size. While he is listed at 6’2 220 on the Cal website, he does not appear to be that big. He could very well end up in the 6’ 210 range, which would push him down the draft boards a bit. Also, despite his success, Rodgers is still relatively inexperienced. He’s started less than two seasons at the Division 1 level, and will only be 21 should he declare this year.

Aaron Rodgers is going to be a very good NFL QB, no matter what he measures up as. On the field, he looks a lot like Drew Brees did a few years ago at Purdue, and the Drew Brees of this season in the NFL. If Rodgers is 6’2, he may indeed find himself taken in the Top 10 of the draft. If he checks in a little shorter, he’ll slide a bit, but should still be a 1st round selection.

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